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Found 2 results

  1. The following is a quick review of Viribus Unitis, the tier V Austro-Hungarian battleship flying under the Pan European flag. This ship was provided to me by Wargaming for review purposes at no cost to me (thankfully). To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed in this article are current as of patch 0.9.10. Please be aware that her performance may change in the future. In the spirit of getting through some of my backlog, here's a stupid-quick review. Facilitated by the graphic production from working on Oklahoma, today we'll be looking at everyone's favourite standard unit of battleship health measurement: Viribus Unitis. This ships is as relevant to the tier V meta as that joke about her hit points: they're both stupidly obscure to the point of irrelevance. I keep forgetting that I should review this darned thing after I put out a warning about her back when she was first released. For those who don't remember, there was an enormous gap between her final test iteration and her release -- so much so that some of the advertised changes that were said to applied didn't go through. Huh, there's been a lot of that lately. Anyway, long story short: This ship isn't worth the time and effort I'm about to put into this review, so I'm giving myself an absolute time limit for the production of this article. Wherever I end up after 8 hours is where I'm calling it. Let's see what I can do. Quick Summary: A soft-skinned, over-tiered battleship with good gunnery but appalling fire angles on her main battery. This issue is compounded with a tiny health pool and poor armour layout. This ship is only good if no one shoots back. As a WWI era dreadnought, her AA power is about what you would expect -- limited to a crewman with a bullhorn whining at airplanes to please stop. Kinda like Reddit. PROS: Dispersed armour scheme giving her decent HE protection. Large broadside of twelve 305mm guns with good accuracy and high DPM. Tiny turning circle radius and good rate of turn. My ship's captain has an epic moustache. Tiny surface detection range. CONS: High-water vulnerable citadel. Poor armour geometry with tons of shell-traps. Tiny hit point pool. Absolutely appalling fire arcs. Relatively short ranged for a tier V battleship. Hilariously bad anti-aircraft firepower. Slow. Skill Floor: Simple / CASUAL / Challenging / Difficult Skill Ceiling: Low / MODERATE / High / Extreme There's really not a whole lot to Viribus Unitis. She dittos a lot of the low-tier battleship game play. The only complication is that her fire arcs are total crap and this travesty is forced to face tier VII opponents. That kinda hurts her chances and makes her not new-fish friendly. For veterans well... there's again not a lot to her so short of angling and managing consumables and ammo, that's pretty much the limits to her complexity. Options Consumables There's nothing special here. Viribus Unitis' Damage Control Party is standard for any battleship that's not American or Japanese. It is active for 15 seconds with unlimited charges. It has an 80 second reset timer. Her Repair Party is also standard. It queues up to 50% of penetration damage, 10% of citadel damage and 100% of every other kind of damage. It heals back up to 0.5% of her starting hit points per second over 28 seconds. She starts with four charges and it has an 80 second reset timer. Upgrades Again, very standard fare for a not-American tier V battleship. Start with Main Armaments Modification 1. Next, take Damage Control System Modification 1. Finish things off with Aiming Systems Modification 1. Commander Skills Grab the same ol' battleship build I've been complaining about all year. With the commander skill rework coming, odds are I will only be able to use this like ... six more times. Camouflage Viribus Unitis has a single camouflage pattern. It provides: 3% reduction to surface detection. 4% increase to enemy dispersion. 10% reduction to service costs. 50% increase to experience gains. Viribus Unitis is a gorgeous looking ship. I love WWI era dreadnoughts. Firepower Main Battery: Twelve 305mm guns in 4x3 turrets in an A-B-X-Y superfiring configuration. Secondary Battery: Twelve 150mm guns mounted in casemates along the sides of the hull. The 1.8 sigma of Viribus Unitis' guns can be devastating in the claustrophobic, short-ranged engagements found at low tiers. A Farragut is discovers this to its peril, getting picked off as it accidentally slips out from its smoke screen. Viribus Unitis has very high shell drag coefficients which hurts her ballistics and penetration over distance. Twelve guns solves a lot of problems. Twelve guns with better-than-expected accuracy and without reload penalties solves a whole bunch more. That's the going theory with Viribus Unitis. She's a glass cannon, designed to put more hurt downrange than any of her contemporaries, her flaws be damned. All of her crappy features can be explained as paying for the boons of her gunnery. I'm frankly of the opinion that Viribus Unitis pays way too steep a price for what she gets. She deserves more given what a sorry excuse for a ship she ends up being, all of the sake of this 30 second reload and 1.8 sigma. Here's where I take issue: First and foremost: firing arcs and her gun handling sucks. She has some of the worst battleship fire angles in the game with her rear