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  1. Sure, that's no Battleship once she eats Maya, but Kongo isn't the Death Star. She's Zelos, the Silver Gigas. This is Zelos. Notice, the big ball in the center and the options that float on the outside. Prior to using this attack, the options light up, form a a ring then that ring moves to the center where it's focused into the Great Moon Ray. You can see a Battleship being pummeled by the attack in the center of the beam for reference. This Kongo after she ate the fake Maya. Notice, again, big ball in the center, options on the outside. The charge up for this attack had the options light up, forming a ring that moved towards the center where it was focused into the Super Gravity Cannon. Also, Ashigara has a Harpoon Cannon. They DEFINITELY were going for some SoA references in there. And for a little hint of reference: Zelos is Jealousy- the Silvites were jealous of the other civilizations, but also nihilists that would destroy themselves and the world to quell the rage of the other civilizations. Kongo becomes that because of jealousy, rage, and a desire to just end it all. The Death Star is just a technological terror that blows up planets.
  2. Welcome to the Arpeggio of Blue Steel! The Arpeggio of Blue Steel is a community of both casual and serious warship captains from around the world. Our clan prides itself on being friendly and open, and we are always ready to accept new recruits to [ARP]. The clan is growing quickly, and is highly active at almost all times of day. So if you are looking for a place to form divisions, a channel to ask for gameplay advice, or just a community to make some friends in the WoWS world, look no further! With the new arrival of clan bases, we plan on upgrading the respective bases of our main clan, and our subclans, as quickly as possible. This is enabled by our highly active members, and if you are wanting to join a clan for the benefits provided by the base system, we hope you will choose [ARP]. We run two competitive teams for Supremacy League, and also take part in King of the Sea. Two of our clans have reached Typhoon in Clan Wars, and the others have all performed very well. We plan on being highly active upon the full release of the Clan Wars global map. If you have competitive experience, or just want to try your hand in organised competitive play, [ARP] can help to provide you with this opportunity. We try to accept as many players as we can, but we still have some basic requirements for joining our clan. If you don't meet the requirements, but still want to join [ARP], don't worry! We are more than happy to make exceptions for players if they are enthusiastic about improving, and will provide all the support you need to improve your gameplay. All we ask of new recruits is the following: Overall WTR (Warships Today Rating) of 1100 or higher Overall winrate is 50% or higher Owns at least 2 tier 8 ships, both of which are tech-tree ships (not premium ships) Active on Discord at least twice a week Friendly and mature character To join [ARP], all you need to do is come and visit our Discord server, where one of our recruitment officers will help you join our clan. You can find our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/c9Dw7TW If you have trouble accessing the Discord channel, or have further questions, please feel free to PM any of the leadership We have a number of leaders in the clan, any of whom are available to receive your questions and queries. Fleet Admiral: Teahee Admirals: Iris_ Cruiser_Montpelier (Ba)Kaga_Kai_Ni Vice Admirals: IJN_Battleship_Fuso Soullessike Razor_Antilles _aster_ Commodore: AbyssalDragoon MagicalMoonMan Kaitaro ZuikakuKaiNi There are a number of regular questions we receive from new recruits: Do you require a name change? No, there is no pressure to change your name to any particular naming style. Do you have to like anime/manga? No, there are members of our clan who are not fans of either. We do however ask that you respect others who are interested in these things, and be tolerant of them. We try to keep our Discord organised in a way that keeps most anime posts in select channels. What if I am below the required stats for joining? We mainly use stats as a guideline of a player's skill, but we know that there are other factors that can't be measured by WTR. As such, we will make exceptions for players who show signs of improvement, and are willing to be an active part of the [ARP] community. Are there compulsory clan member meetings? No there are not, however if you want to join the competitive side of the clan, you will be expected to attend training sessions and scrimmages. Is Iris a lewd sunflower lolicon? Absolutely.
