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Found 1 result

  1. I keep on seeing threads popping up about discussing the real issues undermining the World of Warships experience and the playerbase. Some think its radar, others it’s CVs. Others think it’s HE spam and fires, others that it’s BBs or DDs that ruin the game for the rest. All these can definitely be seen as reasons for the game’s supposed decline. But what if I were to tell you most of these issues are in truth just the symptoms of a far larger problem that nobody acknowledges and constantly erodes the community? What if I were to give you 100% irrefutable proof of the true disease eating away at our beloved game? Would you really want to see the truth behind it all, even if it hurt? If you don't want to see the painful truth, just don't open the spoilers. Some of the content may be too harsh an extreme for people. THE TRUTH CHAPTER I: POLLS THE TRUTH CHAPTER II: HE and Fires THE TRUTH CHAPTER III: CVs CHAPTER IV: EPILOGUE Any people willing to continue my research feel free to respond. I believe my arguments and proof have alot of merit; such a subject should remain open for discussion in order to warn future generations.