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Found 19 results

  1. Apos a ultima atualização eu não consigo acessar o arsenal, inventario e loja Premium. Já reinstalei o game todo e nada, Alguém mais esta passando por isso? O suporte não resolveu, disse que era problema em meu provedor, OI, Fui na casa da meu irmão onde a velocidade me maior e nada, o resto do jogo todo funciona bem..
  2. Jumarka

    Coming back

    Well, after letting the game rest for some time I have come back. And I feel, should have waited for the relesase of subs A few battles in, and every thing that chased me out of the game is still present: Radar still goes trought solid rock. Fire chance and damage continue to be some major [edited] Ships sniping you from inside smoke screens with perfect aim. Ships sitting in the smoke screen while their AAA wipe out planes. NO GERMAN SHIP FOR COAL Thera are things I like: CVs rework, MM balance, all the containers collection on the arsenal and the new autopilot, I think I am going to stay a little longer to see if the introduction of subs forces WG to make other changes (nice to see that you apparently cant Sonar Ping ships trought islands)
  3. Hola Colegas Comparto solución a un problema que le ha pasado a varios. Como a mi el Arsenal o Armería me tarda muchísimo tiempo cargando para abrirlo dentro del juego es mejor entrar desde el navegador web esto tambien funciona para el puerto de clanes Espero les ayude. Saludos Z.
  4. I’m missing items of the third year anniversary collection. It would be nice to be able to purchase these and containers of other collections that many players are missing, besides the ones already available.
  5. I can now buy signals with credits. So what if it ranges from 1.44 to 3.84 mil credits for a batch. You folks have just solved my problem. What to do with my 763 mill credits. So thanks!
  6. Greetings captains, I have been thinking about implementing something that I think would be a nice addition to the game. That is, creator codes. The concept is really the same as... dare I say it... Fortnite (hold on, let me explain). The Idea: I am proposing the introduction of a creator code program into in-game stores such as the Arsenal. Content creators will have their own unique code (or just their username) which any player can enter into a section of the store (eg the Arsenal). For every item you purchase from the Arsenal, 5 or so % of the resources you spent will go to the creator who's code you entered. This lets content creators receive a minor flow of additional resources from their fans. The reason I would like to see this implemented is so that fans/ followers of channels and creators will have a chance to support the content creator, and in turn, content creators get more resources which they can use to test out new items so that they can make a video, or a stream on them. In order to reduce spam with "use creator code ****", these should only be given to official content creators within the CC program. "This just makes the game easier for CC's and is an unfair advantage" Well to be part of the CC program there are guidelines and decent requirements, most of these creators are genuinely trying to make useful, helpful or funny content in the game that benefits us all. I think that giving back to them is a great way to support them and let them create content faster on newer implementations. CC's aren't always doing what they do just for themselves. Remember, this would be a very minor % of resources! What do you think? The biggest issue I see with this is the possibility of people using it to ease through the game, but I think that if you're already in the CC program, your followers should have a way to give back. Yes, streamers have donations and subs, but this is an in-game method. :)
  7. Has WG given any indication why they are removing the ability to obtain these ships with FXP or arsenal coal? Is there anything to suggest they will not return eventually? I spent virtually all of my coal on getting Musashi but Kronstadt I am less certain about. I'm more interested in the Alaska class (personally I'd prefer to be able to buy Guam) and Kronstadt seems less likely to be declared OP than Musashi so I imagine it may well return someday.
  8. Hello i am still new here and these are my thoughts about the new economy system: My instincts are telling me that something isn't right with the Steel/Coal economy. See at the start "nobody" had steel or coal but at least you could get it on containers(supercontainers) i made this calculations if you get 2 coal containers and complete the first daily mission you get a minimum of 1000 coal so if you play every day you will get a minimum of 30000 coal per month. now lets say that you want a ship lets say the Musashi priced at 180000 coal; you can add a coupon and reduce the price to 120000 coal but that's at least 4 months of grind and thats a lot of grind now lets think about coal and pricing at the most in one day if you get very lucky you can get at a maximum 4000 coal so thats good but almost impossible of getting every day for 30 days straight. Now about coal ships pricing... One could say that their prices are very much in line with the regular ships: Musashi 180000 coal - Izumo 178000 xp Salem 240000 coal - Des Moines 237500 xp Black 14000 Steel/140000 coal(converted) - Fletcher 158000 xp these prices are about right until now. from now on we should see prices like these: Jean Bart 226000 coal - Alsace 190000 xp Bourgogne 30000 steel/ 300000 coal (converted) - Republique 260000 xp Stalingrad 28000 steel/ 280000 coal (converted) - Moskva 235000 xp Because before we had artificial scarcity and now people are starting to retain some coal, and these prices will continue to go up and yes i know you cant convert coal into steel (yet(they introduced 3 new rare metal categories, but for what you might ask...... hum? )) i do think that they will allow us to convert doubloons into steel rather than coal into steel but for that they would need to get their pricing right (and destroy/reprice the current grind shenanigans for coal and remove some ships cuz they would be to cheap for us to buy). lets discuss it below
  9. CertifiedHashbrownMoment