  3. Hola a todos! No se como comunicarme con los desarrolladores o como sugerir cambios en el juego, por eso lo hago por este medio! Ya que WOW se desasocio con "Arpeggio of Blue Steel" (minuto 3:35) creo que seria buena idea que ahora fuera el turno de "Kantai Collection"... Eh visto los dos animes y los dos tienen mucho potencial! Que les parece la idea? Dejen sus opiniones por favor! En caso de que este articulo este mal categorizado, indiquenme donde ponerlo de forma correcta!
  4. Once I got my new phone (LG X Power) which is really great might I say, I found a Blue Steel Takao wallpaper and set it as my phone wallpaper. Pretty epic, huh? Well, here you go for full version (sadly no desktop vers D=) Credits to whomever the author is, you really did a great job.
  5. Hiei is a Kongo, right?

    I'm only to the Myogi so I can't check myself, but I'm trying to decide what upgrade modules to use on Hiei and wanted to make sure she was a Kongo class. Would you guys say the aiming mod for less dispersion or the turret traverse is better. the 15% off of a lengthy traverse time in pretty good for close in battles and the 1.5 second increase in reload seems negligible when you have to wait 30 secs anyway. On the other hand, the dispersion on the Kongo seems really bad and the -7% max dispersion might make a world of difference. Does it?
  6. Recently, I finished completely the ARP Hiei challenge. But for some reason, the ship itself wasn't added to my port... and I have no idea of what happened exactly. Have any of you experienced similar problems? If so, what is going on?
  7. I just started plays 3 days ago and wanted to get the Arpeggio Kongo but I missed it since I wasn't playing at the time, Will they ever be available again? If not, I suggest that they be more than a one time release because new played might feel upset they will never get the chance to get them. Perhaps make them come out like once a season or something. For long time players, have limited time ships ever been made available again? Not just the Arpeggio ships but any from the past. If not, is there any indication that Wargaming might do this in the future or can I uninstall now?
  8. Now, because some people don't look at the event preview page I decided I shall post it each month here. As I will always do, here's the link to the official page: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/sept-preview/ And here's the simplified (small text and easier to read) version: #1 September 1-October 1: Arpeggio Returns A whole month of missions, with new extras and Arpeggio ships to earn! STARTS September 1 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS October 1 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET There ya have it, ARP missions return! #2 September 2-5: Back to School: Cruiser Weekend Spice up your weekend with cruiser missions and specials! STARTS September 2 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS September 5 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET #3 September 4-9: Back to School: Destroyer Week Dance through the flames in destroyers and earn XP! STARTS September 4 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS September 9 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET #4 September 7-8 Brazil Independence Day Celebrate Brazil's independence with a first-win bonus! STARTS September 7 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS September 8 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET #5 September 9-12: Back to School: Destroyer Weekend Fight fast and furiously with bonuses for these nimble wonders! STARTS September 9 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS September 12 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET #6 September 12-16: Back to School: Battleship Week Brawl well in battleships for extra XP! STARTS September 12 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS September 16 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET #7 September 16-19: World of Warships Anniversary/Battleship Weekend Celebrate one year of World of Warships with our battleship focus weekend. STARTS September 16 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS September 19 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET #8 September 19-23: Back to School: Carrier Week Take off and fly to glory with extra XP all week! STARTS September 19 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS September 23 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET #9 September 23-29: Back to School: Carrier Weekend Wax your flight deck and overhaul your elevators, it's a whole weekend for the mighty flattops! STARTS September 23 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET ENDS September 29 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET What do you think of the events? Leave your comments down below. Personally, I wouldn't mind a big event for the WoWs anniversary. It seems like it'll only be XP and maybe discounts.. project R and GNB 2.0 anyone?
