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Found 323 results

  1. Tier 10, in my Kurfurst, without being able to hit the cruiser that is spamming me with HE rounds I drop 109k in HP before I can reach the cap while he hides behind an island. That's why BB's sit at the back and refuse to engage. No boat should be able to send a steady stream of HE rounds while not being able to be hit. @Radar_X @Gneisenau013
  2. Alabama or Massachusetts??

    Pretty straight forward: Had to yank my NC Captain to move to USN CL line. I don't drive NC enough to want to grind another Captain for her. I have 19 point DM and Monty Captains ready, which T8 USN premium BB should I get to replace NC? What sucks is that NC is the better ship, right?
  3. So, in a nutshell, whis is better...the "Boosted" or "Modded" Massachusetts? I wanted to get another premium to boost my credits (I know the Modded comes with 4M), so I chose the Massachusetts over the Indianapolis. I know the Modded comes with MAIN ARMAMENTS MODIFICATION 1; DAMAGE CONTROL SYSTEM MODIFICATION 1; SECONDARY BATTERY MODIFICATION 2; DAMAGE CONTROL SYSTEM MODIFICATION 2; CONCEALMENT SYSTEM MODIFICATION 1. Does that mean you have to buy those for the Boosted? I'm confused as to the better deal! Can someone help me make the right decision? Thank you!
  4. First game in the Mass.

    First game in the Massachusetts. I did my home state proud. Riiiiiiip.
  5. This Ship is Perfection

    This ship is just fun. Pure, innocent fun. So much pew pew
  6. Simple question, which one should i go down and why please, thank you. also they should add the USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) cause its my home state and it was a cool battle ship constructed in 1913 and she was a class of United States Navy super-dreadnought battleships... i feel like she would be a cool tier 5 or 6 US premium... Fun fact about the BB-38: she was sunk kwajalein Atoll because of a nuclear bomb testing in 1948
  7. For those of you new to the game and want to figure out battleships and how they should be played I have two videos showing the basics of positioning and how the BB role is played. I hope you enjoy them and that you find them useful.
  8. The DD and cruiser legendary upgrades are all beyond god like. In comparison, BB's upgrades are just suck. No BB in their right mind would take the new rudder shift and fire control buff to get in closer. Because that's not the main reason BBs die quickly. The improvements in rudder shift time is pointless, just... in what situation currently people playing BBs think to themselves "geeeez 1 sec faster rudder shift would've so carry the game there" - almost never. WG should stop inflating T10 performances with "upgrade" modules. People don't like to play T8 or above because the economy suck, not because they don't like powerful ships.
  9. Need a team... Do not feel the carry power in Missouri.  This match for example, we had a really good start. Enemy DD didn't do anything and died early. The team did plenty of damage, but managed basically to sink no one (kudos to the reds). But once mid game comes and people start to die. Missouri just can't plug holes due to how fragile it is. Then late game, Missouri had a hard time going against the usually late game survivors, german BB, yamato, french, and just can't compete against them in sub 15 km range. But you have to get into range because points are being contested and time's short.
  10. Hey all, I've been working my way through the American BBs and I'm currently on the New Mexico. In general, I love it-as long as I sit between 10-16NM from the enemy fleet, take advantage of the pretty solid turning abilities of the class, and avoid DDs like the plague, I do pretty well for myself, especially given my skill level (I'm definitely never going to be posting YouTube how-to guides, but I'm also usually not bottom of the barrel either). However, this all changes when I get caught out by enemy cruisers with high DPS and a strong inclination to lob HE all over the place. I do try to stay with at least a few other ships (preferably at least one cruiser, one other BB, and whatever DDs there are that haven't gotten lit TF up yet), but when either my help all goes down, I get abandoned by the (much faster) fleet, or I over-extend myself, what's the best way to fend off high-DPS cruisers trying to Tommy-Gun me with HE?
  11. I have been playing my Nikolai for the past few days, and it has been fun, Being in the lower tiers, I am seeing first hand the future potatoes coming through the ranks to take their spots in T10 ships. I would urge WG to bring in a more useful training videos for each class of ships and have people complete scenarios in these different classes of ships before they get unlocked to randoms, kind of like the training you get in WOT. Now I am not having a go at these new people playing, but if they have no clue at T4, they are not going to have a clue at the higher tiers, and WG needs to implement some better training for these people, so one, they can learn, and two they have more fun, not getting wrecked in 2 seconds. Now yes I am one of those who have wrecked these people, I will admit it, but a broadside CA using all his guns on you at 8km, what would you do, seriously, your in a Nikolai. I wont mention clans as the people probably don't even know about clans, again I would like to see some better training information for these people in the lower tiers so they have a better chance of working the game out quicker than they do now.
  12. Yamato, An Historical Nerf

