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Found 275 results

  1. French Battleships

    Early French battleships. (Merci David Lacroix)
  2. Favorite BB Line

    With French battleships coming 'soon', I thought I'd ask what is your favorite line to play?
  3. Dreadnaught Award

    What is the easiest way to get the Dreadnaught award? I need to use Tier 8 or up - so I have the Bismark. And I don't care necessarily about even winning the battle - just want to get the award in the context of a challenge and move on. Strategies/tactics? Thanks in advance.
  4. The following is a PREVIEW of some of the upcoming French Battleships which Wargaming very kindly provided me. The statistics discussed here are still being evaluated by Wargaming's developers and do not necessarily represent how the ship will appear when released. I was given access to the French Battleships a couple of days ago and played a handful of games on each. I took a moment to jot down my initial impressions and then cross-referenced them with port stats. Don't let the evaluations here fool you -- as the battleship meta becomes more and more fleshed out with offerings from different nations (and a glut of premiums besides), it's harder and harder for a ship to really stand out above the rest. Some of these ships were a lot of fun. A couple were awful, but they were still relatively competitive and dodged a worse rating. GARBAGE- The boat is unbalanced, not fun to play and weak. The ship desperately needs some buffs or some quality of life changes. Mehbote - An average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't need buffs to be viable however she's not going to be considered optimal. Gudbote - A powerful ship, often one of the best ships at a given role within its tier. Usually considered optimal for a given task. OVERPOWERED - The boat is unbalanced and powerful. Typically she's either horrible to play against or she redefines the meta entirely. This reminded me a lot of playing Kawachi more than Nassau. She's got range problems and isn't terribly inspiring. Definitely not a keeper. I liked this ship a lot. She's a solid ship -- not one you'll feel the need to free-xp past at all. Her ten 305mm gun broadsides can't compete with Orion's monster 343mm, or the twelve 305mm off of Wyoming, Arkansas or Imperator Nikolai I, but she can hold her own. This is definitely a tier where the competition for "Gudbote" is fierce. It's no secret that I loooove ♥ World War One era Dreadnoughts. The ships look amazing and she plays alright too. She just didn't do anything to stand out from all of the other tier 5 dreadnoughts I've played. For looks alone, I am totally keeping this one. Lemme tell you a story of the first game I played in this. It was a tier 7 match. I found myself facing a Kaga and a Ryujo and our two CVs (and Independence and Hiryu) got outplayed in the first four minutes of the match. Things went quickly downhill from there. Normandie suffers from terrible firing arcs and one of the weirdest gun layouts you're ever going to see. Her AA power is also terrible. However, she's not without redeeming qualities. She's fast (28 knots), handles great (640m turning circle) and she's punching hard with twelve 340mm guns. This was enough to redeem her from a "GARBAGE" rating. Sixteen main battery guns of battleship caliber solve a lot of problems, lemme tell you. This thing is a beast and she looks as monstrous as she plays. This ship is fun to play. As she stands currently, a 30s reload on eight 380mm guns isn't terribly competitive at tier 8. The all-bow gun design is wonderful, though, and she's got some solid AA defense going for her too. Couple that with great speed and good handling, and she certainly could be upgraded to a "Gudbote" with just a tiny nudge to her rate of fire. A very special thank you goes out to Chobittsu for the fun artwork! Chobittsu put a lot of time into Alsace on the Public Test Server and I think it's safe to say it was love at first sight. Alsace is THE destination ship of the tech-tree line. The only thing holding her back is the smaller caliber of her main battery. Right, I know I'm going to eat some flak for this one, but hear me out. France is a versatile ship -- probably the best clean-up hitter you could want at tier 10. It's possible to get her reload time down to less than 20 seconds per volley after she's taken a bit of damage if you have the Adrenaline Rush skill on your commander. As good as she is, though, she's not going to topple Conqueror as a flame throwing nuisance, Yamato as queen of alpha strikes, Monatana for reliable damage to cruisers or Großer Kurfürst for raw tankiness. About the only place she really excels is AA power, which tops even Montana's. She's kinda relegated to the same role as Conqueror with 457mm guns. So she's a good ship, just not good enough in any one area to carve herself out a niche. Conclusions Overall, the French battleships are very comfortable and add some welcome variety to the battleship meta. Unlike the German and British battleships before them, this isn't a tech tree line that's going to shake things up. I personally feel we're going to see people gravitating to tiers 7, 8, 9 and 10 as the ships on offer here are fun and competitive, with Alsace being the overall winner when it comes to optimization. I'm personally hoping to see Richelieu get a little bit of love before release. She's not in a bad spot, but for such a famed ship, I do want to see her being one of the front runners at tier 8, especially given her unique design. Once again, I would like to thank Chobittsu for the paper-doll artwork. I had almost as much fun playing with them as I did the French battleships. If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me by becoming my patron on Patreon.
  5. Yamato Over match mechanics