  9. Good evening everyone! So the premise of this topic is what non-ship additions would you like to see in the premium shop? Now I said non-ship additions to the premium shop but bundles are fair game so if you want to suggest say X-ship + Flag then go for it! Now this is my very first topic so please forgive me Pigeon_of_War if I put it in the wrong place or it is overly cluttered. Some may know that I got into this great game because of anime-related events specifically I got into WOWS so that I could have illustrious cute anime girls command my ships... of course by the time I joined WOWS the opportunity to get Kongō, Kirishima, Haruna or Myoko as commanders had long since expired. I know that many wish for ARP Kongō and the other ARP ships to remain event awards exclusive to those special players that completed the events and thus not available to wallet warriors such as myself and I respect that wish. Still there should be sweet ARP goddess available for wallet warriors and to that end I would like to see either character commanders already implemented in the game like Kongō or unimplemented characters like Hyuuga to be released in the premium shop as commanders by themselves! Of course I am aware that at them moment the ARP ships are considered their own nation for captain for training purposes... my suggestion would either be: A: make it so that Kongō Commander and the other ARP commanders can take command of any Japanese warship... I do not see this as being a difficult update to the game. This way if a player bought Kongō Commander from the premium shop they could simply put her in any Japanese ship be it Umikaze, Chikuma, Kawachi, Hosho or even Hashidate, this would mean that the player would not have to have a ARP ship in order to enjoy using a ARP commander! * This option is very simple I think and does not need much additional explanation other than looking like this: * This is a quick photoshopped image that I edited to show what it would look like for ARP commanders to commander other ships * * Edited to make some corrections * B: If ARP really are their own nation then give them a non-event ship the players can get in the premium shop such as ARP Lexington for example seeing as how Lexington is already in the game as a Tier 8 aircraft carrier... that way the player can buy their favorite ARP commander from the premium shop and then add her to a generic ARP ship that can either be bought in the premium shop as well... why Wargaming could make a bundle! I could look like this: Tier 8 aircraft carrier "ARP Lexington" + old ARP commander such as Kongō or Tier 8 aircraft carrier "ARP Lexington" + new ARP commander such as Hyuuga That is what I want to see the most in this great game by far! Thank you everyone who read my topic and by all means list what additions you would like to see in the premium shop and have a good day!
  10. Hi all, Recently I made a 1/700 scale ARP Nachi by Aoshima. It has been over 3 years since I made my last model, this is my first painted model using airbrush & compressor set, it is also my first systemically constructed ship model. Apart from the original Aoshima kit I also got photo etched parts for Myoko class CAs, but it was designed for Fujimi's kit so some dimensions don't match. (I couldn't find PE parts for Aoshima's Myoko) I made tons of terrible mistakes: I lost a couple of very tiny parts while painting, broke a few photo etched parts, left a lot of glue stains while rigging ...... I think these are valuable first-hand experiences and I will definitely improve in the future. Box Completion Size comparison Hull and superstructures before painting Comments and critics are welcome!
