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Found 5 results

  1. Can World of Warships use more imagination when it comes to symbols and patches? I would like to see less childish ones (I mean, FOOD PLATES? C'MON!) and MUCH more variety that is historical and naval-service specific, and less one-time usage type symbols that just become utterly worthless, like who would use a first-year symbol after 6 years? give us historical symbols that match specific ships or ship-types, Country symbols, and historical naval symbols. I would also like to see specific historical coat of arms and plaques for various ships, as well as ship-type symbols, battle campaign symbols, squadron insignia, and Admiral flag symbols (and flags). Keep finding new ones and updating them constantly. I think I've received each of the current one's in crates a hundred times over and I don't care that they convert to credits, seeing constant duplicates popping in is ridiculous and shows a lack of imagination on the part of WoWs. I'd rather see something useful added instead of constant duplicates. I want historically meaningful symbols, not the ridiculous childish, cartoonish, insignificant ones .. like .. FOOD PLATES.!! OMG!
  2. Now that it seems Submarines are here to stay...will you be making an Insignia Emblem such as those for DD's Cruisers, Battleships and CV's? (see attached) Also god forbid...adding Legendary mods?
  3. I may be wrong but I thought 4 sinks (of same ship type) or 8 of any type gave you the Natural selection accolade? I managed 10 (warships). Or am I missing a condition or did I not meet it/misunderstood it?
  4. 0ldRichard

    Vote for Femennenly!

    Fem has been nominated for the Best AAA Community Manager GameHERS award. You can vote for her here: https://thegamehers.com/vote#marketing She is under AAA games as "EA_Arcadia". We all love Fem. Just do it!
  5. USAPatriotGamer

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    I find these awards for Ranked Sprint very disappointing and cheap. They don't persuade me to want to play Ranked Sprint. They're not worth the effort in my opinion. What do you think?