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Found 1 result

  1. Now, of course I can't name and shame anyone, god forbid. I only got like 2 strikes left and I ain't about to waste one on this guy, but he still needs to be talked about. Instead I will do my best to describe his warships resume. This isn't about stat shaming either, through these numbers I will prove to you that he is an intentional detriment to any games he plays on the level of professionals with integrity. So lets dive in. This player has bad ratings of course, sitting at 840 with a winrate of 45% on 14000 games. Unlike most bad players though, he is on a steady decline in his ratings, not improving at all. At first glance you may attribute this to him being bad at higher tiers, which is definitely the case, but somehow he still managed good games netting 200k, can get 5-6 kills etc. That is every tier netting at least one record of 5-6 kills, high damage for tier including 130k at 5 and 6 respectively, 7 and beyond being all near 200k. Could all that really be dumb luck? I suppose it's possible, but highly unlikely. This player has good promising results leading up and until tier 4, and I suspect at one point his ratings might all have been decent up until tier 10, which would explain those good results. After so many games he just decided to not care? 14000 is a lot. Allow me to dig deeper. This player has only 7 ranked games, 6 of them being season 10, a pretty recent one. In those 6 games at rank 21, he managed a PR of ~250, a damage average of 14k and frag rate of .5. Now, those ranks around 21 are usually populated by people who would be around his skill level, as those who rank higher also start higher in the next season. Yet somehow he still does astronomically poorly? He must be one of those players that charge in at the start and die, impacting very little on their game. Surprise, he has a 100% survival rate in those 6 games. What kind of play must be occurring to do so poorly yet survive all the time? It gets better though, because I decided not to say his survival rate earlier when talking about his random battle performance. Would you believe me if I said he survives 65% of his ~14000 games? I was kind of shocked. To put that number in perspective I went and checked every single player in the O7 roster for their survival rate. The only players that beat his number were carrier mains Rocket_Surgeon(68%) and Happy_Thoughts (71%), a BB/CA Hybrid HuskyPP(73%) and a DD main Ajax_The_Great(65.5%). A close runner up was Generaldort at 62.5%, along with a couple more above 60%. The most common survival rates were around 50-55% for everyone else. This player gets Uni/Super Uni survival rates, better in most cases, and yet does so poorly? This I feel is the crux of my reasoning as to why I deem this player an intentional detriment. While writing this I got even more annoyed, so I decided I would show a game where we encountered him and his playstyle that nets him such conflicting statistics. You could watch this game or this replay and say "well maybe he had to go afk for real life stuff" and if you do, I urge you to consider that survival rate again. Did 36 Innocent players have to suffer this guy in ranked? Is this a player who once actively played and is now botting? Is he allowed to get away with such behaviour because he paid for some of the most expensive ships in the game, the freexpremiums? You'll have to be the judge. If you want intentional detriments to your games, or bots gaining the system, to be punished and not rewarded a loud voice to make WG investigate these issues is the only way. A player like this must have been reported countless times already with no just result. A recent thread where this players name was brought up just because someone was complaining of botting. How can any player have his name come to mind at the mention of botting and still have an active account? EDIT: I assume Boyarsky deleted this link as it provided the player in questions name. A stream snippet where this player was encountered. Mistakenly I mention him being a supertester, a flag he had on bore a close resemblance at first glance. My mistake does not excuse the gameplay, which honestly you can't really see much of. I recommend looking at the replay. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/351911155?t=10h36m01s A replay file because Dorts face is blocking the minimap. Use the Insert key to fast forward. The player is in a Salem. A couple things to note with this replay. He doesn't just reverse into the corner, he either drives there or waypoints. His guns do not actively snap to the closest spotted ship, in fact if you unlock the camera with ctrl, shift, backspace, you will see him actively swivel guns and kite a shima that is not spotted. This makes me think he is doing this intentionally, and isn't actually a bot, but he's definitely been reported as one multiple times I'd wager. He griefs teams a la professional with integrity. https://replayswows.com/replay/37708#stats Ask yourself, if this player is allowed to get away with blatant botting/detriment behaviour, how many others do? Tell WG this is not acceptable. WG employees who receive these reports are either not investigating them very well, ignoring them for the most part, or giving special favors to certain players who pay money to the game. And no, I will not hear anything about him not actually being intentionally bad or a bot. The stat evidence speaks for itself, and it doesn't even take all that long to come to such a conclusion. EDIT: It's amusing how many players have said they know the guy here and in discord. And people walk in and just say report him? Wake up, over 14000 games, even if half of that were him playing like shown in the replay, how many reports do you think he already has?