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Found 2 results

  1. Bravo Zulu! have moved to NA and are looking for active players to strengthen our competitive ranks. Whilst we are largely comprised of Australian and New Zealand residents, we welcome all English speakers to join us. Requirements: You must have a recent Win Rate >55% @ Tier X with a minimum of 1,000 Random or Clan Battles. If your overall win rate is below that you’ll still be considered if your metrics are rising. You must be prepared and willing to use Discord for in game communications You must have a selection of Tier X ships to choose from or be very close to achieving it Our Port Facilities are coming along with a strong focus on reaching our member cap and then steel and coal bonuses. All applicants are expected to join Discord and Division with [B-Z] members before being invited to apply as we want both parties to be satisfied with the choice they've made. Formerly known as Stop the Boats, we are the inaugural King of the Tasman title holder on the SEA Server and have plans to make an impact on NA now that we're here, so why not join us and make an impact yourself?
  2. tmaco

    BlazeAid via Wows NA

    I just saw the BlazeAid bundles Wot Asia is selling. Brilliant idea and going right where there is a now need. BlazeAid supports teams of handyman and fencers going into burnt out areas and putting up farm fencing and doing emergency repairs in small burnt communities. The news tonight interviewed a farmer on his quad bike trying to round up what cattle he had left and get them off the roads. He had lost 30km of fences to the fires and could not contain the cattle. Untill insurance comes in all his cash is going to feed and water. Hey Femennenly and Hapa_fodda, can Wows NA do something similar. Say sell fire engine red camo for Vampire and Perth, sell a Koala or Roo flag. I live 50 km from the Dunns road fire and although i work full time I am a wildlife carer with a bunch of babies being raised. Some from the fire grounds. A wombat, a wallaby, a wallaroo, 8 kangaroos and 6 baby flying foxes. All my spare money goes to buy them milk and feed, but I would still buy some premium stuff if you put at least some of the revenue to something like BlazeAid. What do you recon??? Tony (Tmaco)