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Found 3 results

  1. WG invents asymmetric battles, allows players to play tier 7 ships against bots, players load all camos and flags, wg sees fxp gains breaking the spreadsheet's ability to calculate, wg kills asymetric battles. thanks wg, your inability to understand your own game and player base are the reason we cant have nice stuff. yesterday after enough of these types of battles i kept getting matched with the pitiable fools who didnt understand the point of this mode and actually paid to play tier 10: and yet: Wargaming (WG) Player Support Due to this battle type's original settings, there were too many bots in the tier IX - X teams, and because of this, the battle type does not provide an interesting enough gaming experience for both sides. sure, not interesting enough; i found it extremely interesting!
  2. the video show 5 high tier vs 9 low tier, but reallity is 7 high tier vs 9 low tire, lier there is NO chance to win, i give up
  3. So in case no one has seen it, the wows Dev blog has blessed us with more amazing potential future content! We've been asking for new game modes for so long and i can safely say they've finally delivered: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/36?fbclid=IwAR3PHJLwyRf6j-JDryKXJI3sr3-vV0vZ1mfA4DN5jrr_6zk1GDPh9mrjNkQ "Soon there will be a closed test session of battles with an asymmetric distribution of ships between two teams: one team will have a low number (4-6) of ships of Tiers VI-VII, and the opposing team will have 6-12 ships of Tiers V-VI. The usual class symmetry between teams is also not mandatory." ... I dead@$$ don't know what to think anymore, you telling me 12 v 12 battles weren't already asymmetric with what ships get assigned to each team? Are they just trying to re-create the experience of having 4 afk ships? To an extent i do SLIGHTLY understand what they're going for, that lower tier ships can still overcome higher tier ships but like...that involves VERY coordinated teamwork, something that, to this day, i have yet to see this game actively promote in its random battles, never-mind reward it at all.