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Found 10 results

  1. I noticed that often as a CV, I could have circumstances where it can be potent. For example, I can ammo wrack ships and destroy ships that want a solo experience. [Changed Title to: "Is there a way to prevent close matches?" instead of (Is there a way to prevent blowouts?" But even with all this power, there isn't anything I can do to prevent an entire section of my team from collapsing. At first, I asked myself, "If I increased my skill would that change the outcome?... But, Nah, allied players still need to aim well and not die." I still intend to become a better player. When I do my hiatus, naturally, my skill drops from when I left, but it does eventually improve quickly than it was previously. But is there anything I can do to stop these blowouts that I'm just not seeing?
  2. USAPatriotGamer

    New Temporary Battle Type

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/263 "Airship Escort" Oh really, WG? hmm And it still boggles my mind as to why new battle types (excluding holiday-themed) are always "temporary."
  3. Clicking around on Reddit and found a WG survey so filled it out. One of the questions was about "Battle Performance Bonuses" and I have no clue what that even means. Are they talking about the upcoming "snowflakes", anniversary first win bonus, or something else? I checked the web site and there is no mention of it that I can find. Is this related to that little icon in the port screen filter menu?
  4. In light of the fire over CVs and Subs, as well as the lack of game modes, maybe a new game mode can be implemented as a random battle subcategory. You can choose to play regular random battle with all ship categories, or you can choose another random battle option that excludes, CVs, Subs, or even both. Then those who are willing to face CVs and Subs can play with them while those who wish not to play with CVs and Subs can play without them. This can bring back the old strategic gimmicks of WoWS pre-CV while still keeping CVs (and Subs) in the game. Thoughts?
  5. So, it's been on devblog for a while, but Asymmetric Battles were announced today to be part of 0.9.8. For anyone that doesn't know what is going on, from https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/bulletin-098/ Personally, I am pretty interested in the concept and think it could be fun. That said, there are a few issues that I feel will become apparent. Bow/Extremity armour; most tier VIII BBs have 32mm bow and sterns, meaning they will be untouchable frontally by AP from the lower tiers. This could lead to numerous tier VIII BBs just picking a spot and bowtanking with nigh impunity. This can also extent to CAs with 27mm extremities which are 380mm proof. Concealment Upgrade;' simply put, the concealment bonus from this could well affect vision control, a very important part of the game. Considering that many tier VIII DDs get sub 6km concealment this could be a problem. That said, the numerical advantage of the lower tiers could counterbalance that. CVs; a CV guaranteed to be top tier every single battle could affect balance quite a bit, especially considering the state of AA. There's no talk if there will be class balance, so a tier VIII CV facing one or two tier VIs. All in all, I hope most issues will be handled, so we get a nice and fun mode, something different from same old Randoms/Ranked. Moreover I believe Asymmetric Battles could save low tiers, make them more interesting while avoiding the whole bot issue. I would like to see how 12 tier IIIs would fare againt 4-6 tier Vs. That could give some value to low tier premiums as well, which are neglected for quite some time. Anyway, that's my view on the subject. wondering what others think about this.
  6. Yesterday I noticed that when I begin a battle the ship displays have changed for both enemy and ally. All I can see now is the ship class icon. I cannot see the enemy/ally name, ship name, range (unless they are in range) or damage bar indicator. Has anything changed? I was not able to find any notes about this or any setting I can change.
  7. Rumour or not, there was a top secret research location in the north west of Canada paid for by the British government to see if a frozen ship was feasible to build and use in the north Atlantic for defence. Project Habakkuk was real. It would be nice to see something in fact or bullship about this and to know if anything from this was actually applied and used in some form or another?
  8. I don't know exactly when it happened, but recently there must have been a change from an update regarding the volume in the game. Roughly a few months ago I found myself having to fight with the the audio settings for the first time in years. The music at the battle results screen, explosions when my ship or a nearby ship is sunk, and torpedo hits are disproportionately loud compared to all other sounds. When I set the sound effects volume to just above zero, yet have all my other settings (other than in battle music) set much higher, the explosions, torp hits, and battle results music are still easily 4 to 5 times louder than even when firing main artillery. Despite fiddling with all possible setting combinations I no longer can find a balance that fixes this. Seasoned players have even come over to help get the settings straight and they, too, were mystified at the volume disparity and found no solution. In order to make sure my neighbors whose house is 30 feet away from mine (literally- they laugh and text me every time I blow up, take a torp hit, or a battle ends)I have to turn the sound so low I can't hear engine sounds, in-battle voice messages from my captain or other players, and ambient sounds. I've been using the same sound system for over 2 years and never once needed to adjust it until recently. I can only assume that a more recent update something was changed. Regardless of why, in the end it seems like it would be wise to add additional volume controls specifically for the battle results music, explosions, and torp hits just as there is for gunfire and voice announcements. Either that, or turn down all three volumes compared to the other sounds.
  9. An hour ago I was in battle and the server has been shifted, since then each battle I play I don't see any battle results also I can't play the ship I played. In port I see "This ship is in battle. To start a new battle, select another ship" What is going on? Also few of my friend has the same problem. Any server maintenance going on?
  10. Spent 3/4 of the match with 106 HP. It ended with little old me and two CV's. " Who Dares Wins "