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Found 30 results

  1. Pulptenks

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Sheesh, this is really becoming a thing. And from looking around online, it is doing quite well in Japan too! So I did tackle the game, gosh the designs are quite amazing! So on my third day of gameplay, this is rather, woah!~ Here is my Takao! Anyway I know Kancolle is pretty much established but if more Teitoku wishes to attempt Azur Lane, this is server I am established on!
  2. NO! Put that body pillow away, this is serious time for serious talk about a game that can't be taken seriously anymore. So yeah, Japanese submarine time. But first, some context. IJN SS's are, well to put it lightly weird. The IJN had two distinct classes of submarine during this time; 1st Class submarines of which the I-56 is one. These were the large, cruiser type submarines designed for ultra-long range patrol and scouting (like a cruiser would!) Then you have the 2nd Class subs, which are the coastal submarines meant to defend home waters and patrol around the South and East China seas. With I-56 being the only IJN SS in the game up to this point, I naturally assumed that this line will consist of 1st Class cruisers to start. Almost immediately I began to run into problems with this: 1) most of the designs were iterative and would need to be weeded out to find the best and most tier appropriate examples and 2) separating the aircraft carrying submarines (yes, plural) from the non aircraft carrying ones. Quick sidebar; because of the proliferation of carrier submarines with Japan, I strongly believe that this tree will be the first in the game with two distinct SS branches. More so that Pan-Europe, way more so than even the Soviet Union. Anyway, eventually I was able to cobble up a suitable tier VI Cruiser SS (Kaidai V series I-65-class) and even find a strong candidate for tier VIII (Hei-Gata C1 series, I-16-class) but then I ran into problem number 3: finding a suitable tier X. Other than several mentions of an "E series" submarine that was supposed to standardize and replace the now cancelled but slated for construction B and C types, I didn't find much and even then, nothing other than some very general information on this new cruiser sub. Now the aircraft carrying versions are a whole other story, and if anyone wants to see what that line could look like, let me know in the comments! But with the non aircraft carrying cruisers coming to a dead-end, I turned my attention to the 2nd class SS's, and was met with much more luck (and IMO more interesting subs!) Therefore the IJN boats of this line will have the following traits: medium to large-ish displacement offering good HP pools (though nowhere near what comparable cruiser SS's like I-56 have). Torpedo armament, like I-56 will be all forward and will also be rather modest with only 4-6 TTs in total. The tradeoff though is they are still Japanese torps; sooper high damage per fish but with moderate speed and crappy stealth. Finally they will be fast, like fastest SS's in the game fast. Like every WoWs-tuber will rage that this is breaking/ killing the game once and for all fast. BUT! This will be mitigated somewhat by having only mediocre mobility and transition speeds, as well as average stealth at best. Essentially summing up their gameplay in one word: Tier VI: Type L4, RO-60-class These boats started out as licensed copies of the British L-class submarines from Vickers, itself a larger development of the WWI era E-class boats. Further successive development of the base design lead to the L4 series in the late 1920s. Despite being considered "2nd Class" or a coastal boat, these were still fairly heavy and large compared to their European counterparts with ~1000/1322 tonnes displacement and an armament consisting of 6 21" TTs, all forward. Now some of you may look at that and think oooh, that's a lotta alpha from a tier VI SS, but fear not as this submarine was using 6th Year type torpedoes rather than the newer and heavier type 95 (essentially submarine compatible Long Lances). 6th Year torps are the same as on the tier IV Isokaze, hence the two extra tubes to compensate. Oh and it has a little 3" gun up top for... funsies I guess? Tier VIII: Kaichū VI (or VII)/ Sen-Chū series, RO-35-class The Kaichū series were a class of boats that were built concurrently along the L series starting from the late nineteen-teens to the early 20's. Licensed from an older French design, the first 5 series were mostly the same and eventually superseded by the later L series boats. However, this proved to be rather nearsighted by the mid 1930's as nearly all the older WWI vintage 2nd class boats were becoming rapidly obsolete. So a crash program was initiated to begin building new, replacement 2nd class submarines and the Kaichū series was chosen as the starting point. the RO-35-class boats were the final iteration of this long lineage. Displacement comes in at 975/1470 tonnes and this thing is fast. Even IRL it was capable of nearly 20kts on the surface (so make of that what you will in game terms) and a not best but still respectable 8kts underwater. They were also fitted with a freon based air conditioning unit as they knew they'd be operating near the equator, which doesn't make any difference in game but I still thought that was pretty novel and worth sharing. Anywhoo, down to just 4 21" TT's now but they are the big, heavy bois so alpha should be strong. Oh and still that same 3" pop gun for good measure. Tier X: Sentaka type, I-201-class Here it is, fastest* submarines of WWII (depending on who you ask). Her IRL top speed was actually faster below water than above, with 15.8kts on the surface and a blistering 19kts submerged so again make of that what you will in in-game performance terms. Setting aside the speed, these boats were remarkably advanced for their time especially as Japan really didn't get to see much of the technology that went into the Type XXI U-boats that the west basically modeled their entire postwar submarine fleets around. It has significant hydrodynamic improvements, no deck gun ( though it did have 2 stowable 25mm AA cannons on pintle mounts), improved batteries, improvements to reduce noise and even a snorkel! Displacement comes in at 1290/1500 tonnes so it's a pretty solid boat HP wise and rounding out the armament with 4 forward TT's, same as before. Overall, I think this could be a really interesting high risk/ high reward ship who's only real defense is to run like hell if you get spotted or miss your torp run and hope you get out of the engagement range of ASW/ DCs (or focused down by aircraft). So there you have it, what the IJN 2nd class line could look like. Again, if you want to see what the hybrid carrier sub line could look like, let me know. For now we'll finish up in the far east with the Pan Asian subs, so stay tuned!
  3. Xwing_Red1