turrets only able to shoot at targets 47º off her bow and her forward turrets only capable of shooting at targets 41º off her stern giving her 92º of overlapping fire per side. NoW to be clear, there are battleships with worse overlapping fire arcs but they're usually suffering because they're mounted in wings or in P, Q and R positions amidships with superstructure blocking the guns. But for a battleship with a simple bow and stern mounting, Viribus Unitis is among the worst. Mikasa comes to mind as one of the few that is worse off (56º forward, 57º back with only 67º of overlapping fire). Vanguard is pretty close (43º forward, 41º back for 96º of overlap) as is Großer Kurfürst (46º forward, 36º back for 98º of overlap). And just to spit in your eye, her turrets are sluggish with only a 4º/s traverse rate (45s for 180º). Ewwww. Bad fire angles has a trickle down effect. To unmask her guns, you have to give up more broadside. Giving up more broadside not only makes her more vulnerable to return fire. It also slows the ship down if you're trying to advance as you have to nose away from your line of attack in order to keep firing. It's far too easy to find yourself veering off towards the map borders (or at least away from objectives) after a couple of minutes of sustained fire. For a ship that's already moving at a crawl, this is bad news. If you try and stay the course, well now you're only a six-gun battleship which means you're not taking advantage of those twelve guns for which you sacrificed so much. There's also the issue of range. While 16km may seem alright at first, there's no way to extend this the way that similarly short-ranged ships like New York or Texas can through upgrades. Nor does Viribus Unitis have access to a Spotter Aircraft consumable the way Kaiser and Iron Duke can. This is not a fast ship either, so it's not like you can make up the difference by aggressively charging towards the action. I mean, you can call it a charge but it's more like the movemement of glaciers. It takes Viribus Unitis almost 3 minutes to cover 10km at her maximum speed to give you an idea. Though she may share the woes of slow speed with other ships at her tier, they at least have the range to engage sooner. Being so short ranged means that she can (and will) be picked on cruisers outside of her reach. In my most recent bouts of playtesting, I faced a very knowledgeable Nürnberg player who knew they had 500m reach on me and played an expert game of keep away. I was being lit by a friendly destroyer and there was nothing I could do. Fun times. Being kited and picked apart by cruisers and other battleships is a very real issue because of this short reach if you can't drop back into stealth. Finally on my list of complaints, there are her secondaries. These prove to be a durability liability (see below in the Defence section) and provide almost zero benefit. They're too short ranged (4km) and fire too slowly (6rpm) to be of any use to anyone. Viribus Unitis does have some good AP DPM. Provided no one shoots back at her, she can put out some respectable damage. She's not a very good fire setter, however. Coupled with her only modest HE shells, she should really stick to firing AP whenever possible. VERDICT: Pretty good, honestly. There's some drawbacks here and there. It's just a shame these weapons are mounted on this particular ship. Defence Hit Points: 35,700 Bow & stern/superstructure/upper-hull/deck: 19mm / 13mm / 150mm / 30mm Maximum Citadel Protection: 150mm belt + 160mm transverse bulkhead or 280mm + 50mm citadel wall. Torpedo Damage Reduction: 18% Her hit point pool is such a bloody meme. I would like to tell you that all of the criticism about Viribus Unitis' fragility is just the internet being the internet -- magnifying a small problem and making it an undeserved crisis. Sadly, the rumours are true. She is a piece of crap. At first blush, her protection scheme looks hella exciting. It's got Soviet-levels of bullpaddies going for it with very few thinly armoured sections for HE damage or for large caliber AP shells to overmatch. Combine that with hidden geometry preventing AP shells from capitalizing on the sections they can overmatch. She should be able to tank for days, shrugging off AP hits left right and center with impunity not seen since the days of Imperator Nikolai I's reign. In practice, however, she's a wet noodle. While she does have some resilience to HE fire, she takes so much damage from AP shells it's downright comical. So what's the deal? The issue is shot-traps. Viribus Unitis' hull is riddled with shot-traps. Her secondary casemates are the most egregious of these. Even when the ship angles perfectly, it's possible to slam shells down into these traps and get penetrating hits with battleship and heavy cruiser caliber AP shells. But that's not all. Behind the 19mm hull sections are similar plates to ensure battleship shells fuse and detonate -- and every battleship caliber shell can overmatch these areas. This problem is, of course, exacerbated by her horrible gun firing angles. While her fire angles to the rear may seem more forgiving, her armour layout there is much softer making her more likely to take big damaging hits. But there's worse geometry to consider. Taking Viribus Unitis into a brawl is a death sentence. Not only does she not have the health to survive any torpedo strikes, her citadel is horribly vulnerable. It