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Found 14 results

  1. I'm thrilled WG is getting credit for this latest round of patches coming up. Watching twitch streams, youtube videos, reading articles, I have found a huge amount of positive comments. All that drama over deadeye and it's useless. It's gone now and all that stress was for nothing. Granted you will never please everybody. But at least I have seen more smiles lately, even around here lol. But I'm positive the dramatic will have a new "Deadeye" level event to be upset about soon Wargaming is really coming through. The sheer amount of money they spend on their video projects alone. All the history research required. Some of you all I pray one day will realize you don't see the whole picture. The Devs have some seriously thick skin. I'm thankful for that as I'm sure others like me are as well. Don't worry, I'm sure this will get the typical hate the positive guy. But I promise I will earn your respect over time. Eventually, you will get tired of stressing over uselessness and watching depressing material. And that's where I come in. Thankfully Wargaming just made my job a lot easier over these next few patches. Let's not even get started on how good the graphics are on a 6-year-old game. I know it hurts some of you to the core, but you can say one nice thing about these new patches coming.
  2. I have been reading and watching so much material it's not even funny. Some of you that know my previous posts know that I harp on getting away from the negativity and toxic people. I decided to launch a website strictly promoting only the positive CC streamers/YouTubers or other content providers. Posting the material that should be what is being discussed anyways. Meaning positive reviews, feedback, patch notes, how-to's, ship history, current affairs, and player game critiques. The negativity honestly comes from watching the drama and allowing it to poison the reason why you are playing in the first place. Stat's weren't created to put others down. Especially others playing in a non-professional environment. Stats were created to help you as the individual improve. To go off your own stats and compete with yourself to get better. The problem with the Toxic crowd is they think every player is logging on to play at a high level. They think every player is the same age as them and perfectly normal. No thought or concern that the person they are trashing is an 11-year-old kid playing his dad's account. Remember bashing the dad as well maybe the week before? His stats aren't relevant considering he is sharing his account. Name one game that's ever been perfect? F2P has been around for ages. You know how F2P games work, yet you still come here and trash the company. I sit back and I see CC's literally trashing the game talking about having trash teams in randoms?!?! Randoms lol! CC's are supposed to be professional and conduct themselves in some type of manner that's conducive to working for a company. Kid's watch their material on a game and the CC's are swearing left and right. That's insane to me. You're supposed to be promoting a game! What I need from you all is some streamers/YouTubers to check out so I can post their materials. I am not here to plug the website. I am here for positive content creators that still realize they are making material for new players as well as older ones. Preferably not those that trash and demean their viewers. Thanks
  3. WoW's big competitor, aptly named "Coflict Lightning" has made some big announcements lately regarding classes, bringing in Battleships etc. One of those goes as follows: I found this pretty interesting as a premise to be honest. In Conflict Lightning of course as it's mentioned all ship classes will meet in battle, yet each separate tech tree will have it's own progression. I was wondering, could WG take a page out of this? Maybe something like splitting it's tech trees also, but having players in different modes. "Coastal navy" ships could mesh well with submarines as well and have as the largest class represented destroyers. Classes that are absent such as corvettes, frigates, DEs and gunboats could also make their appearance. Blue water combat could stay as is but you wouldn't have to gimmick the heck out of ships for ASW equipment. Considering WoWs will sooner rather than later run out of content to add, do you think such a split would help the game improve or at least add something new? And if yes, how do you think it would work?
  4. Tpaktop2_1

    The Bacon Mask - its real

    Now this is progress in the time of COVID. A famous meat company has now developed the Bacon mask. I wonder how many washings before the smell goes out? https://www.breathablebacon.com/ Hmmmm, Bacon. I feel like cooking a pound of it now.
  5. Tpaktop2_1

    Where is the bacon dear?

