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Found 4 results

  1. Was wondering how the community feels about RL as a Captain's skill in T8-10 USN dds. I initially had my Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing captains with RL after watching some videos and reading some posts. I agree that it helps with situational awareness, but I am now questioning if it is worth the cost. 4 points is a LOT when you only have 17-19 to distribute. I recently dropped RL for TAE in my Gearing (plus a few other tweaks) making her a torp first, guns second dd. I am doing much better in Random these days. I'm thinking of dropping RL in my Fletcher to pick up DE and PM, making her a better guns first, torps second boat. My Benson still has RL, not sure what to do with her captain yet. My focus is on Random play first, with Clan second. I really appreciate having that Radio Locator info, but it hurts to give up so many points for information. Please let me know what you think.
  2. My current captain skills on my Benson are: Priority Target (1), Last Stand (2), Superintendent (3), and Concealment Expert (4). I have 3 allocated skills, and am not sure where to go next. The Benson is a good ship with good guns and decent torpedoes. However, I may sacrifice it (sell) when I get the Fletcher, so the next steps in skills will need to be flexible for moving the Captain to the next higher tier. What would you recommend to get to 19 points allocated and why? I may keep the Benson and sell my Mahan instead. My Mahan has 10 allocated and 2 allocated points, same allocation as above. Tks to all! It is the why that I am more interested in, the justification for those next skills.
  3. Play T7 - T10 USN dds mostly these days. Been working to improve my dd survival and win rate stats over the last month. I have a nasty habit of getting aggressive during the middle part of a match after I've capped a point and getting myself killed. Please take a look at my most recent game in a Benson and provide comments. I was bottom Tier so I knew I couldn't contest a cap directly. I think that I played the Gearing decent, except that I lost 1/2 of my HP. How do I make that same attack without losing that many HPs? The Massachusetts made a classic mistake by using my smoke. I knew she was out there and I baited her to me, but I had cruiser help that saved my butt. 20180915_123529_PASD008-Benson-1945_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay