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Found 1 result

  1. What follows is somewhat tongue in cheek but some of these do seem very convenient coincidences. Break out ya Tin Foil Headwear... The CV rework wasn't about CV's at all. It was about majorly buffing BB's, particularly making them easier for the "casual" player. A side effect was allowing re-release of Graf Zepplin to enable showing some better numbers on the spreadsheet for the creation of that abomination. 1) CV alpha strike eliminated to the point that it shouldn't even have that title. No more Midway's blasting T10 cruisers out of the water with 2 DB squads. No more GZ players instantly deleting most of the KM cruiser and BB lines with auto drops while watching reruns of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. No more cross torping... all of it, gone. 2) Adding a strike capability that's tailor made specifically for combating DD's. This addition hit IJN torp boats the hardest, specifically the best surface units for punishing bow camping BB's. Jump to June.... Release of RU BB's. You can argue that bow camping is wasting most any BB's capability and you're right. But, we all know the majority of BB players are either bow campers, 10 line flankers, or broadside cruisers. RU BB's have several features that make them particularly suited for camping. 1) Heavily armored mid decks at high tier making them more resistant to IFHE than any other line. A few have mid decks so thick that only IFHE KM heavy cruisers and Henry IV can pen the midship deck. Yeah I know the bow and stern plating is easy to pen like all BB's. I'm glad some of you can pinpoint your aim over 50% of the time, most players can't. 2) Strategically placed bow armor making RU BB's nearly immune to frontal cits with even the slightest angling. Yamato player: "I can bow cit any BB at any angle." Vladivostok player: "Hold my Vodka." A couple of bones were thrown to CV and DD players, mostly as a way to distract. Plane spotting of torps eliminated. GZ finally released from jail. Now you'd have to believe certain residents of St Petersburg are a lot smarter than many give them credit for... but...