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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all, [SSI] Illuminati Gaming Group is looking for a few mature players to join us. We are a super casual, age +25, working stiff/parent clan who enjoy division up and fighting as a coordinated team in all the games we play (Time/Family/Job allowing). We don't have time for childish behaviour, griefing, man-drama or douchbaggery. Extreme right-wing, solo grind and/or cyber athletes need not apply. You can find us most active online GMT +5, but welcome international players as well. We are on mumble and Facebook. We ask that all members be active and contribute positively to the best of their ability to the community. If you are an active, mature, and casual player who is looking for teamwork and backup you can rely on, you're most welcome to join us. SSI was founded in 2008 in Navy Field, we jumped to World of Tanks and have been doing multiple games ever since. Contact me for the list of other games we currently play as well. Here is an old skool video promo video for SSI Fleet made by our "mascot" junior member. Please contact "rolly" in-game for details or apply to SSI.
  2. From Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/bulletin-0711/ Changes in the Damage Mechanics The testing of changes to the damage mechanics of AP shells continues, allowing the exclusion of rare cases when large caliber shells inflicted excessive damage on destroyers. This happened when a shell hit destroyers’ armor at an acute angle. The thickness of the armor allowed the shell to arm and cause considerable damage inside of the ship's hull. To avoid such cases, we have introduced a limit on the maximum damage caused by an AP shell to all destroyers, with the exceptions of Khabarovsk and Harugumo. The loss of ships’ HP from an AP shell with a caliber of 280 mm and higher will no longer exceed 10% of the maximum possible damage caused by such a shell. Although 10% might seem like a rather small value, hits will still inflict significant damage to destroyers. This change will also affect the interaction of destroyers with battleships and some heavy cruisers. Ships carrying a caliber of 280 mm and more will have to be more careful when choosing the type of shells to be fired, depending on the game situation. A close-range salvo with AP shells will still cause considerable damage to a destroyer, which will not allow her to "fly in" at an enemy ship and launch her torpedoes without much risk. Considering the new mechanics, destroyers’ Commanders will be less troubled by the situations when an occasional volley threatens half of their HP, which would bring the ship out of active combat. Besides that, there are certain changes to the mechanics of causing damage to bulges, secondary battery/AA defense, and fully destroyed parts of a ship. Now, when these areas are hit, the ship will receive guaranteed damage of 10% of the maximum damage that can be caused by such a projectile or torpedo. The new mechanics will reduce the number of cases when, despite receiving the "Penetration" ribbon, no damage to the ship’s HP was inflicted. Seems like these changes will at least make it on the test server. I don't know if this will be a good solution or open a whole new can of worms, especially the part about causing damage to bulges and mounts. As for the DDs, as a DD enthusiast I would just be happy with the removal of double dipping. That said, all this info is preliminary and could change any time. Just thought it would be interesting to at least try and have a civil discussion on these changes instead of picking our "mafias".
  3. Xidax_Gamer

    Your outlook on stats?

    I'm a total potato, and I know it without the need for a spread sheet. I never even look at my own stats, much less anybody else's. You can't stat-shame someone who doesn't GAF. On the other hand, a lot of gamers live and die for status, bragging rights, etc. That's cool, if that's what floats your boat. Then there are the analysts, scrutinizing the minutia for arcane wisdom. How do you feel about it?
  4. I keep on seeing threads popping up about discussing the real issues undermining the World of Warships experience and the playerbase. Some think its radar, others it’s CVs. Others think it’s HE spam and fires, others that it’s BBs or DDs that ruin the game for the rest. All these can definitely be seen as reasons for the game’s supposed decline. But what if I were to tell you most of these issues are in truth just the symptoms of a far larger problem that nobody acknowledges and constantly erodes the community? What if I were to give you 100% irrefutable proof of the true disease eating away at our beloved game? Would you really want to see the truth behind it all, even if it hurt? If you don't want to see the painful truth, just don't open the spoilers. Some of the content may be too harsh an extreme for people. THE TRUTH CHAPTER I: POLLS THE TRUTH CHAPTER II: HE and Fires THE TRUTH CHAPTER III: CVs CHAPTER IV: EPILOGUE Any people willing to continue my research feel free to respond. I believe my arguments and proof have alot of merit; such a subject should remain open for discussion in order to warn future generations.
  5. Thought we could toss around the possibility of everyone starting a match fully armed. No two minute load times for torpedoes, nothing, nobody, everyone is fully armed to the teeth. Thought this would speed up matches for one. Secondly, it could really spice up capping action, as DD might try to boost into caps, toss torps then stay/fight or jet out of cap. The game has been around long enough as is... do you think it might be a possible tweak for the good, the bad or the ugly? tiafyc
  6. Was rotating a Captain of mine between various ships to get dailies and the turn of the Touchy Banana came up. MM at low tiers wasn't really interested in filling teams so we ended up in a 4 v 4. This is the result, I guess in a 1 v 1 it would be possible to get an even lower High Caliber This is an open call to the lowest of the low, show me those 30k damage Confederates or the 10k damage Krakens !
  7. So, fresh from the oven Dev Bulletin for 0.7.9 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/bulletin-079/ We got the following info: Seems like this is part of an effort of WG to provide a better experience to Tier VIII ships, by introducing a mode exclusive to Tiers IX and X. Personally I don't feel this will change much, and to be honest I dislike game modes that give bonuses to ship parameters. However it is what it is, (and still in testing), let's get some discussion going! .