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Found 13 results

  1. USN CA/Cl line and Birthday.

    Dear Follow Teammates/WoWs, Well, I have decided to push down the USN CA/CL line. I am at the Cleveland. Any suggestions? Also the IJN CA/Cl line and soon MN BB line to T9. P.S. It is my birthday as well today. Your Humble Player, Volkswagenenenthusiast63
  2. Happy 242d Birthday Marines! From a squid.... It never ceased to amaze me, that anytime we celebrated the Marine Corps birthday, no matter where, there was always cake, and even in my small detachment of 5 0861 Marines, the oldest Marine always had more time in the Marine Corps than the youngest Marine had in his entire existence.
  3. Happy 242nd Birthday Marines!

    For those who served in the Marine Corps (and still serve in your heart) - Happy 242nd Birthday! Our Commandant continues the tradition with his birthday message, shared below... Semper Fi! Master Gunnery Sergeant of Marines (retired)
  4. WoWs Birthday Tease

  5. Second Anniversary Interview

    Hello Captains! Our Regional Publishing Director Aleksandr Nikolaev gave an Interview at MMORPG for our Second Anniversary. Give it a read here: http://www.mmorpg.com/world-of-warships/interviews/second-anniversary-celebration-with-aleksandr-nikolaev-1000012037
  6. I Myself will receive very little rewards for being a new player on WOWS, and rightly so, I am pleased that veteran players such as my father 13Ninjas and Uncle iJoby with over 1000 battles on WOWS EU, will. My rewards will come from collectables that will earn me permanent camos for completing each of the four sub-collections, for Kiev, Charles Martel, Z-23, New Orleans and Monarch (All will be waiting in port and obtained when said ships researched) and the Holiday Achievements mission 2. It seems quite a few players are unhappy with the TX ownership rewards, I would have thought it was every players goal to one day own a TX ship of your choice and then grind for more, this takes a lot of time, and thus deserves the rewards that player will be getting. Please comment your opinions on why you think the birthday rewards could have been produced in a better way.
  7. Happy Birthday Today Thufir

    This is a birthday video for my brother who is turning 57 on Sept. 3rd today. I wish him many happy returns and citadels on his day. And yes I can give him a hard time about it, because he is my brother. I have a license for that. So if you see him on the high seas, give him a shout out since he's older now. In addition, send him greetings by air mail too. Happy Birthday Bro!.
  8. Happy Birthaversary WG

    I hope WarGamings Birthaversary and all of the special missions and winnables qualifies as an event. First, what did I get for my 19th Birthaversary? I was in boot camp in Great Lakes, so I got "Nothing" The Navy didn't even send me a card. I am starting a campaign to call all Birthdays, "Birthaversaries". That, of course is after your 0 birthday . If not "Birthaversary" it should be called your "BirthDate" You really only have 1 birthday truly, (the day you were born, Your actual "Birth day" and I hope you all spent it with your Mother) I mean you call it your Anniversary after the "Wedding Day", not your 1rst 2nd 3rd...wedding day. I suppose you could argue that it's not called your Wedaversary, let's not split hairs though. Looks like a great weekend Trevzor, lots of cool stuff a base xp mission that is doable, rolling the dice was easier than 160,000 base xp (can you guys run the French one at the reduced rate, I still didn't get to the tier 10 anyway). I can't wait to put the Coast guard flag on my IJN ships next to the Military Month Contributor flag. If I get the two that are being offered, it doesn't seem hard, I will have 41 Flags. 40 of them that I would never have flown. I can't believe that it happened, we can earn the privilege to fly more than 1 flag on our ships. "pretty Sweet!" I think this was your longest Talking Ship yet Trevzor. Well I better go play and take advantage of all of the specials. Much appreciated WG and Happy Birthaversary and we know you have partied with your friends already. No one really waits till they are 21 to drink, that's just when you get to do it publicly. Enjoy the event people, after all who ever give You stuff on their Birthaversary. Sovereigndawg
  9. Wo's launch date

