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Found 5 results

  1. Ever since the latest update (0.10.4) on Achievements/Profile went online, I've noticed a particular lack of progression on the Scenarios Achievements sections. I've been stuck on the same amount of numbers (144/150) (among the others also not being counted) and even thou I play them non regularly, I should have gotten (example given) the Ravager achievements a long time ago, no kills is accounted nor is registered. I also noticed my Engineer of the Future Achievement is missing, even thou I won it fairly and have it late than I should have it. But after the 0.10.4 update, is long gone without a warning nor a message. I found it on my own. It's been weeks since I had nothing in return and its frustrated to the max.
  2. Or does that big "contraption" in the big hunt look EXACTLY like the hydro rigs. If you know what I mean you know what I mean... DIscuss...
  3. You can buy the 1.5 million credit package, which gives 1 corporation token and 5,000 coal, then use the token to buy the 1.5 million credit package, so you essentially get 5,000 coal for free. Just an FYI. You can use the token to grind for the camos, although I am conflicted between the camos looks (prefer cleaner-looking/historical camos) and its practical bonuses (which are good, although I doubt I will be a grinding an entire line for putting it on the ship, although I am interested in Japanese DD gunboats as they seems to be good)
  4. Seriously, why is this a thing? There's a new fun police build out that's basically meant to counter everything in the game, while having no counters to it, all due to the fact the Sudden Attack module exists. If it uses torps, use wave then machine gun it down; if it uses lasers or cannons, go invisible and turn. Meanwhile, the A Laser can kill three players in one firing, bar a team with invulnerability zone. But at that point, you're basically having to to give up any fun choices just to counter one broken ship. Now that people have unlocked it, Big Hunt is just a bunch of people shadow sniping any player not running a Hector or 3 manning with Val or Avenger. What the hell is the point of playing then?
  5. Greetings, I am curious about the purpose of the 7500 XP per battle award in the Cause Damage mission of the Big Hunt section of missions. Can anyone please explain to what this applies? Regards, Nomad