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Found 1 result

  1. HURRY HURRY WG's 2020 New Years SALES are coming to a end, this is your last chance to buy a " SPECIAL HULL " and make your dreams come true. WG's Accountants have told Management that these HULLs must be sold before the time limit runs out because of TAX " reasons ". So there pulling out all the stops to sell these 5 prime lots down at St Petersburg harbour by flying in two of Australia's TOP sales people Wayne and Authur to make these sales happen. So get down to the dockside and snap a great deal before its to late. So lets see what great deals are on offer. LOT1. SCRAP DEALERS DELIGHT: This is a bargain for anyone in the scrap metal game, 10000 cubic tonne of prime steel just waiting to be snapped up melted down and used for number plates, dumpster bins you name it if its metal this steel will do the job. for low low price of 24000 doubloons, yes this quality steel could be yours. LOT 2. WEEKEND RENOVATORS DREAM: Yes are you that person that works 9 to 5 Monday to Fridays at the office but loves to renovate, enjoys the challenge of turning dilapidated buildings into gold mines on there days off, well here is a challenge you cant resist for just 50000 doubloons you can turn this into your floating Palace. LOT 3. REAL ESTATE HONEY POT: Are you looking for good buy in the real estate market, well then look no further for this bargain will net you a fortune for years to come, buy this HULL Convert it into low maintenance high rent housing and your on your way to a fully becoming a bonafide ( slumlord ) tycoon. For the realistic price of just 70000 Doubloons you could own this prime real estate. LOT4. BUDDING ENTREPRENEUR: Well we are now getting into the high market value real estate for all those high rollers, This is the perfect investment for anyone wanting to build there very own floating casino and resort for the super rich. This state of the art HULL is read to be converted into a luxurious resort and casino. The hull situated in the upper class area of St Petersburg will become a tourist mecca for the Super rich and famous. For just 90000 Doubloons you could earn millions. LOT 5 THE DICTATOR / WARLORDS FORTRESS: Well this is the last of New Year Sales offers and what a beauty, if your some warmongering Dictator or wannabe Warlord looking to maintain control or conquer a nation this is definitely what you need a fully operational gun platform ready to crush your enemies, all weapons are ready the hull comes complete with ammunition. Unfortunately the ships engines are not completely functioning but as part of the deal WG will tow your HULL to a place of your desire so you can prepare for WAR. So for the incredibly reasonable price of 110000 doubloons you get a floating command centre and weapons platform to put down any civilian uprisings. Yes time is running out for these one in a life time opportunities from WG, yes you could make a fortune by purchasing a once in a lifetime time bargain. But there is more Oh no WG is going one step further with these deals of the century. BREAKING NEWS WG has a bonus offer to the first two people who buy 2 Hulls they will throw in a bonus HULL of your choice which could either be the Unfinished battlecruiser Prinz Eitel Friedrich (left) and Bayern-class battleship Württemberg for free. So contact Wayne or Arthur at St Petersburg port working on behalf of WG on these fine deals now before its to late, both these leading salesmen have been heavy weights in the sales industry for over 30 years, check out some of there most recent work.