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Found 2 results

  1. Good day captains! Gather around the campfire for a heartwarming story from uncle Nuke. Once upon a time there was a captain who had a hard time deciding if his light cruiser Zara was a torpedo boat or a sniper. He proceeded to charge the capture circle at full speed while I covered his port/inside flank behind the wheel of my Shinonome, when a formation of rocket planes appeared on the horizon. At that very moment the capture circle became occupied by an enemy Akizuki. Being spotted, the Zara breaks off to my starboard side. I avoid the cap as my Shinonome stands no chance, being spotted and facing the fierce guns of the Akizuki, and I tuck in behind the island. At that moment, the enemy's main force is spotted by friendly aircraft. I begin accelerating out from my hidey hole to make a torpedo attack on the enemy fleet whom are now emerging from the far side of the island, when all of a sudden the Zara's torpedoes strike the side of my poor Shinonome. This shaves off nearly 3/4s of my health and turns the Zara pink. The driver of the Zara rips off few choice words in chat, but I do not reply, too focused at the task at hand. After we win the game by a healthy margin, I took it upon myself to extend an olive branch by DMing the Zara driver in a polite manner. His reply was quiet amusing actually. Perhaps he didn't realize his lies could be so easily discovered. Or maybe he was just trolling, but I doubt that as he blocked me after his reply. Usually trolls will continue with the discussion in order to get under your skin. No, I believe this person genuinely lacks the self awareness needed to be a troll, I should know, we smell our own. Ill just leave theses screen shots here for you to read and make up your own conclusions. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, best wishes for the new year, and avoid the coof.
  2. WOWS needs to do something about team mates that intentionally fire on their team mates. On 02-06-2019, doing a Ranked battle I was fired on numerous times by my team mate [edited]. It was impossible for him to mistake me for the enemy since he had requested my aide numerous time yet fired on me so often that the enemy ships took notice and tried to get him to stop firing on me! If WOWS is incapable of handling this type of gross action...at least allow the ship being fired on to defend their self with out being punished! WOWS did caution the offending player but he continued until the enemy came to my aide and sunk him! WOWS, DO SOMETHING MORE THE JUST WARN, either impose immediate action for the second time of so called friendly fire or allow the ship being fired on to return fire!!!