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Found 5 results

  1. Maddau

    Autopilot Astern

    It has seemed more difficult to back up using the autopilot on the map overlap. I have to click very close to the back of the carrier icon, otherwise the autopilot tries to swing me around. This is what it was several months ago, but a few patches ago it was made much easier to plot a course backwards using autopilot, and you could go a reasonable distance before the map tried to swing you around. Is anyone else noticing this? If I'm not just imagining it, I'd like it to go back to being easier to back up and keep your bow toward the incoming ordinance.
  2. Hi all. Just notice a strange behavior when AP sets a course. I took several screenshots in different battles, the first one shows the general direction of the ship, the second one, the proposed autopilot course. Anyone has seen something like this?
  3. The new German carrier line will be upon us tomorrow. You must fix autopilot, like NOW! Just had my carrier, running under full manual control, full throttle, just suddenly choose to stop, in the middle of nothing. I cannot tell you how many times autopilot, under full auto control has done the same thing. There really is no reason to allow this to continue. What I have noticed makes me wonder about the maps... perhaps there are map "artifacts" or things scattered about on maps where visually there is open water, but "programatically" there is not, the path(s) are digitally blocked? Heck... I even had it do this, full auto, on the OCEAN MAP! Seriously, explain that one. The only other possible explanation I can think of would be the keyboard commands, when flying, are somehow being read by the game as throttle or rudder commands? Please bump this fix to the top of the heap because it really does ruin the game for those playing CVs.
  4. Today I experienced two issues with the carrier UI. Irked me to say the least. Team mate had messaged me in chat, telling me to get back, but A) It didn't register with me and B) I hear that command key so often I think I've switched off any response to it. I had marked out a triangular route using the map. Towards the border, a 90 degree south turn for a bit then another oh, 120 maybe, so I would be heading back toward my starting area. Instead it ran full long, deep into the border, putting me broadside to two reds (Yamato and another cruiser). My fault of course for not paying infinite attention to the ship's position as well as following chat, but I was rather busy. At this point in the game, maybe a third into it, I'd made 45K damage, was whole, not any damage to me. I could have easily finished off the Yam as well as the cruiser. But oh no - stuck into the border like a dart in a dartboard, only too late did I discover, too late to do anything about it other than get sunk. So yes, "totally" my fault but dang what I wouldn't do for a warning on the border like I get warnings for islands. If there is one, I got nothing. You guys ever have this happen to you? BTW, I watched the replay - it does not show the route being mapped. Kind of a bummer for replay use. The second issue was those flight assigned fighter escort aircraft. The stupid key (T calls them in) showed I had one flight available for my torpedo bombers. No amount of pressing the key would call them in... I even tried the ESC key then return to the game fix (which sometimes straightens out UI issues) but no luck. So the counter was wrong or something with the UI. Just mentioning both to see if you have any experience with either. tia.
  5. Why is nobody complaining about this? The pathing for it is genuinely the worst I've ever seen in any game ever in my entire life. It still gets caught on islands, but now occasionally takes the scenic route to your waypoints that are like 4 km and straight reverse from where you are. How much money do I have to send to Israel to get them to revert the changes back? Academics please respond. (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)