    Real Ships of Azur Lane: Aurora

    Dont want to sound salty, but.. after watching this video, I'm thinking that ALL Russian ships should have a slight worse dispersion at long range (And dont even mention their secondaries xD)
  4. Pretty much as the topic says. If your spotter of fighter gets shot down as one of the new commanders, the wrong line plays. To test, just take Littorio, Roon, Sovetskaya Rossiya, Yat Sen, Jean Bart, or Baltimore out on a ship with a fighter or spotter, and get the plane(s) shot down. Shoukaku doesn't have this issue because she just doesn't have lines for her fighters/spotter being shot down. You can see why this is happening in the mod.xml <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_JeanBart</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>JeanBart_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_JeanBart</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>JeanBart_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Littorio</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Littorio_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Littorio</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Littorio_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Itsen</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Itsen_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Itsen</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Itsen_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_SovRussia</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>SovRussia_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_SovRussia</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>SovRussia_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Baltimore</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Baltimore_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Baltimore</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Baltimore_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Shokaku</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>TISHINA.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Shokaku</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>TISHINA.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Roon</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Scout</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Roon_Speech_CatFight_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>CrewName</Name> <Value>Azur_Roon</Value> </State> <State> <Name>HelpType</Name> <Value>Fighter</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>Roon_Speech_Corr_Destroyed.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> As you can see, when the Value is "Fighter", the line being used it the "Corr_Destroyed" line, while when the Value is "Scout" the "CatFight_Destroyed" line is being used. These are reversed. "CatFIght" is the Catapult Fighter, while "Corr" is the Spotter. Also, the files for Nelson sinking an allied cruiser or destroyer are still reversed (they look fine in the XML, the file names themselves are reversed), and I reported this issue quite some time ago. This means she says the wrong ship type when sinking an allied cruiser or destroyer. Nelson_Speech_Destroy_Ally_Destroyer.mp3 Nelson_Speech_Destroy_Ally_Cruiser.mp3 "Kuchikukan" is destroyer. "Junyoukan" is cruiser.
  5. Not sure if the ppl in charge of events look here, but it would be nice if these ship events would come around more often. They come when im broke asf, but leave when i got money to blow, lmbo.
  6. BeidouMommyMilkers

    Azur Lane Guild Recruit

    -Eng- This is a new guild of Azur Lane called "Azul Lane" I dont have many friends, so i want more people in this guild. lol please help me and join now uwu!! -Pt/BR- Esta é uma nova guilda de Azur Lane chamada "Azul Lane" Não tenho muitos amigos, então quero mais pessoas nesta guilda. hehe por favor me ajude e entre agora uwu !! Info: Server: Amagi Guild Name: Azul Lane Guild ID: 335546564 Guild Lvl: 06 (Grinding ^-^) Members: 6/30 (pls join :( ) Discord Link: https://discord.gg/2Zwwn93mWS
  7. This...was a long time coming. I supported the game a long time ago...and now it is finally on its way to Beta. XX While lower-budget than Azur Lane and Kancolle, there were definitely a few things I liked about the idea: -The "real world" serving as the setting, so the real-world nations serve as factions for the ship-girls. -The focus on narrative and relationships, making this game more like a visual novel with some gameplay. -The ships speaking their native tongue: possibly the biggest selling point of the whole game. -The inclusion of minor navies as factions - Polish, the Dutch and Spanish thus far. -The art is nice in its own way. XX I personally look forward to seeing this in its final form and I'm very excited that I can finally play it very soon.
  8. The following is a review of Azur Lane Littorio, the tier VIII Italian battleship. This ship has been provided to me by Wargaming for evaluation purposes -- I did not have to pay for this thing. To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed in this article are current as of patch Please be aware that her performance may change in the future. So first some bias warning: Wargaming has pissed me off with AL Littorio. You're going to see a lot of negativity in this (blessedly short) review. The worst part is that I'm partially muzzled with NDAs on explaining why I'm mad with Wargaming. I have to be very careful here, but I'll tip-toe and disclose as much as I am able. Weeks and weeks ago, I was play-testing the tier VIII Italian Battleship Impero. Impero, like all test ships, was a Work in Progress -- with any and all of her performance characteristics subject to change at Wargaming's whims. She appeared superficially as a clone of Roma, the tier VIII Premium Italian Battleship but she was armed with SAP shells instead of HE Shells, she had improved agility but her reload was three seconds longer. Finally, she had access to an Italian cruiser Exhaust Smoke Generator. While I cannot comment on how she performed, there was nothing out of the ordinary with receiving a test ship with new and novel game play features. What was out of the ordinary was the trio of mistakes Wargaming would make regarding Impero. The Three Blunders MISTAKE THE FIRST: Impero was called "Impero (AL Littorio)" in Wargaming's internal documentation. When I first saw this, the hype was real. I do so enjoy crossovers. But internal documents are internal documents and subject to NDA so I wasn't going to spread this far and wide. "But how is this a mistake?" you ask. Well, dear reader, according to Wargaming, Impero wasn't meant to be labelled such. MISTAKE THE SECOND: Wargaming accidentally leaked a Supertest announcement: So the above oops was unfortunate but it might not have been so bad if it didn't contain this second element. When new ships are issued to testers, Wargaming messages the individual testers. This contains not only the itemized list of everything that has been credited to accounts, but it also provides links where feedback can be submitted. In or around the second week of April, this message (found below) was sent out accidentally to non-testers. Now Wargaming's "typo" was spread far and wide: MISTAKE THE THIRD: Wargaming failed to notify anyone that Impero was not AL Littorio. With the leak, Community Contributors could now discuss the upcoming Azur Lane crossover. While Impero's performance was (and remains) strictly off the table, her name was now tied to Impero's stats because of this leak. If Wargaming intended to separate the association between the two, they missed their early opportunity to do so with clear communication. This is when you start seeing me include AL Littorio instead of Impero in graphs and charts like this one for Odin's review back in early June: The "AL Littorio" is actually what Impero used to do. Impero, as designed during this test phase, doesn't exist anymore. For the current AL Littorio performance, look at Roma on this chart. The only problem, of course, is that Wargaming didn't think to correct all of the "AL Littorio" feedback they were receiving in place of Impero's. Now I stress that what abilities Impero had were all transitory -- Wargaming could change her however they wished, throwing everything out on a whim. But this does not diminish the fact that Impero's performance was tied to the AL Littorio name in the hearts and minds of testers, to say nothing of the attentive members of the community who were following her development through what snippets they could acquire. Divorcing the notion that AL Littorio and Impero were one in the same should have been high up on the priority list, but apparently this miscommunication slipped through the cracks. It wasn't until the official announcement on the Japanese World of Warships / Azur Lane collaboration stream that this fact came to light in the most jarring way possible. Who doesn't love getting important information from a third party source? AL Littorio was not getting Impero's performance. She was just going to be a Roma-clone in almost every respect. Mouse's Mistake So I have found myself the perpetrator of spreading misinformation. What's extra-frustrating is that the new "lack of preview" system the Community Contributor program has in place is meant specifically to mitigate this sort of thing from happening, but it went and happened anyway. While I reported Impero's performance accurately at the time, it was under the label of AL Littorio which is patently false. Let me be crystal clear: AL Littorio is not Impero. AL Littorio does not get Impero's SAP shells instead of HE shells. AL Littorio does not have Impero's 33 second reload. AL Littorio does not have Impero's Exhaust Smoke Generator. AL Littorio does not have Impero's improved agility. AL LITTORIO CLONES ROMA'S IN-GAME PERFORMANCE IN EVERY WAY THAT MATTERS. AL Littorio is a boring ol' clone of Roma in all respects but one: you can't buy a Makoto Kobayashi "Beer Can" camouflage for AL Littorio and received (much) improved economic gains. So... lesson learned: Going forward, I'm not going to include any test-ship data in any of my graphs and charts, pertinent though they may be to the community discussions going on at the time. Hopefully this will nip any of these miscommunication SNAFUs on Wargaming's part in the bud. I hate to leave stuff out but at the same time, it's not worth having my readers misled. For my part in this whole mix-up, I am truly sorry. I cannot properly express how mad I feel. The lack of clear information from Wargaming, the air of deliberately misleading me through withheld information, pisses me off to no end. I feel very much disrespected, especially when it came to light that, according to the game files, Impero is AL Littorio after all. I was jerked around -- there's no other word for it. I wasn't worth communicating