    I was going to make BLT Sandwiches for lunch. I started looking for the bacon and could not find it in the refrigerator. I then asked wife where is the bacon and she responded "I put it back in the freezer" Why? Why did you do that without asking me? Her response: We don't have the space in the refrigerator. Me: We had the space in the refrigerator because it was in the refrigerator. Background: the bacon was in the freezer for the past month so I wanted to use it for Sandwiches today. I then put it into the refrigerator. For some reason I asked her if she was holding the bacon in the freezer just in case the Pope comes by to visit us (off shoot Pun on using the best china settings). So questions started to fly and were asked: Chairman (me): “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Anti-Bacon League?” Witness (wife): No Response Vice-Chairman (alt-Voice aka me): Has the witness declined to answer this specific question? Chairman (me): She said that he is not going to answer any questions, any names or things. Witness (wife): I am not fff--n communist. Chairman (me): ROFLOL Chairman (me): The witness is reminded we are talking about what interests of the HUABC What is HUABC you ask? House Un-American Bacon Committee Let bacon rain!
  6. World of Warships Proposal: U.S.S Kentucky AA Conversion Battleship ( Tier X ) “Fem is going to turn as red as a beetroot when she runs into this thing” ( Famous Last Words ) What it is: A Tier X Iowa with 8 inch guns and enough AA dakka to make every last carrier in the game combined sweat anvils. I mean, seriously, this ship has Dual Purpose Des Moines guns and the equivalent of FOUR Marceaus strapped to the sides and superstructure ( yes, she uses 127mm/54 guns instead of 127mm/38 guns ) What Context it has: The U.S.S Kentucky wasn’t that historically interesting. It was originally intended that she would be the last of the Iowa-class battleships. However, World War II mass-production needs had been prioritised over the warship, and the war itself ended before she could be fully launched and activated. She spent her entire life as nothing more than a hull, sitting in the shadow of her sister ships, before being slowly taken apart and scrapped between 1950 and 1958. However, this did not mean that the U.S Navy Designers would just forget about her. They constantly drew up proposals for converting the hull into everything from an Essex-class Aircraft Carrier-based conversion design ( those are popular, right?), all the way to guided missile launch platforms, and everything else in between. One of those in-betweens was a specialist AA platform, with plenty of dual-purpose artillery and powerful 76mm autocannons. While it never came to fruition, I think it would be fun to see what that might look like in the game. Full credit goes to Tzoli from the EU server for providing historical details and line sketches / fully recognized renderings. Armor HP Pool: 81,100 Torpedo Damage Reduction: 25% ( 38mm bulge ) Plating: 32mm Main Armor Belt: 320mm Upper Belt Armor: 32mm Deck Armor: 38mm Afthwartship: 368mm Turret Armor: 241-495mm Superstructure Armor: 19mm Well, Kentucky is an Iowa, what more do you want me to say? Of course, it’s not just an Iowa. Kentucky’s armor layout copies that of the Missouri rather than the Iowa, with a thickened citadel afthwartship bulkhead of 368mm rather than the 287mm bulkhead of the Iowa. Also, despite the usage of 8 inch guns, rather than 16 inch guns, the Kentucky arranges the guns in quadruple turrets, which weigh around the same or only slightly less than the Triple 16 inch turrets found on the Iowa, and the Kentucky also has 6 additional Dual 127mm gun turrets over the Iowa, leading to a higher displacement rating, and thus, a larger HP pool of 81,100 hitpoints, using Fr05ty’s formula for calculating ship displacement. Armaments Primary Armament: 3 x 4 203mm/55 Mk 16 Turret Arrangement: Forward Stagger ( AB-X) HE Shell: 2800 Alpha, 34mm penetration, 14% Fire chance, 823 m/s shell velocity AP Shell: 5000 Alpha, 60*-67.5% Autobounce, 0.033s fuse timer, 762 m/s shell velocity Reload: 5.5 seconds Turret Traverse: 5 deg/sec ( 36 sec / 180* ) Range: 18.1km Sigma: 2.05 Dispersion: USN Heavy Cruiser Secondary Armament: 16 x 2 127mm/54 Mk41 Turret Arrangement: Wing and Center ( 2 mountings