  11. I've been creating skins for a long time (I started in august 2015 as I remember) and I've got a really big collection of them. But also I collect anime related skins from other modders - and that's why I've decided to create a modpack so everyone could easily install these awesome skins when it's needed. All skins are included in this modpack with approval of their creators. If you have made a skin and you want it to be included here - PM me, I'll add it. The collection is not complete though - I'm still working at adding more skins. It contains not only skins but also some other modifications that make the game look totally different - interface changes, sound modification, new dock, flags and some other features. Other interface modifications are welcome too I will support this modpack as long as I can and update it regularly. The modpack itself is a little program (20MB) that represents a GUI where you can choose skins from a list. Then selected items will be downloaded from a cloud repository and installed. You can check the "do not delete after download" paragraph then the downloaded mods will be saved in your game folder. After that you'll be able to use "Of the reserve pack" paragraph - so you won't need to redownload mods again and again and you'll have to do that only for the first time. All skins are provided with screenshots so you'll be able to hover your mouse above the skin name and see its preview List of modifications present in the modpack: Abyssal Interface Заменяет индикаторы торпед и самолётов на боевом дисплее, меняет внешний вид порта и иконок боевых действий, плюс внешний вид трассеров от снарядов: Changes hud elements such as torpedo/plane indicators, fire/flooding icons and many more: Abyssal Flags Nation flags are also changed with Abyssal Fleet symbols. Though they still ressemble the original flags Voices of the Abyss This mod changes some voice notifications with Abyssal girls exclamations. I wanted to create an ambience of battle against them - that's why not all notifications are modified. For example, when you see an enemy battleship you will hear Battleship Princess voice, when you are on fire - you'll hear "BURN!!!" and so on. Sound example Skins list As you can notice - some ships have several skins - you'll have to choose which of those you want to install. Not all ships have skins either - the work is i progress. Not only my skins are present in the modpack - the author is indicated in [square brackets]. Modpack has screenshot for each skin - so you'll be able to take a small glance at what you are installing. Also all skins are provided with previews for ship carousel and research tree USA Level Carriers Battleships Cruisers Destroyers 4 [Xandier59] Arkansas Beta Sinon 5 [Abyssal] New York Ru Class Battleship [Abyssal] Texas Supply Depot Princess [Abyssal] Omaha Chi Class Torpedo Cruiser [Xandier59] Omaha Umaru [Abyssal] Marblehead Chi Class Torpedo Cruiser [Xandier59] Marblehead Umaru [Abyssal] Nicholas Ro Class Destroyer 6 [Abyssal] Independence Wo Class Aircraft Carrier [Abyssal] New Mexico Re Class Battleship [Red_Knight] New Mexico Ru Class Battleship [Abyssal] Pensacola Light Cruiser Demon [Abyssal] Farragut Ro Class Destroyer [Xandier59] Sims Blake (RWBY) 7 [Xandier59] Ranger Weiss Shnee (RWBY) [Unknown] Saipan Kafuu Chino [Abyssal] Colorado Seaport Princess [Abyssal] New Orleans