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Found 15 results

  1. Bearn, that difficult yet rewarding French woman. Difficult to deal with at first, but over time you become used to her quirks and idiosyncrasies. Like your first French kiss; sloppy at first but gets better over time
  2. Yesterday my sexy 200% Bonus XP mission expired, the flame that once burned red hot has now diminished to the calm clear monotony of a long term relationship. This was my first CV experience in PvP and first serious CV attempt overall. I was never interested in CV play but the concept of Bearn sparked my curiosity and I must confess she has been the must fun I've had with this game in recent times (I know she wasn't a gentle mistress for you @Estimated_Prophet but french girls have a temper like that ;P). For me it was a match made in heaven as Bearn can be played in a very effective support role, I felt I was able to provide effective help to my team mates in their time of need. Either by blocking the attacks of the enemy CV, intercepting their squadron and providing effective fighter cover for my team mates; or by role playing the Pest Control Department, taking care and exterminating any pesky DD stalking my team mates. This role generated such good rapport with my team that I never, not even once (that I noticed) got a negative comment in chat. Instead, many times I received compliments from my team after providing effective cover for them or dealing with a troublesome DD. I'm walking out of my CV affair with a net positive Karma gain, could have been much higher but the reds sometimes got salty. On the quantitative side of the experience, I managed to surpass my expectations and goals. I was aiming for a 60% WR but managed a respectable 70% after 40 matches. A bit surprising results, but justified based on the inherent strengths of the individual ship and the CV type in general. Being able to hard counter and neutralize the 2 most impacting unit types in a match (DDs and CVs) gives Bearn a very significant ability to win matches. Once I got a bit of experience and some basic mechanical proficiency, losing became exceedingly rare and it usually fell within a very specific match set up: Small T5 maps with line ups composed of multiple DDs (ironically, your preferred target in Bearn), sometimes your team melts so fast that is doesn't matter you manage to sink 2 red DDs before the 5 minute mark when your team already lost 6 ships... those matches are predestined, that's the nature of the game. What came as expected but nonetheless amazed me was the CV ability impact matches based on its intrinsic initiative and speed advantage. It was a tactician wet dream, to be able to shape the battle by applying pinpoint pressure made me feel like a Grand Master of Tai Chi. It also made my team's screw ups even more evident and painful to bear... the enhanced perspective can be both a bless and a curse. So, if you want to punish CVs and DDs, while playing an effective support oriented role, Bearn might be the ship of your dreams. Ship rating: 11/10 (for its intended role) Fun factor: All of it (for griefing CVs)
  3. Aigle, beefiest DD at T6, gone in 80 seconds... I think we might have an issue here, maybe is it time to revisit the balance department?
  4. How many planes an Ark Royal packs anyway? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8TNdBEB6lo
  5. ArIskandir

    Peer Review part Deux

    A decent match with valuable contribution. Still struggling with SB shattering on belts, working on improving aiming but not there yet... I think ping/lag might be screwing me, my reticle in the replay looks consistently farther than during actual gameplay. Anyway, commets welcomed on where to improve.
  6. ArIskandir

    Cette Plane Pour Moi

  7. "what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.(DDs ...) I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you." —Liam Neeson, Taken This could also be said about Bearn, she has a very particular set of skills that result in the inevitability of DDs getting sunk. I started saving my end game screenshots to make a point of it, but after a time there was really no point about it, it was all too obvious... unless the match was a steamroll defeat, DDs had zero chance of surviving a match against my Bearn. The fact of sometimes not being me the one delivering the final shot on the DD doesn't demerit the fact of being my CV the direct responsible of the DDs demise. This lone accomplishment of simply removing the enemy's DDs translates very directly into winning matches, as can be appreciated when even a noob CV player with significant mechanical shortcomings like me, can pull decent WR numbers. I'm starting to feel guilty about using a game mechanic that gives my opponent so little opportunity to not say counter me, but survive the match against my CV. The Skip Bombers are just that good, they are incredibly effective against light units with middling to poor AA. They even scale really good against T8 DDs, making this CV superbly useful even in T8 matches. The SBs are TOO effective against DDs imo, the problem is overall this CV feels "balanced" (as much as a CV can be), you don't represent a big threat to BBs and many Cruisers but you totally terrorize DDs... Bearn has a very specific diet, and if you are on the menu, you'll get eaten. It is this CV "thing", remove it and you are left without any useful strike capacity... this is one of those instances when the big picture may look balanced but the particular interaction (against DDs in this case) is very very one-sided. Beyond that, playing it in a support role has been a blast for me. I'm really really enjoying killing enemy planes (useful enemy planes, not fighter consumable garbage), intercepting their attacks and countering them in a much more effective way than any surface ship could do. Delivering some payback to CVs and watch them neutralized in a consistent way is a priceless experience for me, a catharsis. I can't recommend it enough if you want to turn the tables on the CVs. Now I'm only waiting for a version of this on T8... I would gladly go for it.
  8. Le Gendarmerie de l'Amusament works tirelessly to protect our fellow shipizens from sneaky petty criminals and dangerous high class delinquents. To Protect and to Serve, vive La Republique, vive La France! ARREST LOGBOOK Arrested for Vagrancy: Caught while Stealing Caps: Wanted for Murder:
  9. ArIskandir