to regarding Wargaming's intentions for the project. No one saw fit to make sure that I was being properly informed. They effectively put the onus on me to fact-check them on EVERYTHING they disclose, no matter how inane. To say that my trust in them is horribly shaken would be an understatement. And best of all, they pulled another Graf Zeppelin / German Destroyer swapperoo -- changing everything at the last minute without telling the CCs first. So not only am I very much a part of the whole spreading of misinformation, I wasn't given the opportunity to undo the damage in a timely manner. The NDAs on these ships have only just been lifted with the ships going on sale with the big ol' butt added on that Impero's performance is still off the table. Yay. Now, as I have said, Wargaming is free to change test-ship performance however they like. They MUST be allowed to try out new things. Sometimes this results in some real gems making it to the live client. For example, Haida's success story could not have come to pass without this level of experimentation. However, for every Haida there are ships like Duke of York where the concept gets axed at the eleventh hour, potentially never to see the light of day again (we STILL don't have a ship that matches the original Duke of York's play style). While I suspect the information collected with Impero may end up shaping the Italian battleship line in some shape or form, Impero's test-ship game play isn't replicated in AL Littorio. I must stress that this is only a suspicion that Impero's performance may re-emerge with the Italian tech-tree battleships. I do not begrudge Wargaming's need to change test-ships. However, if they want me to produce content about these ships, they must appreciate that jerking me around does not make for a happy Mouse. Roma in 2020 Roma hasn't changed much since I first reviewed her two and a half years ago. She's a ship I very much want to like but she's held back by two elements that are difficult to overcome. For those unfamiliar with Roma, her performance summarizes to the following PROS and CONS: PROs Dispersed armour layout with thick upper hull, amidships deck armour and an extended belt, all resistant to HE damage. Good gun handling with fast turret traverse. Phenomenal muzzle velocity and energy retention, giving her fast shell flight times over distance. Great AP penetration power over range, especially for guns of her caliber. Good concealment with a 14.9km surface detection range which can be reduced down to 11.7km. CONs Soviet-style high-water citadel. Short ranged for a tier VIII battleship at 18.1km. Horrible dispersion on her main battery guns. Her high-velocity, high-penetration AP shells consistently over-penetrate cruisers. Her 381mm AP shells cannot overmatch 27mm+ hull sections found commonly on many cruisers within her matchmaking. Awful HE performance with low alpha strike, poor fire chance and mediocre module damage. Large turning radius, mediocre ship rotation rate. Roma are AL Littorio are flanking battleships. The idea is that they're able to get into a forward position and hammer the enemy with crossfire. However, this is where those aforementioned problem-elements come in. The first is that their guns are horribly inconsistent. Their gunnery dispersion is just horrid -- behaving just often enough to give you hope that you can land hits on a crucial shot only to troll you when you need them to behave. Out of all of the ships in the game I have so far mapped dispersion for, Roma has the worst I've seen. It's really bad. Adding to this gunnery inconsistency is the double-feature of struggling to land anything but over-penetrating hits on the flat broadside of cruisers. Roma' and AL Littorio's AP shells are simply too fast and have too much penetration -- they punch clean through cruisers rather than exploding within them unless targets are pretty far away (12km to 14km depending on the chubbiness of the ship in question). Finally, her 381mm caliber means that they can't overmatch the 27mm hull sections found on many tier VIII+ cruisers. American and German cruisers that bow in can bounce their AP for days. Their HE shells are terrible so they don't pick up the slack. The second issue is one of being too easily detected. Back when I first reviewed Roma, carriers were largely a non-issue. Now they're commonplace. Assigning "concealment" as a battleship's strength is a bit of a hard sell when aircraft can undo this even accidentally, without actively trying to keep Roma lit. This means taking up forward or flanking positions is a no-go and simply guarantees you'll be focus fired. AL Littorio and Roma aren't without their merits, though. The punch on their guns really is phenomenal. You can reliable citadel most battleships up to maximum range (provided their citadels are exposed and they're giving you a broadside to shoot at). Their armour layout is super tanky, lacking just the full-on ice-breaker bow to make it perfect. Unlike Soviet ships, they're not shackled with horrible surface detection and agility either, so provided no one's looking, they can redeploy effectively. All things told, AL Littorio and Roma are balanced Mehbotes. I just wish their gunnery was more interesting. Final Evaluation So AL Littorio is Roma with an Azur Lane camouflage. She is a worse Roma, as a matter of fact -- as I said, you can't fork out money to get Roma's beer-can camouflage. AL Littorio is only worthwhile if: (a) you want Roma and (b) you don't have Roma and (c) you never intend to buy Roma's Makoto Kobayashi camouflage because you're allergic to fun and pope hats.
  9. This Battleship had a surcharge which does not pay at all, despite being a Tier IX, IT HAS NOTHING TO BENEFIT IT: - Useless Secondarys. - An Anti-Air that leaves much to be desired. - The Fighter is terrible and never shoots down planes. - Bad dispersion which makes it worse than the German BBs. The only decent thing about this Purchase is the Captain of Azur Lane because the ship sucks wherever you want to see, extremely disappointed with what this collaboration is currently selling. "Premium BB or Useless BB"
  10. Was expected sooner or later, just a while ago premium shop offers popped up on EU server. Pricing is ok I guess, Littorio and Sovetskaya are more or less on expected prices. Big package with all Commanders: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15672/ Separate, first, second and third wave Commanders: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15669/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15674/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15675/ All Azur Lane ships: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15693/ Commander containers : https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15653/ Permacamo packages: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15659/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15658/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15656/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/main/15657/ Obviously you can buy separate ships with their respective commanders. All in all, I'd say there are no surprises, though the inability to buy specific Commanders is again a negative. The fact that the containers can give an infinite number of duplicates makes this even worse.
  11. Freecloud