Heavy Cruiser Ne Class [Abyssal] Atlanta Halloween [Abyssal] Flint Aria Wintermint [Abyssal] Indianapolis Light Cruiser Princess [Abyssal] Mahan Yo Class Submarine 8 [Abyssal] Lexington Aircraft Carrier Princess [Abyssal] North Carolina Southern Ocean War Princess [Abyssal] Alabama Dead Master [Abyssal] Cleveland Air Defense Princess [Abyssal] Benson Submarine Princess 9 [Abyssal] Essex Aircraft Carrier Water Demon [Xandier59] Essex Sayuki [Abyssal] Iowa Battleship Water Demon [Abyssal] Iowa War [Xandier59] Iowa Yang (RWBY) [Red_Knight] Iowa Kancolle [FSI] Iowa [Abyssal] Missouri War [FSI] Missouri [Abyssal] Baltimore Seaplane Tender Princess [Abyssal] Fletcher Destroyer Water Demon 10 [Abyssal] Midway Princess [Abyssal] Midway Rias Gremory [SEA] Midway Chuukanseiki [Abyssal&SEA] Montana Battleship Princess [Red_Knight] Montana Battleship Princess [Abyssal] Des Moines Heavy Cruiser Princess [Abyssal] Gearing Destroyer Princess Japan Level Carriers Battleships Cruisers Destroyers 1 [Xandier59] Hashidate Katori 2 3 [Xandier59] Tenryuu Kancolle [Xandier59] Iwaki Yahagi [Xandier59] Umikaze Kancolle 4 [Xandier59] Houshou Kancolle [Xandier59] Myogi Akame [Xandier59] Kuma Abukuma [Xandier59] Kuma Kuma [Red_Knight] Yubari Kancolle [Xandier59] Isokaze Kancolle 5 [Xandier59] Zuihou Kancolle [Xandier59] Kongou Kancolle [Abyssal] Kongou Ryuuguu Rena [ReNation] FuruHatate [Xandier59] Furutaka Kancolle [Xandier59] Furutaka Kako [Xandier59] Minekaze Hibiki [ReNation] Kamikaze Konpaku Youmu 6 [Xandier59] Ryuujou Kancolle [Xandier59] Fusou Kancolle [Xandier59] Aoba Kinugasa [Aoba] Fubuki Inazuma&Ikazuchi 7 [Xandier59] Hiryuu Kancolle [Abyssal] Kaga Utsuho Reiuji [Abyssal] Nagato Fremy Speeddraw [Xandier59] Nagato Kancolle [Xandier59] Myokou Haguro [BlackHawk] Akatsuki Makimaki [SEA] Shiratsuyu Shigure [SEA] Shiratsuyu Harusame [SEA] Shiratsuyu Yuudachi 8 [Xandier59] Shoukaku Kancolle [Abyssal] Amagi Anchorage Water Demon [FSI] Amagi [ReNation] Mogami Yuudachi [Xandier59] Mogami Suzuya [Xandier59] Atago Kancolle [BlackHawk] Atago Fujiwara Mokou [SEA] Atago as Arp Takao Red [SEA] Atago as Arp Takao Blue [SEA] Atago Halloween [Red_Knight] Kagero Amatsukaze [Xandier59] Akizuki Kancolle 9 [Xandier59] Taihou Kancolle [BlackHawk] Taihou Kancolle [BlackHawk] Izumo Hijiri Byakuren [Abyssal] Izumo Vocaloid shape [Xandier59] Izumo Kaga [BlackHawk] Musashi Seaport Princess [Abyssal] Ibuki Suika Ibuki [SEA] Yugumo Kiyoshimo 10 [Xandier59] Hakuryu Kancolle [BlackHawk] Hakuryu Utsuho Reiuji [Red_Knight] Yamato Musashi [FSI] Yamato [Abyssal&SEA] Yamato Midway Princess [Abyssal&SEA] Zao Hakurei Reimu [Xandier59] Zao Reimu [Xandier59] Zao Angela Balzac [ReNation] Shimakaze Cirno [BlackHawk] Shimakaze Rumia Soviet Union Level Battleshsips Cruisers Destroyers 4 [Abyssal] Emperor Nikolay I in bloody shape 5 [Unknown] Kirov Black Rock Shooter [Abyssal] Murmansk Chi Class Torpedo Cruiser 6 [Red_Knight] Budenny Ram&Rem 7 [Red_Knight] Schors Eve 8 [Abyssal] Chapaev Madoka&Kyubey [Red_Knight] Chapaev DVa [Xandier59] Kutuzov Iris Heart [Red_Knight] Kutuzov Miku [Aoba] Kiev Blanc White Heart [Unknown] Ognevoy Reki 9 [Abyssal] Dmitry Donskoy Esdeath [ReNation] Udaloy Reisen Inaba [ReNation] Tashkent Mononobe Futou 10 [BlackHawk] Moskva Archer [Red_Knight] Moskva A2 [BlackHawk] Stalingrad Scathach [BlackHawk] Grozovoy Iku Nagae [ReNation] Khabarovsk Yin [Xandier59] Khabarovsk Krul Tepes Germany level Battleships Cruisers Destroyers 5 [Red_Knight] Konigsberg Kiryuin Satsuki [ToyaLiqueur] Konigsberg Megumi 6 [Abyssal] Bayern Iron