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Found 5 results

  1. I'm sure many are pretty excited about Friesland being up for grabs tomorrow as the first Free XP DD. I'm also sure many are scouring Youtube for footage of the ship's performance in order to have an informed decision. Most of it will be extolling the traits and capabilities of the ship, which certainly make her interesting.Since the ship will cost 1 million Free XP I want to know how much fun I can have. Instead, here is a video from Aerroon, an EU CC, that showcases some of the frustrations that might come with the ship. Keep in mind that this is before some changes to Friesland; she got 360 degree turrets, better gun angles too. The AA is still a mystery on how it will turn out with the new system. Still, I find alot of value in this replay since it can give me a rough estimate on some of the potential issues I could face, as someone that 99% will buy the ship tomorrow. If TL;DW, Aerroon basically shows how many opportunities he could have to potentially carry if he had torpedoes. Hope you find some value too and hopefully makes you reach a decision, for or against the ship.
  2. Give me a list, it could be premium or tech tree. anything works.
  3. Sometimes its good to talk about disappointing experiences in the game...just let it out. I'll start. Watching my torpedoes miss cos the enemy GK got spooked by lots of gunfire. But he took his time speeding up and one got so very close to hitting...but it missed his stern by inches. Feels bad man. What are your feel bad man stories?
  4. Well, after hearing @Lert and others talk about the Bogatyr, I went back and bought her tonight...I think I free XPed her the first time...dumb rookie move. Anyway, the first game in her was very strange...look at the map: Yep, no caps...I tried, told the team what I was doing and got over run. Both teams NEVER caped. Not a one. I don't think I've ever seen that.. at least at the lower tiers. P.S. Bogie is a monster...
  5. Dr_Venture


    So far I've been on a long gameplay streak with his ship...and initially I thought it was pretty good. Then I started to develop a problem....the shells....the shells just float in air and then rain down and if I'm lucky I had like...2 outta the 12. I've tried adjusting the scope, I've tried waiting until they are broadside, I'm put on the reload mod, then swapping for range mod....I just can't get this damn thing to work! The shells are just terrible, and the fire chance is ridiculous...even with fire flags I'm lucky to light two maybe three fires a game. I have also noticed this ship lacks ANY armor at all. I've had a single Yammy shell hit me in the tippy tip of the stern and rack me for half my health. I've tried island camping, I've tried wolf packing, all of it. Maybe I just suck at aiming it, but this thing is worse than the DM. I had no problems hitting targets in the cleveland, but this boat seems like a total curse. In my book right now, she's a poor upgrade from the Cleveland. The Cleveland is amazing, it's small, nimble, and the shells aren't NEARLY as floaty. Anyone got any tips for this boat? I'm looking for examples with how to aim, how zoomed out do I need to be, where do I line up at with these shells. Thanks in advance.