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Found 3 results

  1. I'm a newbie, and simply don't have the time playing multiple lines etc. like I have with WOT, already have my time-limited, but I still want to play WOWS to have a change of things. So, I need to know what lines to invest in which will give me the best tanks top tier. BTW, please if you can indicate what the best Tech Tree Tier 8 & 9's are as well. Yes, I know "it depends" on various factors, but for example in WOT, there ARE "best" tanks at T10 of each class. What I mean by "best" is a ship that allows you to play CONSISTENTLY WELL each game. So, I'm not interested in those that are highly specialized or have good games like once every few games. I'm looking for the ships that like in WOT flexes well and shoots well, may or may not have any armor, but minus being unlucky, the MM stacked against you, or you sometimes doing something stupid, the Ship allows you to perform well per your skill. As a practical example... In WOT a Russian Medium like the T-62A has a little armor, but not enough to call home about, is a bit too slow, and thus doesn't perform as well as it used to before Wargaming nerfed all tanks speeds and round placement (aka accuracy). But, a TVP T 50/51, while it has zero armor, it moves well, shoots well, and has a good 4 round burst that doesn't take too long to reload. So, it's the BEST T10 Medium in the Tech Tree to me and to a large majority. Some might say the Obj 430U is the best, even "op", but for me it's a bit too slow to be consistently effective, even though it has fairly trolly armor. So, I can't perform "consistently well" in it. But I can in the TVP. So, given my parameters of what's "best", what would you consider the BEST T10 of each class? I'm even okay if you give me the top two, that might be similar or slightly different, and tell me why, what makes them different and yet consistently effective. Thanks much... BTW, if there are purchasable "Premiums" that are best, feel free to list them too. There are tons of bad premiums in WOT, but there are a few good ones, which I've gotten, cause I can't stand playing ****. LOL :)
  2. Ok it would help if your a radar ship ALASKA and use it for the team not save for yourself. Neptunes = delete pls just delete OK thanks/ I mean dont use pls. no disrespect I love the RN "get a FKin jutland", youll love it better. Georgia's your secondaries wont save you wait for the dern team support DDS kill the FKin DDS 1st, not damage absorbing BBs FTLOG!!!!! IOWA ...dont use for TLOG dont use this fking ship I hate u morgador .... only the most elite otherwise dont use if bb main go : mushia or however you spell it "tough as nails" but dont get cocky as they tell me, you need me Im here 2 " dont be a georgia. alsace/ which im thinking of going instead of izmo/ dont use izmo cause I sold mine earlier with disappointment in the noob ranks but I might buy back if alsace dont FEEL good ect. noob ijn use ALSACE. izmo is a lower rank I think like rank 5 too 1 soo might buy back but again ALSACE cold do same. thats it man I know soy but not enough games its really reliant on radar, hydro good dd laying smoke like ME but this ranked its a TURD maybe ? SIDENOTE: The fkin russians would have had at LEAST HYDRO on ALL their ships dont fkin start it ok. if it wasnt for the GD russian we would all be speaking german so dont Fkin start it. Just dont use it id go ALSACE over JB for lower ranks ALSACE is meaner cruzer wise I dont think Id use anything except alaska dd mains already know whats up so Im not gonna go there Its a grind man no doubt. GLHF and TBCE = too be continually edited as I hopefully progress through the ranks...or get suspended!?
  3. Ayo, first forum post here. I was just wondering what you guys consider the best and worst ships, tier for tier, in the game. Base it off your own experience either playing as or playing against said ships. They can be premium. Go ham and share your salt with us. I have only gotten to Tier VI (Just recently came back after stopping when the first Soviet Destroyers were put in the game), so my selection of ships is limited. If I were to choose a worst ship, it would be the Tier VI BB New Mexico. Holy crap, I cannot stand the thing. The spread of the guns can be likened to a short-barreled punt gun and those shells do one of three things if the hit: Over-penetrate, penetrate but do no damage, or ricochet. Not to mention that I am sure that a propulsion powered by rowers would probably give it more maneuverability. I don't really see other New Mexico captains doing all too well in it. They usually tell me that they hate the thing ahaha. As for the best ship, that's hard. From what I have played so far, I'd probably say the Atlanta Tier VII cruiser. I don't own the thing myself, but the thing rains HE spam all over everything it sees. I always see these guys doing great in the ship. I will plead ignorance, I am not to knowledgeable on Tier VII or above so maybe you guys with better experience will tell me I'm a bleedin' idiot. Anyways, have a good day and I look forward to looking at the responses.