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Found 84 results

  1. O que vocês estão achando dos encouraçados italianos? Vale a pena? A dispersão é pior ou melhor que dos alemães?
  2. The overmatch mechanic in the game is not something that new or even more seasoned players often think about or even know about when they are in game. It is the first 'check' that is made when you shoot at another ship (or they shoot at you) to determine whether or not your shells will penetrate. That's why it's actually good to know about and consider when positioning your ship for a head to head battle. Overmatch is the term that is used to describe the relative ratio of a shells caliber to the armor it will come into contact with. That ratio is 14.3:1. That means, if the shell is 14.3 or more times greater than the thickness of the armor, regardless of angle, it will penetrate. For low tier ships this is not too important to know about as the bow-in game play is not as relevant due to inexperience and armor tends to be so thin, most cruisers can overmatch other cruisers. At mid to high tiers, however, (tier 5+) players start to learn the advantages of being bow in from more experienced players on their team. This is also where there are far more distinct lines between ship armor thickness and gun caliber. Most cruisers after tier 5 have bow armor that exceeds 13mm, meaning that with few exceptions only battleships can overmatch their bows and not other cruisers as most cruisers between tier 5-7 are boasting 152mm guns; 13mm is overmatched by 186+mm guns. As you progress down the cruiser lines your bow armor will get thicker, usually from 13mm to 16mm and typically topping out at 25mm at tier 8. Battleships on the other hand, have bow armor at about 19mm at tier 5 and typically top out at 32mm at tier 8. Of course there are exceptions to this, such as the German BB's who tend to have this thickest bow armor with plating. The thickest is actually the tier 5 Konig with 150mm plating on its bow. Though there are areas of the bow with 19mm, the majority of the bow, specifically providing cover for the citadel, is 150mm. This means that a tier 5 battleship can actually bow tank every ship in the game under most scenarios. Further, due to the larger caliber of guns on battleships, and heavier armor overall, there is more of a propensity so go bow in against another battleship. This is where the overmatch mechanic is really worth understanding. The only 2 ships, per WarGaming's design, that are capable of overmatching the bow of (nearly) every ship are the Yamato and Mushashi with their 460mm guns; the largest guns in the game. Therefore, going bow in against them is ill advised. The only ships that are theoretically able to go bow in against them are the Kurfurst and the Frederick der Grosse as they have 60mm plating on their bows. Though there are places where the armor is only 32mm, the thickness that 460mm guns can overmatch, much like the Konig, this plating will prevent frontal citadels under most circumstances. Both cruisers and battleships are capable of bow tanking ships of the same type and tier. Knowing who can you go face to face with can be critical in certain battles, especially in competitive play. Once again, this is a particularly common tactic among battleships but cruisers can do it as well. For those that wish to know if you can be overmatched or overmatch a certain ship simply divide the ships gun caliber by 14.3. If your armor thickness is greater than that, you're good, if not, find another tactic. Similarly, you can multiply your armor thickness by 14.3 to find out the minimum caliber of gun required to overmatch your bow. Finally, if you don't know any of this info or just don't want to worry about doing the math, I've created a Google Sheet than can do the calculations for you or you can look up the ships by name. A disclaimer for this calculator though is I have not included clone ships, such as any of the ARP ships, which are clones of the Myoko and the Kongo. You can find the link below. If you have any trouble with it, find errors, or have some suggestions for improvement, please let me know. Bow In Calculator
  3. Nunca fui um bom jogador de BB. Meu negócio sempre foi DD e CA. Como obter um bom desempenho em batalha com essa classe? É mais importante causar dano ou tankar dano? Como acertar um alvo em movimento a mais de 20km de distância? Como mirar com aquela visão de avião de spot? Vejo gameplays no YT, e os caras acertam cidadela a mais de 20km. Pra mim isso é algum tipo de programa/mod que mostra exatamente onde mirar. Eu atiro em navios inimigos e da 3K de dano, eles atiram em mim e da 10K de dano, mesmo eu estando com proa virada pra eles. E a dispersão dos canhões principais é a coisa mais aleatória do mundo. As vezes é boa, as vezes é uma M... não tem lógica, é sorte. Continuo sem o menor interesse em jogar com essa classe, só quero saber a opinião de vcs. ;)
  4. P51pilot122