sits high over the waterline and, though she has a turtleback scheme, it isn't sloped sufficiently to repulse incoming fire. In jousts she's meat on the table for an enemy battleship. Worse, she has an octagonal-shaped citadel, similar to Yamato. Shots aimed beneath her first or last turret have a good chance of causing citadel hits even when the ship angles so your opponents have a chance of landing citadel hits against you before you can do the same to them. Her icebreaker bow should provide protection against this but only if you nose in perfectly. Give up any of her side to try and bait early shots can still see you sunk if you're not absolutely careful with the firing angles. All of these problems are mated to a hull with the hit points of a tier III dreadnought. She just doesn't have the health to take those high alpha hits, with even a single torpedo hit from a Japanese lolibote capable of gutting a third of her health at once. She is a Devastating Strike medal waiting to be printed. There's some hidden geometry to Viribus Unitis' armour scheme in her bow and stern. There is a 30mm thick deck under her 19mm prow, sitting on top of the 110mm icebreaker belt, effectively running nearly the whole length of the ship stopping at her Y-turret. This means that even if shells overmatch her 19mm bow they can't dive into her citadel. In addition on her there is a 43mm plate running along the base of the 150mm waterline belt of her bow (48mm on her stern) mating up to the base of the 160mm transverse bulkhead of her citadel. This prevents shells from diving down into the 25mm transverse citadel section. As nice as this protection scheme seems, she has an octagonal citadel. Shots aimed beneath her A or Y turret will slam into her citadel. Pay attention to the 180mm upper hull section of Viribus Unitis. These indents for her secondary battery make perfect shell traps for catching incoming AP shells. Even when Viribus Unitis angles perfectly, shells aimed high will penetrate for full damage as they catch off this geometry. Her protection scheme ends up looking better than it is. VERDICT: She has too little health and she takes far more damage than you would expect. Agility Top Speed: 20.5kts Turning Radius: 530m Rudder Shift Time: 11.5s 4/4 Engine Speed Rate of Turn: 4.5º/s at 15.3kts Viribus Unitis really shows her lower tiered origins here. Her 530m turning radius is right home among the tier III battleships. Yes, I said tier III. Even at tier IV, her turning radius would be remarkable. For a tier V battleship, it's amazing. So hats off to her. This tiny turning radius gives her some surprising agility despite her pedestrian top speed. Though she can barely hold onto 15 knots in a sustained turn, she comes about rather quickly (for a battleship) at 4.5º/s per second. Sadly there's no way to correct her rudder shift time so while she may turn tightly, she still feels like a chunker. Worse, she totally out-turns her turrets, which makes her gun handling and poor fire angles all the more frustrating. Plan your turns accordingly and make sure you don't over-steer. Remember to protect her citadel as best you can. She isn't fast but at least she gets around (get it?). VERDICT: A mixed bag. She's very slow. It takes her a bit to start turning because of her rudder shift time, but at least she comes about quickly when she does answer her rudder. That tight turning circle is very nice. Anti-Aircraft Defence Flak Bursts: Yeah right. Medium Ranged (up to 3.0km): 14dps at 75% accuracy Yep. 14 whole DPS. Even with sector reinforcement, you're looking at over a minute of sustained fire to shoot down ONE (1) tier IV bomber or attack aircraft, to say nothing of battling it out with the tier VI planes this thing also faces. It's not like this thing is Imperator Nikolai I or König Albert, where you could forgive them for having poor AA DPS because the rest of the ship is god-tier. Nope. Viribus Unitis gets 14dps on top of all of her other issues. VERDICT: Laughably bad. Aww, nuts. Refrigerator Base/Minimum Surface Detection: 12.5km / 10.91km Base/Minimum Air Detection Range: 6.82km/6.14km Detection Range When Firing in Smoke: 6.1km Maximum Firing Range: 16km Viribus Unitis has very nice concealment values, even for a low-tier battleship. Like with her health, AA defence and turning radius, Viribus Unitis' concealment values have more in common with tier III and tier IV battleships than those at tier V. For a ship with so many durability problems, this is a breath of fresh air and it really helps her survivability. There are, of course, two caveats to this: There are no enemy aircraft around. Good luck here given her matchmaking. There are no enemy destroyers around. Her concealment is most effective when she's uptiered. In the claustrophobic maps at the lower tiers, it's harder to make use of her open water concealment. It's far easier to use islands to help break line of sight rather than relying on putting what little distance there is available between herself and her opponents. If Viribus Unitis were a little faster, it might be easier to put this concealment to use, but she's not. Thus it remains "nice to have" rather than game changing. VERDICT: Good, but not good enough to save her. Final Evaluation Imagine having the brilliant idea after finsihing Pommern's review to wanna play this thing. Ugh, talk about whiplash -- going from a good ship to bad. I've