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Found 1 result

  1. LadyAnesjka

    2 Player Look for Clan...

    Bok! I am from Split, Croatia, live Erie, PA, USA... My clan just have 2 member , is HRVAT clan...for Hrvatska ( Croatia ) and we may be look to find bigger clan with upcoming change to game soon. Would very much like to do Clan battles and Rank matches...do also pvp and pve of course. I speak 3 language but English is #3 so I can do discourd but do not expect chatter box. I am older player, have started playing this during early days of the game. Player 2 is from Australia and is friend I meet in Black Desert who have come to play Warships with me... I will Link both our profiles and record and look forward to see replies here. https://na.warships.today/player/1014991932/Anesjka https://na.warships.today/player/1026910260/Shasmeen PS: As we have play game with our own clan for long time, think we can afford to be a little picky when come to choose a clan maybe ? 1. Must be older members, no member under age of 25 prefer... 2. Must be big enough to do clan battle and play these regular when clan battle is active. 3. No disturbing discourd !!!! Have see this in other games I have play and join others in discourd only to see they discourd have section for Gore or twisted things. 4. Competitive clan is good, but not clan that say " be 70 % or else " or such. Compete is healthy and good, but is not end of world if lose games.