    Italian BB Impressions

    So, Italian battleships are in early access, and I've already gotten and began playing the Doria, Veneto, and Lepanto. Haven't touched the Cavour and Dante, was quite disappointed that the Cavour's B hull isn't the refit, but the refit may be too strong for Tier 5 so that's fair enough. Despite what people have said, I saw it fit to play the ships myself and see what I thought of them, and honestly, they're not that as bad as everyone is making them out to be... Andrea Doria - Tier VI Right off the bat, I'm going to say Doria has been the best in the line so far, she's a solid ship at tier 6. She boasts the Cesare's small size and good maneuverability, but can have a better rudder shift thanks to the rudder shift module. She's tough when angled, and thanks to her turn speed, can easily dodge salvos and angle herself, but is fragile when broadside on, like every other Italian ship in the game. She has quite good concealment with camo and CE, at 12.1km. Speaking of concealment on these Italian BBs, these ships really love the Dead Eye skill, with their good concealment values, they're easily able to take advantage of the accuracy buff without having to border hump, they can easily duke it out in mid range (12-14km) gunnery duels with other BBs. Speaking of guns, Doria's aren't too bad in my experience so far. In fairness, it takes hundreds of battles to fully understand what a ship is like in this game, but this is about first impressions so, that's what I'm giving. Doria's guns are nearly identical to Cesare, but with lower sigma if I'm not mistaken. Unlike other ships in the line, she has a much more reasonable 30 second reload and her turret traverse is delightful, being 30 seconds to rotate 180 degrees with Grease the Gears. Her accuracy hasn't been too bad on my end thus far, gunnery with Doria has been delightful if I'm being honest, Dead Eye makes this ship a joy to play as well. AP performance is solid, it can easily blap cruisers at this tier and really mess up BBs who broadside you, SAP is capable of doing big damage as well, angled BBs are in for an unwelcome surprise when a Doria blaps your super structure for 10-12k damage. Her range is a bit short, but Sansonetti makes for an awesome partner on these ships, just like Roma. Secondaries were a welcome surprise, the 135s on each side can fire nearly directly ahead and can dish out decent damage, and the 90s are decent fire starters and fire pretty quick without any upgrades or skills. Overall, I've really enjoyed the Doria would go as far as to say she's the brightest light in this line, and also she's gorgeous with her perma camo, just a jawdroppingly beautiful battleship. Vittorio Veneto - Tier VIII Now this, is a ship I have so eagerly awaiting to arrive, I bought Roma day one because she was well, Roma, but a Littorio class battleship as well. My brief time with Veneto was... not as enjoyable as Doria was. She boasts pretty much all of Roma's good traits, awesome gun handling, tanky armor as long as you're not broadside on, great firing arcs, fast, and still stealthy despite having less concealment than Roma. Although, her 34 second reload just ain't working, that's too damn long for a ship with worse dispersion than Roma. You heard that right, a ship having worse accuracy than Roma?! How?! Simple, Roma has 1.8 sigma and Veneto has 1.6 if I'm not mistaken. Essentially, she has traded reload and accuracy for smoke and SAP, a questionable trade off. Having used my commander with CE and Dead Eye, her accuracy...was still inconsistent, you could get good groupings more often with Dead Eye but that wouldn't stop a sudden shotgun salvo from coming out of nowhere. She does boast better secondaries than Roma though, only marginally though by having a better reload on them. There's not too much to say about Veneto, since a lot of Roma applies here, plus the differences in their guns. I'd still take Roma over Veneto though, but she's not a terrible ship, but she could be better. I'd say her sigma can be left untouched if they buff the reload, 34 seconds is just too long. In short, not bad, but not good. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed Veneto, but that may be simply because I enjoy Roma. The biggest flaw with Veneto though? It's not even the Vittorio Veneto, it's literally just Roma's model. Veneto and Littorio had significant differences in the bow shape and superstructure. Oh well, at least her perma camo makes her look drop dead sexy. Lepanto - Tier IX My time with Lepanto is the shortest of the three, but my same message still applies here, not as bad as everyone is saying she is. I believe she is a UP 41 based design, having 12 381mm guns instead of 9 406mm guns. If I had to describe this ship in one sentence, I would say an Italian Alsace with SAP and smoke, with worse gunnery than Alsace. Playing Lepanto reminded me a lot of Alsace, lots of guns, surprisingly good secondaries, very tanky. However, her reload is AWFUL, at 37 seconds, Main battery mod 3 is a must here folks, which will take it down to 32.6 seconds. Her range is still bad at 18.1km, you could take the range module but you will sacrifice reload for that. Her dispersion isn't unbearable, and even then you have 12 guns, something is bound to hit what you aimed at. Her concealment is still pretty good for a Tier 9 battleship, once again, make use of Dead Eye on these pastabotes guys. A secondary build is actually very recommended for this ship, she has a lot of guns strapped to each side and they get the job done. Her damage potential with SAP is pretty scary, if you get some good hits with this many SAP shells going down range, expect consistent 12k and higher salvos. Lepanto is a very large ship, turning circle is huge but she's fast and can still get a decent rudder shift at 13.3 seconds with the rudder module. In short, A decent Tier 9 BB, but there's room for improvement And as always, she's gorgeous, especially with the perma camo, that's kind of a trend with these ships, so at least you'll look good.. Overall... The Italian BBs aren't bad ships, but there's room for improvement, except maybe Doria, she's a solid ship in my opinion. These are unique battleships with great potential, but their faults lie in the current meta and of course, terrible reloads, range, and questionable accuracy. Other than that, I've still enjoyed these ships despite their faults and so strongly want to see them succeed as a line, WG has a good platform here, but there's room for improvement, something that can't be said about the new American BBs. Other than that, these aren't bad ships in my opinion, and I see great potential in them. A grateful thanks to all those who read
  5. from the USS New Jersey youtube site
  6. I just go the Dante Alighieri from the Amazon drop and was going over her stats and looking at captain builds. When I noticed that the "recommended" build for her includes a light secondary build with a bit of survivability. . But when looking at her gunnery stats I really don't see anything - other than a large number of secondaries - that would suggest this would be a viable way to go. So my question to those who are more knowledgeable, is this really WG intentions for this line to have a serious secondary component, and I am just missing something? Or is this an example of the skill rework not - syncing - with game elements? Thank you for thoughtful response in advance!
  7. I just want to say after doing a lot of testing that German BBs are not fun to play at all -- not even in Co-op. I am really stunned that WG (or World of Tanks, I guess I should say) thought a major nerf of a particular play style would bring in more players instead of driving more away from this utterly boring and stagnant gameplay. German secondaries are ruined, and if you go with no buffs to them at all, then French secondary guns (unbuffed) are actually stronger. DD players are being torped from behind because cruisers are too afraid to go forward against 15,000 k damage per shell sniper ships. Gosh, what a mess. Note to WG: as far as ribbons are concerned, you'll need to bring it down by 50% or more, unless you want directives and orders just by-passed. Think I'll take a break from any kind of grind until WG comes to its senses and realizes that their secret nerfs and commander skill downgrade have handed the entire game to a few island hugging sniper players who could care less about naval maneuvers while they sit and click every 30 seconds. Enjoy your money grab while you can.
  8. SweetBabyRuth

    Russian Bias

    If wargaming wants to keep its Russian bias, the tech tree Russian ships need buffed ASAP! With the changes to the commander skill tree, and the game meta now being shifted to torp boats, A/J line BB sniping and FDRs, short range specialized ships that are can tank a lot of damage a straight up bad. The only viable ship from the Russian navy is well.... Slava, and maybe Slava, oh and Slava. Even Smolensk doesn't really make sense when everything is already outside of 19 kilometers. So WG, if you care so much about your Russian ships, then you probably should buff them, or else there will be no reason to play them... even on the RU servers.
  9. dEsTurbed1

    POMMERN [Is she worth it?]