    Ship-Girls In Other Eras?

    Hello! I was just randomly thinking about this today and I thought it would be fun to share some thoughts about this for the sake of discussion. As seen in games like Kantai Collection and Azur Lane, ship-girls are definitely popular. However, they've only really dealt with the Second World War era with a handful, but limited group of exceptions (i.e. Mikasa, who is dated prior to even the First World War). This is probably due to the Second World War being one of the more famous examples of a war with actual fighting while also being the last "glory moment" for Japan since that was the golden age of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Since the ship-girl genre is mainly Japanese, that isn't surprising. That being said, I think there are two eras that could really be cool to have a ship-girl production made from them: the Cold War and the Age of Sail. XX The Cold War A period defined by mini conflicts and cloak-and-dagger operations, it is the post-Second World War era of intrigue, moral ambiguity and consequences. East vs West, communist vs capitalist - all of which played a big part in shaping the culture of the time. Pros The Cold War was a long-spanning tit-for-tat period of history. The whole Cold War is chock-full of culture defined by those eras, so they could be used to help define the flavor of the game - something seen in pretty iconic eras like the 1980s, which also helped define the Tom Clancy novels that really embraced the navy during that time. What is also nice is that a lack of shooting conflict could allow for gameplay options that are a bit more unique than ship-to-ship fights. Maybe there could be a focus on espionage and war prevention as the two sides play international chess against each other. Cons The length and the changing times of the Cold War could be considered downfalls because...well...it was a long-spanning era with many changing ships over time. Besides the obvious lack of heavy naval combat, a downfall could be also considered the recency of the Cold War, which even includes present-day tensions. Moe-ifying the Cold War could be thus frowned upon due to that fact. XX The Age of Sail Spanning the 1600s to the 1800s, it is defined by the supremacy of sailing ships. Pirates, ship of the lines and gallant captains were hallmarks of this amazing, more free-wheeling time. Pros While it is a long-running era, even longer than the Cold War, it was pretty much defined by variations on wooden ships - something that should standardize gameplay all around. The era is also defined by a certain flavor with the tricorn hats and spirit of adventure, especially with books like Treasure Island or fictional masters of the sea like Horatio Hornblower. There is also plenty of fun combat to go around, whether you're a pirate speeding across the Caribbean or fighting in massive line battles a la the Napoleonic Wars. Cons The relative uniformity of the ships could make it harder for variety overall. Most ships were armed with variations of cannons after all - none of the unique guns and planes seen in the Second World War. The era could also run too long as sailing ships toward the end of the reign started to incorporate steam technology to make them into hybrid sail boats - a far cry from the Queen Anne's Revenge or even the HMS Victory. XX What do you guys think? Are there other eras that you guys might be interested in for a ship-girl treatment? Of the two eras, which ones is your favorite...if you like any of them? Do you think it should just be consigned to the Second World War? Thanks!
  12. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    Letting go my Hatred

