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Found 1 result

  1. dEsTurbed1

    A magic milestone

    Just replied to a post and noticed that I had 15,500 battles... I can still remember the fun me and 2 friends had on our very first match in closed beta. The joy of sailing a ship for the first time.... .... That new annoying citadel ringing.... TG it changed... ...... And that new alluring, addictive sound you hear when you sink a ship... ..... The very first panic attack when your notified your last alive.. My first Kraken. My 3rd clan wars match in a shimmy, last alive vs 5 ships...and killing them all... Chasing the last 2 torpedo hits I needed for a free premium ship. In my Kamikaze R. Mostly tier 4 battle. Trying to warn the enemy team to turn and run as I torp 1 ship after another, after another. Only to find myself last alive 6 kills and 2 enemies capping my base... i set my all time 8 kill record just trying to get 2 torpedoes to hit a ship... Taking the Eddie out for the first time. Stock consumables in a tier 10 match with radar. 95k 4 kill win.... My stock Gearing maiden voyage. 4 kills and setting my all time high damage score over 206k.... being chased down by 4 ships as I'm last alive to be gunned down. ..... Sure this game isn't perfect. Sure I'm a 48% potato. But dam I love this game. Thank you to all I have had the pleasure to sail with and against. o7 dEsTurbed1. P.S. walk the plank....