    You say to yourself, " but, dEsTurbed1 I already have a FDG". Do you want to have fun in a FDG? ..... I was looking at German Carriers part 2 missions and saw a lovely sight. Bottom 2 mission threads: 1) BB 5 TO 10 get German containers. 2) Pommern or ( T6 premium German CV) to get German containers. A though occurs, use coupon and 3200 steel to get POMMERN and grind both at same time. Looking at an earlier thread, I realize I struck lucky with this combo. So I pulled the trigger. Is she fun, heck yes. Is she tanky? Well duh, it's a FDG. I found out DO NOT RUN AAM1 or face loosing your torp tubes every game. MAM1 IS A MUST along with PM. I ran secondary range mod and secondary boost instead of reduced dispersion. The main guns performed better than expected without any help. Captain build: PM, EM, BFT, AFT. FP & SI. It is a hybrid tank/secondary build. NICE AA boost. Overall the ship is built to tank and dish out the hurt. Hydro and torps are icing on a very tasty cake.
  10. DakotaViking

    What I saw Last summer in Texas

    Pictures from the USS Texas
  11. Hi all For DY, Part 6 I need 40 I tried doing 3 matches with Conq/ Thunderer and despite 40+ hits or more, not one.. Randoms or Co-op ? Nothing worked yet for me.. Can some kind soul help me out, I need to farm 40 for that ridiculous Quest.. How can I farm INCAPACITATION S AS A BB ? Thx in advance! Jean
  12. Admittedly I haven't tried the new skills, this is what Im hearing from my friend who's been with this game since Alpha. So take this with a grain of sea salt So one of the main things that all the other ship mains complained about (namely BBs staying back and trying to be snipers instead of taking point) Not only have you encouraged them to do this with the Deadeye skill, you've basically made it the only viable option to play BBs cause all the other builds are nerfed to hell? (Sad Bismark secondary brawler noises) Not only that it completely eliminates the weakness of the Russian BB line by letting those floating metal slabs be accurate and long range anyway (No suprise the Ruski's got a good deal) am I right so far? Ever hear of what ain't broke dont fix? Supposedly this was all done so they had a reason to add Subs with their own distinct skill tree as well? At this point maybe Submarines arent worth it. Specifically cause it seems to undo the things that made each individual nations ships specials, in exhance for turning them all into Japan and/or American sniper BBs Im trying to keep an open mind but Im not liking what Im hearing, Fellow BB mains am I jumping the gun or are you all ok with this? other boats did you get fugged by this too or does this work for you?
  13. Atomicfireball

    Some In Japan Want To Raise The Yamato

    Another interesting article I ran across, this one about some folks wanting to raise the Yamato http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/07/28/national/history/ldp-lawmakers-aim-raise-battleship-yamato-wreckage/#.V39_lrgrKUm
  14. Any Ideas of What Class Battleship for the Upcoming Proposal? It could be any country, built post-1925
  15. If WG sees its way clear to give us an opportunity to build an American battleship, I would like to see the sister of the Arizona, USS Pennsylvania BB-38, get the nod and finally make her way into the game. If this happens, I think she should be in her post Pearl Harbor configuration as a Tier VIII monster with tons of AA and the same 14 inch primaries as her sister ship. I know her speed would be detrimental, but I also believe she would be a worthy contender at that tier. Thoughts?
  16. I have looked everywhere on in WOW and cannot find one single mention of this subject. I have been forced many times to give way to an ally ship even though I had the right of way. It would seem that none of the other captains out there are aware that for maritime traffic, including your ship, the boat on the starboard side has Right of Way and does not have to change course. You do. I don't know how many times I have had a collision or a near collision because I assumed I had the right of way. Please WOW, do something about this and require all captains to learn this simple rule of maritime navigation. If they can't or won't respect his fundamental law of the sea, then penalize them and not the boat with the right of way when there is a collision. It should not be that difficult.