been planning on squeezing a review of this ship in for a while now, since before ShipComrade shut down. She's one of several reviews that I had started but never finished owing to something of higher priority coming out and bumping her back. It was reviewing Oklahoma that brought her back to the fore, with some of the graphical overlap between the two ships expediting my process here. I played about a dozen games in her since September and this ship and I did not get along, though I think you could tell that from how much I've complained about her. I've made little secret that I hate ships with awful gun angles. Toss on some frustrating speed and range issues and it's no wonder I've come down so hard on her. Viribus Unitis does have some nice guns. Despite all of my bellyaching about everything else, there's no taking away from that. Her 305mm guns are excellent They exist at a tier where overmatching is less of an issue. She has good enough penetration and ballistics. She does more than enough damage. The only proviso is that she needs to be left well enough alone in order to pull it off. Yes, I've had some high damage games with Viribus Unitis but that's owing more to the enemy team enabling this rather than any particular strength of the ship. ANY ship performs so much better when the enemy team leaves you alone, after all, so I find it hard to justify that as a selling feature. Way back in October of 2019, I warned players not to buy Viribus Unitis because of confusion regarding whether or not some nerfs had been applied. With the question hanging in the air, I didn't want anyone buying her expecting X performance only to receive Y instead. Thankfully Wargaming was fast to clear up the issue when it was raised. Sadly, even with that done, I'm sticking to my guns and telling you all, once again, to not buy Viribus Unitis. She's a bad ship. Worse, the health of the game down at low tiers is worse than ever and your money won't be well spent. If you play late at night as I enjoy doing, you're stuck facing undersized teams, multiple carriers and/or a handful of bots. These are the off-peak hours risks, of course. But even in prime time, do you really want to take this ship out against tier VIs and VIIs? Viribus Units and Oklahoma feel like Wargaming's attempts at penance to pay for the horror that is Giulio Cesare. You shouldn't be put on the hook for their mistake. Thank you all for reading.
  2. I've seen many proposals for a Pan-EU super-cruiser line, but I've never actually seen a proposal for a Pan-EU CL line that actually convinced me, so I've decided to fix that problem myself. These cruisers will be very squishy, but have great firepower and range for their tier, as well as heals starting early on. On The Topic of Gimmicks: You know, I kind of want this to be just a line that plays it straight: no wacky gimmicks like a reload booster or anything. But seeing as WarGaming has gotten crazier and crazier with their gimmicks lately, I don't think we can have that. The first gimmick that comes to mind is Radar starting from Tier VIII, where the line loses the torpedoes, which I guess fits in with the line, but the game is already so [edited]oversaturated with radar that really I don't think it would be a good idea. But then what else could be added to make the ship line stand out? Give it the Austin treatment? Maybe. But I still want WarGaming to consider just adding a line with no particular gimmick every once in a while, and I think this line is a good candidate for that. Line Overview: Tier II: SMS Novara (1913) Tier III: Spanish cruiser Navarra (1923) Tier IV: HNLMS De Ruyter Tier V: Spanish Cruiser Miguel de Cervantes Tier VI: Greek Cruiser Elli II PREMIUM: Spanish Cruiser Mendez Nunes Tier VII: HSwMS Tre Kronor Tier VIII: Dutch Cruiser De Zeven Provincien Tier IX: Plan F Tier X: Dutch Cruiser Eendracht (Modernized)Tier II: SMS Novara Entered Service: 1915 Survivability: HP: 17900 Armor: Belt: 60 mm. Deck: 20 mm. Turrets: 40 mm faces; 8 mm sides. Conning Tower: 50 mm. Nose: 6 mm. The Novara is decently tanky for a Tier II cruiser. Now, I’m not sure if she has the same armored deck slopes that make other same-tier cruisers so hard to citadel, but if she doesn’t, it will bring her survivability down a bit. Maneuverability: Speed: 27 knots. Rudder shift: 5.4 s. Turning Circle: 450 m. Again, about average maneuverability for a Tier II cruiser. Let’s move on. Concealment: By Sea: 8.5 km Main Armament: 9 x 1 Škoda 10 cm K10 Rate of Fire: 10 shots/min. Reload: 6 seconds. 180 Degree Turn Time: 22.5 seconds. Base Firing Range: 9.5 km. Maximum HE shell damage: 1400 Fire Chance: 6% HE Shell Penetration: 16 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 1700 Shell Velocity: 880 m/s. The guns on Novara are the smallest in her tier, but fire the fastest, setting the player up for the higher tier Cruisers in terms of ROF. Anti-Air: 1 × 7 cm (2.8 in) AA gun 1 × 47 mm (1.9 in) SFK L/44 gun I don’t think a Tier II cruiser should ever be seeing CVs, but since fail-divs exist, the AA here should provide for a nice light show for the CV player to enjoy before dropping the ship. Consumables: Standard DCP That’s it. What? Did you expect DFAA? Tier III: Spanish cruiser Navarra (1936) Survivability: Hull A: 20200 Hull B: 21800 Again, about average for a Tier III cruiser. Armor: Belt: 76 mm. Upper Belt: 13 mm. Deck: 16 mm. Citadel Deck: 76 mm. Turrets: nope. Conning Tower: 152 mm. Nose: 6 mm. This is actually a pretty good armor scheme for a T3 CL. The cruiser basically has an icebreaker; the armor belt stretching all the way to the bow. A 6-inch conning tower seems pretty overkill for crew protection, but whatever. Maneuverability: Speed: 25 knots. Rudder shift: 4.4 s. Turning Circle: 410 m. Don’t get me wrong, 25 knots is on the slower side of most cruisers at this tier, but the good turning circle, rudder shift, and the small size of maps at the Tier II-IV range make it not as big of a deal. It’s also faster than Katori, for whatever that’s worth. Concealment: Detectability by Sea: 11.4 km. Detectability by Air: 6.37 km. The phallic-looking superstructure doesn’t do the Navarra very many favors in terms of concealment. It looks funny though. Main Armament: 6 x 1 152 mm/50 Vickers Mk W Rate of Fire: 6 shots/min. Reload: 10 seconds. 180 Degree Turn Time: 30 seconds. Base Firing Range: 13.9 km. Maximum HE shell damage: 2100 Fire Chance: 8% HE Shell Penetration: 25 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 3000 Shell Velocity: 900 m/s. Secondary Armament: 4 x 1 88 mm/42 SK C/30 Rate of Fire: 15 shots/min. Reload: 4.0 s. Maximum HE Shell Damage: 1000 Fire Chance: 4% Range: 3.2 km. Shell Velocity: 950 m/s. What Navarra gives up in concealment it gains in firing range: the rangefinder is situated at the very top of the tall superstructure, putting the Navarra’s gun range at the very top of all Tier III cruisers. Anti-Air: 4 x 1 88 mm/42 SK C/30 4 x 1 - 20 mm/70 Scotti-Isotta Fraschini M1939 Base DPS: 45/27 Range: 4.6/2.0 km. Hit Probability: 90% Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 1 Damage By Shell Explosions: 1050 At least it has range? Consumables: Standard DCP Tier IV: HNLMS De Ruyter Entered Service: 1936 Survivability: Hull A: 21,600 Hull B: 24,400 Armor: Belt: 50 mm. Upper Belt: 16 mm. Deck: 20 mm. Citadel Deck: 30 mm. Bulkheads: 30 mm. Turrets: 100 mm Faces, 30 mm Sides. Conning Tower: 30 mm. Nose: 13 mm. The De Ruyter is an incredibly squishy cruiser, which means she fits right in among the other Tier IV Cruisers. It is surprisingly enough a straight downgrade from the Tier III though. Maneuverability: Speed: 32 knots. Rudder shift: 6.7 s. Turning Circle: 580 m. A huge upgrade from the Tier III in terms of speed. Concealment: Detectability by Sea: 13.1 km. Detectability by Air: 5.3 km. Just like the ship before, her tall main mast and towers really don’t do her much good in terms of concealment. Main Armament: 3 x 2 150 mm/50 (5.9") Wilton-Fijenoord MK9 1 x 1 150 mm/50 Wilton-Fijenoord MK10 Rate of Fire: 6 shots/min. Reload: 10 s. 180 Degree Turn Time: 22.5 s. Base Firing Range: 15.4 km. Maximum HE Shell Damage: 2100 Fire Chance: 9% HE Shell Penetration: 25 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 3000 Shell Velocity: 900 m/s. One big advantage the De Ruyter has over most of its Tier IV contemporaries is the relatively normal armament layout with superfiring turrets; allowing her to bring all of her guns to bear on a target. Just like the Navarra, the De Ruyter gives up concealment for range: 15.4 km; the highest in its tier, a recurring theme within this line. Anti-Air: 5 x 2 Bofors 40 mm/60 4 x 2 12.7 mm/90 Browning Base DPS: 112/39 Range: 3.5/1.5 km. Hit Probability: 90% Less range and no flak, but higher raw DPS. A good tradeoff. I think. Consumables: Standard DCP 4 x Fighters 3 x Hydroacoustic Search Detection of Torpedoes: 3 km. Detection of Ships: 4 km. Action Time: 100 s. Reload: 120 s. The addition of Fighter aircraft will provide for extra protection from CVs. Tier V: Spanish Cruiser Miguel de Cervantes Entered Service: 1930 Note: Miguel de Cervantes wasn’t the lead ship of her class, but I chose to represent her class in the line because of her more conventional turret layout and her torpedo tube count which is more in line with the tech tree. Survivability: Hull A: 24900 Hull B: 28,000 Armor: Exactly the same as the Emerald’s. Maneuverability: Speed: 33 knots. Rudder shift: 7.6 s. Turning Circle: 720 m. Again, almost the exact same as Emerald’s, although Emerald has the improved acceleration dynamics. Concealment: Detectability by Sea: 11.6 km. Detectability by Air: 4.8 km. Main Armament: 4 x 2 152 mm/50 Vickers Mk 2 Rate of Fire: 7 shots/min. Reload: 8.5 s. 180 Degree Turn Time: 22.5 s. Base Firing Range: 15.3 km. Maximum HE Shell Damage: 2100 Fire Chance: 9% HE Shell Penetration: 25 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 3200 Shell Velocity: 900 m/s. Not only does she have more barrels than Emerald, she can also bring all of them to bear to fire because of her conventionally arranged superfiring turrets. She does, however, fire slightly slower than the Emerald. Torpedo Armament: 2 x 3 533 mm TT. Reload: 80 s. Maximum Damage: 11967 Speed: 59 knots Range: 6.0 km. I can’t actually find any info on what torpedoes the Spanish used for these ships, so I just took them from Emerald. Anti-Air: 8 x 2 - 37/83 SK C/30 5 x 4 - 20 mm/65 C/38 Base DPS: 49/112 Range: 3.5/2.0 km. Hit Probability: 90% The AA mounts on the Miguel are more numerous, and the short range aura is much more potent, but the German 37 mm gun is just such a poor AA mount that even though it has 6 more barrels the mid-range DPS drops by more than half. Consumables: Standard DCP 4 x Fighters 3 x Hydroacoustic Search Detection of Torpedoes: 3 km. Detection of