Warrior [Red_Knight] Nurnberg Ryuuko Matoi [Unknown] Graf Spee Wilhelmina 7 [Abyssal] Gneisenau Death [Wo-Era Mods] Gneisenau Ram&Rem [Abyssal] Scharnhorst Yakumo Yukari [Abyssal] Scharnhorst Albedo [Red_Knight] Yorck Weiss Shnee [Unknown] Leberecht Maass 8 [BlackHawk] Bismarck Black Rock Shooter [Xandier59] Bismarck Kancolle [BlackHawk] Tirpitz Patchouli Knowledge [Abyssal] Tirpitz Alipheese XV [Xandier59] Tirpitz Kancolle [Red_Knight] Admiral Hipper Prinz Eugen [BlackHawk] Admiral Hipper Yuno Gasai [Unknown] Admiral Hipper Hatsune Miku [Aoba] Prinz Eugen Kancolle [Unknown] Z-23 Itsuka Kotori 9 [Abyssal] Friedrich der Grosse Nurgle Plagueship [BlackHawk] Friedrich Insane Black Rock Shooter [Red_Knight] Roon Rory Mercury [Praetector] Z-46 Arcueid Brunestud 10 [Abyssal] Grosse Kurfurst Mortarion [Abyssal] Hindenburg Fast Battleship Princess [Abyssal] Z-52 U-511 Great Britain level Battleships Cruisers 5 [Unknown] Emerald Leafa 6 [Aoba] Queen Elizabeth Warspite [Abyssal] Warspite Re Class Battleship [Aoba] Nelson Ezo Red Fox [Unknown] Leander Cecilia Alkott 7 [Unknown] Hood Takamura Yui [BlackHawk] Fiji Sakuya Izayoi [SEA] Fiji Gundam [BlackHawk] Belfast Firekeeper 8 [Praetector] Edinburgh Shiki Ryougi 9 [Abyssal] Neptune NieR 10 [Unknown] Conqueror Arturia [BlackHawk] Minotaur Saber Alter [SEA] Minotaur Noire Black Heart France level Battleships Cruisers 6 [Abyssal] Normandie Victoria Seras [Unknown] Dunkerque Yatogami Tohka [Praetector] La Gallisonniere Marie Antoinette 7 [Unknown] Algerie Charlotte Dunois 8 [Red_Knight] Kancolle Richelieu [Praetector] Charles Martel Astolfo 9 [Unknown] Alsace Albedo [WEM] Saint Louis Vigne 10 [Abyssal] Republique French Battleship Princess [Praetector] Henri IV Jeanne d'Arc Poland Level Destroyers 7 [Xandier59] Blyskawica Misaka Mikoto Pan_Asia level Destroyers 6 [Unknown] Anshan Vocaloid 7 8 [Unknown] Hsien Yang [Abyssal] Lo Yang Jellyfish Princess 9 10 [Unknown] Hsiang Yang Watanabe You Link to the modpack installer Also you can see it in my signature. Or you can click on the Midway Princess portrait at the top of each my post related to modpack update Please read carefully! There may be a problem with your antivirus/firewall. To solve it just open settings of your antivirus/firewall and set a folder as trusted. Then you can download the modpack in this folder and it will not be blamed by your defense system. Here's the link to a site where you can check the modpack (copy its download link there) and see that there are no viruses/trojans/worms etc
  12. I just recently finished the ARP Kirishima and ARP Haruna missions and I wondered about the background of the ships, so I went and looked them up on Youtube and watched part of the show. When I was there I saw the Takao and thought it looked like a cool ship. Since I missed the original ARP missions and did not get the ARP Myoko, but got 2 versions of the Kongo, I thought it would be nice to have another chance to get another ARP cruiser. I looked up the Takao and found out that in real life Takao is the lead ship of the Takao class, of which Atago is the second ship of said class so it should be just as easy for WG to add a different skin and commander voice as it was to form the original ARP ships. Does anyone else think that WG should add an ARP Takao and have a mission to earn her?
  13. I become Chihaya Gunzou...?

    After dueling four ships plus a carrier's strike, I surprised the result: I have to say even my mission haven't over yet, this is my best score since I start to play WoWs.
