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Found 1 result

  1. So, one of the complaints of the community is that the re-work removed the CV vs CV feature, I as a CV main of old and new can also see that because CVs have too much AA and any attack on them is just a waste, before the rework we could deplane and bait DFAA to make deadly strikes, where right now the only way to damage one would be USN Midway Tiny Tims and RN perfect carpet bombs, while for deplaning the enemy you need to count on your teammates' AA and your ambushes with fighter planes (such as deploying them behind a mountain to hide them from the enemy...yes, this is a thing). So, here is a suggestion to fix at least one of the CV vs CV problems. A new consumable for your attacker planes, "Engage Air to Air Combat", where the attacker drops all the payload and proceeds to hunt down the enemy plane on a bigger area, prioritizing: Fighters engaging your squad (If the enemy pops their fighter consumable while yours is chasing the enemy, it'll target the fighters instead). Enemy bombers Enemy fighters Enemy Scouts If no enemy present, return to the CV This way we can add to the AA defense of our teammate's, increasing our support to repel air attacks while at the same time, easily deplaning the enemy CV since an attack squad has more planes than the usual consumable fighters so it'll usually mean a total wipe. This consumable would: Lock into your attackers that will make a climb for 3 seconds after dropping the payload and proceed to engage an enemy, if no enemy present at the end of the climb, return to the CV and re-enable the option to launch another squad. If the attackers lock onto an enemy, the player will be locked for the whole duration of the engagement until the target or your attackers get removed from play. When activated, the attackers will climb towards higher altitude but will receive 300% more damage from AA during the 3 seconds climb, after that they'll be unable to spot ships but will also be invulnerable to AA and able to spot enemy planes within their action range. The increase in damage received is to kill any possibility of exploiting this consumable to return the planes to the CV faster since returning them normally would take 4 seconds. When locked on an enemy, engages at full boost speed + 10% for the whole duration of the chase. The enemy will only receive a warning that he's being chased by attackers at the detection range detailed in the consumable. The attackers WILL BE DETECTED and receive AA damage at 50% effectiveness if they're detected by ship's radar until it reaches the target, when reaching the target they'll be treated as "not detected by radar". The attackers that aren't detected by radar will only become detected and receive 300% AA damage when reaching the detection range detailed in the consumable to their target. It's this way so that if a player fears that he's being targetted but doesn't know yet, he can fly closer to friendly ships, if the attackers appear they'll take a lot of damage and will be disposed of quickly but at the same time there is no way to know unless a radar ship detects it first. The data of the consumable will vary for nation to nation but with those as base: Charges: 3 (increased with commander skill) Charges here are limited in order to not have matches where one CV can do nothing because the other is spamming this consumable without risking much. Cooldown: No cooldown Payload drop time: 2 seconds. Action range: 8km Detection range for the enemy: 3km Attack range: 0.500m (or the usual fighter attack range). Damage: 1 for 1 Each nation will then receive the following changes with their attacker consumable: USN: Charges changed to 4. (Featuring USN air supremacy over the course of the war). IJN: Damage changed to 2 planes per attacker. (Featuring IJN deadly fighters before USN took over the air). RN: Payload drop time changed to 0 second. (Featuring...pilots readiness? Sorry, I don't have an explanation here). German: Action range increased to 12km. Detection range for the enemy decreased to 1.5km. (Featuring...engines? And ambushes from high altitude) ----------------- This suggestion would bring one more variable to AA defense on the table, another role for attacker planes, one of the weakest attack types of every nation, while at the same time providing somewhat like the return of the CV to CV combat of the pre-rework, just to a lesser degree. Do you think this suggestion would help out with the current situation with CVs? If this was implemented, would you remove "Reworked CV lacks CV-to-CV engagements" from the arguments against CVs? Do you think it would actually help the game?