    None of us are perfect human beings.....we all experience emotion, both good or bad emotion every once in a while. It is only natural. Recently, I have been struggling with myself as the whole "Russian bias" got me worked up as Kremlin is difficult to sink, Smolensks are still everywhere, Wargaming announced new Russian cruisers, etc etc...... I so thoroughly depressed myself I seriously considered just uninstalling the game and never coming back. So much was the hatred that I was harboring for Russian ships. Plus, it has been increasingly depressing for me that I love playing CVs (I am working on a private pilot's license actually) but that there are so many players who HATE CVs and who HATE CV players with an intensity that is strong enough to kill people. Feeling hated by CV-haters has made me want to hate them back.....and realizing this makes be feel psychologically disturbed and upset. However......I have decided that the best course for me to take is to follow Master Yoda's advice and let go of my hatred. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. --Master Yoda, speaking to a troubled Anakin Skywalker. Below is a picture of a new upcoming Azur Lane shipgirl: Sovietskaya Russia battleship (Soviet Soyuz-class) which I found on the Azur Lane WoWS "Off-Topic" forum. I have had such a intense hatred for Russian battleships because of how difficult it is for me to sink them and by how OP they are.....but this image.....is beautiful. Yeah….I know that it is fake and not a real picture. But looking closely at it, melts my heart. It is a lovely picture of a beautiful woman. Seeing this image has encouraged me to put a halt to my hatred for Russian ships and Russian bias so that I can be made free. \ Of course, I am still upset with WG that they have made a lot of OP Russian ships in the game, and yes, I do wish that the CV Rework was improved a bit more (I play a lot of CVs, but I do play a lot of destroyers, battleships, and cruisers too so I also have it tough against CVs. And being a CV player I see that there is much that still needs to be tweaked and fine-tuned). Things that I am GLAD for: 1.) Submarines. Yeah, WG did make a promise to not add subs.....but adding subs just expands the game. WG cannot just keep adding more battleships and cruisers and destroyers all the bloody time. Besides, adding subs makes destroyers more useful in the fact that they are "destroyers" i.e. the bane of battleships and submarines. 2.) CV Rework replacing RTS system. The CV Rework is not perfect, like I mentioned but it is far better than the old RTS system by a long shot! In the RTS system it was too easy to Alpha Strike a enemy ship in the first 2 minutes of a match simply by bombarding them with all bombers and torpedo bombers. If all your planes got shot down by...then all you had left was a plane-less carrier and can contribute NO MORE to the fight other than attempting to ram some enemy ship. Furthermore.....with the OP fighter strafing run, you can deplane an enemy carrier in seconds. There was no "balance" in the RTS sytem of an experienced CV player to a inexperienced CV player. 3.) Armory changes The adding of more ships and the demotion of steel ships into coal ships. ….I can go on, but you get the point. My goal now is to put a halt of my hateful feelings that I have for this game, and for other players, and just do my best to enjoy the game for all its worth. This is a video game after all...and video games are meant to be enjoyed and to relax ourselves from our daily, real life troubles. Sure….I am going to still play CVs because I love the class. Players are still going to hate me for it and even Report me for it....but f%$# it. They can do what they damn well pleases it if strokes their ego. I am going to enjoy this game because I want to sail ships and fly airplanes. They say that every guy usually experienced a "f$#% it!" moment from time to time.....I just had one, and explained it to you. Anyway, dear friends and fellow captains, I shall see you on the oceans. <o
  13. no planes,high speed gameplay and the ships are more alive. bravo WG 10/10
  14. Cheeezzy

