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Found 8 results

  1. Since it's recently been a topic of discussion, these are the restrictions for the Clan season. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/128 Not a CB player, though afaik the bans/limits make sense. Mogador packs were reported to be pretty common, Musashi without CVs and overmatch capability was in a strong spot, Georgia with the quick heals, 30mm overmatch capability and nigh DD speed. Wondering what CB players have to comment on these changes.
  2. Señores: Me canse de pensar estrategias, de pedir ayuda, de rezar por un mejor match making y de tratar ser un "barco decisivo en la batalla" si ha la larga juegas solo en todo tipo de batallas y prácticamente el trabajo en equipo no existe, así que dedique a matarme a mi mismo haciendo tk (si, soy un jugador asqueroso, y muy salado y todo lo que piensan) pero me llego una duda, se que si realizas tk (lo matas, no que lo dañes) pueden banearte pero ¿ si el tk te lo realizas a ti mismo(o sea realizas el suficiente daño para quedar rosado y luego realizas todo el daño hasta suicidarte) corre la misma regla? Eso, gracias, de parte de un jugador que ya no disfruta el juego y no sabe que hacer para dejarlo
  3. Gods_Eyes

    The only issue with CVs:

    This is World of Warships. Not World of Airplanes. Am I playing as a pilot, or a boat captain? Specifically all spotting ability needs to be removed from airplanes, including attack planes and torpedo bombers. Everything. Zero spotting ability. Allow me to explain: I just played a tier 6 match with two carriers working together. The first located and perma spotted the destroyers sitting BEHIND friendly AA cruisers(no issue here right). The second came in with rockets and killed the destroyers. If two carriers are banned from divisions, they should currently be banned from having 2 in a match together. Their ability to spot and work together with focus fire is unparalleled. However, this highlights the most important balance issue with CV. They can spot with planes. The ship itself is a tall ship, and should have super buffed spotting ability. Give the CV itself the ability to see concealed destroyers 8km away, but the planes need to have ZERO ability to spot at all. This would balance the game play to put it on par with a battleship. To draw a parallel: A Montana can shoot anywhere on the map. I devastating strike derpy players in the first 2 minutes of matches, easy. Despite having similar ability to strike anywhere on the map, The Montana Cannot Spot 25km Away. So let's take a step back. Saying the planes shouldn't be able to spot anything would be MUCH more balanced than the current iteration of carriers, but it's not perfect. So what would be? Here's some ideas: 1) Create "no spotting" zones within (about) 2km of all islands, where destroyers cannot be spotted by carriers whatsoever. 2) Penalize missed drops. If the Hakurya wants to drop some of his torpedos on an island to save planes, those planes should instantly explode when neither of their torpedos hit an enemy target. I hate that I have to game the system and drop bombers to stay relevant as a CV driver. It works around AA in a cheating way. ~ I love playing carrier. Recently regrinding the IJN destroyer line for research bureau, and it has become extremely apparent how big of a balance issue carriers have right now. Destroyers (ESPECIALLY AT THE LOWER TIERS) are irrelevant against Good carrier players. Yes, I can still use my destroyer in a relevant way occasionally, but that is ONLY against carrier players that have no idea how to play. As it stands, the carrier is a radar boat with 40km radar. 12km radar itself should be removed from the game, so tell me, how balanced do you think 40km radar is??
  4. It is a well known by most of the World of Warships community that Wargaming’s +2/-2 matchmaking system is broken. Every once in a while, I will load into a game where I am bottom tier, and someone on my team or the enemy team will complain about being bottom tier ship. I understand that the matchmaking has seen some slight changes over the years. For some reason, now more than ever, I am seeing more and more people complain about the matchmaking. I want to address some issues the game has with the gameplay, ships, matchmaking and I might mention a few ideas that may help with the balance. For the sake of any readers, here is a little about my info: I have <2000 games played, I main cruisers, and I have been playing intermittently for roughly 4 years. (IMPORTANT**) Skip to the bottom if you want to skip the ranting and see my proposed changes to the game. “WG fix your matchmaking” Matchmaking is fairly straight forward and is typically +2/-2 with a few exceptions if you are a carrier or new player. Here is a reason why this mechanic will