    Please watch the video and leave your comments down below with your opinion on what happens. https://youtu.be/vKgyyAOmc2Q
  6. Need Help: Iowa

    Hello! Yes it's me again, asking for help on yet another ship! (I suck, I know lol) This time, it's the Iowa. I mean, this is even worse than the slight struggles I had in the Khaba. Way worse. I found the NorCal fine, in fact very good. Some problems I've been having with the Iowa: 1. Bad rudder shift. It's no longer what I was used to in the NorCal, the ship turns like a hippo. (Disclaimer: I'm at Hull B) 2. VEEEEEEEEERY long ship profile, making it hard to turn and rendering my shoot-turn-shoot-turn strat in mah NorCal useless. 3. Supposedly better gun dispersion, but seems like a small upgrade at best? Not sure if I should spend the credits on the reload mod instead of accuracy (I got 5 overpens on a full broadside Neptune at 10km.... maybe I just suck at aiming?) 4. I probably ****ed up by using an AA spec captain (from my NorCal, of course) Here is what my Build is: Captain: Steven Seagal (15pt) 1pt - PT 2pt - EM 3pt - BFT 4pt - AFT, Manual AA (P.S. I do not have the dubs/elite XP to respec) Ship Upgrades: Propulsion (maybe I should take rudder shift XD) Arty mod 2 (the aiming mod) everything else is usual for a BB Finally, here are my NorCal and Iowa stats WOW! Under 40% winrate! only 816WTR!!!! I really need help......... (Although I guess my NorCal stats are not impressive anyways, so give me all the tips you got!) Thanks in advance!!!!! -supernovabn
  7. Hey guys, I got the Bismarck seasons ago and loved playing her even without an initial secondary build and max captain, but now that I got the Grobe, I have zero clue how to play it. If I use the 420's its overpens for dayz, and if I use the 406s I can barely get good shots into enemy BBs. Plus the thing is humongous and takes a lot of AP and fire dmg. I can't push with her the way I used to, and am at a loss of how to play her. What are your opinions on the optimal range of the Grobe? And should I go with one set of guns over the other? I have been running secondary build on this as my gun arcs and dispersion are too unreliable, do the unicums here favor one build over the other (gun build)? Thanks,
  8. Is Roma worth it?

    3 battles. Bouncing Yammy shells even from .03 km, was ramming him. Yes she is fun, and worth it.
  9. 7.1 Vive La France

    I know 0.7 just dropped but we already have a clearer understanding, at least in the broad strokes, of what's coming in 0.7.1, a.k.a. (potentially, working title, under review, ect, ect) Vive La France https://thedailybounce.net/2018/01/17/world-of-warships-0-7-1-supertest-vive-la-france-campaign-collection/ https://thedailybounce.net/2018/01/14/world-of-warships-0-7-1-supertest-information/ Highlights include obvious, French BB's, a new Campaign (placeholder badges so far) and Collection w/ Flag and elite Commander French Commander Jacques-Jean Honore.
  10. I just finished a game where there were 7 Battleships per side and recently there are almost always 5 of more Battleships per side. I feel this hurts the game play. I wish you would limit the number of Battleships to 3 per game, this would cause a much better balanced game and give cruisers a much better role to play. A tier 10 cruiser has almost no chance when there are 7 battleships in a game.
  11. HMS Howe and HMS Anson

    An historical propaganda film of the HMS Howe. A 'new' battleship. At the time battleships were still the prize of navies. Even though aircraft, submarines, and fast destroyers had rendered them practically obsolete. It's cool in World of Warships to play an alternate reality sim with these type of ships without being swarmed by aircraft or torpedo boats.
  12. PSA - not all of us enjoy a BB a few hundred yards off our stern, behind our own BB, matching our turns so they always remain behind us. While you might think that's the better solution, from my experience it is not the best. The experience today which prompted me to post this indicated the individual thought they were doing the "right thing" - but in reality they were keeping their guns out of service. They were also blocking my routes, forcing me to move where I did not want to move. Therein lies their goal - as far as I can tell. One word. Meatshield. I will not be a meatshield for another battleship. Cruiser, maybe, depends on the situation. DD? Sure as long as they move out after the rounds splash. But a BB - full strength? No. tiafyc
  13. There's waaay too many battleships out there. Every battle has at least a quarter of the ships in bb's, often times over half of the players. Dd's and cv's don't counter NEAR hard enough, as any good battleship captain can deny torpedo and aircraft tactics. I'm not alone in thinking they're OP. It made me not play for a couple months, and now after a couple days I'm sick of it again. I feel like a chump for going the, "if you can't beat em, join em." route. Just my and many people's opinion.
  14. A couple movie lines I apply in game

    So, the last few days when not testing the US CV changes or playing the PA DD's, most of my game time has been playing BB's. And there has been a fairly constant stream of compliments, in chat and the actual plays well kind, because despite the swarms of DD's and all, I'm still pushing into the caps even when our DD's and cruisers are terrified to, and usually, I'm still standing by the end. Though also a fair share of "Stupid Noob" and worse, usually from the BB player 18-23 km out lobbing shells from the secured cap. And a lot of it has been "You must be insane", not entirely inaccurate, or "you must have a [insert solid material] pair" but the truth is, it really comes down to some lines from a couple movies, one an older movie I saw as a kid, the other a much newer movie, but sums up the thinking I have pretty well - Yes, I know, feel free to insert NEEERRDDD memes and all. But this is my approach really to most games. If I'm afraid of the DD's and other ships and don't push the caps, what does that accomplish if no one else does it either? Why let the maybe's of will I eat torps or get detonated from a hit stop me from trying to take out the enemy ships or get the cap points to try and win? That DD want's to hold the cap point, he has to be in it, narrowing where he is, I get to a range he pops smoke, now it's even narrower, and given I have a preference to German BB's that have lots of good secondaries, I rather prefer using them. And I already know their plan - use torps to take me out, all I have to do is anticipate them and make sure to not go straight too long or limit my angle so I only eat say 1-2 to the bow/stern. Or let damage saturation save me from taking more. And the other one, is why usually I'm not raging when I get detonated even if it's the 5th time in as many games. I charge the cap, red DD's be damned, I time it out wrong and eat a full salvo, or only one hits me and it causes a detonation, or a red BB on the other end of the map citadel's me to oblivion, or any other number of things that I have limited or no control over result in me being deleted or me absolutely crushing an enemy. 11/12 rounds from an Arizona roughly amidships of an Atlanta overpen at point blank range, a shot from QE with spotter up to keep it in guns range lands a shell in a Molotov that's maneuvering citadel at over 20 km. A lot of matches I survive to the end, doing well, and lose, plenty of matches I barely do anything save maybe draw the enemies fire as I end up one of if not the first sunk and win. Call it luck, fate, karma, the force, George, whatever you want, sometimes, things are just going to happen as they will, control what I can, don't sweat what I can't. Maybe the DD or another ship ends up deleting me, maybe not and I instead cap the flag and delete them. What's the worst that happens, my digital ship is sunk and I go back to port and either I did enough damage/buying time/etc that my team can win or I didn't, so why be terrified to go after an objective? TL;DR version - Fear is the mind killer, all is as the force wills it, so why be afraid of DD's and taking a cap? Anyone else got any movie/book/etc quotes or concepts they apply in game?
  15. AA build USN battleships

    So I've recently unlocked Nagato, and less recently Bismarck, and wanted to return to grinding the USN line that I abandoned with NY. My question to all seasoned USN captains is what builds do you run on your NCs and Iowas as this captain will eventually be in those boats? Personally, I feel the USN battleships are some of the most versatile. An AA build is tempting with BFT, AFT and manual AA but is BFT worth it? Can the AA still be ferocious with just manual AA? I feel like speccing AA that much is a big waste when you won't see carriers in half your battles and I've heard what a monster NC can be with concealment expert. Anyways I can't wait to hear your thoughts!
  16. USS Iowa vs IJN Yamato

    Shot out of a 3x3 main battery with an 18in caliber gun. In real life, which battleship would most likely destroy the living daylights out of the other? In the Red Corner, representing the United States Navy. With a displacement of 47,000 tons, 9 × 16 in (406 mm)/50 cal Mark 7 guns and 12 × 5 in (127.0 mm)/38 cal Mark 12 guns. "The big stick" of the US fleet, USS Iowa. And in the Blue Corner, representing the Imperial Japanese Navy of WW II. With a displacement of 76,00 ton, 9 × 46 cm Type 94 guns (3x3) and 6 × 15.5 cm 3rd Year Type guns (2x3). The symbol of the nations might, Yamato. Leave a comment down below on which nation will come victorious. also, you can follow me on twitch:https://www.twitch.tv/nightcoregamingy467 Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1UNqiNaCt8antpJGwv-2DQ?view_as=subscriber Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009342832366 Twitter:https://twitter.com/Nightcore_Jeage and Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/nightcore_levi_jeagermen/?hl=en Don't forget in the game, You can find me as Nightcore_Jeagermen. If you see my server name and like this post, shot me a friend request and follow me for any new post or if you like to ask me any questions. See Y'all on the high seas. Nightcore out.
  17. Community FAQ

    So with the common onslaught of new players from the Steam release, the inevitable seal clubbing that many WoWs players cannot help themselves against, there is going to be a huge influx of threads that boil down to, "What the hell is *insert semi-common-to-oft-misunderstood-mechanic-or-meta-thing*" And while Wargaming does provide some tooltips, they more, lets say, 'realistic' aspects of the way this game functions, are not often mentioned. Such as: Q: "I can deal with most ships I come up against at T3-4, but I notice this one, called the Nikolia, seems to be a huge pain to deal with. What's up with that?" A: It's genuinely overpowered, to a degree that the Developer (Wargaming) ceased selling it shortly after release and will not offer it ever again as a direct sale, this being Wargaming's preferred method of acknowledging something is Overpowered. Followup A1: Konig Albert, Belfast, Gremy, and Kutz all follow the same setup and have been deemed genuinely overpowered. Followup A2: Although recently Wargaming has started allowing for this as a warning on a sales page, they *generally* won't nerf, even an admitted overpowered, Premium (pay for with real money) ship. Things like this aren't discussed by Wargaming itself and perhaps, just *maybe* we can head off a bunch of 'Wot is dis' threads by populating one thread with general Q/A's. So post em here, and please, try to keep it general, not preference related. So yeah, I hate the Moskva's design and features in game, but arguing over whether or not it's really a BB hiding in the CA category is a discussion for a different thread.
  18. The wow team should develop this battle cruiser HMS RENOWN. it can be or T6 because it only has 3 double turrets.. as premiums ship or reward for Christmas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Renown_(1916)
  19. BB35 Texas aircraft catapult

    for when it will be possible to add aircraft catapult for the BB35 Texas. Historically if he had 1, in the game if possible because he has the graphic technology to add to his plane. that the texas has its plane would be of great help to discover the hidden detonators in the islands, remember that the texas has practically no secondary defenses. I was reviewing the forum and I saw some images where they adapted the catapult to HMS NELSON, technology if there is one, but I do not understand why NOT for the TEXAS! in the case of HMS nelson, it is not necessary because by 1943 his catapult was removed, to add AA, if nelson was better to take it to version 1944/45 with full AA similar to our beloved texas, but that is another issue.
  20. Are German BBs any Good?

    I was wondering if German BBs are any good. What is their playstyle? Are they worth doing?
  21. Disclosure & Rules: This post was not made to take any position with the subject matter. I am merely, trying to gauge the players objective views. Please stay on topic. Also, as this is a game. Please let us refrain from trying to bring in the arguments of realism out of this completely. In fact, I would like to request it (realism) off the table for this particular thread. Any and all talks about "win rate", or anything that is not pertaining to the thread relevancy will be ignored/not counted (stick to the substance of the argument). There are have been many major changes through the patch updates, this year alone. The stereotypical mechanics of ship type/class were generally known, and what their roles were. Currently, these preexisting understandings and usage of these various ship types have been harder to clearly define. The "rock, paper, scissor" concept is starting to be less so, but with more complexities by adding a "multi-tool" into "Rock, paper, scissor" game. For example: Missouri with Radar; Destroyer with Hydro, Defensive fire modules, etc. There are also, many views of the current state of the game (as seen in the forums). Some disagree fervently, whilst others are nonchalant about the changes. So, my small introduction done. Here are the questions; (or just an amalgamation of ideas, brainstorming, suggestion, brain fart, late night result of forum reading) What if the Destroyer detection ranges were reduced (surface, and air), more than the current state? What if the Radar modules had a very short (i.e. half the current active time) and adjusted range to scan? What if the Hydro modules had a longer time than current, but limited in numbers (even with Premium modules)? What if the Damage Control Party module could be reactivated quicker but limited in numbers (much like Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya)? Naturally, these questions/ideas were borne with few thoughts in my mind. However, for the benefit of the game and its dedicated community of players. I'll keep myself quiet, but only interjecting if someone breaks the aforementioned "rule" above. So, let us get our brains ticking, and bring interesting angle/view on the 4 questions above.
  22. are American BB the best BB line

    To me the American battleships are the best, I have played some Japanese BBs and had displeasure. Not to say their bad but just not for me. To me the American BB steel the cake. I mean yeah their not as fast as others but they can still get pens and other stuff just as well as Germans or Japanese. Once you get past tier five and to six your AA can start to take out entire groups of fighters and bombers. The only thing is in the South Carolina it feels bad and it is, but don't get me wrong, at the same time once you get past the south Carolina to the Wyoming things start to get more fun. since this is a BB line it is going to get expensive so it is a grind for New York. But that goes for all the other BBs and CV lines. The New York was good still though it is not as fun as the Wyoming but a good power house. Again a long ride to new Mexico. With the new Mexico it might seem either a course or a blessing, either way once you get the hull and gun upgrades, OH MY GOSH you get spoiled with shells. Yes it still has got a shorter range, But... I'v taken out tier eights with the New Mexico. Moving on to the Colorado. Shes probably the hardest part of the line. Now let me tell you this it is a damn hard [edited]ship to play slow, bad rang and bad ruder shift time... but on the other hand it can pack a punch if it needs to. NEEDS to. I just got passed this gall and it was a long bumpy road. But the North Carolina is worth it. I describe the North Carolina a mini Iowa. Great AA, good guns, awesome speed. this is where I sit in the tech tree but from what i see. The Iowa is a good mix. From battles with and against the Iowa i can get citadels vary easily but it can also delete ships to. I don't know much about the Montana only that its both a big target and a big gun boat. That pretty much raps it up. Ill most likely do another review on Japans line of BBs. But that is when i get to the fuso, so it will be another month or two. for now I am just going to grind for the Iowa.
  23. Alabama turns out to be an excellent sniper

    at first i bought it thinking i wasted $50. but now the more i played it at put more time into it, the Alabama slowly became my favorite battleship. now i use it usually to get my 2000 xp for the first container. i still am learning how to manege brawls and close rang shooting. so i experiment with new play styles not. if you are a battleship player i recommend this ship for you. just let me warn you my first 5 or 6 games were ruff it took me 10 before i starter get 2000 or more xp every game.
  24. Enough with the cries of "Spot for me"

    I don't know what it is, but in the last few weeks, whenever I play my destroyers and carriers, I'm constantly getting harassed by battleships hanging in the back rows, asking for spotting. I get it. Long range guns need targets to shoot. But @#%$, if the people with the heaviest armor are too afraid to get close, they can spot their own targets. I'm tired of getting my destroyers shot up because I'm the only target within range (I get spotted by either a red DD, or aircraft, and smoke only does so much). I'm tired of losing my planes and people crying about lack of spotting, despite the fact that I haven't allowed a single red TB through (You're welcome). And these are people that typically, by battle end, have the least xp earned and the fewest kills, so it's not like they're hitting much anyways. There are plenty of reds visible once the rest of the fleet engages, and they're apparently not good enough?