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Found 3 results

  1. Diddy_Kongs_Quest

    How about a solution....

    Since you have CVs that have infinite planes nearly and British BBs that have no problem destroying your AA builds and secondary builds in mere 2 savlos how about allowing us to be able to fix our modules every "?" amount of seconds depending on the module and the item destroyed. There is no way that British bbs should be able to one salvo all your modules which this game is riddled with Thunderers and HE even at lower tiers. It is cancerous and tiring to basically only viable build is anti-fire duration and chance build. No other build works on bbs with CV spam and British bbs. It is ludicrous, how can it be even remotely ok that you can't specc for anything else without being worried about every single module on your ship being literally invalidated by 2 ships lines? The British BB line and the CV line....it really doesn't make any development balance sense at all. This has ultimately kept me from enjoying ranked battles and any kind of competitive matches because I can't build anything else but against fire and fire chance. My modules break everytime I am hit by something. No recourse, this is beyond frustrating spending time building specific captains for specific functions...I don't even understand how the state of the game is even remotely balanced, and people are seeing this. The player base can see this and are getting tired of it WG. I am pretty sure they are fed up with this foolishness.
  2. Admiral_Bingo

    Implacable Bombs Suck

    Is it just me or Implacable bombs are just underpowered weapons when you compare them to other tier 8 cvs? Most of bomb drops I make on a BB will either miss or fail to pen on a perfectly lined up drop. Most of the bombs miss on smaller ships like cruisers. Tier 8 aa really hurts if you're not careful and making it past 2 drops is far too risky. Is it time to actually buff this CV? I propose to make the aiming reticle smaller or increase the pen of the bombs. What do you guys think?
  3. Privet komrad I bring you my honest ways on how to make this game more balanced and enjoyable for all classes(even bringing harmony between dds and cvs) 1: radar Radar can be changed in 2 ways: Real radar: radar/hydro can’t detect through islands. This will guarantee that cruisers can still detect smoked up dds but they can’t do it behind the safety of islands with absolutely no penalties and dds can spot and detect as long as they stay out of eye of sight of radar. Submarine like radar: What I mean by this is like the submarine pings. You get pings that cost battery. it can also recharge. I think this is more intuitive and much better. This can also be implemented with the first radar change I suggest as well as radar range change. Ships can change radar range. So if you choose to use a 12km radar, you can freely use it but it will cost a lot of battery. this will also make sure you don’t get so much Russian cruiser spam. Cvs: 1: universal AA range The 40mm bofors on the montana have a 6km range, on the gearing they have 5.8km. and the 40mm bofors on the montana have the same range as the 128mm l/61 on the gk. Just they like diversity radar change for cruisers, they should diversify AA range on each gun. But each gun doesn’t change the range on a different ship. Each AA mount has a range, be it on the ground, a battleship or a submarine. 2: manual fire control Im going to sum this with the third point to make this shorter if a cv deploys a fighter next to its torpedo bombers around a ship. The ship will do the exact same damage for both the fighter and the torpedo bobmers. It’s not hard to see you should and must prioritize the torpedo bomber. Use all available AA for that squadrum. With that, flak bursts should make a LOT more AA damage. A cv can just send a squadrum, ignore flaks and still release their torpedos/bombs. Just like battleships get punished for going in straight lines, airplane squadrums should get absolutely nuked if they keep going in astraight line ignoring flak.it shouldn’t happen just to heavily AA mounted ships like the haaland. DDs: There really is only one thing I want to see change regarding dds. Overpens. A yamato can’t do 6 overpens and the dd just 6khp but be happily sailing like nothing happened. There’s some astonishing dd survival stories like the hms Cossack but if you get 6 overpens from a 460mm shell you should get severely punished. Overpens of high caliber should still do monstrous damage. It shouldn’t take a battleship 3 salvos to kill a DD BBs: Bbs should have a fire control more like the Russian battleships. They should get more damage control parties but can use quicker. This will severely help them against he spam and torpedos as well as keepingthe he spammers happy as if they used all their damage cons they are still at the mercy of the he spammers. Cruisers: Armour: Just like bbs. There’s isn’t much to change (besides radar) and that’s the 50mm armour belt. no cruiser should be able to bow in a shikashima or even a montana. Make the 27mm more prevelant with other cruisers or even 30 or 32mm bows but 50mm armor belts shouldn’t be a thing with some special cases like the super heavy Kroonstad class Sap: You should not do 12k salvos to a bow in hindi unless you are sailing a battleship. Sap should kill dds but it shouldn’t kill cruisers and battleships that quickly either. In order to make sap viable I would suggest nerfing the damage and and severely nerfing the penetration angles. If you’re bow in in ashima you should get nuked, if you’re bow in in a dm, you shouldn’t get nuked every 20s seconds. These are changes I would love to see implemented and I think would make the game far more enjoyable for every class and keeping harmony with all players. What do you think? Please share your feedback because unlike waraming, I care to see other’s opinion.