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Found 12 results

  1. Pixelf

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Sheesh, this is really becoming a thing. And from looking around online, it is doing quite well in Japan too! So I did tackle the game, gosh the designs are quite amazing! So on my third day of gameplay, this is rather, woah!~ Here is my Takao! Anyway I know Kancolle is pretty much established but if more Teitoku wishes to attempt Azur Lane, this is server I am established on!
  2. This is a collection of mods for Kantai Collection, Azur Lane and other anime or ship girls games made by myself and by a team of friends. We hope that you like them! Be sure to let us know if you think something is broken or does not seem to work properly, or if you'd like something changed or added! The team: @garfield001 @Blorgh2017 More to come! This mod includes the following mods: Kancolle UI Kancolle Ship Preview V1.0 Kancolle Ship Icons V2.0 Kancolle Health Bars Lady Commanders Women Commander Names Flags Download Kancolle UI Download Preview V1.0 Download Preview V2.0 (Romanized) Download Icons V1.0 Download Icons V1.5 (Romanized) Download Icons V2.0 Download Icons V2.5 (Romanized)
  3. Hi! Fan Art and Community Creations category was gone. my topic is gone too. (my topic now) so, i moved to here! (Caution!) This topic has anime,game etc otaku cultures. 'How to apply skins' Skin in this Topic Battleship / Battlecruiser, Large Cruiser Carriers Cruisers Destroyers Others if you want a my skin for modpack, sand massage to me. and please don't edit my skins.
  4. BladeStorm03

    Clan Recruitment for AL-EU

    Azur Lane - Eagle Union is now recruiting members if we get more than enough we will start to make other groups biased on the Factions in the game Azur Lane link is below https://discord.gg/Gg726Cw
  5. Etec25

