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Found 7 results

  1. First of all I have absolutely no idea how the allowed me to farm so much so freely... What's the web to check the damage records? I have seen a few "NA damage World Record" or "EU damage World Record" but how do you look that up? Sorry, I only tend to look up ship stats and don't care too much about player stats so some help would be appreciated 20200129_184428_PASD509-Benham_37_Ridge.wowsreplay That's the link to the battle if you want to see USS Kitakami rampaging Also some screenshots to prove that it was a real match (sorry for the weeb mod, I love my cute loliboats)
  2. I told myself two days ago that I was "spent out" getting Santa crates. I'd purchased a 20x Big Gift and 2 20x Mega Gift bundles and, before that a couple of 8x Mega Gift bundles. I started off with owning 90 of the 107 "gift" ships and, when I called it quits, had 103 of the 107 in port. I did not have the one ship I really wanted - Benham - and figured to just get the coal and use the coupon in 10.0 for the other, the Neustrashimy. Then I saw that @Estimated_Prophet had bought three 20x Mega gifts. I could not let him outdo me, no way! So I bought that third 20x Mega Gift bundle and, you guessed it, got two of the four remaining ships I did not have - Enterprise and Fujin! Yay me... Really done then. No more money, sorry WG. I had "overspent" and I am now thoroughly self-disciplined, having only caved once. However, I did notice I had some dubs from those Gifts and the event ends tonight! So, I bought one Big Gift and two Mega Gift containers. Big Gift - 20 New Year cammo (meh...) Mega Gift 1 - Benham (Holy crap, OMG, woohoo!!) Mega Gift 2 - Neustrashimy (Ver' nice!!!) Those loot/gambling/gift boxes are like a Siren, calling my name, seducing me into purchasing them. I must remain more disciplined. Thanks WG for the opportunity to not only spend money but to secure the one digital bote I've been hankering for since I missed out on her release mission. Looking forward to next year's Holiday event!
  3. I just thought it might be interesting to see if anyone actually get these ships that are dangeled in front of us to tease us to buy any of the Christmas containers. Of the whole list I choosen these four (Missouri, Musashi, Benham and Belfast) since imho I think these are what the mayority of the playerbase would consider the "Jackpot win" out of them all. Many of these are considered really rare and in some cases a bit OP. For instance I didnt include Kutuzov since its not really that OP/broken any more with likes of Colberts and Smolensks in the game. So I just wanna know, in the name of transparancy, who if any have actually gotten these mighty four out of the boxes. And I would like to see either a picture of when you got the ship (im guessing many would take a screenshot of a thing like that) or atleast a screenshot from the ship in your port with close to none XP on it. Thanks!
  4. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Correct arrangment of American DD tiers?

    When it comes to tier arrangement in WoWS, it is always curious why Wargaming decides to put certain ships in particular tiers. For ships like the Colorado (VII), North Carolina (VIII), Iowa (IX), and Montana (X), it makes since given that the Colorado is upturned by the North Carolina, the Iowa in turn is faster than the North Carolina (and has longer gun barrel lengths), and the Montana has better armor and more guns than the Iowa. But I do wonder why, historically, the Sims class of destroyers, which succeeded the Benham-class, whould be placed at Tier VII, and the Benham at Tier IX, and why the Somers, a premium would be Tier X when the ship-class that succeeded it, the Benham, is at Tier IX. Why do you think Wargaming made these three premium American DDs placed at the tiers that they are at, despite how the Somers and Sims came BEFORE the Benham in US Navy design?
  5. I predict that at the same time Friesland/Friesburgerland will become available as a free xp T9 Pan-Euro ship, the Rogue Wave reward DD, the Benham, will become a free xp ship and join her. Because it costs up to 40,000 doubloons to convert one million experience to free-xp, which is roughly (but somewhat less than), the cost of buying 750 fuel tokens from the premium shop (50k doubloons)... however with those fuel tokens you also get some useable flags, etc. so the price has to be higher. 750 fuel is still 50 short but it's not that hard to obtain 50 fuel tokens. The prices seem to have been intentionally made equivalent - as to make sure neither players who buy Benham with fuel tokens, nor, with free xp conversion, will feel cheated. Also if memory serves, free xp ships have been traditionally released in pairs; so it makes sense that they will release two free xp DDs at the same time. Even if free xp ships haven't been traditionally released in pairs, it makes sense to give players who have a bunch of free xp (or have a fat bank account) and who love DDs a choice between two radically different DDs: a pure Gunboat DD-hunter without torps, and an undergunned Shima-Clemson torpboat. This means there's one free xp DD for each of the two major DD playstyles.
  6. There was a spot on the ocean that it didn't put a torp in. A small spot, but still, it needs just a few more and then it can put torps everywhere. Because who wants to have a chance to dodge them anyway? What's the sport in that? Seriously, wth?