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Found 4 results

  1. Not sure if this has been suggested before. I read somewhere a few weeks ago a good suggestion for an improved rank system. Use Base XP instead of victories to gain stars. I would like to add to it with the "gain the star system" Where as, the top 3 players get double base xp winning and the top player on the losing side gets double base xp. (Not sure if granting "double" base xp is possible.) Or some other reward for being top player(s) of each team. I believe the this base xp system will promote more team play and players going for the WIN instead of the farming/ selfish play that the current "save the star system" promotes. There will still be selfish/ farming players in the base xp system, but it'll be less stressful as you will not need to rely on the victory to still progress ranks. Losses will count too since its base xp, however; it'll just be a slower grind to the next rank level. So an example of base XP could be it takes 6000 base xp get rank 14 from rank 15. I think there is a better way to the rank system than what we currently have, feel free to improve or add to this. What does the community think?
  2. Never been on the forum until now but feel I need to ask a question. I pay for premium and after each game I often take a wee look at how I've done and what I earned. Today I noticed that although base xp is listed in the scoring, on one side without premium and on the other with premium, you do not receive the credited base xp stated in the premium column when playing personal missions. Why not? I have 5 ships at T10 all chasing 40k base xp for the final stage and I wondered why we don't receive the higher premium level that essentially we pay for. Hope I made this clear enough to follow.
  3. It's been established that 'NAVAL BATTLE' XP is derived from the amount earned on a 'Standard' account. I don't know if it's been established whether the "average" XP for a player profile is derived without adding the bonus from a "Premium' account. Seems likely to me it is the latter. Can someone in the know confirm? The context here is helping members gauge specific ships for specific bars based on history/summary of each ship on the PROFILE/SUMMARY pages. Thx.
  4. When on a Personal Mission for legendary mods and Premium account, I am only getting non-premium base XP for games play. In screen shots I start with 30897, play a game at receive 1735 for without Premium and 2603 for Premium. Checked mission progress and I have 32632 a difference of 1735. Is this working as intended? Does this happen with all base XP missions? Feel kinda cheap with Premium game time. Please fix.