    Protecting capital ships

    WoW should factor into the point scheme the failure of CCs and DDs to protect capital ships, which is their main purpose. Blindly giving points for damage makes it all too common for DDs and CCs to just sit behind rocks and spew spam at slower enemy BBs instead of trying to protect their own BBs and CVs. Too many BBs get HE spammed to death by enemy CCs and DDs while teamate CC and DD players are in range to counter - but don't. Maybe if the match points were weighted by ship type - more points for surviving BB and CV and less if capital ships are lost, would create more incentive for CC and DD players to protect their teamates so gameplay more faithfully resemble true naval warfare and not just an every-man-for-himself point scramble.
  18. captain_fearless

    Which premium ship to get

    I wanna get a premium ship but out of these 3, I'm not sure which one. I was wondering if those who have the following ships can give me a good idea of which one is the best buy. Money is not a concern, but rather which one is gonna give me a good time. Hood Vanguard Kii
  19. One of my few frustrations with this game is that if you play a Battleship - your perserverance, patience, skill, and tanking damage is often not rewarded. Not when you have oppurtunistic theiving Cruiser players on your team. I just spent a whole 15 minutes in a battle playing chess with a higher tier BB across the whole map. It was just him and me battling it out trading shots. After sparring with him all across the ocean, eventually I was able to keep myself alive and had worn down his HP to almost nothing. One shot and I would have had my hard earned kill. But just as I waiting the last couple seconds of my main battery reload - just as I was about to fire my kill shot - some A-hole allied Cruiser nearby spit out some of its diarrhea taking out the last sliver of HP and stealing my hard won kill. I always hold off on taking a final kill shot if I know a teammate has been pounding away at it and deserves it more. How about returning the favor? Next time I might just frag the thief cruiser up and take the friendly fire penalty - at least it would make me feel better about being robbed - again, and having nothing to show for all that effort.
  20. CaptainZade_NA