    Next AL event

    So, with the AL event arriving in Legends, do we have an ETA on around when the next collaboration will be? My guess is around April/May but some clarification might be nice. Another thing, will we be getting the awesome skins that the ships in Legends and Blitz have? Would really love to have the Graf Zep and Graf Speee camos, and the Hipper one on Legends looks epic! Not trying to rush things or anything, just wondering.
  15. Just posting this here because even now, I still see this 'illusory truth' pop up now and then. And you can see its influence in other games and people perceptions about U.S.S. Wichita. What falsehood am I talking about? Well, let's start with how Wichita came to be. In the latter 1930's, the United States was allowed one more Heavy Cruiser under the Washington and London naval treaties. Wichita was going to be another New Orleans class, but the Navy decided they had some issues with the New Orleans design and wanted to do something different. That is when the looked at the very successful Brooklyn design. And here is where the 'illusory truth' comes in. Several people read, they used the Brooklyn hull... and stop right there. I have been told, read, etc many times that Wichita has a light cruisers hull and armor with heavy cruiser guns. Some even say they used a spare Brooklyn hull. At first, even WG wanted to give Wichita 25mm bow armor and armor to match more of a light cruiser until her actual armor scheme was pointed out (and balance issues). Azur Lane has Wichita with 'light' armor, even though Portland and New Orleans class have 'medium' as well as Baltimore. A person on Facebook even ranted how Wichita never served in the Pacific because her armor was so bad, one hit would have caused the entire ship to break apart (he mistook Wichita for U.S.S. Ranger). Recently a twitch player said Wichita is a lighter cruiser, heavy cruiser hybrid with light cruiser hull armor and heavy cruiser guns... No, just no folks. The Naval architects used the design Layout of Brooklyn, tweaked it to a larger size, put on the best armor of any US treaty cruiser (practically Baltimore's level), and even added some more innovation with secondary placements. While Brooklyn started a much improved cruiser layout design, Wichita helped push it into the next Cleveland and Baltimore designs and beyond. She weighed 400 tons more than she was supposed to by treaty (10400 tons), but at that time no one would really care. She was not 'light' in any sense of the word. And she did have an interesting service life. From peacetime Caribbean tours, to Arctic convoys, dodging 15 inch shells from Jean Bart and sinking destroyers and cruisers there, taking a torpedo trying to save Chicago, Alaska (poor birds), numerous Pacific islands campaigns, and finishing off Chiyoda. So, if you ever here anyone say, "Wichita has light cruiser armor", please stop the 'illusory truth' right there. It is a falsehood often repeated and needs to be stopped.
  16. Kokomi_Sangonomiya

    a really short cinematic

  17. WG please add Azur Lane commanders/crates to the armory for coal or doubloons.
  18. Kuramitsu

    I just woke up Dasha!

    So I'm working late shift every day for work so around 8 o'clock in the morning or so when people are usually early up I'm still passed out asleep, well a video pinged up on my phone a few minutes ago and well......here just take a look at it. I thought this was cute but it's to dang early for me, so I go back to sleep now.
  19. I'm not sure if I missed the information or not, but I don't know if it says anywhere whether the port is just here temporarily for the collab. Hopefully it can stay permanently. I really like this new port, lol. Pretty please, WG?
  20. Let us cheer for the glorious return of Azur Lane, and more Anime Waifu ship captains to grace our ports. Let their return make the naysayers cower in fear, for they simply don't know what they are missing. Let the battle for who is the best ship girl to commence! P.s.: Tirpitz is best ship girl.
  21. Loliboat_Senpai

    Azur Lane after event

    Hi guys, is it possible to get the Azur Lane commanders after the event? I've just started replaying WoW and saw that the event ended in august.