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Found 7 results

  1. See title. If Wargaming can't get the rights to the song, I would be okay with a midi version too.
  2. MidnightPhoenix07

    Armory Audio Bug

    There appears to be an audio bug in the snowflake section of the armory. For most sections, switching between tabs results in a smooth fade out and fade in for the music (if it's different). But switching to the snowflake section has six audible volume jumps rather than a continuous fade. It's happening in both the in-game browser as well as the armory page in external browsers.
  3. Apos o patch 0.10.10, na Operação Defesa da Estação Naval de Newport Em vários momentos, o AUDIO em português fala em PORTA-AVIÕES... "o porta-aviões chegar a base", "grande porta-aviões inimigo entrou"... E não tem BOT CV nessa operação , logo, não deveria falar de porta-aviões... os textos estão corretos, apenas os áudios mudados. E talvez seja apenas impressão minha, mas a operação ta mais difícil, acabo de jogar umas 5 partidas em seguida e perdemos todas!
  4. Wargaming, what in the country loving sister marrying crap did you do to the sounds? Like, really? It sounds like some 1950 western movie where they are shooting at cans. Who was the good idea fairy on that one? probably the same guys who said we should split the USN line with ships that only go 23Knots. Seriously get your stuff together. You are going backwards as a game not forwards. My piece
  5. Anyone else hear this? Very annoying and constant high pitched whistle.
  6. Is anyone else finding that their guns and some other sounds are once again louder for the same slider settings, after installing 0.8.9?
  7. Looking for mod/sound files to replace Anime and national non-English speaking captains. I've got a few 6- 10-point captains from events and such (e.g., Isoroku, the grunting Japanese cat, and Admiral Hipper, the annoyingly breathy anime Japanese girl). I'm looking for a way to replace their sound files with the standard USN sound prompts in the game (or even the UK files, chaps). I admit that I do key into the audio for game prompts so I don't have to take my eyes of the screen and minimap. I don't play the non-English captains (even my Dasha or Overchkin) enough to learn the language phrases. Any thoughts? Thanks