centerline, 7 mountings per side ) HE Shell: 1800 Alpha, 21mm penetration, 9.0% fire chance, 808 m/s shell velocity Range: 6.0km Sigma: 1.0 Dispersion: USN Battleship Secondary Dispersion ( non-premium ) So then. Kentucky is basically an Iowa that has gone full AA-meme mode. In place of the 9 16”/50 Mk.7 guns that are normally found on the Iowa, the Kentucky uses the same 8”/55 Mk.16 guns found on the Des Moines and Salem. The only differences here are that one, this ship has the guns in quadruple mountings, two, the Kentucky has a 2.3km longer range, and three, the guns are dual purpose. The Secondary battery, of course, is massive, with a total of 32 individual barrels, which is more than the Grosser Kurfurst, with 28 barrels, or the Yamato, with 30 barrels. However, these are the same exact guns as the ones found on the Montana, which means no meme-worthy secondary build is possible. Not like it should be possible. Remember, this is still essentially an Iowa, which means it’s fairly squishy for a battleship, so brawling would be inadvisable regardless. However, you can specify this battleship into AA, which is what this design is for anyways. AA Defense Long Range AA Defense Level 1: 3 x 4 203mm/55 Mk15 Number of Bursts in a Salvo: 5+1 Damage Per Burst: 2,320 RoF: 5.0 seconds Range: 4.0-7.9km Aura DPS: 201.2 Hit Probability: 75% Long Range AA Defense Level 2: 16 x 2 127mm/54 Mk41 Number of Bursts in a Salvo: 12+1 Damage Per Burst: 1,680 RoF: 5.0 seconds Range: 4.0-7.9km Aura DPS: 336 Hit Probability: 75% Medium Range AA Defense: 16 x 2 76.2mm/50 Mk34 Aura DPS: 727.1 Range: 2.0-4.0km Hit Probability: 75% Short Range: 6 x 4, 8 x 2 20mm Oerlikon Mk20 Aura DPS: 168.6 Range: 0.1-2.0km Hit Probability: 70% AA Mount Durability: USN Standard Access to Defensive AA Fire: Yes, Non-Standard Version ( !!! ) Okay, this is where things get somewhat ( read, very ) unreal. The Kentucky AA Conversion design originally had just 6 dual 3” autocannon mounts to go along with the Dual Purpose 8” and 5” mounts. However, this presented a significant weakness in the fact that, if a skilled Aircraft Carrier player could make it past the near-impassable wall of flak and the high DPS that this warship provided in it’s long range ring, there would be no way to prevent the carrier from making a successful attack run, which is the whole point of this monstrous AA barge anyways, to prevent a carrier from making a successful attack run. To ensure that the Kentucky would actually be capable of doing it’s job ( rather than merely being a waste of port space and steel ), I decided to beef the AA up to what can only be described as “God-tier Dakka”. 32 3”/50 Mk34 barrels and 40 20mm Oerlikon Anti-Aircraft cannons provide a significant amount of short and medium range anti-aircraft firepower to aid the Long Range AA power. Going back to the Long Range AA for a moment. Kentucky, if implemented the way she is now, would have the longest AA range in the game, at 7.9 kilometers. This is largely scaling up from the standard 152mm Dual Purpose mounts found on the Worcester and the Minotaur, but capping out at 7.9 kilometers. Any longer than that, and we’d have serious balancing issues. On top of this, Kentucky receives a non-standard Defensive Anti-Aircraft Fire Consumable in a separate slot, though it does not have access to a Catapult fighter or Spotter aircraft consumable, based upon examination of the designs provided by Tzoli, which show an apparent lack of a catapult. Maneuverability Top Speed: 33 knots Turning Radius: 920 meters Rotation Rate: 4.0*/sec Rudder Shift: 19.4 seconds List: N/A Acceleration: Battleship Standard Once again, standard Iowa here. Remember, the Kentucky is essentially an Iowa-class hull, but with modified armaments. The only real difference that can be said of here is the fact that she has Missouri's terribad 19.4 second rudder shift instead of Iowa's somewhat better 17.1 second rudder. Otherwise, still an Iowa. Fast in a straight line, but it turns like an absolute duck. Stealth Surface Detection Radius: 15.71 kilometers ( +2km on fire ) Aerial Detection Radius: 11.40 kilometers ( +3km on fire ) Surface Smoke Firing Penalty: 8.18 kilometers Aerial Smoke Firing Penalty: 4.06 kilometers Assured Detection Radius: 2.00km Once again, standard Iowa here, with the same 15.71 