    Stalingrad: Hot or Not?

    Keep it civil, I want to see what the public thinks of this new Balans Bote. Remember, we're all entitled to our opinions. But if you have one, back it up with proof. Thanks guys!
  10. OK, so i just got enough coal for the Salem with the coupon, should i get it or wait? i don't have Des Moines and don't really plan in grinding it anytime soon as i'm committed to to many other lines. so i've been considering just getting Salem instead and skipping the line all together. i also see that there are a lot of premiums around the corn the i would want more than Salem like Jean Bart ,the unknown T10 French BB, and Alaska and what ever else they may be cooking up. however we don't know how any of these will be sold i really want a Salem or Des Moines so this would be an easy out, Salem is said to be able to be a bit more aggressive play style over Des Monies which aligns with my play style better so given the choice i'd pick Salem anyway to avoid a debate over player skill: i also understand there is the whole "learn the line, through the Grind" thing, however i feel confident in my skills enough to say it would only take me a short time to get used to it. espesaly because balti and buffalo don't really play like Des Moines anyway. id like to mention i do have Worcester and mino so i'm used to island and radar and glass ships also i'm at Pensacola now and would probably free XP most of the remaining ships to get to des moines as i have little interest in playing New Orleans, Baltimore or buffalo(most likley free xp half way ish) so the bottom line question here is... is the Salem a good enough substitute for the Des Moines to justify the price on Coal and skipping the line?
  11. Is the only place to spend Anniversary tokens in the Arsenal? I'm such a newb...
  12. Arsenal: 2 Japanese 1 British 1 French 3 USA 2 Soviet Why no German love?
  13. I'm hoping to get the Salem but man is it ever a slow slog accumulating oil. I'm still about 120K short even with the coupon. Does the arsenal expire after a certain period or is it more of permanent thing?
  14. Are the upgrades that we buy at the arsenal permanent? Do we buy once and does it unlock the upgrades for all available and apropriate ships? Or is it an item we have to buy it for every ship and demount and mount it?
  15. Hi! Lots of us are wondering whether the coupons in the Arsenal can be used to make purchases with Go Navy Sharks/Eagles tokens? Can one of the mods confirm? It's not explicit in the rules. @Radar_X? BTW this event looks awesome and really looking forward to it.
  16. When I click on the Arsenal tab in port, I get the explanation screens of what the Arsenal is, I click "next" a couple times, then the message "web server unavailable" pops up, and I have to go back to the port screen. Anybody else have this, or any idea why?
  17. Great job on the Arsenal, devs. It's a wonderful new capability. I am wondering, though, if WG has given out any information about what ships will be available for purchase in the arsenal, and when? Are they going to be rotated? What's the plan?
  18. The_Really_Good_Man

    Coal And Steel Economics

    I noticed now that in this clan war season, gold is no longer offered as a reward for reaching higher divisions. But to compensate, they seem to be very generous with their steel distribution, though reaching typhoon, there is only enough steel for some of the lower tiered premiums. Is this a new tiered economics where gold is still the top followed by coal/steel with credits on the bottom? Will steel/coal ever become the middle man between gold and credit?
  19. I know we will be able to buy ships with coal ( Musashi, Okt Rev etc.) and with steel ( flint, black etc). The question is: Will these purchases be available PERMANENTLY (aka the roster wont change and new ships will be added later on) or will they change ones in a while like in the premium shop?