    What a downer...

    So I was feeling pretty good with Bearn, after a slow start I'm picking up the pace and crushing my opponents... I'm all puff up, I want to brag!... I check my numbers, they are starting to look nice... let's see how the 50% filter looks like... Holy jeebuz... I'm such a potato, nabelflaum... who said this CV was bad anyway? I don't feel like bragging now, what a downer :P
  10. https://youtu.be/TN-xSjyMy2Y
  11. ArIskandir

    Vancou... Merde!

    Alas! The ghost of 1940 still haunts our brave troops... in spite of our valiant efforts we end this day in ignominuos defeat. We managed to consistently outplay our CV opponent and bring terror upon the enemy Destroyer crews but to no avail, our lines crumbled and we couldn't stop the tide. We lost the day but the War continues, Vive La France! Capitaine Vincent Delaire, Porte-avions Bearn. Highlights: Even in defeat I enjoyed playing this ship, I was able to consistently best the enemy CV and hunt down their destroyers. In many instances I managed to keep my allies protected from CV harassement. When there's a team to work with, this CV shines but left on its own it is a struggle. There's a tragic dimension to watching your team crumble as a CV, all the misplays are much more apparent from above... the detachment allows you to witness the mediocrity in its fullest, unmasked and most hurtful fashion. I certainly don't enjoy that. No net Karma loss, there's that at least.
  12. After 6-7 matches in Ops I'm getting the hang of these planes, I feel I'm ready to step into PvP... watchout
  13. Blorgh2017

    Bearn in PvE

    Had anyone tried Bearn in PvE yet, especially for the Operations? I'm curious, lol. I know there's another thread about her, on an anti-plane build for plane kill missions in Coop, but I am more interested in the ship's general capabilities for surface strikes, and stuff. If there's one place that I like to use CV's, it's the Tier VI Operations... so her release really caught my eyes. I was actually still mulling over which Tier VII BB to get, but if Bearn turns out to be pretty decent, then I think I might go for her instead, lel.
  14. Taylor3006

    Bearn CV Fighter Build

    I went ahead and bought the Bearn for co-op plane kill missions thinking it is probably going to be good at it. Going to use my legendary captain Auboyneau on the ship and need to select the skills for him. I read over this review that has suggestions for a captain build and am not convinced it is the best: https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/final-review-french-tier-vi-premium-aircraft-carrier-bearn/ Some of the better fighter skills seem to be ignored. I hate the new carriers and carrier play so am pretty unfamiliar with all the CV specific skills. All I want to use this CV for is to attack incoming bot aircraft to farm plane kills quickly. Suggestions anyone?
  15. A French CV with skip bombers, please tell me this is a early April fools joke. Why in Gods name would you give The Bearn skip bombers. Where do you people get your research data from Jeopardy. She carried and transported a variety of Dive bombers Vought V-156Fs Curtiss SBC Helldiver Douglas SBD Dauntless to name a few Fighters Brewster Buffalo North American P-51 Mustang Republic P-47 Thunderbolts Curtiss H-75A-4 Even torpedo Bombers Levasseur PL.7 torpedo bomber And why are the CV's stats not showing THE ABOVE WATER TORPEDO ARMAMENT. If you wanted to give the ship something unique the torpedo armament would have be perfect.