    Azur Lane after event

    Hi guys, is it possible to get the Azur Lane commanders after the event? I've just started replaying WoW and saw that the event ended in august.
  6. Attention: This topic was move to All new contents will be updated there. I won't update here anymore. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jkqpqp4panlplpa/HP_bar_-_Azur_Lane.7z/file It's a mod which replaces the original ship's HP bar. For example, You also can find other style images for the same ship in other folder, like "same class", "party" and "wedding". Other optional theme: 1.Halloween 2.New year (Include Christmas) 3.Party 4.Same class 5.School 6.Summer (swimsuit) 7.Wedding 8.Other Now I list all I've already done. Japan 鳳翔 Hosho New year 瑞鳳 Zuiho Shouhou alternative Halloween 飛龍 Hiryu School Same class,Souryuu New year School 翔鶴 Shokaku Same class,Zuikaku 大鳳 Taiho Party 加賀 Kaga Wedding New year Summer 扶桑 Fuso New year Same class,Yamashiro Party,Yamashiro New year Summer 金剛、海霧金剛 Kongo / ARP Kongo 長門 Nagato Wedding 三笠 Mikasa School 天城 Amagi Akagi alternative Wedding New year Summer 出雲 Izumo 陸奧 Mutsu 海霧霧島 ARP Kirishima School 海霧榛名 ARP Haruna School 海霧比叡 ARP Hiei Other 夕張 Yubari 古鷹 Furutaka Same class,Kako 青葉 Aoba 妙高、海霧妙高 Myoko / ARP Myoko 最上 Mogami 伊吹 Ibuki 愛宕 Atago New year Summer 海霧高雄 ARP Takao Wedding New year Summer 海霧那智 ARP Nachi 神風、神風R Kamikaze / Kamikaze R 睦月 Mutsuki New year 吹雪 Fubuki Party School Other 曉 Akatsuki Other 秋月 Akitsuki Niizuki alternative 初春 Hatsuharu 白露 Shiratsuyu Yuudachi alternative Wedding,Yuudachi New year Same class, Shiratsuyu Other 陽炎 Kagero Yukikaze alternative Other Same class,,Kagero Halloween 朝潮 Asashio School USA Bogue Langley Ranger Lexington Saratoga alternative Summer Same class, Lexington Enterprise Wedding New year Colorado North Carolina Same class,Washington Arizona West Virginia Alabama / Alabama ST South Dakota alternative Party Massachusetts St. Louis In azur lane she is belong Brooklyn class, and differs from WoWs. New year Omaha Atlanta San Diego alternative New year Same class, Atlanta Phoenix In azur lane she is belong Brooklyn class, and differs from WoWs. New Orleand Quincy alternative Summer School, Astoria Other, Vincennes Helena Cleveland Party Halloween Indianapolis Same class, Portland Wichita Benson Laffey alternative New year Other Same class,Benson Nicholas In azur lane she is belong Fletcher class, and differs from WoWs. Other Fletcher Bush alternative Same class,Fletcher Sims Hammann alternative Summer Same class,Sims Mahan Cassin alternative British Warspite Queen Elizabeth Party Monarch Party Duke of York Hood Wedding Summer Nelson Halloween Same class,Rodney Summer Leander Ajax alternative Same class,Leander Party Fiji Edinburgh Neptune Belfast Wedding 小貝爾 Acasta School Jervis Javelin alternative Summer Other Gallent Glow worm alternative Germany Graf Zeppelin Summer Tirpiz Summer Gneisenau Bismark Scharnhorst Karlsruhe Königsberg Admiral Hipper Roon Admiral Graf Spee / HSF Admiral Graf Spee Other Same class, Deutschland Summer Halloween Prinz Eugen Wedding New year Summer Z-1 Leberecht Maass School Z-23 Other Z-46 Summer Pan-Asia 撫順 Fushun 鞍山 Anshan 黃河 Huanghe UK Aurora=Huanghe New year Same class,use Royal flag. Party 洛陽 Lo Yang Use Eastern Radiance flag, Benson France Saint-Louis Émile Bertin Summer Le Terrible Le Triomphant alternative Dunkerque Summer Jean Bart Richelieu USSR Avrora Commonwealth Vampire Other How to use: Extract and put "gui" folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\
  7. [WAIFU] is looking for new members! What is WAIFU? We're a community on NA that's centered around anime and other weeb stuff. Whether it be in a division, operations, or lazing around having fun, there's almost always something to do or talk about. We don't consider ourselves the best players in the world, but as the casual elites, we're always aiming to improve ourselves while having fun. What can WAIFU offer you? A community to discuss anime, games, and history to your heart's content An awesome clan tag. Seriously. Who wouldn't want the tag [WAIFU]? Poi What does WAIFU expect from you? The ability to use Discord and communicate in English The ability to be mature The strive to constantly be improving Consistent interaction with the clan and its members on Discord Requirements: WTR of 1,000 or higher (1,100+ recommended) Win Rate 50%+ At least 1,000 battles Read and acknowledge this short message Note about Clan Battles: We do participate in CB, but it isn't our clan's main purpose - Our main goal is to get as far as possible while still having fun. This does mean we take it seriously to an extent, but participation is entirely optional. Interested? Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/8yWccEs -
  8. I must be mis-remembering things... for some strange reason... elitism? I dunno - but the Belfast was "removed" with the general consensus, perhaps even official statements being made, that eluded to her never being sold again. Once again we see never say never. But I don't remember for sure if it was removed for good. What's disgusting is how cheap they're peddling her. So now every one and their brother, sister, cat, dog and goldfish can buy a Belfast. Hurry before the sale ends... 10 days? Hint - she's a shadow of what she used to be as the engagements she enters has many a cruiser that can out gun her, out range her and oh yeah, send torps at her. Still... hope against hope... they could give us a torp option in the future for simply "balance". The population now is only going to grow... or will it? Will people want an older ship like her or will it be something newer that catch their eyes? Time will tell.
  9. ProfesssorRoadkill