Ships: 4 km. Action Time: 100 s. Reload: 120 s. 3 x Repair Party Action Time: 28 s. HP per Second: +0.5% Reload Time: 80 s. Similar to the RN Cruisers, the Pan-EU cruisers will get a heal starting from Tier V. Tier VI: Greek Cruiser Elli II Survivability: Hull A: 25600 HP Hull B: 29500 HP. Armor: Functionally the same as the Duca D’Aosta. Look, it’s a Duca with a heal and a hydro. The torps will only be 8 km, and the reload will be 8 seconds instead of 7.5, so this ship doesn't powercreep Duca out of existence. Lets move on. Tier VII: HSwMS Tre Kronor Entered Service: 1947 Survivability: Hull A: 26800 Hull B: 30700 Artificially massaged by a few thousand for balance’s sake. Armor: Belt: 70 mm. Upper Belt: 16 mm. Deck: 25 mm. Citadel Deck: 30 mm. Bulkheads: 30 mm. Turrets: 127 mm Faces, 50 mm Sides. Conning Tower: 25 mm. Nose: 16 mm. Tre Kronor’s armor is functionally the same as Smolensk’s armor while having around the same width (16m). You can see where that’s going. The Tre Kronor can basically sail flat broadside to any high-tier, high-pen BB, like the French (or Musashi), and receive only minimal overpen damage. Maneuverability: Speed: 33 knots. Rudder shift: 7.2 s. Turning Circle: 660 m. Concealment: Detectability by Sea: 11.8 km. Detectability by Air: 8.53 km. Main Armament: 2 x 2, 1 x 3 Bofors 152 mm/53 Kanon m/42 Rate of Fire: 15 shots/min. Reload: 4 s. 180 Degree Turn Time: 21.9 s. Base Firing Range: 16.7 km. Maximum HE Shell Damage: 2200 Fire Chance: 11% HE Shell Penetration: 25 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 3100 Shell Velocity: 900 m/s. While Tre Kronor only has 7 guns, a pretty underwhelming number at a Tier where most CLs receive 12 - 15 barrels, she makes up for that with her insane reload of just 4 seconds, giving her almost unparalleled DPM at her tier, beaten only by Helena Torpedo Armament: 2 x 3 533 mm TT Reload: 70 s. Maximum Damage: 10700 Speed: 76 knots Range: 10 km. Swedish ship, Swedish meme torpedoes. You know how this works. Their extremely fast speed and reload, plus their long range gives her torpedoes much more utility than other cruisers at her tier, but the low alpha strike and tube count makes the Tre Kronor an extremely poor brawler. Also, this is the last ship in the line with torps, so enjoy them here while you can. Anti-Air: Here's where we run into some problems. Pre-refit, the Tre Kronor had an already impressive array of over 20 40 mm Bofors in 10 twin mounts, which by itself would have given her one of the most impressive AA suites at her tier. But post refit Tre Kronor has an AA suite of eleven single mount Bofors 40 mm L/70 and four single mount Bofors 57 mm. Without even taking the 57 mm guns into account, the 40 mm mounts would generate a mid-range aura of 517 DPS. That is more DPS than what the Minotaur generates. THIS IS WITHOUT TAKING THE 57 mm GUNS INTO ACCOUNT. Oh yeah, and the 6 inch guns were DP. Since it causes me actual physical pain to nerf ship performance from historical levels, I will leave the DPS values where they are now, but please know: these values will never make it into the game as is. This goes for every ship proposed in this line from here on out. Also, the superstructures on each hull will be different. Hull A: 2 x 2, 1 x 3 Bofors 152 mm/53 Kanon m/42 10 x 2 40 mm Bofors L/60 7 x 1 20 mm/66 Oerlikon M36 Base DPS: 92.2/198.33/53.2 Range: 6.9/3.5/2.0 km. Hit Probability: 90% Hull B: 2 x 2, 1 x 3 Bofors 152 mm/53 Kanon m/42 11 x 1 40 mm Bofors L/70 4 x 1 Bofors 57 mm/60 Bofors M50 Base DPS: 92.2/681 Range: 6.9/4.0 km. Hit Probability: 90% Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 5 Damage by Shell Explosions: 1870 At least it doesn’t have a short-range aura. Consumables: Standard DCP 3 x Hydroacoustic Search Detection of Torpedoes: 3 km. Detection of Ships: 4 km. Action Time: 100 s. Reload: 120 s. 3 x Repair Party Action Time: 28 s. HP Per Second: + 0.5% Reload Time: 80 s. Well, at least it doesn’t have a fighter. Now THAT would have made the AA capabilities too OP /s. Tier VIII: Dutch Cruiser De Zeven Provincien Entered Service: 1953 This is pretty much just a copy-paste of my posts on reddit and this forum, with a few tweaks. Also, you convinced me @Lert, it's a Tier VIII ship. Happy? Survivability: Hull A: 28900 HP Hull B: 32700 HP Armor: Belt: 50-76mm Upper Belt: 25 mm. Citadel Deck: 20mm Deck: 30mm Turrets: 125 or 100mm faces, 50 mm sides. Conning Tower: 125mm. Nose Plating: 25mm First of all, you could probably get away with running the AA survival upgrade on this cruiser. The turrets are basically indestructible. I don’t think any other light cruiser has better turret armor. Secondly, while the 75mm belt might seem terrible at first glance, it's actually not as bad as it seems. Why? Well, consider that the De Zeven Provinciën’s beam is 17.25m, similar to Smolensk’s hull (17.25 vs 16 m. beam), and the belt armor is only at most 5 mm thicker than the Smolensk. What this means is that the De Zeven Provinciën can simply show flat broadside to most BBs and some cruisers at medium to close range and force overpens. That being said though, the ship still doesn't have that much HP, so it is still best for the player to avoid getting shot in general, whether that be through island humping or through skillful use of rudder. This cruiser is also prone to overmatch, due to the poor vertical protection, and poor firing arcs forward. The 25mm plating