kilometer surface detection radius and the same 11.40 kilometer aerial detection radius as a stock Iowa. However, because Kentucky uses Des Moines guns instead of Iowa guns, the smoke firing penalty is nearly cut in half, to 8.18 kilometers from the surface and just a hair over 4 kilometers from the air. Carrier players, be glad that I didn’t pull a Wargaming and turn this into an American Smolensk on crack ( I mean, it kinda is, but hey, no smoke, at least. ) Build and Consumables Modules Slot 1: Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Slot 2: Defensive AA Fire Modification Special Upgrade Slot 3: Aiming Systems Modification 1 Slot 4: Damage Control System Modification 2 Slot 5: Concealment Systems Modification 1 Slot 6: Enhanced Anti-Aircraft Systems Legendary Upgrade ( or Auxiliary Armaments Modification 2 ) Commander Skills Preventative Maintenance Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Concealment Expert Jack of All Trades Basic Firing Training Advanced Firing Training *I’m removing the flags because I’m sure everyone knows what’s what with flags Legendary Module: Enhanced Anti-Aircraft Systems 20% Increase to Continuous DPS +20% To Damage caused by Flak explosions +3 to Number of explosions output by Long Range AA Defense when Defensive AA fire is active +15% to the action time of the Defensive AA Fire consumable -10% to Main Battery Reload time -50% to durability of Auxiliary Armament Mountings +15% to Aerial detection range For the Kentucky, I highly recommend an Anti Aircraft Build, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the Anti-Aircraft defenses of the ship. However, that is a risk at your choice, as you lose out on the rate of fire of your main batteries and an increase to your aerial detection range, but more importantly, your auxiliary mountings become more vulnerable to being knocked out. Consumables Damage Control Party: 20 second action time, 120 / 80 Reset, Unlimited Charges Repair Party: 28 second action time, 0.55%HP / Sec, 60 / 40 Reset, 3 Charges base Defensive AA Fire: 20 second action time, x2 to Continuous damage, x3 to Flak Burst Damage, 180 / 120 Reset, 3 Charges Base Nothing surprising about the consumables here. Interestingly enough, I elected to give this warship the Massachussets Fast-cooldown heal with slightly improved repair output, though at the cost of only having three charges instead of four ( Please note that this is effective as of 0.9.4, where “Stock” Consumables are removed from the game ). Kentucky also has a modified Defensive AA fire consumable, which has an increase in Aura damage output at the cost of flak damage output, along with a reduced number of charges and an increased reset timer. Pricing and Camo Unfortunately, unlike Lert, I don’t really have a ready source of people to help me with pricing, so I had to do it myself. Should it be implemented, the ship would cost the equivalent of 28,000 Steel, or can be purchased in bundles up to $150 or more. As for camouflage, she’ll use the same Measure 22 camouflage that the Missouri and the Alabama use, with the same bonuses that the camouflage provides on those two ships, plus a 75% Bonus to Commander Experience. AA Defense Numbers And now for something completely different. I decided to take the liberty of doing the math on how powerful the ship would actually be with it’s AA defenses running at full tilt. Keep in mind the Legendary Module proposal from earlier and the modified Defensive AA fire consumable So, here’s the math Stock AA: 537.2 Long / 727.1 Mid / 168.6 Short + 6 Bursts @ 2,320 Damage + 13 Bursts @ 1,680 Damage AA with BFT: 590 Long / 799.8 Mid / 185.5 Short + 6 Bursts @ 2,320 Damage + 13 Bursts @ 1,680 Damage AA with BFT+AFT: 590 Long / 799.8 Mid / 185.5 Short + 6 Bursts @ 2,668 Damage + 13 Bursts @ 1,932 Damage AA with BFT+AFT+AAM2: 678.5 Long / 919.8 Mid / 213.4 Short + 6 Bursts @ 3,068.2 Damage + 13 Bursts @ 2,221.8 Damage AA with BFT+AFT+Legendary: 708 Long / 959.8 Mid / 222.6 Short + 6 Bursts @ 3,201.6 Damage + 13 Bursts @ 2,318.4 Damage AA with BFT+AFT+Legendary+November Echo+DFAA Active 1486.8 Long / 2015.6 Mid / 467.5 Short + 8 Flak @10,085 Damage + 14 Flak @ 7,302 Damage Well, I certainly did not expect those kinds of numbers. I can already hear the CV Unicums typing like madmen in the chat. Save