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Found 2 results

  1. The_Potato_Smasher

    Kleber: Haha fires go brrrrrt

    Hello all! So, I decided to take my new Tier X French DD, the Kleber, out for a good old spin, like I always do. Well, let's just say this match is the best match that I have ever had in a DD My first ever Witherer medal by the way. So there's that. ( HYYYYYPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!! ) Plus a high caliber to go along with it. Wait, How did the Petro end up nearly 200 Base Experience higher than me!? ( Is it because he ended up dying? - someone please explain this ) A little bit more, and I could've gotten an Arsonist and a Confederate. Sadly, no Qwacken for me. Not as impressive a turnout as the Mogador games that I showed you guys earlier, but it was certainly quite good with only the basic Economic flags. 20200730_150733_PFSD110-Kleber_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay Here's the replay file, for those of you who are interested. And rest assured, The Old Man will be seeing this. -Shrayes edit- Jevil: CHAOS, CHAOS
  2. The_Potato_Smasher

    Hercule Mogador Strikes Again!

    Hello there! So, I had a couple of pretty sweet games in the Mogador today. One of them was a 155k Damage victory, and the other was a 117k damage defeat. Thanks to that, the Mogador now holds my personal DD damage record. Here's the win Somehow getting my rear end carried by a Lightning. Just 250 damage short of my first Witherer medal ( shame ). But hey, I still got a Confederate Premium Time Moolah baby! And here's the loss. ( Or, when you just can't carry hard enough ) Like I said, when I can't carry hard enough... Comps to the Ostergotland captain for somehow evading the wrath of a Reload Booster Mogador at 5.5 kilometers. Not as much fire damage, but I did land a couple of torps ( Wait, I launched 55!? ) My first Million Credit Game Baby! ( I might have made 1.5 million if we had won that, lol ) So that's my impressive games for today. If you have any questions, comments or salt, do leave it down below. And compliments go out to all the captains who played in these games. Your performance was exceptional! ( And I'm sorry if it looks a bit sloppy. My editing skills are terrible ) -Shrayes Edit: For those of you who may or may not be wondering, here is my build at the moment. I run the second rudder upgrade in the 5th slot instead of concealment, so that I can juke better. I also run the Engine Boost upgrade for that sweet 252 second duration. Basic DD build, and then I go with Adrenaline Rush and BFT. I'm still saving up points for Demo Expert at the moment.