    Just found this snippet about Yamato and it's historical nerf.
  13. Two of the fire directors on the Alabama appear to have the top cylinder part disconnected from the rest of the ship. I have no idea if this is just a glitch for me, seeing as my computer is a potato, or if this has happened to other people. I checked the other USN fast battleships they appear to have a similar problem.
  14. What line was your first objective

    Personally mine is USN BB's. Why? I live in canada so that and UK where the closet representation. Also big bad BB's lol
  15. Simple poll. Where do the potatoes hide? What are the 2 most influential classes of the 3 main surface vessels? This is for random play not clan battles or ranked. My personal opinion. BB by a landslide is the worst played. It's not even close. Bad players flock to it like a moth to a flame. Why? They are the most forgiving class to play. Most influential would be BB and DD. While I love playing cruisers I am full aware it is full on tryhard mode, especially in high tiers. I think DDs are in a good place as are BBs for the most part. Cruisers could use a bit of work. They are a DoT class, but are the most susceptible to be insta-deleted more than any other save for a DD catching a torp. BB citadels have gotten smaller and smaller over the years, yet cruisers for the most part remain huge and easy to hit. My opinion would be to either lower or reduce the citadel size of cruisers as a whole or to reduce the amount of max AP damage from BBs. Your thoughts? What is your choices and why? What could WG do to mix things up and improve the game?
  16. Hello all, I'm looking for some help finding more detailed information about some of the more obscure Japanese proposals for battlecruisers and fast battleships. I have limited data for quite a few, but was particularly wondering about the armament and armor details of this design on the Hiraga archive: http://gazo.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/hiraga2/show/id/20470301#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=1&xywh=159%2C620%2C2353%2C1355 Supposedly it is "Design X" and is some sort of battlecruiser, but I've heard a number of different armaments and armor schemes for it. I was hoping some other historically minded folks might have an answer regarding this ship, or have some ideas for credible online sources for other battlecruisers and fast battleships. Perhaps @Azumazi will know.
  17. The average damage for both ship is so freaking high. It's insane, 100k for both. What is Yama-Sushi's priority target? Do people just farm damage on BBs?
  18. So... FDG

    I am wondering how I should spec my Fredrick de Crappa in an optimal way for the Meta so I can most quickly achieve a good WR and grind quickly to Kurfürst. PLEASE HALP MUH.
  19. Well here we are again. Clearly as the only thread to get consistently locked, even when it generally has a civil discussion, are Radar threads... it is quite interesting.. Especially when it happens soon after the Dev Q&A hypocrisy is brought up. Source (Dev Q&A): https://thedailybounce.net/2018/04/17/world-of-warships-developers-qa/ The purpose of any forum is for Discussion. Discussion can include complaints, suggestions, PSA, and even debates formed from such. It seems our dear moderator is confused as to that purpose. It really doesn’t matter if “the devs have no current plans for changing radar”. It really doesn’t. These threads are created for the purpose of making sure they know the issue is simply not going to “go away”, and to create ideas on how to fix the problem. It doesn’t matter if you or anyone, agrees, or even disagrees that radar is a problem. The issue has already ascended from simply being solely a “radar” problem. Every time the discussion is silenced, you give it further ascension. It isn’t just radar, but now double standards, dev favoritism, and hypocrisy as well. Continue to silence it, and you can certainly add, “what are they trying to hide?” to that list. Are you trying to tell us that NOTHING has ever went live in WoWs in a broken/unbalanced state? lol I bet before X (something broken/unbalanced) went live/when X went live the developers had no “intention” or “planned” any changes for X until they were made aware, at the very least, that the community is not intent with said state. Look we get it. Players that primarily play Battleships are your highest source of Income. We get it, Battleships are the most played ship type..again..and again. Does that mean there should be a free pass for dev favoritism and double standards? Not if you want your game to thrive. You can only pump out so many BBs, premium and otherwise. Did you really think the short term cash made from appeasement is going to be anything more than a fraction in measurement to the sustainable income possible from making the game balanced? Don’t kid yourself. So now that the rant is over, back to the topic(s) at hand. Radar: - Radar is a hard counter. The only one in the game. Either the game is Rock-Paper-Scissors, or it isn’t. - Radar is game breaking. It ignores a basic game environment ruleset, LoS. - Fixing Radar (LoS issue) is NOT a game engine limitation. - Radar was added to the game based on zero supporting metrics, and dishonest publicly stated intentions. So, no matter how much you disagree that WoWs is/isn’t Rock-Paper-Scissors. The latest Dev Q&A (linked above) openly admits that their supposed “intent” is and has always been for it to be Rock-Paper-Scissors when making balance decisions/changes. Well, for Rock-Paper-Scissors to be just that, it actually has to be a complete circle. Rock < Paper < Scissors < Rock < so on and so forth. The devs in that same Q&A also contradicted themselves when they admitted their intent to limit how many DDs are in each math but not the other ship types (CA/BB). You cannot limit an archetype and not the others in a Rock-Paper-Scissors environment. That is key. By limiting Rock…. You automatically make Scissors stronger, and as a chain reaction, make Paper weaker. If Rock is actually showing, through objective evidence as being overperforming, then Rock should be changed from within instead of limitations added. In this case, Rock is DDs, and there is no objective evidence showing them overperforming either. Next, you will also note that they claim that they have no intention of making MM changes based on Radar equipped ships, and that having radar (through statistics) shows nothing more than the normal 50/50 chance to win. Interesting how multiple users have dumped and compiled data that shows just the opposite (on here AND reddit). Clearly, the evidence shows having more Radar equipped ships on your team DOES, in fact, increase your win chance. It isn’t the choice not to change here that is the problem, it is the flat out lie about metrics. Again, it shouldn’t be limited that way (MM), Radar should be fixed from within. “But without Radar, Destroyers kill everything unchallenged” “Cruisers cannot do anything do destroyers without Radar”, etc etc etc etc. <insert hyperbole here> Wrong. - Cruisers who still don’t have any radar do just fine in killing Destroyers, otherwise if any of that were true their statistics would show case such a disadvantage. - Players on multiple venues (Twitch/YT) clearly show there are a plethora of avenues, absent radar, that cruisers have to hunt and take out cruisers. This is in the form of not only smart play, but even builds for your ship and captain. - Before Radar, the evidence (server metrics) were showing cruisers in a bad shape. However, the evidence was also NOT showing destroyers in an overpowered state. Hmmmmm… how could that be? Oh yea. What it was showing is Battleships in a not only overpopulated state, but overpowered state. Interesting how that correlates with cruisers statistics showing a bad survival rate and their ability to effectively **Hunt ** or **Counter** Destroyers. In my opinion here are the best Solutions: (Not asking for the removal of Radar) (Pick one) 1.) Fix assured acquisition to adhere to LoS rules. We are talking 1 to 2 lines of code at most. This fixes radar LoS. Also fixes hydro LoS. 2.) Change Radar to ONLY reveal targets (on the HUD/Screen) for the user of Radar, and ONLY minimap for the user’s team. 3.) Copy/Paste the assured acquisition mechanic, rename it, and tie it to Radar instead. Add in LoS requirement. (easy peezy) 4.) Give Destroyers a new consumable, or change an existing part of their armament to be an equally (rule breaking) hard counter against Battleships. I personally think the ultimate solution is a combination of 1 + 4. To achieve the best balance possible the following needs to happen: - Radar needs to adhere to LoS rules. - Destroyers need a hard counter, that isn’t rule breaking, specified for anti-BB use. Change the torps for all DDs above a certain tier to have the target restriction of Asashio DWT (BB and CV only) and buff some of their other attributes slightly to make up for this nerf. (buff speed and range a little respectively) - Battleships need a large accuracy nerf, and an anti-fire buff. Now you have Rock-Paper-Scissors. Now you eliminate the back-camp BB meta. Now Cruisers can ultimate hunt Destroyers without fear of 50%+ of their HP getting deleted from insane ranges, from single salvoes, well outside their own max weapon range. Now BBs have less fear of getting burned to death without losing fear of being torped, because they have to push up to actually do damage and get kills. Balance.
  20. Been playing Musasushi lately, noticed that no other BB's AP can pen Musashi around 14-16km range, even if the Musashi's facing towards them broadside. The angle of the incoming shells is such that they all pretty much bounce right off the belt. ZONE OF IMMUNITY IS A THING IN GAME!!!!!!! only, not corresponding to the historical value, since game's distance's shortened.
  21. I could find a up to date dispersion chart so I decided to make my own so I threw one together kinda fast. I find it interesting only the IJN line has a different dispersion path than everyone else while everyone else follows the same general path, well except the USN line gets a hold of that glorious accuracy module at tier 9
  22. [-KS-] Killshot

    Welcome to Killshot! Killshot is a family where both casual and serious warship captains from around the world can play together. Our clan prides itself on being friendly and open, and we are always ready to accept new recruits and veterans alike. The goal of this clan is to be able to take advantage of clan base features when they are built, to have potential division mates, and a family that won't restrict your playing style or be so demanding as to kill the fun of the game. We are here to have fun in a mature, drama free atmosphere. We will not tolerate hatefulness. We are a LGBT friendly family. REQUIREMENTS: (1) Be Friendly. (2) Be active at least 4 times a week. (3) Be helpful. We do not have a website, discord, teamspeak, skype or any other communication means at this time. We play to have fun while sometimes taking it seriously. If you wish to join us, do a clan search in the game for killshot. our tag is [-KS-] Thank You
  23. The new French line of BBs, atleast from what I've heard, are pretty good at mid to close ranges due to a large number of guns and secondaries. I just wanted to know how they compare to the original brawlers, the germans. What advantage does it have? Where does it lack?