will bounce super-cruiser shells if angled, but most BBs will punch straight through. The belt armor implies that the cruiser has a stepped citadel, like the RN Cls, but the actual blueprints say that it's nearly at the waterline, so who really knows? Maneuverability: Speed: 34 knots. Rudder shift: 6.7 s. Turning Circle: 690 m. It’s ok. Turning circle and rudder shift times are actually quite good. The DZP was designed for only 32 knots, but since she managed 34 knots in her speed trials, we'll go with that number, for balance's sake. Concealment: Detectability by Sea: 13.7 km. Detectability by Air: 8.52 km. This ship may be smaller than most cruisers in the game, but this ship’s superstructure is the definition of a 5head- it's massive, and the antennas and radar equipment tower high above the ship. With the concealment upgrade, CE, and a camo, the concealment drops to 10.8 km, while the concealment by air drops to 6.9 km. Main Armament: 4 x 2 Bofors 152 mm/53 kanon m/42 Rate of Fire: 15 shots/min. Reload: 4 seconds. 180 Degree Turn Time: 21.9 seconds. Base Firing Range: 17.1 km. Maximum HE shell damage: 2200 Fire Chance: 11% HE Shell Penetration: 30 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 3100 Shell Velocity: 900 m/s. The Bofors 152 mm were fully automatic, giving the DZP exactly 264,00 HE DPM, the highest in her tier (20k more than Cleveland, the current highest.). The gun had dual ammunition hoists which supplied AA (HE) and AP shells at different rates (15 vs. 10 RPM). This actually isn’t reflected in-game, but is a nice bit of trivia. The good range on the DZP can be owed to the advanced and modern fire control systems on it, and the height of the rangefinders, making up for the poor concealment. The Bofors 152mm/53 fires an HE shell with a similar weight to USN HE shells (101 vs 104 Lbs), but with a faster shell velocity (812 vs 900 m/s). This means most players will find that they can land shells relatively comfortably out to 17 km with this ship, but the firing arcs will likely still allow the player to fire over islands. The AP shells also are fired at 900 m/s, but are lighter than AP shells fired by most of the other cruisers, meaning they would a lot of their speed at range. The firing angles to the front are fine, but are worse when kiting. The playstyle of the De Zeven Provinciën would most likely be of a mid-to-long range HE spammer because of its weak armor but great firepower, and lack of torpedoes; using it's great rudder shift and turning circle to bait and dodge shells. Anti-Air: 4 x 2 Bofors 152 mm/53 kanon m/42 4 x 2 Bofors 57mm/60 M50 8 x 1 Bofors 40mm L/70 Base DPS: 106/628 Range: 6.9/4.0km. Hit Probability: 90% Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 5 Damage by Shell Explosions: 1870 152mm guns are DP, capable of elevating to 60 degrees, and were radar-guided. With the new +20% AA DPs skill that you can take on cruisers, the DZP can potentially reach over 700 mid-range AA DPS. The 57 mm guns also bump the mid-range AA to 4.0 km, like on the Halland. Carrier players will quickly learn to stay away from the DZP. Consumables: Standard DCP 3 x Repair Party Action Time: 28 s. HP Per Second: + 0.66% Reload Time: 80 s. Starting from the Tier VIII, all ships will get the improved heal found on Colbert and Austin. 3 x Hydroacoustic Search Detection of Torpedoes: 3.5 km. Detection of Ships: 5 km. Action Time: 100 s. Reload: 120 s. Tier IX: Plan F (Kijkduin) https://www.nationaalarchief.nl/onderzoeken/archief/4.MST/invnr/3333/file/NL-HaNA_4.MST_3333 Here unfortunately, we start going into paper ships with a bit of fantasy added. The plans for this ship were real, but the amount of information on it are very limited Survivability: The amount the ship would’ve displaced is not mentioned in the plans, but we can speculate on it a bit: It would’ve had almost the exact same dimensions as the DZP, but with a different armament. So we can expect just a few-hundred ton difference between the two ships. Hull A: 32800 HP Hull B: 35700 HP Armor: Again, no armor is listed in the plan, but we can assume it’s the same as the DZP’s armor scheme. Maneuverability: Speed: 33 knots. Rudder shift: 6.9 s. Turning Circle: 680 m. Concealment: Detectability by Sea: 13.9 km. Detectability by Air: 8.52 km. Main Armament: 3 x 3 Bofors 152 mm/53 kanon m/42 Rate of Fire: 15 shots/min. Reload: 4 seconds. 180 Degree Turn Time: 21.9 seconds. Base Firing Range: 17.5 km. Maximum HE shell damage: 2200 Fire Chance: 11% HE Shell Penetration: 30 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 3100 Shell Velocity: 900 m/s. You would think that one extra barrel won’t contribute much to the DPM, but with this rate of fire, it absolutely does. With 9 barrels firing away at 15 rounds per minute, the Kijkduin has a HE DPM of 292,000, completely unparalleled at the tier. Anti-Air: The AA suite is one of the only things listed on the plans. It calls for 14 x 40 mm Bofors mounts, most likely in twin mounts, and 8 x 12.7 mm machine guns. This would be a considerable downgrade from the previous Tier, but this is a mid-40’s proposal, so had it been built the Dutch would likely have completely replaced this suite by the 50s. For now, I will just fill it in with the DZP’s suite, but if anyone more well versed in Dutch shipbuilding practices could suggest something better, I would love to hear it. 3 x 3 Bofors 152 mm/53 kanon m/42 4 x 2 Bofors 57mm/60 M50 8 x 1 Bofors 40mm L/70 Base DPS: 112.2/628 Range: 6.9/4.0km. Hit Probability: 90% Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 6 Damage by Shell Explosions: 1870 Consumables: Standard DCP 4 x Repair Party Action Time: 28 s. HP Per Second: + 0.66% Reload Time: 80 s. An extra charge. 