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Found 4 results

  1. So, I've yet to collect on battle pass rewards. If you upgrade it after earning the rewards, do you get the premium rewards for levels you completed before upgrading the Pass?
  2. With the introduction of Battle Pass during CB season, Clan Battles should count towards Daily/Weekly Missions. Its hard to play 4 hours of CB with a clan and then have to find time to get the dailies.
  3. As of Wednesday, the end of an era of expected rewards, for a defined goal, will occur. I will miss the dailies. I will now play until I get one container. Then, it's off to shoot space rocks, and space pirates, as I take a break.
  4. The most relevant screenshot was a bit hidden with the developer's bulletin for 0.11.10. In fact, I only noticed the screenshot after it was shared on Reddit. I thought it was a good idea to share it here and start a discussion. Without further ado, here's the mandatory link for the article first: Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.10 | World of Warships And the relevant screenshot. The first thing noticed is that the battle pass will provide temporary bonuses, that will stack with clan bonuses (coal, steel and RP), and some others benefits that will be complementary such as substantial savings for commander retraining and skill resets. There is an interesting value proposition here, allowing us also to essentially obtain what will probably be a discounted T7 premium ship. There are pros and cons to this approach though. Some thoughts I already shared elsewhere: -It puts f2p players at a competitive disadvantage. People who get the battle bonus will be able to reconfigure their ships for CBs and Ranked for cheap. -The fact that it is complementary to what we get and will also provide new ships makes it an interesting value proposition for veterans that don't need to purchase premium time at this point. More recurring revenues from a part of the player base that would not have purchased premium times otherwise. -It may confuse new players. If you look at everything you get, battle pass may look more appealing on the surface. But as it doesn't provide the substantial, recurring boost to earnings it won't help as much as premium time for the tech tree grind. I can already see new players "wasting" their money by choosing the battle pass over premium time, before they realize that PT would have been preferable for them. Of course, not all players share the same objectives, but I can see it happening. I still don't know how I feel about it on a personal level. I tend not to like everything that puts F2P players at a competitive disadvantage. I think this is unhealthy for a PVP game. It always ends up limiting the success of a competitive scene at the very least. On the other end, after 2 years and half, I just got through my first big WoWS anniversary events with a substantial number of T10s, and that got me 120 days of premium. I can start to see the day where I might never have to purchase PT again so battle pass is what could replace it for me, while providing me with new discounted premium ships on a regular basis. It may just be a good thing for "me", as narcissist as it sounds. So, here's my suggestion to make it a bit more balanced for the F2P players: introduce coupons with an expiry date for allowing substantial savings on a commander reset at least. And maybe 1 or 2 for free unmounts? This way, battle pass retains its value proposition, but it still doesn't leave F2P players in the dust either.