  14. Kirishima voice bug fix

    Okay, so as you all know, the Kirishima voice files are in the game proper, but they are not correctly associated with the ARP Kirishima ship. Out of the kindness of my heart, I have meticulously gone through every file and "repaired" the voice files that Kirishima needs to work correctly. Unlike other voice mods, this one does not affect the voices on all ships. This will only match Kirishima's voice to the ARP Kirishima ship. If you have any problems getting the mod to work, just ask. I would strongly advise you read the text file before you download El Linko things you'll need: google drive account winzip or some other unziper. If I have enough requests, I can also provide a non-zipped version of the files. EDIT: Some people have expressed issues with the patch not always working. If you have this issue try the following. Backup res/banks, and then put my patch directly into res/banks/arpeggio/voice, and then delete res_mods/#.#.#.#/banks. That's the exact setup I'm using on my computer, and it seems to work. It should be noted that the reason you were not given this method for the install is because it is bad form to edit game files directly when a mod API exists. EDIT: haven't checked yet, but I'm about 99% certain this still works with 0.5.10
  15. The following is aimed at new(ish) players looking to find a little more information about various ships from events, for premium currency or for real-world cash. The goal is to allow players to make an educated decision before parting with their time and money and to find premium vessels that suit their chosen style of play, whether that is competitive, cooperative, or simply for fun. The idea here is to elabourate on information not commonly available through reading statistics and provide some (heavily) biased anecdotal evidence to encourage or dissuade you from making your purchase. The usual disclaimers apply: everyone knows the Matchmaker clearly loves me because I spend money so that's why I occasionally get really good games, not because I have any particular skills of note. Other articles in this series: Ships for Doubloons: Atlanta, Texas, Tachibana, Atago, Ishizuchi, Diana, Aurora,Murmansk, Molotov, Mikhail Kutuzov, Emden, Tirpitz, Campbeltown, Warspite, Blyskawica Limited Release Ships: Fujin, Kamikaze,Katori, Imperator Nikolai I, Anshan, Lo Yang, Smith, Marblehead,Indianapolis, Saipan Pre Order Ships: Sims, Yubari, Gremyashchy Gift & Reward Ships: Albany, Arkansas, Iwaki, Mikasa, Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ships: Kongo, Kirishima, Haruna, Myoko Condensed Reading: Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Ships A special thanks to EroSun, GoldPile and Xannari for their assistance with this review. Without further ado: The Tier 5 Fleet of Fog Kongo-class Battleships Kongo, Kirishima & Haruna of the Second Oriental Fleet Quick Summary: Fully upgraded IJN Kongo-class Battleships but with unique paint schemes, graphical effects, captains and voice work.Cost: Not for sale. Completed as a part of the Ars Nova, Arpeggio of Blue Steel crossover missions. These were all done in stages and were only available for a short period of time.. On the North American server, Kongo was available in January of 2016. Haruna and Kirishima became available through June of 2016. Closest in-Game Contemporary: IJN Kongo-classDegree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class/ Similar Role / Unique Kongo, Kirishima and Haruna are all identical to one another (including using the same Hiei model to represent the class) and match the stats of the fully upgraded IJN Kongo-class Battleship. The only difference is that the Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongo-sisters count as their own nation for the use of training captains and they cannot use camouflage. Look! This tiny blurb just saved many of you from having to read the full article! Yay! PROs Very fast for a mid tier Battleship with a top speed of 30.0 knots. Excellent range at 21.2km and a spotter aircraft which can extend this even further. Heavy secondary battery armament. Main battery is hard hitting with good AP & HE performance and more accurate than USN counterparts. Very large HP pool of 54,100hp. Unique skins that look amazing in low-light maps -- particularly during a squall or rain. Custom voice work for the Captain, including a unique voice for Haruna. Interesting cell-shaded effects including more opaque fire and smoke. CONs Only eight 356mm guns. Huge surface detection range of 16.2km. Slow rudder shift and very large turning circle of 770m. Insufficient AA defense -- coupled with the poor handling mentioned above makes her an easy target for manual torpedo drops. Lightly armoured for a Battleship with a relatively thin armoured belt. Her citadel can be easily damaged. Unable to use any form of camouflage. Cell-shaded effects only affect Arpeggio of Blue Steel vessels and can look a little out of place next to other ships. Kongo & Kirishima use Iona's (I-401's) voice. None of the Kongo-class sisters are modeled differently despite there being both structural and armament differences between the three ships. All three are using the Hiei model. The only difference is the colour of their ship's skin and the identification icon on the prow and stern. The second