your rage, fellas. This is all speculation and theorycrafting on my part. Also, remember, Battleship AA Hit Probability is still only 70-75 percent, so while wiping out squadrons with one push of a Priority Sector button is still on the table, experienced CV Unicums will take note of this and develop counterplay to this ship. I should also clarify that the Long Range AA numbers were done with extrapolation based upon existing 152mm Dual Purpose AA guns ( i.e the ones found on Worcester, Neptune, Minotaur ), as seeing that no dual purpose 203mm gun exists in the game. Also, given that the 127mm/54 guns are the same ones found on the Marceau, I simply took the Marceau, multiplied it by four ( because there's 16 of the little buggers on this ship ), and done. In other words (Obligatory Epilepsy warning) ...... INFINITE DAKKA!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA-*COUGH* *COUGH*, ARGH, MY THROAT! Welp, that’s all I got for you folks today. The HMS Duke of York review and the Iowa versus Soyuz comparo have been sidelined, as I don’t have enough testing data for the darned things. However, an Ernst Gaede review will come up soon, followed by a proposal for the MN Strasbourg at Tier 7. I'd like to thank @Lert for giving me the go-ahead to do a proposal for this absurd vessel, and @Fr05ty for his ever-helpful formulas. I'd also like to thank Tzoli from the EU server for providing the detailed specifications ( sorry I butchered it mate! ) @Femennenly, I know you love your CVs, but please, don't kill me for this! THAT’S ALL, FOLKS! :SerB:
  7. Looking for thoughts on this. For instance does it boil down to who can cajole their FB friends to vote in a random poll, bribing others with promises of juicy bacon, or using a giant bot net to sway the outcome? How does one derive meaning from this?
  8. This is a more or less a copy from my reddit post on the subject; With WG's permission I decided to post it here as well. To prove it is indeed me and I haven't stolen someone's thread, here is a picture I haven't posted on the reddit thread, when I had Nicholas unlocked. DISCLAIMERS: · The purpose of this challenge has been simply to satisfy my curiosity and help a bit with fighting my boredom. I was inspired by this thread below and wanted to see for myself whether it’s possible for someone to manage hitting Tier VI under 24 hours in a brand new account with as few battles as possible, without botting and for free. The whole challenge run was completed in about 10-11 hours with breaks and lunches, between 06.19-06.20. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/193937-wanna-win-10000-recruitment-rumble/ · I don’t recommend to anyone without a lot of free time to try something similar. · Don’t force yourself to this challenge unless you find this stuff fun or want to see how a newbie experiences the game nowadays. No need to put a time constraint. · Results may vary; RNG plays quite a role as expected. · Stay hydrated and take breaks between certain amounts of battles. Don’t stay on your chair all the time, stretch and in general move around for a bit. These are my stats at the completion of the challenge if anyone is interested. Notice date of account creation and last battle, as well as the single battle at tier VI to signify the completion of the challenge With that out of the way, let’s get to methodology. METHODOLOGY The hurdles First of all, you have to understand what you will be facing. Battle modes are locked, you have no access to Free XP, Camouflage, Commanders, Signals or Upgrades. You unlock them in the following order: Free XP>Upgrades>Commanders>Signals>Camouflage. In my case I finished my run as I got Signals unlocked so they didn’t play a role. Commander was at 5 points as well when I was done. So, with a possible exception, you will never be able to use skills like Concealment Expert that are basically must haves. Add to that the CV rework as well as Tier V Matchmaker being almost torturous, and this can get pretty bad, pretty quickly. Things to consider before starting In this specific run I decided on using a referral AND an invite code. This decision was godsend, otherwise I would be eating my shoes right now. While referral codes are standard among all players, there are lots of invite codes. The best I was able to find (and the