    Azur Lane Camo Availability

    From the patch notes: "The following Azur Lane series camouflages have been added: Hipper, Cleveland, Hood, Nelson, and Enterprise. These camos will be available for purchase in the Premium Shop." While looking through my ships today, I noticed that Enterprise's Azur Lane camo is available for purchase for 5000 doubloons in the client. I didn't see any Azur Lane camos for Nelson, Hood, or Cleveland. I can't check Hipper since I don't have one at the moment. I'm not seeing anything related to Azur Lane in the Premium Shop at the moment. Is Enterprise's camo availability a mistake? I was expecting the camos to only be available in the Premium Shop.
  10. DISCORD CBT REWARD REDEMPTION GUIDE: If you can't wait and want to redeem your CBT code 'before' the website is fixed, you can do the following steps: - Have the Game downloaded for iOS or Android - Get through the Azur Lane tutorial (it's long...) - Join Azur Lane Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WYjqf7P - Read the Rules! (They require that you create a Nickname and not use your default Username; Do this by finding your name in the server list on the right hand column and right clicking and then "Change Nickname") - Go to #Announcements: - Locate this post: - PM @Z23 Sensei#9150 - Enter the information as instructed: /redeem cbt-code,android|ios,UID,username [No spaces] - Remove the phone operating system that does not apply to you and the | symbol so it looks like this: - NOTE: Your UID is the games UID that is located in the lobby of the game at this screen: - Once the @Z23 Sensei Discord Bot replies as shown in the second image, you've successfully reclaimed your CBT Code!
  11. I have run across a possible chilling problem in WOWS. I do hope WG reads this post. I spend a lot of real cash on this game. I think I am supporting people earning a pay check and to keep the game going (retired US navy). The problem I have found with 0.7.7 is that my ARP arpeggio blue steel ships "have gone away". Yes, I still have the 9 boats in the carousel and in the tech tree, BUT the paint/skins/camo are gone leaving grey only. Yes the ships have the same names, but the GIRL captains (anime) are gone leaving just Japanese guy captains in their stead. Now I earned these ships by grinding my rear end off. I was lead to believe that these 9 boats would remain - period. But the look and captains might be gone if support does not give me a fix. The contract is up and good bye to the look & girls - maybe. If so, too bad. Now if true, a bucket of cold ice sea water hits in the face. What about the real cash I laid out for High School Fleet captains and paints. Will they go away when the contract is done??? Azur Lane girl captains be replaced by guys in the future? If so, I want my $75 back. What about the special paints by the artist for ROMA and KII? They going away when the contract is done? The point is not the contract, it is the money spent by the customer and the future where I don't spend the money for the latest raise cash for WG to make the pay roll. Who here likes spending money on a sweet ride (car, motorcycle, boat, etc.) and then when the contract is gone, here is a different sweet ride with no captain, different captain, different paint job (puke brown or blind you neon light green that can be seen from the moon)? If you paid money for something, you will be unhappy (stronger language can be used here - dear reader) when the SWITCH is pulled. WG - OUCH! The point is this - why spend REAL MONEY/CASH on a product that will not stick around? Note - yes I was not upset when Steven S left the game and from my BB-63 the Mighty MO. I didn't spend real money on that one. Note - I do spend real money on WG/WOWS to keep the game going (no bucks, no buck rogers or boats). There are a whole lot of internet games that have disappeared due to not enough customers spending real cash. Got to make the pay roll. Please tell me I am wrong (I expect to be pointed to a location to read it). Thanks captains for your time. Fair winds on your back and calm seas.
  12. Thought I'd show these collage edits I put together; I don't know anything about this stuff, but I've fumbled around in the past trying to learn to make signatures and stuff - so here they are: And this is a hybrid: I did the collage of Deutschland myself, but Graf Spee is someone elses work, which was really nice so I tried to imitate it (see fine print for artist info on Graf Spee): Anyway, that's it, just wanted to share! Regards, *Update: Was asked to do a sig that also happened to have 2 Azur Lane Sisters: