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Found 13 results

  1. Khorne_Bread

    [DPS] Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes by clicking this post. We are a causal clan that is mostly about having fun fighting ships. We do take clan events seriously though, so if you do not want to be required to play during those times then this is the clan for you. What we require is: Full participation in Naval Battles, Clan Battles, and Clan Brawl; Have at least 500 Random Battles; Have a Microphone; Be Active; Be Social; and Be Respectful. We also play other games together such as but not limited to: GTA, Payday, Star Citizen, Rocket League, Armello, Stellaris, Anno 1800, and more. If you are still interested and if you believe you fill the requirements we want Click the link below to be taking to our Discord server and chat with us. Discord
  2. N00B_DD

    SOL is Recruiting!

    Hey there! Interested in building a new community and a competitive clan? Why not take a look? We are an up and coming competitive clan on the North American Server in World of Warships! If you are here, looking to or for: · A fun place to be to share your experiences, talk, and play games in general, · Earn some steel for your ship collection, · Improve your gameplay and learn more about the game through experience, · Hone your skills competitively in Clan Battles or KoTS events... Look no further as this may be the group for you! Here's how you can apply! For those who want to apply, here are some guides on what we're typically looking for: 1. Across 2,000 or more battles, have a winrate of 55% or higher. 2. An overall PR of 1650 or above. 3. 3 or more Tier X Ships with at least 20 to 30 battles in the respective ships. You must be able to show competency in those ships. 4. Competitive experience, although preferred is not mandatory. 5. Willingness to learn, and the thirst to become a better player. 6. A working microphone is mandatory. 7. Good attitude towards other players, both inside the clan, and others in general. Stop by our Discord below and don't be afraid to talk to us! Let's meme together! https://discord.gg/zAGzVWn See you on the seas!
  3. Victory and Honor are looking for new members! Whether you are a new to WoWs player or have been around the block a time or two, we want you! Motivation and 18+ with Discord is a requirement. We regularly play clan battles, ranked battles(when available) and naval battles every week. We are a group of guys and gals that just love to play WoWs, have fun, learn and teach each other. If you are interested in joining and what to see what VAH is all about, just DM me or send a reply, or even send a request to us on WoWs. (Again, Discord and 18+ is a must).
  4. Frequently people are mentioning it in in-game chat but I am dumbfounded no one has discussed or asked about it in the forum. At least a few matches per day in co-op battles the game suddenly ends for no reason. Even weirder is that the battle results screen is blank in the space where it's should say "all enemy ships destroyed" or that we won on points, etc. In each of these cases 1) time did not expire 2) neither team reached 1000 points 3) neither team reached zero points 4) neither flag was captured 5) both teams had ships remaining when the game ended, and 6) as already mentioned the battle results screen does not state why the battle ended right beneath the "Victory!" or "Defeat" message unlike all other battles. I go back to the replays to ensure I haven't missed something and confirm no victory criteria was met. Most recently a game lasted only 4:38 in which we won with 5 ships surviving, and 2 survived on the bot team. we had 668 points and the bots had about 340 points. It was an A B C capture point game, not a flag one. I went back and watched the replay twice to make sure, and absolutely none of the criteria was met by either team. I've done that with many of the games and it's a daily occurrence, probably 2-4 times per 20 battles, and frequently people ask in chat if others have also noticed it. I am curious how many others have seen this happen or know anything about it. It only happens in co-op. I'm about to submit a ticket with examples, but want to check to make sure it's not a known issue. I did a forum search for all the tags I used for this post, and was surprised no one else has mentioned it yet. Below I've attached a screenshot with the missing line about why it was a victory. If there was another less-known criteria, I figure it would still tell you.
  5. Khorne_Bread

    [DPS] Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes. We are a causalish that is about more than World of Warships. We are about "family", an online gaming family. We play all sorts of games together not just Warships, this is just the primary one. We don't look at stats other than amount of battles, and we do not require a tier 10...There are almost no requirements to join! What we do require is: 100 Battles minimum (Only stat requirement) Have a Microphone Be Social Be Respectful Be Active
  6. Hello Folks let me formally invite you to our discord server where you can meet us in our friendly yet competitive oriented clan. https://discord.gg/w5GMeS Many of us are Typhoon Veterans who are now looking to achieve hurricane league We require 2-5 more active skilled players to fill our roster on off nights. What you must Posses: Good attitude, Willing to learn, ability to take constructive criticism. Over 55% random WR and be above 1600 PR at least 2 ship type tier 10 ships Must understand core mechanics like over match, damage saturation, spotting, and map control/awareness. Have a mic and Speak English good enough to communicate actions of the game to other team mates. We are looking for skilled BB and Ca/ Cl players right now, Our clan is filled with all walks of life and age groups, one thing we all have in common is a profound respect for one another and those that we met on the battle field. It is my hope that you find this letter well and Message me in game or say hello on our discord, Till we meet be well and I hope you are having a good day!
  7. Yesterday I noticed that when I begin a battle the ship displays have changed for both enemy and ally. All I can see now is the ship class icon. I cannot see the enemy/ally name, ship name, range (unless they are in range) or damage bar indicator. Has anything changed? I was not able to find any notes about this or any setting I can change.
  8. Rumour or not, there was a top secret research location in the north west of Canada paid for by the British government to see if a frozen ship was feasible to build and use in the north Atlantic for defence. Project Habakkuk was real. It would be nice to see something in fact or bullship about this and to know if anything from this was actually applied and used in some form or another?
  9. Game updated. Went to play a game by clicking on the red 'BATTLE' button. Splash screen opened but didn't go into battle - just stayed at the splash screen. I could see the progress of my teams ships in the Battle splash screen (mission tab)! Restarted the game a few times hoping it would fix it. Nope. Restarted Game. Dialogue Box > Settings > Check Game Integrity, which started a 4GB download. Restart game to find I have a 6 game penalty for leaving the game. There was no game!
  10. Tempered_Tantrum

    Be IN3PT by choice Join us today!!!

    Hello All I am Temperd_Tantrum and we are the founders of IN3PT. We are a high skill player base clan who has lots of experience in clan battle and of course randoms. Our officer core have achieved typhoon in the last 2 clan battle seasons and got our flags. We have a founding document that governs our clan and we operate on a commander/officer vote to decide on topics, commanders and officers are voted into office and if you are in a higher role you are in service to the Founders document. My position in the clan being the account holder is asking the voting body to conduct themselves as upholders of our founding document, I have no vote or actual power in the decisions that get made in EN3PT I am a intermediary and can be replaced too. If you find yourself in a clan where your words are either not heard or you disagree with many clans command structure and you meet our skill floor requirement please drop into discord and send a message to any of the officers, this clan is a glass house type of management, there will be vary plain language as to any players standings in regard to clan battle roster seats/ kots seats, it is the mission of all officers and commanders to train all members to the level of our lowest desired skill floor. this approach is not intended to create divition inside the clan between players ability, but instead create a system of inter support and learning of all clan members. so here is our skill floor we are looking to fill the roster with: 55% WR recent, dark blue stats +, a minimum of 2 tier 10 ships unless you are willing to be second seed till you get the required ships, 250 battle minimum in tier 10, 52% WR in tier 10, Has a mic and speaks enough English to communicate battle comms. Good attitude and willingness to learn will be prioritized over god tier play and a bad personality. When an app or person expresses interest in clan involvement, a officer will contact the person in question and set up a time to evaluate the player in a random battle or two, Subjects to cover: Player goals and expectations, how competent they are in there preferred ship class. and a small 12 v 6 in practice where officer is shadowing the recruit and sees how they handle being out numbered. if the meeting is a success then applicant will be submitted as a passed app and then proceed to a vote by the commanders and attending player base a successful vote will result in a majority rule. train with talented folks. https://discord.gg/ZVG2BE I wish you all well and Praise be unto the most perfect version of yourself my friend. sincerely- Tempered_Tantrum
  11. I don't know exactly when it happened, but recently there must have been a change from an update regarding the volume in the game. Roughly a few months ago I found myself having to fight with the the audio settings for the first time in years. The music at the battle results screen, explosions when my ship or a nearby ship is sunk, and torpedo hits are disproportionately loud compared to all other sounds. When I set the sound effects volume to just above zero, yet have all my other settings (other than in battle music) set much higher, the explosions, torp hits, and battle results music are still easily 4 to 5 times louder than even when firing main artillery. Despite fiddling with all possible setting combinations I no longer can find a balance that fixes this. Seasoned players have even come over to help get the settings straight and they, too, were mystified at the volume disparity and found no solution. In order to make sure my neighbors whose house is 30 feet away from mine (literally- they laugh and text me every time I blow up, take a torp hit, or a battle ends)I have to turn the sound so low I can't hear engine sounds, in-battle voice messages from my captain or other players, and ambient sounds. I've been using the same sound system for over 2 years and never once needed to adjust it until recently. I can only assume that a more recent update something was changed. Regardless of why, in the end it seems like it would be wise to add additional volume controls specifically for the battle results music, explosions, and torp hits just as there is for gunfire and voice announcements. Either that, or turn down all three volumes compared to the other sounds.
  12. An hour ago I was in battle and the server has been shifted, since then each battle I play I don't see any battle results also I can't play the ship I played. In port I see "This ship is in battle. To start a new battle, select another ship" What is going on? Also few of my friend has the same problem. Any server maintenance going on?
  13. Spent 3/4 of the match with 106 HP. It ended with little old me and two CV's. " Who Dares Wins "