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Found 7 results

  1. USAPatriotGamer

    A suprising birthday gift...

    So WG gave me some birthday gifts. 2 Super containers 7 Days of premium 100% Cashback coupon One of the super containers had 50 Pi Day camouflages. I guess it's probably because yesterday was Pi Day. And the other super container...well...had something I was really not expecting. I am now a proud owner of the tier V Japanese destroyer, Kamikaze. Thank you WG for the Wonderful birthday gifts!
  2. Warmonger7215

    Birthday Coupon

    I can't find my birthday coupon that will give me all my doubloons back for a purchase.
  3. Meanwhile I'm over here pulling this: 100x +50% credit flags 100x +5% speed flags 50x New Year Streamer camos 50x Leviathan flags 50x Basilisk flags 25x Leviathan flags 100x +50% credit flags Mine was standard for the supercontainers that WeeGee codes in. I only have 7 tier 10s, so naturally I get 7 trash-tier containers. Thanks for all the flags I didn't need because i have hundreds of all of those still. Oh and thanks for the 50 new years camos too. Like i don't still have 600 some of them after two years worth of Santa crates.
  4. For those who did not do the PT server for the latest test update 0.9.8. This is a video showing the Birthday containers of the 5th Anniversary of World of Warships. There will be a difference this year in that steel and coal will not be given out directly as it was done in the previous years. I think 2020 Christmas rewards in WoWS will be done the same way, but that is speculation by me. Anyways free stuff is a good thing, right?
  5. He are a few items I have seen on the PT server. I note three ships drawings I see a book by O.Kypmu - I know this is in Russian so I am not familiar with its titles Signal flags on the wall -Juliet, Charlie, November, Foxtrot, Turn/TU (?) ,Zulu,Victor (?). Is this a special code? Other items I may have missed Granted some of the pics may seem vague. I am not sure if the three ship plans are future premium ships or not. Let me know what you can see in the snapshots.
  6. Navalpride33

    Today is @kiwi1960s Birthday...

    Ahoy, ladies and gents... Today, adjusted to Holland time.. Is @kiwi1960 Birthday.. By all means enjoy your day... Happy Birthday.
  7. WG, Just wanted to say thanks for the supercontainers given out during the birthday celebration. I believe I've gotten all of them that I am eligible for and have been happy to get this free stuff. My first SC came the first day of the patch drop. I added it here because of the timing and am not sure it wasn't just a random drop. After that it was for my seven T10 and the four directives. WG Birthday? 1,000 Doubloons Smolensk 100 Sierra Mike Salem 50,000 Free XP Yoshino 100 Sierra Mike Gearing 25 Red Dragon Des Moines 7 Days Premium Worchester 100 Juliet Charlie Shimakaze 25 Leviathan Directive 1 50 Ocean Soul Directive 2 25 Ouroboros Directive 3 50 Ouroboros Directive 4 West Virgina '41 All in all it was a great haul. I knew WeeVee was gonna be the ship as I had all the other T6 listed. Wonder why Makharov wasn't included in that list? Will expect you to top this next year...