one I used) was one giving 200 doubloons, Premium Ship Emden, St. Louis, 7 days Premium, 2.5 million credits and 20 camouflages (which were sadly not used). So from the get go you get 2 premium ships; Diana Lima and Emden. In addition 200 doubloons are 5000 Free XP, and the game gives you a few more as well. They are literally worth their weight in gold in helping you be properly kitted out when you set out in Random battles. Pick your poison The game has a huge variety of ships and a varied array of classes. In the case of choosing a tier VI ship as your speedrunning goal you have to consider not the tier VI itself, but rather it’s previous tiers and how well they can fit your playstyle. In my case I decided on the Farragut; I mostly play DDs, I have a lot of experience with USN and the Tier IV and V, Clemson and Nicholas are both excellent ships. In addition Nicholas only has one hull upgrade and nothing else, and is just 35,5k XP away from Farragut. I could have also gone the Omaha route since I would get a headstart by being immediately at tier III (due to the St.Louis) but decided against it due to Tier V Matchmaking and the lack of appropriate Commander Skills (mainly IFHE). There is an argument to be made for VMF DDs as well. Diana Lima comes with a 9 point Commander, so when you unlock Commander Skills you can have a pretty capable commander at the helm of your ship. BBs I wouldn’t recommend since most are slow and often not suited for quickly doing a lot of damage in Co-op. Setting off; tiers II-III First of all, getting the daily bonus on your premiums is a must. You will have to do it in Co-op but later on you will be able to convert their XP. Other than that, pretty straightforward stuff. You play, you unlock things. Don’t bother with unlocking modules, just straight to the next ship. In my opinion the rewards are still good in Co-op (especially with Premium Account), so you should be getting to tier II-III without much trouble. By that point you will have reached tier IV soon enough, without any Random Battles yet. You should have Free XP unlocked by then; unlock Clemson, then convert 1750 Free XP to put on the Hull upgrade and more importantly the Artillery one. The latter doubles your firepower obviously. Now it’s time to dive into Random Battles, and oh boy is it an interesting experience. Clemson or I am become death, destroyer of worlds. First of all, let me say that tier IV at the moment is pretty weird and somewhat crazy as an environment. In the little time I have spent there I have encountered 6 CV battles, other Clemsons and DDs with 19 Point Commanders (seriously, some guy had even RPF), I even saw some guy in a Nikolai rocking Kuznetsov… but let’s get to the point. Clemson is really an apex predator, a sealclubber favorite for as long as the game has existed with a well deserved reputation. In addition, something bizzare happens. Because the game still considers you a newbie it gives you a weird form of Matchmaker in Random Battles. Most of the teams are comprised of bots, with 1-3 human players on each side. Know what this means? HOW CO-OP BATTLES WOULD LOOK IF YOU HAD RANDOM BATTLE REWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS. Observe how it's only 2 human players per side, in Random, with bots.... Seriously, this s**t is hilarious. Take a look at these battle results, no wonder I ended up with ~89k average damage in Clemson. With such battles it is so so easy to hit Tier V and Nicholas. By the point you unlock Nicholas you should have also unlocked Commander Skills and Upgrades. You will have ability to earn Containers by then too. What you need before jumping into your Tier V are the following: · 4300 Free XP to unlock the single upgraded Hull · Upgrades, Magazine Mod, Propulsion Mod and Aiming Systems. · All your consumables must be premium, I chose DFAA because lots of CVs are at that tier spread. In addition, it pisses them off. · When you get a container, I think try your luck is the better option. There is a chance for 750 Free XP to drop which is pretty valuable. · 25 doubloons to “buy” a 3 Point Commander. You then put Priority Target and Last Stand to at least have a chance. When you get to 5 points get Adrenaline Rush, chances are you won’t get another point by the time you are done. · The rest of the doubloons