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Found 3 results

  1. Considering there's some stuff planned, there are also new auctions incoming, starting July 2nd. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0105-the-grand-battle/ Lots U.S. Commander Theodor "Trouble" Murphy with 14 skill points, plus 20 Rising camouflages Sharks permanent camouflage for X Worcester Eagles permanent camouflage for X Worcester 100,000 Coal X Somers commemorative flag Auctions are cross-server—players on all World of Warships regions (CIS, EU, NA, and ASIA) compete with each other for the same lots, so the final number of winners is shared between the four servers. Will be interesting to see minimum bids, especially for the coal. Also the explanation for prize pool was updated to reflect the correct status.
  2. Now that the auction is over and winners determined, it's time to figure out the minimum winning bid. Will start with mine as I lost, so it can be a decent start. Let's see how high we have to go in order to get a winning bid. As you see I went for 50mil, double the starting price. At least that's what felt comfortable for me. Update: Lowest confirmed minimum bid at 82 million credits.
  3. Has WOWs ever considered having an EBAY like auction for discontinued ships? If they do not want to do it for profit (Which is a great idea IMHO!!) What about Charity auction? WOWs has done things for the Battleship Texas and Vet causes. I would gladly contribute a Nikoli I ….Built with Stalinium and has Russian Bias module plus Halloween Camo....Scare your enemies to death!!! How much would one person pay for a Missouri or some other boat