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Found 3 results

  1. Downtime begins: 03:00AM PDT Downtime Ends: 05:00AM PDT Update 0.7.8. Happy Birthday! The Arsenal: Anniversary Section Festive Collection Japanese Destroyers Changes in French Cruisers Game Balance Changes Ranked Battles Arsenal New goodies With the release of Update 0.7.8, the Arsenal welcomes not only the new temporary Anniversary section, but also new ships, resources, and an entirely new category. Update of Coupons With the release of Update 0.7.8, your used coupons for Signals (at 25% and 50% discounts), Upgrades (25%), and Camouflages (25%) will become available to you again. Content Additions and Changes To simplify your research and acquisition of Tier II-VI ships, their cost in XP and credits has been reduced to be more achievable. However, the cost of Modules in credits has not changed. Interface We have changed the system for displaying additional content. This has been done because the list of acquirable items has become too big, causing the previous display to become both inconvenient and cumbersome to use. Other Improvements and Fixes
  2. For those that are not able to play the PT server, here are a couple of videos showing examples of the 3'rd WoWS birthday event collections and rewards coming in September. I hope this helps in understanding for the event. I look forward to the celebration.
  3. Gneisenau013

    Wargaming Anniversary

    Twenty years ago, on August 2, 1998, the Wargaming.net company was founded. We invite you to celebrate this event with us, get festive discounts and bonuses, and complete special combat missions to obtain 1 day of Premium Account time and camouflage sets! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/august-missions-2018/