never change. Wargaming wants your money. Why do you think there are premium T6 and T8 ships in the game? It’s certainly not because they’re balanced and make a great addition to the game. Most premium ships are stronger than tech tree ships and offer a pay-to-win system for players that want an advantage in random battles. Not to mention you can switch your commanders between that ship’s nation for free. I recognize that there is a niche of players that like seeing historically accurate ships and that some premiums aren’t good, but exist for certain player audiences. I can agree with that. But you cannot honestly say that all premium ships are balanced with the tech tree ships. So, what does wargaming do with a premium when they sell you a premium ship? Wargaming will give you a really good ship, but it’ll cost you $50 or $99 or maybe a month of your time grinding 12 hrs. a day to unlock it. Want to know why your T6 battleship is playing in a T8 battle? If the matchmaking was only a 0/+1 system there would be much less incentive for buying a ship with better stats to bring into battle. Wargaming’s entire economy is based on bottom tier matchmaking and a niche of players that collect ships. Think about it. Being in a stock T6 ship and being placed in a T8 battle makes your return to port rather quick. All this matchmaking mechanic does is make the game more time consuming by forcing you to wait and adds so much player discomfort that at times it makes the game unplayable. Matchmaking, Karma system, Potatoes No one likes to be pink or get reported. But what is the Karma system? It’s basically a number that you get based on your behavior in your random battles. Did you solo carry your last game and get a compliment or did you cackle maniacally as you torpedoed your own teammates at the spawn because you’re playing a French DD against a team full of radar cruisers and you want to go back to port? Although this system is not mentioned on the Wows wiki, I do believe it is a game mechanic from one of wargaming’s sister games. Therefore, I cannot confirm that this is a factor that attributes to matchmaking in world of warships. However, if the Karma system is functioning as it does for wargaming’s other games, it could be a contributing factor to the lackluster matchmaking system. Have you been in 3-4 top tier games in a row followed by 3-4 bottom tier games in a row? It could be this system. It also doesn’t help that the 3-4 top tier games you have, you have 1-2 teammates that decide to defend a flank while there’s a 10-ship lemming train to cap C on the other side of the map. Every game now seems to have players that either is incredibly unlucky or decide to intentionally potato into the enemy team. It’s unfortunate that there are players like because not only are they hurting themselves, but they’re ruining the game for their entire team. This indirectly makes the matchmaking more frustrating because once you’re finally in a top tier game, you’ll have a garbage player throw the game and ruin the experience. “[edited] you sky cancer” AA cruiser builds are basically no longer viable in the current patch. Secondary batteries and improved AA ship upgrades do nothing to your ability to fight off aircraft, but rather add health and reduce your cooldown for reinforce sector. On top of that, now you have German CVs that can citadel you and hit you with their torps; even though they have a “small” health pool, it doesn’t matter because they’ll be able to quickly get out of your flak with their speed. I’ve heard of rumors that some clans opting out of next season’s clan battles because wargaming refuses to address balancing CVs. It seems the only way to effectively counter a halfway decent CV player is by playing an AA ship, and even then, their planes will still be able to out-trade you. Since the CVs are still inherently strong, being a bottom tier ship with a top tier, or worse 2 top tier CVs in your game, is a living nightmare. At that point, what is the purpose of playing the game if all you are going to do is dodge 2 waves of aircraft and long-range artillery for 20 minutes? Moral of the Story**: Basically, everything I’ve mentioned is well known and accepted by most of the player base. If you’re hoping for Matchmaking to change anytime soon, it won’t. The horrible matchmaking is the result of a company that exploits players into purchasing premium content using a broken system, have little regard for how players are placed into matches, are indifferent towards players that intentionally throw games and have little to no regard for their teammates, refuses to balance ships that have been overpowered for over a year, and making the game so time-consuming that new players will eventually just quit. At the current rate, players will stop playing this game if it becomes too unenjoyable. I