can be safely blown to get more Free XP and give you a small boost. My nude, lewd Nickie Nicholas and the final stretch If things sounded easy so far, it’s because the toughest part is reserved for last. Now you pay back with interest for all your sins in Clemson. · Constant uptiering? Check. · People with more common sense than you having 10 Point+ Commanders? Check. · CVs, CVs, and more CVs? Check. · You having glorious 6.7km Concealment with the rest of the competition outspotting you by 1km+ ? Check. · Being unable to mount Signals or Camouflage? Check. Now consider that this is the average experience for someone just starting the game and reaching his first proper ship. Here’s a screen from my first battle, with few exceptions this would be the norm. Victory to the underdog! And a battle with CV torture too! The only pieces of advice I can give regarding this experience is to be patient, support your team, and try to get absolutely 110% out of your smokescreens, they are one of the few things you got going for you. Try putting your DPM to good use when fighting other DDs and don’t forget you got potent AP and your torps have quantity to compensate for their shortcomings. When facing CVs try to make yourself as difficult a target as possible, run around with AA off, switch sectors as much as you can with the DFAA on; you won’t do much versus tier VI CVs but you will give tier IVs a bloody nose. If you feel you can’t take it anymore, play with your premium ships in Randoms or Co-op to convert some more Free XP, it will be put to good use. You should have Campaigns as well unlocked at that point. From the 1st part pick only the ones rewarding you with Free XP, you won’t need the rest of the rewards. And with this and that, after 13 Random Battles in Nicholas I finally got enough XP to unlock and buy Farragut, completing my challenge far beyond my expectations. Success screen, Warspite being credited after my one and only Farragut battle. Conclusions, observations: 1. Since this has been just more of a introductory try, there should be even faster routes to reaching tier VI. Abandoning Co-op completely when the option appears to play Randoms could be a way. That said, Co-op was effective as my “cooldown” mode. 2. What tier V matchmaking is going through at the moment is a big factor in turning new players away. When you face things like Scharnhorst or Sinop or Belfast or Helena in ships like New York or Omaha, you get the same feeling of helplessness as when being the only tier VIII in a tier X battle. You are just fodder for the big boys to enjoy. 3. All in all I had quite a bit of fun, and while I forced myself a bit at the end I don’t really regret it. I don’t know if I will be trying my hand at another run anytime soon but it was refreshing witnessing once more how it is to just have started the game, both with the good and the bad. 4. I would really like to see at some point WG considering a “race” event with specific rewards and limited time constraints. Still, there are bigger fish to fry. Well, that’s about it from me! Thanks for hanging there with me till the end, hope it spawns some interest.
  9. It's been barely a week, yet with the amount that the CV rework has been discussed, it feels much longer. A common theme in many threads is how the game is bleeding players and how many people abstain from it. Others suggest a more patient path of giving WG some time to see the outcome of the rework, based on the reasoning that game balance will normalize in time and stop being in a state of flux. A question however remains. Provided WG is able to complete and present a satisfactory product that conforms to the aims they themselves set when starting with the rework, how long would you be willing to wait? While there is no guarantee that the final product will be necessarily good, in the end the playerbase is the lifeblood of the game so it should at least be acceptable by the majority. In this case and for the sake of simplicity time will be measured in monthly patches since this is where most of the changes will be located. Personally one part of me is pretty impatient and pessimistic. Another however wants to give WG some more time to develop their product and see where it goes from there. Looking forward to your opinions and a civil discussion .
