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Found 2 results

  1. torps heading for my CV, set the torp bombers to drop on nearby BB, CV destroyed, torp bombers flew straight toward BB, flew over BB and started circling, then shot down.
  2. OOM's guide to Carriers

    Aircraft Carriers Aircraft carriers can be very confusing for beginners, and thus many people abandon this class. So I am making this guide to help players new to the class with there problems and maybe they will come to enjoy the class as much as I do! What is a Aircraft Carrier exactly? Aircraft carriers as the name imply's carry aircraft, and it is these aircraft that allow them to strike at far off targets. As such aircraft carriers are often compared to WoTs artillery even though they have nothing in common save a top down camera that they use. Subclasses Aircraft carriers come in many forms and different types, knowing what kind can mostly be determined by just looking at it, however sometimes it is better to take a closer look at the different types. AV seaplane tender (Gonna get kinda goofy with this one) Many years ago there was boats with planes that had to make do with cranes to launch aircraft... Due to many factors they did not survive the testing age... All that is left is fossils (pics) of these once great ships from a age long past... CVE Escort Carrier Escort Carriers are meant to escort convoys and in many cases were converted form ships that would be in convoys themselves. As a result they were not fast and carried only a few aircraft. you will encounter these at the early tiers CVL Light Carrier Light carriers as the name implies are aircraft carriers of a small size with low armor and high speed. There size means they don't carry many planes, most are based on cruiser hulls or were purpose built. You will encounter these at the early tiers. CV Fleet Carrier Your standard issue aircraft carrier nothing really special here, based on larger cruisers or battleships or purpose built, carry more aircraft and have more weapons then light carriers. You will see these at the mid tiers and high tiers. CVB Armored Carrier The armored aircraft carrier is basically a fleet carrier with a armored deck built to resist bomb hits This helps when dealing with fire from lower caliber AP shells and HE at long range. What this doesn't help with is that battleships can now use your armor to get maximum damage AP hits without worrying of over penetrating your hull with plunging fire. Aircraft The most important part of any aircraft carrier, is its aircraft compliment. This is made up of a combination of bomber, and fighters based on how the modules are setup. Fighters Standard issue run of the mill aircraft useful to dogfight or scout. they are the fastest aircraft you will have on board and can be used for searching for enemy's, intercepting bomber, escorting your own bombers or carrier, or just straight out killing enemy fighters. Torpedo Bombers The standard striking force of most players, torpedo bombers drop torpedoes which will cause huge damage, flooding, and great internal damage, and may on rare occasions blow up small turrets on the side of a ship. However he aware that some of the heavy ships come with torpedo bulges which will lower the overall damage that to torpedo can cause. Dive bombers The general purpose strike craft and probably the easiest to get damage with, they don't cause much damage with each hit, but they will set the enemy on fire, and have a high tendency to wreak external modules, such as AA and secondary batteries, which in turn will gradually lower the ships ability to defend itself from further strikes. Roles There are many ways to play a carrier, but the best way depends on your play style and how much you can handle at a time. The AIRFIELD This one is probably the reason some think of carriers as artillery from WoTs. This basically involves finding a island and parking yourself in such a way that you can only really be hit from a few directions. Basically you become a part of the island you have picked, doesn't even matter if you get stuck. The Patrol role A very basic one that quite a few people do it basically involves you just moving around in behind your allies, and keeping out of sight, most people do this one. Front line OK now this one is where the fun begins and things get challenging, What you want to do is stay just on the edge of your enemy's sight range, this allows for the shortest flight time for your planes, however you can be spotted if your not careful. Attack styles The manual (POINT BLANK) drop The manual drop is one of the most famous attacks used by experienced players and can be used in combination with other uses, Manual drops almost always occur from one direction at a time and tend to be last second drops. The idea is giving the torpedoes just enough time to activate before they hit the target, making them the most accurate, while also the most risky types of attack. To execute one you have to hold alt to and attack the ground past your target leaving a small bit of the green wedge visible (hold up your thumb to figure it out that's how I did it.) that is about the amount of run needed tor the torpedoes to activate, but maybe add a bit more cause if you aim to close or the target turns into your attack your torpedoes with dud out against the opponents hull. ALPHA STRIKE! The alpha strike is a very basic attack in principle and can be use as a manual drop as well, basically alpha strike simply means getting all your attack power on one target at the same time. You will often see this right at the start of the match and sometimes throughout. Continuous I personally find this most effective with dive bombers, space out your strikes this will make your opponent guarantee to burn since he puts out the fire and you set him on fire again. It can also be done with torpedoes. Hammer and anvil attacks Basically like the alpha but preformed with attacks at 45 to 90 degree angles, this makes it so the opponent has no chance of dodging all the hits. This is done with auto. In closing this should cover most of what you need to get you off the ground... The rest is up to you to discover and use. HAVE FUN!