    French Battleship Accuracy

    So how are the high tier French battleships' accuracy like? I heard from someone that Republique has 2.0 sigma but horrible horizontal dispersion that makes it perform better on broadsides? What does those mean and is the Richelieu and Alsace's accuracy make them reliant on broadsides?
  21. The 'Customer Service' here, is minimal at best. A rep once told me its 'Computer Magic' and she couldn't explain it. Oh bother: Among other jobs within a iT department I was a computer programmer and analyst for over 30 years. No such thing as magic sweet-thing. Back to X's and O's. Algorithm's and its artificial 'AI' is it, and its controlled, all by humans. Nuff said. My issue (aah finally getting to it): is the lack of understanding on my part to their accuracy formula of the main guns. Say you have two (2) tier 8 battleships; a T8 KII (Japanese) and a T8 N. Carolina (USA) Specification: NC; 701m/s shell speed - KII; 806m/s -- dispersion NC: 330 max dispersion, KII: 208 max dispersion. Shell size is: NC-406mm the KII is 410mm. This should be the most important spec's in gun accuracy, right? By far the KII gun spec's are better. They are: bigger, faster, with far better dispersion, but in reality the T8 N.Carolina guns are better. Just talkin' accuracy here. Why is that I might ask! The wows stat's charts proves the KII is worse and my experience cry's out the same anguish. In my last random match with the KII was typically horrible. 60 main guns fired (short match, we won) and a single 4128 damage hit. Firing at long range 17k or longer the dispersion was normal high,low,left.right but the KII is actually far worse the N.Carolina, is simply better: how is this possible? Signed, Perplexed
  22. Ok so my idea is fairly simple but I think would improve combat. Lockable turrets So this is a fairly simple idea. Each turret is assigned a key, that when pressed, locks the turret at the current rotation angle (but not vertical pitch). The locked turrets can easily be indicated by changing the colour of the turret icon on the ship indicator. This would allow more maneuverability without losing your firing angle while avoiding attacks, and allow you to better prepare attacks for when positioned correctly. Right now the rear guns on most Battleships below Tier 8 don't get much use because a Battleship needs to maintain a sharp angle to avoid being broadsided. With the turret locked in to place, it can avoid incoming fire, turn to fire back, and relock the turret before facing the next volley. I propose using the keys 6 thru 0 or even 6 thru = for ships like the Atlanta with a high number of turrets. I feel this would greatly improve the gameplay dynamic and allow for a wider range of strategy than the current meta.
  23. So Wednesday starts new clan battles... What ship comps do you all expect to see? Is petro going to take moskva's place? Nvesky any good? Is Kots Summer, shimmers comp going to impact clan battles? Slava or shika, which to take? Thoughts and opinions welcome.
  24. Welcome to my latest tech tree proposal! Here's the revised version: Read full article This article will touch on both the tech-tree regular ships and premium ships. For each ship, I provide the layout of how the ship's weaponry is distributed, its technical specifications and with the same formulas I used for the ADLA articles, their in-game values. Finally, I provide a small piece of analysis of what I think about the ship and how it'd fit with its tiermates. Essentially, each of the ships gets a mini-ADLA with all the information you might be looking for to compare it to its tiermates that are already in-game. Let's hope we see these ships in the virtual seas soon! Read Full Article... or the Revised Version Let me know what you think of this! I'm working on the Italian and French CV tech-tree lines so I can incorporate your suggestions for it! All feedback and comments are welcome! IL RISORGIMENTO DI LA CORAZZATA ITALIANA! PS: No ship in this line is 100% fictional, though the T10's both are designs based in part on historical designs.
  25. -Apologies in advance for the big post- EDIT: I haven't had GK for very long, but it has not been pleasant. When I talked to others about it they also said it needs a buff. So today in stream, I asked when they would buff the GK, because it needs buffs. They said they did in December and it didn't need more, and when I said it needed more they laughed. So I did my research. According to wows-numbers, GK in terms of win rate is middle of the pack at around a 49.5% win rate as of me writing this. This would substantiate what WG said when they said they liked where it was. However it's not that simple. In terms of damage output average AND experience earned, the GK sits at the very bottom. Compared to the middle of the pack of T10 BB's for average Damage, the Republique, GK falls behind by a very sizable amount, 11K damage. The exact Numbers for the bottom, middle and top of average damage for BB's are: Großer Kurfürst (Bottom): 76,185 Republique(Middle): 87,519 Bourgogne(Top): 115,165 For experience, the gap is just as evident. Großer Kurfürst (Bottom): 1,568 xp Base Conquerer(Middle): 1,743 xp Base Bourgogne(Top again): 2,213 xp Base (Source used: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4179572528,Grosser-Kurfurst/ ) What is it that WG looks for when balancing ships? Is it solely on Winrate? Or do they look at other statistics? Because the statistics I am seeing are that Großer Kurfürst only has a decent winrate because it's free damage for the enemy team to farm and that frees up your team to shoot. That just isn't fun for the GK player. And the game needs to be both fun and balenced. So then what needs to be done? Well, I was thinking that maybe GK's dispersion at distance could be buffed, better turret angles* OR a reduction on damage (Namely fire) to cement that it can even survive up close to be what WG wants it to be: an Up close brawler. But I would like to hear other opinions on the matter, and if any Dev wants to pipe in I'd absolutely love to hear it. Added because I forgot*