  10. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS PURELY CONJECTURE AND THEORY, TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Since the CV rework is fast approaching I wanted to check if there can be any obscure way to profit from it, thanks to the compensations you may get on your CVs. So while looking at the rules on this link something caught my eye: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/carrier-underwood/ This makes sense since odd tiers will be removed; what makes this very interesting is the current 50% discount we get on permanent camos of Tier V-IX. This leaves 2 odd tiers, VII and IX with permanent camos. The tier VII ones cost 1k doubloons, the tier IX ones 2k doubloons. What does this mean? If the rules do not change in the meantime, you can spend up to 6000 doubloons on the permanent camouflages at a 50% discount, to get back after the rework 12.000 doubloons back. And because the XP spent on the ships can be refunded you don't even need to play them, just Free XP to them, buy the perma camos and then get your double doubloons and Free XP back. Personally I am considering trying it out on the Hiryu. I would like to point out again that this is purely theoretical and that you won't know for sure until the rework happens and all the rules are finalized. As with any investment, there is risk involved.
  11. DocWalker

    OSU Bacon ???

    There's now a bacon vending machine at Ohio State University
  12. From Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/bulletin-0711/ Changes in the Damage Mechanics The testing of changes to the damage mechanics of AP shells continues, allowing the exclusion of rare cases when large caliber shells inflicted excessive damage on destroyers. This happened when a shell hit destroyers’ armor at an acute angle. The thickness of the armor allowed the shell to arm and cause considerable damage inside of the ship's hull. To avoid such cases, we have introduced a limit on the maximum damage caused by an AP shell to all destroyers, with the exceptions of Khabarovsk and Harugumo. The loss of ships’ HP from an AP shell with a caliber of 280 mm and higher will no longer exceed 10% of the maximum possible damage caused by such a shell. Although 10% might seem like a rather small value, hits will still inflict significant damage to destroyers. This change will also affect the interaction of destroyers with battleships and some heavy cruisers. Ships carrying a caliber of 280 mm and more will have to be more careful when choosing the type of shells to be fired, depending on the game situation. A close-range salvo with AP shells will still cause considerable damage to a destroyer, which will not allow her to "fly in" at an enemy ship and launch her torpedoes without much risk. Considering the new mechanics, destroyers’ Commanders will be less troubled by the situations when an occasional volley threatens half of their HP, which would bring the ship out of active combat. Besides that, there are certain changes to the mechanics of causing damage to bulges, secondary battery/AA defense, and fully destroyed parts of a ship. Now, when these areas are hit, the ship will receive guaranteed damage of 10% of the maximum damage that can be caused by such a projectile or torpedo. The new mechanics will reduce the number of cases when, despite receiving the "Penetration" ribbon, no damage to the ship’s HP was inflicted. Seems like these changes will at least make it on the test server. I don't know if this will be a good solution or open a whole new can of worms, especially the part about causing damage to bulges and mounts. As for the DDs, as a DD enthusiast I would just be happy with the removal of double dipping. That said, all this info is preliminary and could change any time. Just thought it would be interesting to at least try and have a civil discussion on these changes instead of picking our "mafias".
  13. Thought we could toss around the possibility of everyone starting a match fully armed. No two minute load times for torpedoes, nothing, nobody, everyone is fully armed to the teeth. Thought this would speed up matches for one. Secondly, it could really spice up capping action, as DD might try to boost into caps, toss torps then stay/fight or jet out of cap. The game has been around long enough as is... do you think it might be a possible tweak for the good, the bad or the ugly? tiafyc
  14. So, fresh from the oven Dev Bulletin for 0.7.9 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/bulletin-079/ We got the following info: Seems like this is part of an effort of WG to provide a better experience to Tier VIII ships, by introducing a mode exclusive to Tiers IX and X. Personally I don't feel this will change much, and to be honest I dislike game modes that give bonuses to ship parameters. However it is what it is, (and still in testing), let's get some discussion going! .