believe these are all factors to an unhealthy player base. I like this game, but there comes a tipping point, and I feel that the tipping point is going to be reached in the upcoming ranked season if there aren't any changes made soon. The last thing I want for this player base is to become so frustrated at the game, that everyone turns into [edited] like in League of Legends, and makes the game unplayable. Where to go from here? Here are my proposed changes**: - Change the matchmaking to 0/+1 tier games: That way top tier and bottom tier ships are relatively equal. - Create a Ranked Random Battle mode for V+ Tiers: This would allow more serious players to play a more competitive game but wouldn’t offer steel or other lucrative rewards from the ranked battle season. Normal Random Battles would allow more seasoned players to “seal club”. Normal Ranked Battles remain unchanged from the current game. - Remove the Karma system and start banning teammates that intentionally suicide or afk their games: Stop the “behavior” system and just start banning people for a few hours if they intentionally afk their matches or intentionally throw the game. - Balance CVs by buffing the improved AA upgrade on ships and reinforce sector, and nerfing CVs by giving them a finite number of planes they can carry: This is long needed, I’m sure this could be elaborated more on by more experienced players. - Make the player experience more enjoyable: Don’t give us new ship lines or submarines until the matchmaking and CVs are more balanced. Players would appreciate bug fixes, overall balancing, and quality of life changes that would make the experience of playing world of warships much more enjoyable than it currently is. A player shouldn’t have to feel the need to purchase premium items in order to feel relevant in the game. A happy player will spend money on a game that is enjoyable to them.
  5. Was playing WoWs last yesterday and I logged back in today and got this. I try to keep my chatting PG for this very reason and I'm confused as to why exactly I got this. Is there a way to access my chat logs or find the offending message? It doesn't bother me too much but if this dings my account in any way I want to what I can do about it. If I did blurt out something stupid than I take full responsibility for it and I won't push the issue further but if not, than I want to ascertain why I got it.
  6. The news of the last wave of cheat bans is causing a lot of misplaced concern among players using legit modpacks from Aslain, Hakabase or ModStation. I think the main reason for this is the cryptic and short ban message that mentions 'illegal mods' only. I am sure the real cheaters complain the loudest, however, I got the impression a number of banned or warned players used illegal apps unwittingly. They may not know what program is the reason for the ban and because of the wording of the message their attention is focused entirely, and mistakenly, on something they got from a mod pack. I know WG has explained many times and many places what they regard as illegal mods, and their definition includes ReShade and other post processors, but for most people a mod is only what they got from a modpack. So when they are told they are using an illegal mod, they think they got it from the modpack and that will actually prevent them from considering what the real issue may be. WG should change the wording of the ban message from 'You have received a first warning for using illegal modifications' to something closer to the EULA, like 'You have received a first warning for using illegal third party programs'. This change would help WG communicate more clearly what they mean.
  7. Anyone can clarify how does the "ban by complaints" system work? It's just 24hrs but during a game, I just wiped a division and they were going on about how "CV is cancer" and all that and within a few minutes before I got a chance to reply, I got a system update that says I've been "banned by complaints" from messaging. I have a faint feeling this entire "ban by complaint" system can be abused by salty people who just mass-false-flag people that just killed them. Maybe there's a more advanced system in place but google is coming up blank about how the system works. Any ideas?
  8. BattlecruiserOperational

    Chat Ban

    So why does one get chat banned as frequently and as easily as some of my friends and I do? In a game where the average player age is in their 40s... in a game that has a built in mature language filter(which by default is enabled)... in a game which is supposedly based on team play. If you get offended by certain words, leave the filter on. If you can't handle criticism; how did you make it to 40+? If you don't want people to communicate in an online team game, why have a chat at all? I'm GROSSLY offended by the irony ;)