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Found 426 results

  1. Looking at the German ships that were constructed after WWI, all the armament of the ships turrets apart from the Emden, all had 3 gun turrets Königsberg class 1927 , Leipzig class1929 , Deutschland class 1931, and Scharnhorst class 1936. Then the Germans seemed to take a step backwards, instead of continuing onward with the 3 gun turrets, the next batch of ships the Germans constructed were armed with 2 gun turrets Admiral Hipper class 1937, and Bismarck class 1939, and this was to continue into Plan Z with the H39 class and so forth. So my question is why did they revert back to the 2 gun turrets?
  2. Hey everyone, Isaac here and just thought I'd drop a video going through some of the proposed changes currently put up on the supertest that I caught this morning from the WoWS Dev Blog! What do you think about the changes? Do you think it's getting time for WG to address the whole 'battlecruiser' concept in-game with a new class of ships or is it not worth it to do so? What do you think about the potential for Stalingrad to be a Clan Wars reward ship only? Would you mind it potentially being slightly overpowered in that matter or do you have a tin-foil had on as you run around your house screaming 'Russian Bias'? Leave a comment in the comment sections on the video, or add your reply to the forum post. Let's get some ideas and suggestions back to WG!
  3. G. Kurfurst vs. Moskva

    Hey guys I am currently working down both the Russian cruiser and German BB line at the same time and almost have the tier 9 Friedrich unlocked and am halfway to the unlocking the tier 9, Dimitri, but want to concentrate on just one line so I can reach tier X faster. I spend equal time playing both BB's and CA's but am torn whether I should work to unlock the Moskva first or the Kurfurst. Any suggestions from people that have both? Which is more fun? Thanks!
  4. I could find a up to date dispersion chart so I decided to make my own so I threw one together kinda fast. I find it interesting only the IJN line has a different dispersion path than everyone else while everyone else follows the same general path, well except the USN line gets a hold of that glorious accuracy module at tier 9
  5. Twitch Camo/Texas

    https://twitch.worldofwarships.com/en/ So I have twitch prime because I have Amazon prime. Linked my twitch account like it says. I had done this before with teh Italian T5 prem event and that ship is there. However followed everythign and the Texas is not showing up in my port. Is there a level you have to be to get it? I'm currently at 11 almost at 12 so not sure if I need to be 15 or not. Should I send a ticket to support?
  6. I watching YouTube this morning and I watched this video from the Movie "Battleship" when they boarded the Missouri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwTtOkHwMNI So I know the Missouri will most likely never be reactivated, and I really do not want this to go into that debate. But I do have a "what if" question for all USN Veterans (or any of you). And I can remember when Ronnie brought them back in the 80s, I turned in like four requests for transfer off shore duty to serve on one of them. SO if the Navy brought back the Iowa-class battleships to handle some sort of crisis (does not have to be Aliens) or just to take them out on an turn around cruise, and they called for Veterans (or any volunteers) to man them, how many of you jump at the chance to serve on her? My answer is a big YES!
  7. checking the mikasa is missing 2 secondary guns on the bow of the 80mm ship. There is a prosibility to activate the smaller caliber cannons 45mm, of course, doing less damage. and add the exclusive captain for the MIKASA (Admiral Tōgō) with 2 spatial skills: 1: -7% of accurate main battery 2: + 20% secondary battery range, -40% accurate secondary battery detail: Circle red missing guns on game! what happen in wows ?? legendary captain only mikasa exclusive , Tōgō Heihachirō Saneyoshi Admiral Tōgō on the bridge of the battleship Mikasa, at the beginning of the Battle of Tsushima, in 1905 I return and repeat, add a unique captain and only compatible with the mikasa to captain TOGO, with special abilities for the improvement of said ship! as -7% in the main battery accurate, and the second ability + 20% increase in the range of their secondaries .. a long time ago ask the captain TOGO but I ignore MY IDEA and WG gives a Captain CAT ????? This will take the game seriously.
  8. So I bought the Tier VIII Monarch (renamed Thunderer as my personal in-game preference) last night and tried her out in some Co-Op battles and she seems kinda underwhelming compared to the BBQ fest that is the KGV (I kept her in my port). I'm hoping to focus on AP most of the time (and make that playstyle change in KGV as well). I'm inclined to give her a good break-in period before I make any judgement about the ship. When fully upgraded with concealment build like I'm thinking, she shouldn't be too difficult to play with the better concealment of ~11 km. Any thoughts?
  9. Myogi Help

    So, I've had my Myogi for a bit now but I'm just now starting to grind it for the Kongo. I'm not very good at it so I need some tips. Notice: I don’t have barely any free xp
  10. Hey everyone, Isaac here and I'm back with another video on the ST changes/current stats of the Stalingrad tier 10 (battle)cruiser! Do you think the ship is balanced as is? Could her survivability be too high with the 32mm plating? Post below and lets get some feedback going back to WG! Also, leave a comment in the comments section of the video letting me know what you thought of the stats. Heck, even let me know what you thought of my first foray out with the KGV and if you'd like to see more of these things from the channel! Click thumbs up if you liked it, thumbs down if you hated it. Be sure to click that subscribe button, it really helps me out when you do! As always, take care and God bless!

    HELLO EVERYONE WAS REVISED A LOT OF THE NORMANDIE, all its characteristics until 1919, and he had 24 secondary guns of 139mm but WG withdrew 6 of them making the battleship weaker, has the lowest HP of all BB T6 48300, has the worst protection of torpodedos with 14% of T6, very short AA to say that normadie is version 1941 !!! Why are 6 secondary 139mm cannons removed? his secondaries of 139mm have horrible ARCS because the nerf as always to ships of other nations with the exception of USA ?? NORMADIE WITH 24 GUNS SECUNDARIES OF 139MM for 1919 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normandie-class_battleship

    I was designing for the musashi the use of the double catapult, since it does not have AA necessary to deal with the enemy planes .. and 2 planes fired in a silmutanian way can help against the bombers / torpedo planes.. I am not asking for more AA, because it is in the 1942 version. But if I can throw 2 catapult planes instead of 1.

    I want to know which is the worst battleship premium T8 and why is it bad or not recommended, what are your disadvantages?
  14. Buying USS Texas

    I wanted to buy USS texas. Can some one please send your referral event link to me at chantikomaravolu@gmail.com so that I can buy USS Texas. Referral event link https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/ Please help me out. I am dying to buy USS Texas.
  15. Obscure trivia question for you guys: The Imperial Japanese Navy trained extensively before WW2, preparing for massive surface engagements that, for the most part, never happened. But that philosophy is what drove the development of the Yamato-class. Anyhow, here's the trivia question: Only one IJN battleship's AP shells sank a US battleship. Which Japanese Battleship sank which US battleship, and during what battle did this occur?
  16. French BBs - A quick review

    So, not going to do 'full reviews' like I did of the British BBs because lazy, but having played up through Alsace, here'smy quick impressions of the French BB line so far: Standard review disclaimer by me: I am an average to a bit above average player who plays mostly solo, so this is from that perspective. Also, while I did consult numbers and stats, my reviews are primarily based on the feel of the ship and my performance in her. This is of course a limited sample size, and is affected by my playstyle (which is generally fairly aggressive leading to occasional overreaches and a low survival rate.) Your mileage may vary depending on your playstyle and skill level. Tier 7-9 are the good part of this line. But once you get there, wheeee! With low hp and good armor, angling is key with these ships. If you don't know how to effectively angle, learn or you're not going to enjoy them. And from tier 7 up, I recommend a secondary build or hybrid secondary/survival build. They have fairly strong secondaries. From tier 6 up, and especially from tiers 8-10, the speed allows you to reposition quickly and flex where needed. Very mobile. Also, contrary to what I've seen people say, no ffs they're not HE spammers like British BBs were; use AP most of the time like your IJN, USN, and German BBs. The line in a nutshell: Note: I did not play tier 3 or 4 as i got Bretagne from mission. They don't matter anyway, it takes a few games to grind through a tier 3 or 4 and honestly, nothing can ever beat Orion. Tier 5: Bretagne is ok. Her guns are punchy af and very accurate, secondaries put out a lot of fire but suffer from her tier (since manual control of secondaries skill is only 15% improvement at tier t5). She handles like a drunk pig; slow and waddling, and her turrets take all day to turn, but once again, this is not uncommon at tier 5. But if you can stay angled you'll shrug off a lot of potential damage despite her low HP and her guns will decimate same-tier BBs or any cruiser. Tier 6: Normandie was garbage for me, the only ship I disliked. I usually love fast BBs but her turret firing arcs were punitive and I couldn't seem to mitigate damage well enough to compensate for her low hp. I free-XPed out of her after four games, which is very rare for me. Part of that was garbage teams and I got frustrated. She may be workable for you; I admit four games is not enough to get a good feel for a ship. Tier 7: Lyon is definitely not OP, but she's a lot of fun and certainly competitive. Her guns are a bit derpy dispersion-wise and you need to expose a lot of side to fire all of them, so you have to be good at timing and positioning to do so without getting wrecked. But firing SIXTEEN main guns downrange means you're going to get hits even with weird dispersion. Also, firing sixteen guns downrange never ever ever ever gets old. She's a keeper for me, which says a lot since two of my favorite BBs are in tier 7 already (KGV and Gneisenau) and I almost never keep three ships in a tier of the same class except for DDs. Tier 8: Richelieu is VERY fun, but quirky. With a secondary build she is the best ship I've seen at kiting; her secondaries are mounted in back and her firing arcs are very wide for good "over the shoulder" shots. Its tempting to bow-tank with all your main guns mounted on the bow, but I still recommend angling as you have a tendency to lose turrets when bow-on and with two turrets that cripples your DPS. Angling baits opponents to fire at your belt and your belt will shrug off most shots; bow-on means opponents will try and snipe your turrets. I play her as a lancer; move in at an angle, then time a turn when you have opportunity to minimize citadel exposure and pull back out, firing over shoulder while letting your 10+ km secondaries get in on the action. As such, kiting in this ship is a blast, especially since her turrets do have such strong firing arcs to the rear despite being concentrated in bow. Tier 9: Alsace is the jewel of the line and my new favorite tier 9 BB. She's wicked fast, has 12 undersized but accurate main guns (dispersion gets wonky near max range but from 11-13 km in they're deadly), her secondaries will merrily light fires and add damage, and her secondaries have more 360-degree coverage than Richelieu. She isn't very stealthy (although better than some BBs) but she has great speed to flex around the map, and she has low hp but if angled correctly can be very survivable. I don't straight up brawl with her as much as I do German BBs, but I do play her as a lancer much like Richelieu; charge in, then use speed to whip around and kite, staying near max range of secondaries and angled away from the enemy while lighting them up with 12-gun salvoes every 25 seconds or so. She is a BEAST. I'm honestly expecting a nerf to her; Alsace makes me look like a much better BB player than I am. Tier 10: I haven't played Republique but from everything I've seen in-game, plus heard from a couple friends who have her, I'm in no rush. She looks potentially fun but has a very high skill floor and will likely require a very good player with the right playstyle to consistently do well in her. I rushed to Alsace as I played her on test server and loved her, but I'm in no rush to get Republique. (Edit as of 4/3: I bought Republique about a week ago after trying her on test server and I was wrong. She's absolutely amazeballs. Still has a high skill floor but I clicked with her very well and she's as much fun as Alsace.) For players who like speed and ability to move around map, appreciate a ship that can brawl or mid-range fight with equal aplomb, and can maximize their armor angles and stay alive to kick [edited], this is a fantastic line. Cruiser players will love them; they play like oversized cruisers. Bon appetit!
  17. Colorado Welcome Captains to the Buckin' Bronco the Colorado class battleship. The Colorado is the ultimate culmination of the USN Standard Battleship Doctrine and the "All or Nothing" armor concept. This means her armor is focused around her guns and citadel while leaving the rest of the ship lightly armored, this actually has its pros and cons which I'll touch on later. Standard battleships had a standard max speed of around 21 knots with similar maneuverability through all ships, this would allow a battlegroup to operate in unity, not regulate all ships to the speed and maneuverability of the slowest and poorest handling ship. Unfortunately this doesn't translate well to the game since we don't operate in a cohesive battlegroup but more of a "every man for them self" mentality. This ship is pretty notorious for being a terrible ship for which I can understand where most players are coming from, but I find she requires a different play style, a play style that actually teaches you to be a better captain. All things said this is my favorite and most played ship in the game, I grinded her back during her original incarnation and halfway through my grind she got her first buff, mainly to her reload, turret traverse and improved Repair Party consumable. She got a second buff along with the rest of the USN BB line with much needed buffs to their gun range and she just got recent buff to her HP which tied to her improved Repair Party means she print Dreadnoughts. Without further or due lets dive a little deeper into this ship. Health The 'Rado recently got a HP buff bringing her HP up to par with most tier 7 battleships at 59,300 hp and along with her improved repair she can heal a maximum of 13,160hp per charge and a total of 65,800 hp while using appropriate flags and captain skills. While this isn't Nelson territory, it is a great deal better than most battleships and as I said before this ship will print Dreadnoughts. She also has 343mm of armor protecting all four sides of her citadel so when properly angled (NOT bow on, that isn't angling) she will be nearly impossible to citadel. That said she is covered in 25mm of hull plating and 16mm of superstructure armor. This makes the ship a HE magnet BUT this also means most battleship shells will over penetrate, all of which is fully repairable. Proper use of Damage Control is a must in this ship, heck it is a must in every ship honestly. She has great torpedo protection at 37% and mixed with her excellent handling means the 'Rado can easily mitigate torpedo damage as long as your paying attention. Guns The LoLrado has eight 16" guns packed into four turrets with two barrels per turret, they have a maximum possible range of 21.85km without spotter aircraft while using Artillery Plotting Room Mod 1, otherwise it is a pretty standard 18.83km (when compared to the other T7 battleships that is). The guns have a reload of 30 seconds and a 360 degree rotation of 45 seconds which can be brought down to 38.3 seconds with Expert Marksman (or 36 seconds while using the John Doe captain). She carries the second best penetration right behind the Nagato and with a flight time that is pretty much in the middle of the rest of the T7 battleships (no she does not have 'floaty' shells). Her guns have a good angle of attack that allow you to keep the ship's armor properly angled. She was recently nerfed in her sigma from 2.0 to 1.9, its a small amount though and haven't really noticed it to much. Her HE performance is rather meh and should be reserved for destroyers and light cruisers because of her high penetrating guns she can over penetrate a light cruiser's citadels Her secondaries are similar to the New Mexico with a mix of 5"/51 and 5"/25, they are rather low damage but have a good ROF along with good fire chance. She is no Bismark but in full secondary build she is pretty hilarious because what she lacks in raw alpha damage she makes up with starting lots of fires. With Manual Secondary skill I didn't find her all that good at deleting aggressive destroyers but in a brawl with another battleship she will at times burn the enemy from bow to stern. I wouldn't recommend it but it is fun and very unexpected for most opposing captains. AA The Colorado has ok AA in raw terms but with AFT and BFT skills along with the AA mod and AA flag moves her AA up to a rating of 87. Since she still sees allot of T5 and T6 CVs this means absolutely massacring flight groups, including Kagas (my favorite meals), Saipans and Enterprises. Most CV captains don't expect it and I've been called a hacker and cheater more times by a salty CV captains than any other kind of player. I hate CVs so I run a solid AA build although a Manual AA is a option of your really hate planes like me. Speed/Rudder Welcome to the last USN BB running at 21 knots, there is nothing that can be said that hasn't been said before. She has a meh rudder shift of 16.1 seconds and rudder mod brings with down to 12.9 seconds, she also has a turn radius of 640 meters. She also maintains good speed while fully turning which makes for a battleship that can't be beat at dodging, but she isn't a cruiser or destroyer, just better than most battleships. Concealment Her concealment is pretty bad, but at least it isn't Nagato bad. She can be seen out to 16.7km but with camo and Concealment Expert brings it to 13.93km. While not great this will allow her to get a little closer and possibly sneak away when needed Mods I ran Auxiliary Armament Mod 1, AA Guns Mod 2, DCS Mod 1 and Steering Gears Mod 1. Artillery Plotting Room could be used if you are a sniping scrub or find yourself to far from the action regularly. DCS Mod 2 could be used also if you find yourself burning allot Captain Skills For captain skills I ran Preventive Maintenance, Expert Marksman, BFT and AFT, I came around and picked up Adrenaline Rush and Concealment Expert which would serve well if the captain is transitioned to the North Carolina. That said a tank build using Jack or All Trades, Basics of Survivability and Superintendent could be used. Manual AA is another good skill if you really hate planes or Manual Secondaries if you want to have allot of fun Tactics This is the area I feel most players struggle with. first mistake I see from most USN captains is trying to sail across the map at the beginning of the match, YOU ARE TO SLOW TO DO THIS!!! Work in the area you start in, if all your allies start to leave, then follow them and act as a rear guard by utilizing your great repairs and hitting enemy ships that make mistakes. Second thing I see is they try to bow tank ships with guns bigger than 14", YOU CAN'T DO THIS EITHER!!! You have 25mm of bow armor, it will bounce 14" or smaller shells when bow tanking but anything bigger will go through. You have 343mm of armor surrounding your citadel in the form of a rectangle, point the corner of the rectangle to the enemy firing at you, this angles your armor to protect your citadel while still allowing you to fire all your guns. Now if the enemy is packing 14" or smaller guns while firing AP then go ahead and bow tank them. That said I like to keep the enemy 13-15km from me, this was the sweet zone for the I found for theguns. In between salvos look at the map, pay attention to last known DD locations and on top of that look at what the enemy is doing AND what your allies are doing. If your friendlies decide to turn tail and run, you need to be right there with them because you will not catch up to them. Use islands to mask your approach or retreat, islands are your best friends so hug them like those creepy otakus hug those creepier anime pillows. Focus on cruisers first, you can tank BB damage better than most battleships if you are angling properly but sustained HE fire from multiple cruisers really adds up, plus getting rid of them lets your destroyers do their thing which is spotting and killing other battleships. Don't try to go off and sail around the big islands if you don't have to, this takes your guns out of the fight longer than other ships. Learning to anticipate what your friendlies and enemies are doing is key and having situational awareness is VERY important. This ship quickly punishes bad moves faster than any other battleship, but if you learn not to screw up this will make you a better captain for other ships because they are more forgiving. How did I do? This ship gets allot of hate, yes she is slow but her guns hit hard and when properly used is very hard to put down Out of 10 battles I saw CVs 40% of the time, I averaged 8 plane kills during those CV matches. I was in Tier 9 matches 0% of the time (this is common for every T7 I play btw), tier 8 30% and I was top tier 70% of the time. I averaged 1430 base XP with my best game was 2212 base XP. My winrate was 80% and I survived 80% of the time with a kill average 2 ships per game. Accuracy was 29% with average damage of 85,679, my best game was 150,988 with a average damage per shell of 2255(meaning every shell that hit averaged out to this number). Please remember this is only out of 10 games, your millage may very! How Does She Compare? As the slowest ship at T7, well she is slow, but in the grand scheme of things the Nagato and Nelson are not much faster than her especially when comparing the Scharnhorst sisters, KGV and Lyon to them. She requires more skill than the rest of her counterparts, but this skill translate extremely well to other ships. You need to learn to predict what other players are going to do because you don't have the speed to chase. When I finally 'got it' I started to become a better player overall, figuring this ship out was my turning point to becoming a better player. Most enemy players think your a easy mark which makes them over confident, make that over confidence their downfall.
  18. Hello! I thought this was an interesting question. Out of all the Japanese battleships deployed during WW2, it seems that the Nagato-class battleship sisters, Nagato and Mutsu, weren't used that much in the conflict, despite being one of the more powerful Japanese battleships fielded during the war. If anything, they mostly just puttered around with training, not really firing their guns in anger like their older Kongo-class battleship and Fuso-class battleship predecessors. Why was that? Could it be because the Nagatos were seen as flagships (more Nagato than Mutsu, but the latter did host the emperor in the 30s) and thus too special for engaging in brawls? Could it be because the Japanese were looking for that famed decisive battle, which never came? I'm just quite curious that these ships, for all their strength in armament and defensive systems, weren't used more effectively by the usually savvy Japanese Navy.
  19. Gascogne worth it?

    So does anyone think the Gascogne is worth it? I mean its a Richelieu that removes what makes the Richelieu unique. Its got eight fast firing guns and monster secondaries, but so does the Bismark and that ship also features better armor and higher pen. It's expensive Ultra premium Camo doesn't even grant any extra benefits like Kii or Roma. So what's the selling point suppose to be?
  20. I updated the penetration charts I made a little while ago to reflect the new French battleship line. I'm going to work on the shell flight times another day because the penetration graphs only tell one side of the story, flight times and accuracy are equally if not more important Looks like the Turenne has a similar curve to the Kawachi and Bellerophone, Nassau starts out great but really loses penetration quick The Courbet has down right awful penetration, worse than the Orion but without the great HE. Penetration for the French is still on the sad side but I found that the Russian's AP works well so it may still work out Looks like the Normadie has similar curves to the QE but at least its better than the Bayern, shame they couldn't give her Dunkerque's guns as a upgrade though Again the new French battleship is fighting the RN for worse penetration, but at least it has 16 guns Finally the French are fielding good penetrating guns, Roma has some good hitting guns it appears also Keep in mind it may look bad for the Alsace but she still packs enough penetration power at long range to citadel most battleships in the game No more than 100mm of penetration difference between any of the ships at the same given distance, still over 800mm for the French T10 is impressive
  21. Just wondering if i buy more can i still get the richelieu quest?
  22. Premium Ship Review: Gascogne

    The following is a review of Gascogne, a ship kindly provided to me by Wargaming. This is the release version of the vessel and these stats are current as of February 16th, 2018. Gosh, it disturbed me to see you, Gascogne, stuck in development Hell. Every ship here wanted to be you, Gascogne, knowing how well you would sell. There's no ship in port as balanced as you. Your guns have all of the range. When released folk will forget Richelieu, though balance is subject to change. Quick Summary: A fast, agile battleship with lackluster striking power. Cost: Undisclosed at the time of publishing. Patch & Date Written: Patch to 0.7.2, January 24th, 2018 until February 22nd, 2018. PROs Fast resetting Repair Party consumable allows her to recover damage quickly. High muzzle velocity coupled with good energy preservation maintains her penetration power even at range. Fast main battery reload at 28 seconds. Secondaries have a 7.0km base range. Ridiculously fast for a battleship with a 32.0 knot top speed. Has access to an extended duration Engine Boost consumable to make her even faster. Excellent rate of turn for a battleship at 4.4º/s Beauty and the Beast memes. CONs Nearly the entirety of this ship is vulnerable to light cruiser HE fire. Her 380mm guns suffer from low DPM and cannot overmatch 27mm bows of select heavy cruisers. Awful main battery gun dispersion, particularly on the vertical axis. Poor gun layout combined with bad firing angles which significantly hurts her damage output. Her secondaries either fire too slowly or don't have enough penetration to do direct damage. Ineffective anti-aircraft firepower. Large turning radius of 850m. Overview Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme Gascogne isn't a battleship for novice players. Her firepower is lacking and to increase its potency, you have to take big risks which will only get inexperienced gamers punished. Veterans will appreciate the flexibility provided by her handling, but again, those issues of firepower and a general lack of concealment will greatly reduce her overall potential. She summarizes to the following: BAD - One of, if not the worst at its tier. This is a pronounced weakness. FAIR - Middle of the pack at its tier. Not terrible, but not terribly good either.GOOD - Has a significant advantage over her tier mates. A solid, competitive performer.BEST - No other ship at its tier does this as well as this ship. Let's get the obvious out-of-the-way -- a premium battleship with 'bad' anti-aircraft firepower? That's nothing new. Moving on. Good defense and great agility is very promising. However, her bad firepower rating might be a show stopper. Options Gascogne has three quirks with her options. The first and second are in regards to her consumables and the third is a selection of camouflage options. Consumables: Gascogne has access to the Engine Boost consumable and her Repair Party is non-standard. Gascogne's Damage Control Party is standard for a non-American / Japanese battleship with a 15s active period and a 120s / 80s reset timer depending on which version you purchase. Her Repair Party is has half the reset timer of a normal battleship -- only 60s / 40s depending on the version taken. It is otherwise standard, healing back 14% of her maximum health (8,848hp) over 28s. Her third consumable is a catapult aircraft. She defaults with a Spotter Aircraft. Her Float Plane Fighter does 63dps with 1,550 hit points. This gives her the highest DPS of any of the catapult aircraft at her tier. Finally, in her fourth slot, she has an Engine Boost consumable. This is unique, providing the same 8% increase in speed as destroyer, but lasting for three minutes instead of two. This has a three-minute / two-minute reset timer. Premium Camouflage: Gascogne has three camouflage patterns. The first is Type 10 Camouflage. This is Gascogne's default camouflage which comes with the ship. This provides 50% bonus experience gains, a 10% reduction to maintenance costs, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. The second is The Maid of Orleans - Gascogne. Earned through The Gold of France campaign, this camouflage is a cosmetic swap of her original camouflage, with a bust of Joan of Arc on the prow. It provides identical bonuses to Type 10 Camouflage. There is one last camouflage found in the early promotional material for Gascogne. According to Wargaming, this camouflage is only available at the time of purchase. I am told it provides the same bonuses as the Type 10 Camouflage listed above. Module Upgrades: Five slots, standard battleship options. As of patch, Gascogne could not mount the Engine Boost Modification 1 special upgrade. I was unable to test for this on the 0.7.2 Public Test Server, so keep an eye out. There aren't any other special upgrades worth considering. Recommended Upgrades: No One Shoots Like Gascogne Primary Battery: Eight 380mm rifles 2x4 turrets mounted fore and aft. Secondaries : Nine 152mm rifles in 3x3 turrets mounted down the centerline, sixteen 100mm rifles in 8x2 turrets with four to a side. Gascogne is a Richelieu-class battleship with (arguably) worse gun placement. Her high velocity 380mm guns come with inherent weaknesses, including poor shell dispersion, frequent over penetrations with her AP shells, and an inability to overmatch the bows of select heavy cruisers. Moving a turret to the rear reduces her forward firepower to just four guns when bow tanking. Unlike the Bismarck-class sisters which suffer from many of these same problems, she does not have their accelerated reload nor the powerful secondaries to pad her numbers. Thus, Gascogne and Richelieu share the unfortunate distinction of having the worst Firepower rating among the tier VIII battleships currently. A Spot of Redemption Gascogne will really make you work for your damage totals. However, her main battery isn't entirely without merit. She has a faster reload time. Her guns are high velocity with excellent energy preservation. In addition, Gascogne enjoys one of the better sigma values at tier VIII with a 1.9 rating. Fast Reload Times - What a difference a measly two seconds can make. I liken Gascogne's gunnery a lot to that of Mikasa. If that makes you scream in terror, it should. While Gascogne has twice as many gun barrels as Mikasa, she has the same number of turrets. Game play wise, you're only firing twice of per volley, so if your aim is off, that's a long way before your next speculative shot. Shaving two seconds off Gascogne's reload makes wonky dispersion or poorly aimed attacks feel less punitive. That's less time you need to wait before correcting your mistakes. It also makes it more likely that your guns will be ready when windows of opportunity open for those short periods of time -- like catching an enemy vessel broadside in a turn. Note that with Adrenaline Rush, at 50% health you can get Gascogne's reload time down to 25.2 seconds. If you're using the Legendary Commander, Jean-Jacques Honoré, that drops down to 24.5 seconds which is very sweet. High Muzzle Velocity & Energy Preservation - Aiming at distant targets with Gascogne's guns are a breeze. She has excellent lead times. Her "comfort zone", where shell lead times are less than 7.5 seconds, extends all the way out to 14.5km. This has the combined effect of making long-range gunnery comfortable while also preserving enough penetration power to make her a threat against enemy battleships at these ranges too, despite her smaller gun caliber. AP Shell Flight time estimations (in seconds) drawn from the client firing perpendicular to the ship's heading. Gascogne has some of the highest shell velocities found on battleships in-game. At tier VIII, she's bested only by Roma. This makes long-range gunnery more comfortable -- at least in terms of leading a target. Penetration value estimations courtesy of www.proships.ru. While Gascogne does not boast the highest raw penetration values, she preserves her penetration characteristics better over range, giving her the equivalent striking power to IJN and USN battleships at ranges greater than 15km. 1.9 Sigma Value - Gascogne has the best shell grouping out of any of the battleships using German horizontal dispersion values. This is a significant improvement to her accuracy, which is again a godsend when you're only firing with two turrets. This gives her a marked advantage over Richelieu. During Gascogne's development cycle, her sigma upgraded from 1.8 (in yellow) to 1.9 (in blue). The former is now the equivalent of what you would find on Richelieu. 180 shots fired at 15km, locked onto a Fuso. Ships were equipped with Aiming System Mod 1. So, Gascogne has good shell groupings, dropping most of her shells where you aim. Her penetration power is sufficient to damage anything you strike and shell lead times make snapping off shots a breeze. So what are the downsides? Undermining For all the good those three positive traits give, they are largely undone when you check them more closely. Let's hit them in reverse order -- going from bad to worse. 1.9 Sigma Value - Having her shell grouping tightened up with an improved sigma value is welcome. However, it's just not enough. Gascogne uses German battleship horizontal dispersion which is the widest among dreadnoughts. Worse, her high shell velocity gives her tremendous vertical dispersion as well. Expect a lot of frustrating shots sailing well over a target or splashing well short. Royal Navy or American battleships are at least more likely to still strike the superstructure or maybe dunk a shot beneath the waterline. That happens much less often here. Gascogne's buffed sigma is good, it's doesn't really address the glaring fault of these guns in terms of precision. During Gascogne's development cycle, her sigma upgraded from 1.8 (in yellow) to 1.9 (in blue). The former is now the equivalent of what you would find on Richelieu. 180 shots fired at 15km, locked onto a Fuso. Ships were equipped with Aiming System Mod 1.Two extremes. When compared to the gunnery of one of the American South Dakota-class battleships -- a vessel that cannot mount any dispersion upgrades I hasten to add -- Gascogne's precision issues become readily apparent. She is far more likely to overshoot or undershoot a target, even when a shot is well-aimed. High Muzzle Velocity & Energy Preservation - On top of causing issues with vertical dispersion, the excellent shell velocity of Gascogne's guns will ensure that when you strike a soft target, you're going to see over penetrations far more often than you would like. Gascogne is unreliable at damaging the citadels of cruisers within her matchmaking spread at ranges inside of 8km. It's not uncommon to see nothing but over penetrations over and over and over again. Fast Reload Times - As nice as Gascogne's 28 second reload is, it doesn't compare well to the 26 second reload of the Bismarck-sisters or the 25 second reload of the famous and historical HMS Monarch. I will spare you digging out your calculators and simple show you this:Gascogne has one of the worst potential damage-per-minute totals out of any of the tier VIII battleships. Eight guns, even with her accelerated reload, doesn't let her keep pace with the nine-gun armed vessels she faces. It's sobering that Roma with a 30 second reload keeps pace with or bests her in terms of damage output. Gascogne's problems are further exacerbated by gun arrangement, overmatch issues and HE performance. But there's more... Alright, so those are my points of contention with the 'benefits' of Gascogne's guns. They're more like consolation prizes than outright bonuses. Her guns have terrible horizontal and vertical dispersion, so here, have 1.9 sigma so they only feel kinda wonky. She doesn't have great DPM so here, have a 28 second reload so you think her guns can put out more damage -- but that's still not going to let you keep up to even the German battleships. Leading targets is easy with these high velocity guns, just be careful where you point them. If you aim at a cruiser that's too close, you'll just over penetrate. Would that these were the only flaws with Gascogne's guns. But there's more. You have two turrets. This causes two problems. The first is minor -- you cannot fire ranging shots as effectively as you could with a battleship with more turrets. The second is more telling: Gascogne is more vulnerable than most other battleships when it comes to suffering critical and catastrophic damage to her guns. Losing one turret not only reduces half your firepower, it also forces you to manoeuvre if you want to continue firing in that direction. Gascogne's guns are only 380mm. The obvious issue here is that Gascogne's shells do overall less damage than the 406mm and 410mm guns found on American and Japanese vessels on a shell by shell basis. I've already addressed the DPM difference, but the more telling issue is one of overmatch mechanics. This is the ability to outright ignore thin armour plates regardless of angling and punch clean through into the squishy bits beyond. Gascogne's guns cannot overmatch the 27mm bows of American and German heavy cruisers at tier VIII+ like 406mm armed vessels can. This allows these cruisers to bow-tank Gascogne's AP shells with relative impunity. Gascogne's HE shells are 'meh'. There are three factors to look at when evaluating the quality of HE shells for a battleship. 1.) Do they inflict a lot of damage? 2.) Do they have high penetration? 3.) Do they have a high chance of starting a fire? From these three, simple questions we can evaluate how good each nation's HE shells are and if they're a reasonable alternative to the ship's AP shells when situations dictate. This works out to the following grid: Gascogne's HE is comparable to American battleship HE with low damage relative to her peers but with decent fire setting properties. This makes it alright for harassing enemy battleships but hardly ideal for using against cruisers and not worth swapping for against destroyers (at least until Wargaming tweaks the AP penetration model). Combined with the overmatch issues described above, Gascogne really struggles against same or higher tiered American and German cruisers that angle well against her. Gascogne has bad forward firing angles. This is the final spit-in-the-eye for Gascogne's gunnery. While her A-turret has excellent firing angles (300º or better is ideal), her X-turret falls short with only 288º. Gascogne must show a lot of side to fire all eight of her weapons which makes her vulnerable to return fire from enemy battleships. Functionally, Richelieu's better gun layout will allow her stack damage faster than Gascogne, even with the latter's accelerated reload, in most combat situations where the ships are under fire. Start making jokes: Gascogne has better firing arcs to the rear. When all is said and done, Gascogne's gunnery is all kinds of "meh". Gascogne's main battery gun arrangement wouldn't have been out of place on tier VII vessel. More than any other facet of the ship, this holds Gascogne back. She is a worse gunnery platform than Bismarck and only slightly better than the Bismarck-class' predecessor, Gneisenau. Almost Amazing But enough bellyaching about the main battery guns. Let's get to something exciting! Gascogne's secondary armament looks very impressive at first glance, especially with that 7.0km base range. Her range isn't on par with the Bismarck-sisters, but combined with the broadside weight of homogeneous HE fire they dispense, it's hard not to look at her battery in a positive light. Her 152mm/55s are the same guns found on De Grasse, boasting a phenomenal 12% base fire chance per hit. Her 100mm guns dispense 15rpm each with a 6% fire chance. Unfortunately, short of lighting fires, Gascogne's stock secondaries are generally useless -- incapable of landing significant direct damage of any kind against the majority of targets she faces. Gascogne's 100mm guns are too small in caliber, with only lower tiered destroyers and some light cruisers being vulnerable. Their inability to damage any armour greater than 16mm neuters their damage output. As her 100mm guns form the bulk of her volume of fire, Gascogne's potential damage is gutted. Her 152mm batteries do have better penetration of 24mm, but they only shoot five times per minute. Coupled with shoddy accuracy, it's unlikely for these larger caliber guns to fire enough rounds to land enough hits for them to count. An investment in upgrades, skills and consumables may seem like the solution. Inertial Fuse for HE Shells upgrades her 100mm and 152mm guns to 21mm and 32mm of penetration at the cost of dropping their fire chances from 6% and 12% down to 5% and 9%. Basic Fire Training increases the rate of fire of her 152mm guns from 5rpm to 6rpm. Her 100mm jump from 15rpm to 18rpm. These seven skill points are already a steep price to correct a highly situational weapon system. In fact, a fully optimized secondary build on Gascogne will cost her one upgrade slot, one signal and 15 skill points which is entirely too dear for the returns. More modest builds, such as simply emphasizing fire-setting aren't as expensive, but aren't as effective either. The bonus penetration found on the larger caliber German battleship secondary mounts isn't present here, and that requires paying a significant cost to equate. Secondary builds are fun, don't get me wrong, but they're hardly optimal and Gascogne's secondaries do not boast the same stopping power as those on Bismarck or Tirpitz. This will come at the expense of greatly reducing Gascogne's survivability which isn't generally worth compromising. A secondary build for Gascogne is only truly optimal in Co-Op battles where the fights are almost guaranteed at point-blank range and long-term longevity isn't a concern. Conclusions So, what does this huge information dump all mean? The TL:DR is the following: Gascogne's weapon systems have a lot of issues. It doesn't matter if you're looking at her primary or secondary gun battery -- they're far from perfect. While it's possible to get either one to perform in ideal circumstances, you would be better served by the weapon systems on any other battleship, including Richelieu. The best that could be said about Gascogne's guns is that at least they're comfortable to use. Summary Her guns don't shoot fast enough, hit hard enough or with enough precision. Her secondaries are a red herring. They're too small in caliber to be effective and will suck up massive amounts of commander skills and modules to make them passable. What's worse, they'll get you killed (see below). Gascogne's weaponry is almost good enough. Almost. I wanted to like it but I can't. Evaluation: BAD What it would have needed to be FAIR: She would need better gunnery than Roma -- so a further improvement of rate of fire and/or dispersion groupings. Tanks Those Beauts like GascogneHit Points: 63,200Maximum Citadel Protection: 32mm + 320mm + 50mm Turtleback + 50mm magazine wall Min Bow & Deck Armour: 32mm Torpedo Damage Reduction: 35% If Gascogne's durability has a cardinal sin, it's her vulnerability to high explosive damage. Gascogne's entire deck has no more than 32mm of armour protection. Her upper hull is similarly exposed. For light cruisers with Inertial Fuse for HE Shells (which is pretty much all of 'em), farming damage off Gascogne is a dream. That's the bad news. The good news is that, overall, Gascogne has very good citadel defense with over 450mm of steel protecting her machine spaces and magazines from AP shells. It's only at very close ranges -- inside of 8km -- where Gascogne's citadel protection falls apart. If you give up broadsides in brawling range, you'll die quickly. Dummy. Gascogne's citadel protection doesn't prevent her from taking standard penetration damage, however. While she face tanks with the best of them (barring worry about losing a gun mount), Gascogne's belt is "only" 320mm thick. Few battleships will struggle to punch clean through her belt and stack penetration damage, even if the shells are later foiled by her citadel wall and turtleback. Even many AP slinging cruisers will rejoice at the 32mm plate covering the majority of the ship and hoover up impressive damage totals if you fail to angle against them properly. The last AP attack she needs to contend with are the bombs from American and German aircraft carriers. While it's possible to citadel Gascogne with bombs from either ship, they're unlikely. In my tests, she couldn't be deleted by a run of all the dive bombers the carrier could send out at once, necessitating at least one reload cycle to finish the job. There's one last feature that tips the scales and makes her one of the tougher battleships at her tier. Gascogne's Repair Party has half the normal reset timer of other battleships. While other battleships might struggle to make use of four (never mind five) charges of their consumable even under fire, Gascogne has little difficulty using hers. With an India Delta signal, Superintendent and a premium version of Repair Party, Gascogne can access up to 53,500 extra hit points in half the time of other battleships. Gascogne is much less vulnerable to damage over time effects such as fire and flooding. In addition, enemies that struggle to deal damage quickly will only play to Gascogne's strengths, allowing her to recover up to 10,700 hit points as often as every 68 seconds. This image should largely illustrate everything you need to know about Gascogne's armour profile. Her citadel sits at the waterline, yet shells that manage to clip her turtleback get normalized down towards her machine spaces and magazines, resulting in citadel hits. Given the energy necessary to best the amount of steel present, this tends to only occur at close ranges. Evaluation: GOOD What it would have needed to be BEST: Gascogne would need better citadel and/or hull protection without nudging her into AP-bomb one-shot territory. Increasing her deck and upper hull protection to 35mm would help immeasurably and keep her out of overmatch territory from Yamato-class 460mm guns while simultaneously defeating 152mm HE shells with Inertial Fuse for HE Shells. Or Stomps Around Wearing Boots Like Gascogne Top Speed: 32.0 knotsTurning Radius: 850mRudder Shift: 15.3s Maximum Turn Rate: 4.4º/s at 4/4 speed Gascogne is my top pick for the most agile battleship at tier VIII. It's not a title that she wins without some contention, however. The South Dakota-class battleships give her a very good run for her money and a player's personal taste may overrule my own preferences. There are four areas where I evaluate a ship's agility: Speed, Turning Radius, Rudder Shift Time and Rate of Turn. There would be more but I haven't had time to begin cataloguing ship acceleration and deceleration yet. These are not weighed equally. I put very little value in Rudder Shift Time, for example, using it only as a tie breaker if needs be when two ships are near identical in all other categories. Speed Gascogne and Richelieu are the fastest battleships at their tier, besting even the previous front running Bismarck-class sisters. She outpaces the South Dakota-class battleships by 4.5 knots. What's more, access to their Engine Boost consumable makes any speed comparison between Gascogne and any other non-French battleship a joke. She can hit upwards of 36.3 knots with her consumable and a Sierra Mike signal! As of patch 0.7.2 nothing is faster and nothing can pretend to compete with her. Gascogne has the power to out pace enemies, dictate engagement distances and redeploy as needed. She is not held back by the size of maps at higher tiers, giving her an enviable degree of flexibility. As a final advantage, activating her Engine Boost consumable increases her rate of turn, giving Gascogne a minor boost to agility when she needs it most and exceeding the rate of turn of Alabama and Massachusetts. Gascogne can kite enemies like a boss -- opening up engagement ranges and re-engaging only when it suits her. Even destroyers need to be going flat-out to close the distance. If your enemies are doing anything other than in a straight-line pursuit, Gascogne will out pace them. Rate of Turn Up until the addition of Richelieu and Gascogne, the South Dakota sisters were unchallenged with their agility at tier VIII. While some of the contenders remain works in progress as of this article's publishing, it's unlikely that we will see a significant change to the combatants. Gascogne does not best Alabama or Massachusetts for her rate of turn at full speed. Instead she all but matches both sisters which is a feat unto itself. This is all grace of her phenomenal top speed which allows her to power through her turning circle and come about quickly on demand. Under the effects of Engine Boost, she overtakes them both, squeaking out primacy. Turning Radius Where the South Dakota sisters dominate is in their tiny turning radii. Gascogne suffers an 850m turning radius, the same unwieldy turning circle as found on the Bismarck-class while Alabama and Massachusetts enjoy a mere 710m turning radius. It's only due to Gascogne's high speed that she can navigate through this large turning circle with any kind of grace. She cuts through corners quickly, not because she makes sharp turns but because she has power enough to muscle through manoeuvres that would cause other ships to founder. To be clear: this is a marked weakness that mars an otherwise excellent agility characteristic. If a given player values small turning circles more, then Gascogne's status as the most agile ship within her tier is debatable. I'm confident with giving her the title, however. As bad as this 850m value is, it's not the worst at her tier with Amagi and Kii being appreciably weaker. This 'middle of the pack' standing pads my evaluation of her somewhat, but there's no denying that Gascogne loses out big time to Alabama and Massachusetts in this regard. Rudder Shift Time Rudder Shift is a loser-stat and a red herring where agility is concerned. It might have mattered more if there was a significant variety between the tier VIII battleships, but the difference and the effect of this difference is so minimal as to be downright forgettable. Rudder Shift at tier VIII start with Monarch's 15.0 seconds with ten other ships all sitting within 1.0 seconds. Even the outliers Amagi and North Carolina are only 2.3 seconds away from the front-runner which isn't terribly significant given the minimal impact Rudder Shift has on ship agility. At 15.3 seconds, Gascogne isn't the best, but she needn't be. She could be the worst here and it wouldn't matter. Dreambote Gascogne handles like a dream. She's fast. She turns well. She doesn't out turn her turrets (though it's a close thing -- grab Expert Marksman if you can). For all the frustrations with Gascogne's gunnery, the ship herself sails beautifully. Dodging enemy attacks, dictating engagement ranges and even out running destroyers isn't beyond her. Evaluation: BEST What it would have needed to be GOOD: Neither the SoDaks or Gascogne can claim an easy win in the Manoeuvrability category. Gascogne has speed and rate of turn, but a larger turning circle. Alabama and Massachusetts have rate of turn and small turning radii, but lack in straight line speed. What a player prioritizes will largely dictate what they feel is 'best'. I feel that speed provides more flexibility. In my opinion, the South Dakota-class battleships would need to lose another 50m off their turning radii or gain another two and a half knots of speed before I would reconsider giving them the award for the most agile battleship at tier VIII. Rate of Turn Late in the game, with her high top speed, Gascogne is just as flexible as a cruiser for securing distant capture points. She's Especially Good at Refrigerating Base Surface Detection Range: 16.74km Air Detection Range: 13.775km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 12.57km Detection Range when Firing from Smoke: 15.4km Main Battery Firing Range: 24.77km Those cute song lyrics are a lie: She's not especially good at refrigerating. Her concealment values are on the poor-side of average for a tier VIII battleship and it's only grace of thunderchunkers like Amagi and Kii at tier VIII that she's spared a worse evaluation. What's more, her aerial detection range is also on the large side, being just behind the Bismarck-sisters which bottom out that category. Gascogne isn't so tough that you can afford to spare skimping on concealment upgrades and skills. Evaluation: FAIR What it would have needed to be GOOD : Fewer Royal Cheeses. Gascogne is a little chubby. Oh My, Don't You Fly Near Gascogne! AA Battery Calibers: 155mm/ 100mm / 37mm / 25mm AA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km / 3.5km / 3.1km / 3.0km AA DPS per Aura: 79.3 / 96.8 / 50.4 / 18.4 Gascogne's anti-aircraft firepower is almost decent but she falls short. She has a lot of positive traits going for her. Her range is good. She has a lot of large-caliber AA guns which are more resistant to damage, while simultaneously giving her the potential to extend their effect with skills like Manual Fire Control for AA Guns. However, the efficiency of her individual mounts is lackluster and she suffers from disparate ranges within her medium-caliber AA-cover. They fail to put out as much DPS as more efficient AA emplacements like quadruple 40mm Bofors or twin 20mm Oerlikons. Even her large-caliber guns are disappointing in this regard. Take Effective AA power with a pinch of salt. It's calculated with the two assumptions. (1) Any AA DPS with a range of less than 2km has little value as torpedo planes will rarely stray into this range. (2) There value of longer ranged AA power progresses in a linear fashion. Frankly, this is a very simplistic model (calculated by { AA DPS x [ weapon range - 1km } ) and doesn't reflect the true efficacy of a ship's relative AA power. It is meant merely to stress that ships which emphasize longer ranged AA power are more dangerous to attack craft than those with their DPS focused on short-ranged defense. I promise to one-day math this all out for realsies, waste dozens of hours figuring it all out and then probably discover this shorthand wasn't that far off. The result is an AA coverage that appears promising on the surface but is worse than Amagi's or Roma's. Gascogne's AA power is only marginally better than Tirpitz (and even that is debatable). Deep investment into AA skills can help prop some of these flagging numbers, giving her the equivalent AA DPS to a stock Alabama. This can make her an unappetizing target for tier VI and some tier VII aircraft carriers. It can even do well enough in PVE modes vs bots. However, will not dissuade same-tier or higher CVs in Randoms or Ranked. Gascogne is an easy mark. Most of Gascogne's AA firepower is divided between her large caliber, dual-purpose mounts and her 37mm/70 auto-cannon turrets. The latter are as fragile as other medium and small caliber mounts, so don't count on them surviving after you take a few HE hits. Evaluation: BAD What it would have needed to be FAIR: Gascogne would need an AA suite comparable to Richelieu's modernized armament. This thing got beaten out by Roma, for crying out loud. Your Four Dozen Eggs to Help You Get Large Gascogne has two primary builds worth considering. One is optimal. The other is more of a joke, really, but it's fun so I've elected to include it. The optimal build also works well for the French Legendary Commander, Jean-Jacques Honoré. Survivalist Build & Jean-Jacques Honoré Manly Build View from Gascogne's prow as a Bismarck-class battleship succumbs to her secondary fire in the Hermes mission. A heavy secondary build works beautifully in this encounter. Unfortunately it won't serve you nearly as well in any PVP encounters. The Final Evaluation of this Barge Mouse's Summary: This is a great ship until you look at her guns. Then it becomes an 'okay' ship. Sailing this ship is a lot of fun. She handles beautifully and the extra level of control provided with Engine Boost is welcome. Her Repair Party gimmick is subtle. I like it a lot. During early testing, I absolutely hated this ship. Long hours were spent ranting at wiki-staff, Pigeon_of_War, other CCs and Lert about how much this ship was displeasing me. It all came down to her guns. I really struggled to get any kind of consistency out of this vessel and I felt terribly discouraged. Things improved, albeit slowly. This final iteration of Gascogne feels comfortable, which says a lot for how far the ship's gunnery has come. Gascogne still struggles in the firepower department but at least it no longer felt like I was actively fighting against all of her negative traits to get any damage done. It's still a strange dichotomy to me that a ship can feel so comfortable yet under perform. Balancing Gascogne came with the price of introducing another new gimmick. Her improved Repair Party is subtle, though, and I doubt there will be (much) outrage in the community over it. Anyway, I made Gascogne work for me and by the end of it, I was actively enjoying my time in her. Gascogne really feels like a baby Bismarck that trades durability and firepower for speed and agility. While she's no slouch when it comes to protection, she doesn't have the German god-tier AP-shell defense. Her secondaries are noisy rather than effective (unless you go for a Manly commander build) and while her AA is worse, at least she's not instant-gibbed by AP dive bombers. Gascogne is a good ship. She's fun to sail and she doesn't introduce an element of power creep into the game with her inclusion. It's unfortunate she's unlikely to be contender for the competitive scene, but we can't win 'em all. Gascogne is a total rockstar in the new Hermes scenario. Would I Recommend? Oh, if only I could see the camouflage statistics for Gascogne's third camo scheme. As I write this on February 22nd, I still haven't seen the camouflage itself. While Wargaming has said that it will not have any economical bonuses baked in -- making them superior to the other two camouflage patterns, I remain unconvinced until I see it for myself. Note that an economic bonus would make Gascogne more appealing -- particularly for grinding credits or commander experience in Random Battles. It would also make Gascogne more expensive too. Based on everything I have seen so far, Dunkerque remains the better commander trainer for French battleships. Gascogne isn't terrible, but she's not advantageous. At the price points asked, Dunkerque is the better bang for your buck for a French battleship trainer. PVE Battles How well does the ship maintain profitability in Co-Op modes and how does she fare against bots? Very yes on toast. If you're a big PVE fan, Gascogne is a riot to play. As ever, be careful about loading up on too many premium consumables as it will affect your earnings in straight Co-Op modes. In the Hermes event, Gascogne is a beast especially with a full (and I do mean full) secondary build. Random Battle Grinding:This includes training captains, collecting free experience, earning credits and collecting signal flags from achievements. Eh. I might be more receptive if one of her camouflage patterns had better economic incentives, but it doesn't. As it stands, Dunkerque is a steal and is arguably more interesting, game play wise. She won't have quite the same returns, but for her lower price point, she out competes Gascogne. For Competitive Gaming:Competitive Gaming includes Ranked Battles and other skill-based tournaments. This also includes stat-padding. No, no, no, no, no. For Collectors:If you enjoy ship history or possessing rare ships, this section is for you. Nope. Other than a repository for fun camouflages, she's not worth it. For Fun Factor: Bottom line: Is the ship fun to play? It surprises me to say "yes" here. Gascogne had a very long development cycle and many of her earlier iterations were simply frustrating. Wargaming really went the extra mile to make this ship enjoyable. She may not be the most competitive ship, but she is fun to sail. What's the Final Verdict?How would the ship rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage - Meh - Gud - Overpowered? GARBAGE - The boat is unbalanced, not fun to play and weak. The ship desperately needs some buffs or some quality of life changes.Mehbote - An average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't need buffs to be viable however she's not going to be considered optimal.Gudbote - A powerful ship, often one of the best ships at a given role within its tier. Usually considered optimal for a given task.OVERPOWERED - The boat is unbalanced and powerful. Typically she's either horrible to play against or she redefines the meta entirely. In Closing Okay, this review took way too long to write. Between all of the different iterations of the ship, I ended up putting in more than 15 hours of playtesting and sciencing. Writing for Gascogne felt like a full time job and there always seemed to be more that needed to be done. Thankfully, I did manage to decompress every now and then, hiding in Final Fantasy 14 or playing Corgi Fleet over the long weekend here in Canada. I had a bit of a computer-scare this past month when my solid-state drive decided to die. This had my operating system installed upon it and replacing it cost me dear. It was a stark reminder for me how fragile my old rig is and how ill prepared I am to replace it should it give up the ghost. More than ever, I'm thankful to my supporters on Patreon for what assistance they provide. If the lights do go out, their patronage will at least get me back online sooner. It's still a dream to be able to create content full time. I would seriously love nothing more than to inform and entertain and be able to pay the bills while doing so, but that dream is still a very a long way off. In the meantime, there are more ships to review. Cossack, Massachusetts and Abruzzi look to be the front runners of the new premiums, with Graf Zeppelin getting finalized soon too. Expect the next full review in two to three weeks time. Thank you all for reading. ♥ My current ten favourite premium ships. Top Row: Fujin, Atlanta, De Grasse, Prinz Eugen, Atago. Bottom Row: Scharnhorst, Nelson, Harekaze, König Albert, Warspite. Appendix A list of sites, programs and people I rely upon to create my reviews.
  23. Dunkerque Welcome Captains to the Bow Tank King of Tier 6, the Dunkerque. I've actually had this review nearly finished a while back and I totally forgot about it until recently when I decided to get back to reviewing ships and well since the French Battleship line is almost here I figured this would be as good time as any to post it. Without further or due welcome captains to the quirky ship named Dunkerque. Dunkerque (other wise known as the Dunkin' Donut or Dunky to some players) she was one of the first modern battleships built in the 1930s, which is kind of a oxymoron when she is 80 years old and calling her modern just feels weird. The Dunky was built in retaliation to Germany's Graf Spree class heavy cruisers and future Italian battleships that were being built, she was also restricted under the Washington Naval Treaty which limited on how heavy she could be built. The French wanted a battleship fast enough to chase down heavy cruisers and with enough armor to protect her from return fire from said cruisers. This meant her armor is considered light by T6 standards and she packs a "All Forward" gun placement which aides in times in battle where a good push is needed. This can be a problem because if she is forced to retreat she has to fire over her shoulder and if she has to fire from one side to the other means her guns have to completely swing around. Health The Dunk has a low-to-average HP pool at 52,600hp and a okish torpedo reduction damage of 25%. She is covered 25mm of hull plating which allows you to face tank 356mm AP shells and under but allows 15"+ shells to slam right through. Unfortunately the 25mm hull plating allows most light cruisers and DDs using the IFHE captain skill to score full damage salvos on you, since your covered in 25mm hull plating you're pretty much a damage pinata if your making yourself a easy target. She has a light armor belt of 225mm, a 40mm turtle back and 40mm of citadel plating which when adding the fact her citadel sits above water makes her easy to citadel. I found angling slightly when fighting ships with guns 15"+ allows for a greater chance the shells will bounce off your belt armor. While there seems to be a myth about her burn chance being high, she actually has the same burn chance as the regular T6 BBs, I believe the high burn myth comes from the fact allot of players (myself included) tend to play her fairly static thus makes hitting her with HE much easier. Guns One of the more controversial aspects of this ship are her guns, she has the smallest guns for her tier at 330mm and they're packed into 2 quad turrets located at the front of the ship. She has a fast reload at 28 seconds and the fastest velocity guns with the second best penetration of her tier. This sounds great for sniping fast moving ships but she uses the German BB dispersion model with a 1.7 sigma rating which outside of 12km your really at RNG's mercy. I believe this was a attempt from WG to keep her from being a sniper because any better accuracy mixed with these hard hitting guns. The guns have a good firing range of 18.2km and a good HE burn chance although I found her AP to be so good I rarely used HE outside of DD hunting or fighting another bow on Dunkerque or bow tanking BB. I highly recommend the Accuracy module because anything that can make these guns more accurate is for the best. The Dunkin' Donut features a situationally good but usually bad secondary gun set up. If you have a cruiser or DD trying to chase you down to deliver a torpedo strike, then the secondaries actually work and that is because they are all located on the aft end of your ship. I have actually gotten a couple close quarter kills like this. Their rate of fire are ok along with their velocity and they have the standard 5km range for tier 6. They are not something I would invest anything in though because as I said they are situational. AA Dunker has the some of the weakest AA for her tier with the Mutsu being her out. If you are desperate for AA I would suggest BFT and Manual AA skill along with the fighter plane, this will give her enough AA to defend herself just enough to make a CV pay a good cost in planes. That said I saw CVs around 50-60% of the time out of all the T6 ships I've played and since the French line is right around the corner it really comes down to how you want this captain set up for that line. From what I've seen of the line so far Manual AA might be a good addition but your mileage will vary, personally I hate planes the most I can swat out of the sky the happier I am. Speed/Rudder At 29.5 knots she is the fastest BB at Tier 6 and one of the fastest BBs in the game, this allows you to be very flexible and move around the map at a good speed. This has a two prong effect though as it can get you into a bad spot pretty fast if your not careful. The Dunk has a average rudder shift at 14s and a wide turn radius of 730m (only the Fuso beats her at 740m). The rudder shift module can get it down the 11.2s which allows for easier bobbing and weaving of incoming shells and torpedoes. Mods I ran the usual Main Armament Mod 1, DCS Mod 1, Aiming Systems Mod 1 and Steering Gear mod 2. I ran AA mod for a little bit and with Manual AA and BFT skills allows her to do a decent amount of damage to incoming planes but Aiming Systems is really more helpful in my opinion. MAM1 is also mandatory since you only have two turrets and losing one means half your firepower is gone, if you lose both turrets you no become the biggest torpedo in the game. Captain Skills For the first tier I ran Preventive Maintenance (again to protect those main turrets), at T2 Adrenaline Rush, T3 Basic Firing Training, T4 I ran Concealment Expert and Manual AA. I know this is a bit of a quirky captain build (its unusual for myself also) but it seems to work well with how I played the Dunkerque, how this will translate to the future French line is to be seen. Tactics As I mention earlier with her speed it is easy to get into trouble and if you are forced to turn, you now become a citadel magnet. Also sitting bow on, moving at 1/4 speed or reversing, is welcoming a hail of HE shells that promises a Viking Burial. Her concealment is pretty awful and even with Concealment Expert it is still kinda meh. I found Dunky to be a excellent late game ship because her speed allows her to hunt down most enemy ships so I generally play fairly passive for the first part of the game. If I have a good push going on I try to be at the lead but keep a eye on your allies because if they stall you will quickly be out by yourself surrounded by hungry enemy ships. If your attentive you can bait most big caliber shells into your belt armor but if you get surrounded you become fish food. Being on the move is just as important as playing bow on, she has great speed, don't forget that. Her guns are not very forgiving and you will be forced to get closer to the enemy to make solid hits, I found 12km to be the sweet zone with 14km to be the absolute limit for reliable shots. Her shell velocity is fast so I found aiming lower than normal to be a good idea. How did I do This ship is a love or hate it kind of ship, its because she has a unique playstyle and is somewhat reliant on your team mates to open up opportunities for you to exploit, I love mine and she will be a excellent captain trainer for the future BB line I saw CVs 50% of the time, I averaged 1.75 plane kills during those CV matches. I was in Tier 8 matches 30% of the time, tier 7 40% and I was top tier 30% of the time. I averaged 1266 base XP with my best game was 1720 base XP. My winrate was 80% and I survived 60% of the time with a kill average 1.5. Accuracy was 31% with average damage of 75,577, my best game was 123,906 with a average damage per shell of 1766 (meaning every shell that hit averaged out to this number). Please remember this is only out of 10 games, your millage may very! How Does She Compare She is a different ship than the rest of the Tier 6 battleships, she is the fastest, but has the lightest armor, she has the highest velocity guns and the some of the best penetration for her tier but her accuracy is frankly pretty bad. She takes a captain that knows how to control themselves and not get carried away. Some players love her and some hate her, I fall into the love category probably because I like quirky ships. She earns enough XP to be a good captain trainer for the future BB line or for just plain fun Random ship. I've run her in Operations and found her to be pretty good since her speed allows her to keep up with the flow of battle.
  24. Konig Torpedo Protection

    Hey! Was just looking over the armor layout on my Tier V Konig, and I noticed a pretty weak 25mm torpedo bulge. In history it was 40mm... That hurts a tier V Battleship when facing the horde of Torpedo bombers and ship-launched torpedoes. Especially since it seems to me that the ship is designed to close with the enemy and engage in a brawl. Is there some reason this hasn't been corrected? Thanks! ~War~
  25. Well I went back out of curiosity this time and mapped out the shell flight times, it made me laugh a little because most of the USN BB line was pretty good if not better than the rest of the ships even though allot players say the USN shells are slow and derpy, I like how the SC and Bell have nearly the same exact shell fight times through their entire range, I actually went back and checked that a couple times Got to love how the UK's magic guns have the SAME exact flight times regardless of the caliber yet have different weights, surface area and penetration Can't help but notice how uniform all the shell flight times are at this point only with the Montana being the only one sticking, but the difference between them amounts only a second at max possible range and since most players fight at much closer ranges the differences is nearly non-existent Here is the penetration graph I made for all the BBs also, I plan to do cruisers from T5 and up after the USN line split