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Found 10 results

  1. The benefits of 16 ships per side are as follow 4 ships per side you can create more competitive game play Players can create larger groups which can help in more offensive play You have more support ships which can help teams create enough cover fire for a push You have more ships per team that can do flanking and force enemy ships to change position A team with 16 ships has a better chance of overcoming a bot/afk/mia ship than a team of 12 ships and with 2 CVS Finally games need to be cut back from 20 minutes to 18 minutes. This will force teams to push sooner rather than later. Honestly if WG reduced it to 16 minutes it would be fine. Id rather have 16 minutes of intense game play rather than 20 minutes of waiting. Finally WG could than slowly start to introduce slightly smaller maps for Tier 8-10 to create a more intense game where the action starts sooner rather than later.
  2. An old WOT freind told me about a ship game in closed beta a long time ago. With trepidation, I bought the 3 ships to get access to closed beta. Being able to play with friends, zipping around the high seas and blowing ships up... oh what fun we had. Suddenly a lowely tier 3 destroyer could kill a tier 6 battleship! Tanks this was not... Graphics have improved by leaps and bounds. IJN torp soup is less as effective now. My poor Bliss never got to experience OWSF... The first Halloween event excitement. Destroyers doing 80km! Subs! The carrier rework, sad but true... .... This game has evolved. HE spam and OP ships. Oh the Kutizov was a terror. .... The first time sinking a Yammy in my Fubuki.... A double strike and CQ medal with my Kieve... Trying to get a free premium ship with just 2 torpedoe hits left, only to end up with 8 kills, oh my the Kamikaze is a dream. Roma going toe-to-toe with a Yammy at under 2 km bouncing her shells and sinking her.... .... Murmansgate. Alabama outcry. Wargaming listening and realizing they love this game as much as I do. .... Clan wars. Clan Brawls. Ranked sprint. .... Sure this isn't an easy game to master. Sure it seems like Randoms are blow-outs. But I have seen, and done, a determined fight to the end and became victorious. . .. We all have the Chance to rise to glory, otherwise why do hit battle? .... The one curse and addiction I suffer from is that sound you hear when you kill an enemy ship. Why do I seek that sound? Wargaming you have made me do the one thing I said I never would.... Enjoy French destroyers, curse you.... .... May you all enjoy your time at sea. I can't wait for my 16,000 battle, it has been a joy.
  3. I'd love to hear some of everyone's favourite WOWS moments because I know there's people with 10k+ battles out there and if I've got some stories from my approx. 800, I can only imagine what you've seen. Entertaining blunders, exemplary teamwork, daring gambles, or a combination of all three. Anything goes! A couple from me to get started: I was playing the USN Nicholas last night in a game of Domination on Ring and scouted area B. I managed to outgun an enemy DD relatively quickly and wound up all alone in the cap. We won the first couple knife fights of the battle, capped A and C, and then all hell broke loose for the reds. A lone Okt. Revolutsiya made the bold if not questionable decision to straight-line into B completely unsupported. At 5km I hit the engine boost from behind an island and at 2.5km delivered a full broadside of torps from the left tubes, saw the PT indicator go up like a thermometer, and promptly popped smoke. His division-mate in a Pytor Velikiy then made the equally questionable decision to charge my smoke, also unsupported. That was the day we all learned discretion is the better part of valour, or in other words that a Nicholas has torpedo tubes on BOTH sides of the ship. The game didn't last much longer after that. Another good one happened in the Furutaka. It was the best game I ever played in it (although absolutely not how you're supposed to Furutaka) and it all began with me taking out a DD while supporting a cap at C on Fault Line. Not atypical, but it went so well that our DD and USN CA sailed right on through chasing down a retreating enemy CL. In all our glory it failed to occur to us that half the enemy fleet was still steaming full speed ahead towards C. We got caught with our pants down and the lead enemy BB (a Sinop) sent our CA running and shredded our DD. At this point I was 7km from it and on an intersect course. Knowing I was too close to run, I charged it, narrowly missed an accidental ram, and broadsided it with torps, sinking it. More or less the exact opposite of how you're supposed to play the Furutaka. Before the rest of the enemy fleet could get close enough I turned up towards B and our fleet and tried to redeem myself and play this ship properly. That lasted all of about 30 seconds before a German BB popped out from an island near the channel at C. With a combination of lousy KM dispersion and likely a nervous trigger finger it managed to miss an otherwise un-missable point blank salvo and, with all my guns pointing the wrong way, I did the only thing I could: turn and give it the other broadside of torps. By this point, a Pheonix had caught up with me on my left. My left-hand torps reloaded moments after I saw it drop fish in the water and, knowing it was the end, I fired the last broadside of torps, sinking both of us in the scuffle. So that's the story of my comedy of errors turned best game ever in the Furutaka, with 3 torp kills (out of 4), a "High Caliber", and a lot of bewildered teammates.
  4. This season's maps are Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Mountain Range, Neighbors, Trident, and Greece. Of these, only Hotspot had an actual image, because it was using a new cap layout, while the others "use the domination mode" (it is unspecified which layout is used for maps with multiple layouts. This is unacceptably ambiguous: the wiki has no cap layouts at all (Greece doesn't even have an image), and while I'm sure most of us remember the cap layouts, Hotspot, for an example, has had several different layouts recently in competitive modes. Greece has two layouts: one from ranked and the other from randoms. The only place you can actually check the layouts is a training room, and those aren't always correct for competitive anyway. You haven't been shy with filling us in on everything else, why are you skimping out on the maps? It's inconvenient to players at best, when they should just be under an expandable section like the missions are.
  5. SteelShadow105


    Ok, I understand that in order to get a good amount of xp you have to get an array of ribbons and deal a good amount of damage. What I don't understand is that I do those very things and yet I still get crapxp. I've played matches before where I did far less, yet still got better rewards. I've never minded having to grind to get through the tech tree, but I've gotten so close to just stop trying because I have matches like this that makes it take Forever to climb up. I still remember how many matches I had to play just to reach Kongo and Myoko. Not to mention the even slower crawl to New Mexico. I've always tried so hard to get as much xp as I can that I don't even play the game anymore, I just play to get damage just so I can get decent progress on a battleship or cruiser that I don't even like playing. I know part of it is just my capabilities as a player, but it isn't always just me. In that match I was the one who had received the most xp for my team, so everyone else on my team, whether the did damage or not, practically received no rewards. That's not even the first match I've seen like that. I've noticed that many matches I've played the most a team would get is around 9-800 xp. How does anyone make progress with that? Even when I do get above 1500 base xp I still feel like I never really got much further. Sure it wouldnt take too long to reach a 100k xp or so to get to your next ship (especially when you have premium), but thats not even including the hulls you have to research, or the other modules just so you can play the ship where it can actually be effective. All I'm trying to get at is that the xp system never seems consistent, and in the end gives so little progress, especially when it comes to new comers trying to get to their ideal ships. If there is any advice on this I am happy to listen.
  6. Hello Captains! Operation Dynamo and Operation Cherry Blossom are historical operations in our game. I wanted to ask the collectives opinions what historical operations you would love to see in the game next? Keep it lively and full of constructive feedback.
  7. Just got out of a loss where I exceeded the 900 mark for Naval battles in the Russian DDs. I've been working these tasks today. I'm puzzled as to why this one wouldn't register. I've already got a few today... This was my third attempt after 2 failures. Doesn't show the Udaloi attempts at all... just my Co-Op games. BTW.. This was a Random. Any ideas ????
  8. WOW - There should be a way of earning Doubloons in the game, either through daily missions or inviting friends to join the game. Even if it is a small amount (10, 20, 30 doubloons per mission) it would be a great way to increase player activity. Each battle played should also include opportunities to earn Doubloons. Top three scoring members on winning team win small amount of doubloons.
  9. BOE Clan PalidinAlpha I want to have a place to meet all of my teammates and foes from other clans to have friendly conversations about blowing the hell out of each other. My name is Thomas and I am handicapped so all I have is World of Warships. I do not like to play any other game. I am a computer expert working on my degree in Digital Forensics MS and Computer Information Technology BAS/MS. I would like to meet some new friends that like the same thing I do, so tell me about yourself and anything you might be thinking about clan battles in the game. PROs; I love this game, a real LIVE version of the board game Battleship, its cool!! Cons; I hate the fact that I will shell someone from a long distance and I will not get the credit for the shot Post a shot of your favorite ship
  10. I think that is Stupid that people on the East Coast do not get any afternoon time on the weekends instead of having to be up to all hours of the night to do clan battles. War Gaming should be able to be a bit more flexible on this and I basically find it as flipping us all off with these Clan Battle Times!!!! War Gaming NEEDS TO GET A CLUE!!!!!