3 x Hydroacoustic Search Detection of Torpedoes: 3.5 km. Detection of Ships: 5 km. Action Time: 100 s. Reload: 120 s. Tier X: Dutch Cruiser Eendracht The original proposal for the Endrachts would have made for a good Tier VI, but I think a heavily modernized version of it can make for a great Tier X. I know the DZPs were literally modernized Eendrachts, but whatever. We can think of this ship as just an alternate DZP, if that makes you feel any better about it. Survivability: HP: 39200 The Eendrachts as proposed actually displaced less than the DZPs ended up displacing due to the large amount of modern radars, FCS, and electronics put on the DZP. BUT, a modernized Eendracht with those same systems probably would have displaced even more because of the extra barrels and thicker belt armor. Armor: Belt: 100 - 75 mm. Upper Belt: 25 mm. Citadel Deck: 25 mm. Deck: 30 mm Turrets: 100mm faces, 50 mm sides. Conning Tower: 100 mm. Nose Plating: 25mm In theory a 100 mm belt should be better than DZP’s 76 mm belt, but in WoWs it isn’t. The extra thickness just means less of a chance for BBs to overpen your citadel, which is kind of a stupid concept, but I guess this is just an arcade game. Maneuverability: Speed: 32 knots. Rudder shift: 6.6 s. Turning Circle: 660 m. Concealment: Detectability by Sea: 13.5 km. Detectability by Air: 8.52 km. Main Armament: 2 x 3, 2 x 2 Bofors 152 mm/53 kanon m/42 Rate of Fire: 15 shots/min. Reload: 4 seconds. 180 Degree Turn Time: 21.9 seconds. Base Firing Range: 17.3 km. Maximum HE shell damage: 2200 Fire Chance: 11% HE Shell Penetration: 30 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 3100 Shell Velocity: 900 m/s. With 10 6-inch barrels, the Eendracht has a HE DPM of exactly 330,000. Though that is 11k less than Worcester's DPM, she makes up for it with better shell arcs. Anti-Air: 2 x 3, 2 x 2 Bofors 152 mm/53 kanon m/42 4 x 2 Bofors 57mm/60 M50 8 x 1 Bofors 40mm L/70 Base DPS: 129.6/628 Range: 6.9/4.0km. Hit Probability: 90% Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 6 Damage by Shell Explosions: 1870 Again, if any history buffs want to give me suggestions on how to make this different to the DZP, I’m all ears. On torpedoes: yes, the original proposal for the Eendrachts did call for 2 x 3 Torpedoes, but a 1950s refit of them would almost certainly have taken them off the ship. Consumables: Standard DCP 4 x Repair Party Action Time: 28 s. HP Per Second: + 0.66% Reload Time: 80 s. 3 x Hydroacoustic Search Detection of Torpedoes: 3.5 km. Detection of Ships: 5 km. Action Time: 100 s. Reload: 120 s. Premium(s) Tier VI Spanish Light Cruiser Méndez Núñez Survivability: HP: 21200 The Mendez Nunez is an incredibly squishy cruiser, having the lowest HP pool in its tier. Armor: Belt: 76 mm. Upper Belt: 13 mm. Citadel Deck: 25 mm. Deck: 16 mm Nose Plating: 13 mm. Again, incredibly squishy. What's new? Maneuverability: Speed: 29 knots. Rudder Shift: 6.4 seconds Turning Circle: 550 m. She is very slow for a Tier VI cruiser. She makes up for this with a tight turning circle and a good rudder shift time. Concealment: Detectability by Sea: 10.78 km. Detectability by Air: 6.44 The Mendez Nunez is a very stealthy cruiser, owing to her short superstructure. Main Armament: 8 x 1 120 mm/45 Vickers Mk F Rate of Fire: 20 shots/min. Reload: 3 seconds. 180 Degree Turn Time: 9.0 seconds. Base Firing Range: 13.2 km. Maximum HE shell damage: 1700 Fire Chance: 7% HE Shell Penetration: 20 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 2100 Shell Velocity: 853 m/s. Her broadside DPM (Her turrets were arranged in a similar way as Atlanta's, meaning she could only fire 7 guns to a broadside) is 238,000, the best in tier. However, the HE shell she fired was very light (22 kg), meaning her shell arcs won't be very good. Anti-Air: 8 x 1 120 mm/45 Vickers Mk F 4 x 2 37 mm/83 4 x 4 20 mm/65 C/38 7 x 1 20 mm/70 Base DPS: 138/17/102 Range: 5.8/3.5/2.0 km. Hit Probability: 90% Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 5 Damage by Shell Explosions: 1870 The long-range aura is incredibly potent at Tier VI: throwing up 5 flak bursts a salvo and good DPS alongside that. The mid-range aura consists of the infamous 37 mm cannon, which is just a terrible AA weapon. The short-range aura is pretty good, but very limited in range. Overall, a very good AA suite. Consumables: Standard DCP 4 x DFAA 3 x Hydroacoustic Search Detection of Torpedoes: 3.5 km. Detection of Ships: 4 km. Action Time: 100 s. Reload: 120 s. Recommended Builds for the Line: Incoming Fire Alert: The incredibly squishy nature of this line means that knowing when someone has fired on you is always an incredibly valuable piece of information. Expert AA Marksman: This skill is basically a 25% boost to your AA. And it is a flat buff. AR and SE: AR is just such a great skill to have on any ship. As for SE, I have found that while playing the Colbert with the same improved heal, I never actually used more than the four heals that came with the ship, so the HP pool buff was far more useful. IFHE: So you can pen more than 32 mm. CE: Concealment. AA Gunner: Because I hate planes.