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Found 7 results

  1. Hukom

    Benson, Part 2

    After knocking off the snowflake, I took Benson out again for a Random Battle. Now I'm not a DD main, nor do I frequently play Random Battles—most of the time I only play Co-op, and I got a ton of surprise in this match when an enemy destroyer suddenly came out of nowhere. I'm still trying to understand how it happened. This is my second ever PvP game on the Benson and just like the first, it was tense and risky. It was also fun and literally gave me that adrenaline rush when the red DD started shooting. I tried shooting back and also got timely support from the team. Managed to land second on the team score board too! 😄
  2. Hukom


    Nearly 99% of my games in World of Warships are with cruisers or battleships. I rarely play destroyers, and I don't play aircraft carriers. Out of curiosity (and trying to be brave, despite the perennial potato that I am), I decided to bring my highest tier USN DD so far—the Benson—out of Co-op and into the real world. Never thought it could be fun taking calculated risks, getting nearly detected by enemy ships, and then sinking two! Placed second on our team's score board too! 😄
  3. ....and i'd like to apologize for the TLDR of this post in advance, people....I would've written a shorter introduction, but I didn't have time.... ....In the current meta and with ranked kicking off it's 14th season....Let's try to come to a consensus on this.... ....I'll give you my full take on my experience of these ships: ....With the DWT-using PA line, I deferred to my instincts as a DD/BB main who plays DDs for the adrenaline and thought--nope, I'm not going down that tech tree...so: no idea....in fact the feel of being targeted by a PA with DWTs is alien to me--sort of like being the wingman in the old "Thatch Weave" in the days of the Hellcats and Wildcats....tough call there. ....The Kagero is my most played ship....Her stealth is excellent, her 'pedoes are long range dump-trucks of battlewagon annihilating little bastids....Her drawbacks are, like most of the IJN DDs, a slow reload on the arty and that she can only area-denial in the caps so much....I usually load the TRB, which throws off some players because they're not necessarily aware I can't provide smoke for the big dogs. ....With the Akizuki, again, I prefer a stealth-torp feel and the "bravery of being out of range" as a DD so I've only test-conned the Akis on the PTS....I don't feel like I'm ready to buy one or fxp one on that fork of the IJN DD line....I will say, though, during the 13th season of ranked using a Z-46/Kagero platoon of course the Akis and the T9 Kitakazes and T10 Harugumos were real trouble for me to deal with. ....As the French DD line has debuted recently, I have to say I didn't like the lack of smoke in the first few DDs....I took a Jaguar into a random with a pal on the New Dawn map and got dusted off immediately....The French DDs do not look like something I'll be good with until I practice in coop with them more....so much for fans of the Le Fantasque. ....As for the KM, I have the aforementioned Z-46 but have not played her very much apart from my foray into the 13th season....so with respect to the Z-23, again--I'd have to call "limited data sample" on that one....My go-to KM DD is the T-22 and I have a nice T-61 that's really a Gaeda with more stealth and quicker loading fish, but not the 150mm upgrade that the Gaeda has as an option for the MB. ....as for the VMF of the USSR/Russian DDs, I have never liked the feel of being a sort of cap-bully with arty that's meant to slice other DDs to pieces up front....I have experience of the Kiev and the Ognevoi in randoms that makes me conclude that with the heal buff they got some months back, I'd say I'd prefer the Kiev now for random/ranked, but pre-heal buff the Ognevoi was also good....2 things: the ballistics and the reloads on those two are like [edited] light sabers being tossed and everyone is telekinetic....You can barely miss when you're in tight going smash-mouth to another DD....the Ognevoi has that other weird wrinkle in that you can have a different torpedo suite with one hull or the other....So my vote there for what I'd want in the 14th season is Kiev. ....The Benson is, for me, a good platoon with the Kagero--you've got good smoke and a 10-torp spread to work with, so that really all you have to compensate for is the weird trajectories on those 127mm rifles that can be hard to walk-in at distance....She's near the top of my list among all these boats. ....Lastly, the Lightning is, in a way, my brand new toy....I finally fxp'd past the Jervis because I never like that one's specs....I did that today and took the Lighting back into coop--having barely tested her on the last time the PTS was up....so stay tuned to my full take on that puppy. ....So?....the verdict?....I *would've taken a Kiev into ranked in the next few days and see what else I might want to riff on herein. *[desmo spotted this error on my part] ....Your thoughts?
  4. Was wondering how the community feels about RL as a Captain's skill in T8-10 USN dds. I initially had my Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing captains with RL after watching some videos and reading some posts. I agree that it helps with situational awareness, but I am now questioning if it is worth the cost. 4 points is a LOT when you only have 17-19 to distribute. I recently dropped RL for TAE in my Gearing (plus a few other tweaks) making her a torp first, guns second dd. I am doing much better in Random these days. I'm thinking of dropping RL in my Fletcher to pick up DE and PM, making her a better guns first, torps second boat. My Benson still has RL, not sure what to do with her captain yet. My focus is on Random play first, with Clan second. I really appreciate having that Radio Locator info, but it hurts to give up so many points for information. Please let me know what you think.
  5. My current captain skills on my Benson are: Priority Target (1), Last Stand (2), Superintendent (3), and Concealment Expert (4). I have 3 allocated skills, and am not sure where to go next. The Benson is a good ship with good guns and decent torpedoes. However, I may sacrifice it (sell) when I get the Fletcher, so the next steps in skills will need to be flexible for moving the Captain to the next higher tier. What would you recommend to get to 19 points allocated and why? I may keep the Benson and sell my Mahan instead. My Mahan has 10 allocated and 2 allocated points, same allocation as above. Tks to all! It is the why that I am more interested in, the justification for those next skills.
  6. Play T7 - T10 USN dds mostly these days. Been working to improve my dd survival and win rate stats over the last month. I have a nasty habit of getting aggressive during the middle part of a match after I've capped a point and getting myself killed. Please take a look at my most recent game in a Benson and provide comments. I was bottom Tier so I knew I couldn't contest a cap directly. I think that I played the Gearing decent, except that I lost 1/2 of my HP. How do I make that same attack without losing that many HPs? The Massachusetts made a classic mistake by using my smoke. I knew she was out there and I baited her to me, but I had cruiser help that saved my butt. 20180915_123529_PASD008-Benson-1945_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay