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Found 1 result

  1. World of Warships Ship Opinions: Richelieu Double Tap 2: The Cardinal’s Revenge Some people think that French Battleships have issues, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, those people don’t always look to the fact that those same battleships are just as dangerous as any others. A perfect example? Our guest tonight, Richelieu. Named for the infamous Cardinal himself, Richy has a strong reputation behind it, for it’s terrifying guns and blistering speed, as well as a poorer one for it’s infamous vulnerability to any cruiser with IFHE, not to mention some other things. Is it bad? Sorta. Is it good? Absolutely with a Dev Strike as a cherry. Remember your grading scales here, my friends, because the numbers here will indeed surprise you. Armor: HE Allergies, as usual As it would imply, Richelieu, like her mates and British counterparts, suffers from an extreme allergy to anything that can muster more than 32mm of HE penetration (and rain shells like it’s the Fourth of July). Richie’s HP pool is also quite miserable. At just 63,700 on her top hull, the only ship worse here is the Monarch, and even she has a boosted repair party that recovers 75% of Penetration damage, while Richelieu has nothing to boast of here. Another major issue is the typical fragility of French armament mounts in general( and one of the reasons we tend to laugh at secondary-spec French BBs ). The level of HP on these mounts is so poor that one clean shot from a Thunderer with HE will strip her of most of these mounts, and leave her defenseless to both airstrikes and DD attacks. Her saving grace in this category comes in the form of her French Turtleback armor scheme, which mitigates some damage for mere penetrations, but will not mitigate or all but prevent all potential citadel damage, unlike the German turtleback armor. All in all, she needs some improvements here to get out of her situation. Rating: Acceptable Armaments: Tap Tap Richie is unique in terms of her primary armaments. She boasts the same number of 15 inch guns as the Bismarck, but all of her guns are mounted forward of the superstructure in two quadruple turret mounts. Her gun performance is largely similar to that of Roma, but she boasts an incredibly long firing range of 25.3 kilometers and the ability to present herself totally bow-on and still keep all guns on target. The downside here, however, is that Roma-like performance, combining long vertical dispersion caused by the extremely high shell velocity with the poor horizontal dispersion of the French Battleships. The shell velocity also leads to an unending stream of over penetrations on lightly armored targets, but allows her to consistently smash through battleships, should her gun consistency prevail. She also has fairly long ranged secondaries, with 6 dual 100mm guns and 3 triple 152mm guns that fire out to a range of around 7 kilometers. While this sounds enticing to set up for secondaries, remember that the squishiness on these guns means they will get disabled more often than not. Overall, she’s inconsistent, but the guns will hurt you, should they land a clean shot Rating: Good AA: When 1943 makes 1942 look like the Dark Ages When I saw the numbers on Richie’s Mid-range and Short-range AA defenses, my heart nearly stopped. I mean, I understand that she has Bofors and Oerlikons, but putting up those monster DPS numbers on a French BB of all things is really something. I mean, I know Lyon had a strong AA Defense for its tier, but this is something else entirely. It packs 371 DPS on it’s mid-range ring and 346 DPS on it’s short range; those are freaking North Carolina numbers! Then again, you have to consider the general fragility of these mounts in general. Had she received the typical durability of the 20 and 40mm mounts, I would have rated her higher. Rating: Good Maneuverability: Rocket-Butt Battleship And again I’ll go back to the whole gimmick thing with the French ships. On her top hull, she boasts an incredible 32 knots of speed; with Sierra mike, it goes up to 33.6 knots. Not only that, but she also gains access to Engine Boost, which gives her an additional 8% to her speed, bringing that number up to a stonking fast 36.2 knots of speed. Now that is rocket butt fast. The Richelieu also boasts an extremely fast rudder of 15.4 seconds and a turning circle of 850 meters. The only ones that turn faster are Monarch, North Carolina and Roma. Overall, she knows how to rock and roll on this. The only downsides to this is that she can only rocket butt when her engine boost is active, and she suffers an excessive amount of body roll when she turns, leading to an exposed citadel when turning, which could lead to quite idiotic devastating strikes. Rating: WTAF Stealth: Chunky This is another one of Richie’s big issues. Her base concealment is 16.6 kilometers. This is some of the worst concealment at her tier, with only Amagi being worse, and even there, it’s only 100 meters or so. That being said, she has an air detection radius of just 9 kilometers when fully built, which is the best of all the Tier 8 Battleships. Her fully built surface concealment of 13.1 kilometers isn’t half bad either, as it allows her to sneak within effective striking range of her guns. However, she still cannot sneak up on cruisers, so she has to exercise caution when she tries to do so. Overall, she falls towards the middle of the spectrum, but towards the good side with the Bismarck twins, North Carolina, Monarch, and Roma. Rating: Acceptable Consumables are bog-standard, with the exception of the Engine Boost consumable with an extended duration of 180 seconds, over standard 120 second engine boosts, as per standard with all french vessels with Engine Boost. Build: Custom-Job Rocket-Butt Baguette Captain -Preventative Maintenance ( 1 point ) -High Alert ( 2 points ) -Superintendent ( 3 points ) -Concealment Expert ( 4 points ) -Basics of Survivability ( 3 points ) -Adrenaline Rush ( 2 points ) -Expert Marksman ( 2 points ) -Jack of All Trades ( 2 points ) -Priority Target ( 1 points ) Either of the Honore captains is highly recommended for the boosted adrenaline rush skill. Alternatively, you can replace Jack of All Trades and Priority Target with Vigilance to boost torpedo detection range Upgrades Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1 Slot 2: Damage Control System Modification 1 Slot 3: Aiming Systems Modification 1 Slot 4: Damage Control System Modification 2 Slot 5: Concealment Systems Modification 1 Verdict Overall Rating Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 Anti-Aircraft: 4 / 5 Maneuverability: 5 / 5 Stealth: 3 / 5 Total: 19 / 25 Verdict: Gudbote ( 17 - 21 points ) General Writer Rating: The Richelieu has a lot of things that allow it to shine and overshadow it’s most glaring weaknesses. Special thanks to all those who commented on my previous reviews; you guys really helped me a bunch in changing things up and moving my perspective around. Next week’s review will be the Roma, the Italian Tier 8 Battleship, which will drop next week on Sunday. The Tier 7 comparo will drop next Saturday. Hope you all enjoy this write up, and I hope to see you on the high seas Peace