  10. Wanted to wish all you swabbies and former swabbies of the US Navy a happy birthday! I wanted to say that, from my perspective as a Marine, you guys provide the best taxi service anywhere. Seriously, thanks for being forward deployed and keeping us safe at home. Very much appreciated...
  11. Hi everyone! I don't know about you, but for me this has been one fun adventure, going from knowing nothing besides the names and icons to where we are now. Between the great effort of everyone, not just in NA but across other servers, we've managed to put together requirements for every one of the ten event achievements in just about a day and a half, summarized in the table below. Achievement Requirement Possible Alternative Reward King of the Party Get the other 9 event achievements Possibly bugged and shows up earlier for some players for unknown reasons 5000 Free XP Life and Soul of the Party Get an in-battle compliment (compliments awarded from the post-battle screen don't count) - 25x Juliet Charle flags Festive Soup Get 10 ship torpedo hits over any number of battles Get 10 torpedo hits from any class, carriers included 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags Fire Show Score 100 main battery hits over any number of battles - 25x India X-ray flags Run! Admiral! Run! Playing as a carrier, score 4 torpedo hits over any number of battles Works on 5 hits for some. Bombs also seem to count. 25x Victor Lima flags Queue Jumper Enter your first battle post-0.5.11 update - 10x Type 5 camouflage Rise of the Machines In Co-Op battles, sink 5 bots over any number of battles - 25x Zulu flags Big Roll Earn 1 million credits over any number of battles - 1 million credits A Shot in the Dark Shoot down 15 airplanes over any number of battles Hit an unspotted enemy 25x November Echo Setteseven flags Manners Maketh Man Complete 10 consecutive battles without inflicting any team damage - 25x Zulu Hotel flags Special thanks to GG_Bootcamp for putting together a guide to achieving all 10 in a quick manner. You can find the guide here. It's worth noting that while we have reliable requirements that are guaranteed to win you the achievement, there's some evidence that some achievements have at least two ways to get them, and achieving either requirement nets you the award. There's also still a big mystery surrounding how to get King of the Party without needing to get the other 9 first, but be assured that it is possible to get it by grabbing the others even if we don't fully understand how to get it otherwise. I'll keep updating this post if new information for requirements comes to light (especially that pesky King!), but at the very least we now have a reliable way to get all 10, and hopefully turn them gold before the birthday celebrations kick off next weekend to see what these "special prizes" are. The original post starts below As you might have found out, the patch brought special achievements to celebrate WoWS' birthday. http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/b-day-coming/ But the trick is that WG won't say what triggers them, and we have to discover for ourselves. Each one awards in-game items, and making the achievements turn gold will apparently award special prizes. This thread is meant to compile what we know about the achievements and see if we can figure out all of them. You can track how many have been awarded server-wide from the main page. The achievements are: King of the Party - Solved! Requirement: Awarded after the other 9 event achievements are awarded Alternative: Seems bugged, and appears for some before they get all 9. Reward: 5000 FreeXP Life and Soul of the Party - Solved! Requirement: Get a compliment in-battle Reward: 25x Juliet Charlie flags (-100% detonation chance) Festive Soup - Solved! Requirement: Get 10 ship torpedo hits over any number of games Reward: 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone flags (increases chance of flooding, increases chance of own detonation) Fire Show - Solved! Requirement: Score 100 main battery hits over any number of games Reward: 25x India X-ray flags (+1% fire chance for guns over 160mm/+0.5% fire chance for guns under 160mm/+5% detonation chance) Run! Admiral! Run! - Solved! What we know: Requirement: Playing carriers, get four torpedo or bomb hits over any number of gamesReward: 25x Victor Lima flags (+1% fire chance for bombs and shells >160mm/+0.5% shells <160mm/+4% own detonation chance) Queue Jumper - Solved! Requirement: Enter queue and join a battle for the first time post-patch. Reward: 10x Type 5 camo (-3% detectability/+4% enemy dispersion) Rise of the Machines - Solved! Requirement: Sink 5 bots over any number of battles Reward: 25x Zulu flags (+20% credits) Big Roll - Solved! Requirement: Earn 1 million credits over any number of matchesReward: 1 million credits A Shot in the Dark - Solved! Requirement: Shoot down 15 airplanes over any number of games Alternate Possibility: Hit an unspotted enemy Reward: 25x November Echo Setteseven flags (+10% effectiveness to AA and aircraft rear gunners) Manners Maketh Man - Solved! Requirement: Go 10 consecutive battles with zero team damage Reward: 25x Zulu Hotel flags (+50% Commander XP)
  12. Happy birthday, me.

    Thought I'd make one of my very few non-content threads, lol. It's my birthday, hooray, my physical body has grown 1 year older!
  13. What title says I'm just wondering