wave of Ars Nova, Arpeggio of Blue Steel missions have arrived on the North American server. This heralds the arrival of the Fast Battleships Haruna and Kirishima, sisters to the Kongo we received in January of 2016. The Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships are very odd premiums. First of all, they're not available for purchase and can only be unlocked by accomplishing a series of missions. Second, though they are found among your IJN ships when you have your Yokosuka Harbour enabled, they cannot be Captained by your Japanese crew. Third, they do not behave like normal premiums, providing no bonus credit earning, experience gains or crew training bonuses. About the only thing they do share with normal premiums is the ability to swap other Arpeggio of Blue Steel captains between them without penalty. These ships were only ever available through an event. On the North American server, these were done through a series of in-game missions with specific requirements. Kongo was the most intensive so far, with Kirishima and Haruna being little more than damage farms followed by an example of good game play to cap out the series. With the missions live at the time I'm writing this, I felt it was a good opportunity to update the older review and bring it up to speed. It was also an excuse to invite friends and forum-goers to assist with some cool screenshots. I've also invited Lert to provide his input in this article to get another perspective on these ships. I tend to look at these ships through the lens of premium warships while Lert looks at them more as an extension of the Kongo available to the IJN. The Lert Box The second wave of ARP missions has sparked a renewed interest in this ship, and Mouse figured it was time for an overhaul of her old review of Kongō-gata jun'yōsenkan, the Kongō class battlecruiser, later rebuilt into fast battleships. Memorable appearances in two popular anime have cemented Kongō as the darling of tier 5. Is her reputation deserved, though? Is Kongō as good as her reputation suggests? Or is she merely a mediocre ship held aloft on the fame of her anime representations alone? In short, is Kongōburning love or a floating stinker? At the time of this writing, ARP Kongō has been out for about half a year, with Kirishima and Haruna being the rewards for currently available missions. Unlike the missions required to unlock Kongō, the missions for Kirishima and Haruna are simple staged 'do X amount of damage in the appropriate tiers' missions. Plus, as an added bonus, Ranked and Team battles count towards these damage totals, unlike the missions for ARP Kongō back in January. Unfortunately Co-op does not count. Since the ARP Kongō, ARP Kirishima and ARP Haruna are functionally identical to the in-game tier 5 IJN Kongō, I will be treating them as one ship, and comparing them to the only other tier 5 battleship, USN New York. Options The Apreggio of Blue Steel Kongo-class Battleships have almost standard IJN Battleship options with two exceptions. Consumables: Three slots Damage Control Party (10s active time). Repair Party (7574hp per charge) Spotter Aircraft. Module Upgrades: Three slots, standard IJN options.Premium Camouflage: The Kongo sisters do not come with premium camouflage. The unique skin on the vessels is exactly that -- a skin. In addition, there are no options to add any form of camouflage onto the sister-ships. As such they have no concealment or disruption benefits nor do they have any bonuses to experience gains. Captains: The Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships each come with their own unique Captain.. These are anthropomophizations of the ship itself, referred to a Mental Model in the context of the story of Ars Nova -- the Captain is the Ship and the Ship is the Captain. As each of the ships count as a premium, the Captains can be swapped between the other Arpeggio of Blue Steel vessels without penalty. At present, there are two voice overs that replace the normal Captain dialogue found in game. The first is performed by Mai Fuchigami, voicing Iona (I-401). This voice is used for all of the ships at present with one exception: Haruna, voiced by Hibiku Yamamura. Thus you're given the choice of who you want to equip into your ship based on which voice you want to hear. Kongo came with a single skill point. Haruna and Kirishima both began with 6 skill points. Haruna is the only Captain with the voice actress from the show. The other characters us the voice of Iona (I-401) from the show. Kirishima's voice is reputed to be among the game files but is not yet enabled. Artillery Primary Battery: 356mm guns in 4x2 turrets in a A-B-X-Y arrangement. Secondary Battery: 127mm in 4x2 batteries, 152mm in 14x1 casemates. The Kongo-class Battleships are an interesting duality when it comes to their guns. Individually, the 356mm rifles perform amazingly. With a 21.2km range, excellent AP and HE performance and the best shell dispersion of Battleships, they are some of the best weapons in the game, tier for tier. If only these ships had more of them. The Kongo-class doesn't have the broadside weight of some of her peers. The Colorado, Warspite and Nagato have larger caliber rifles. The other vessels have between ten and twelve guns a piece. Even the 305mm rifles off of an Imperator Nikolai I, Wyoming or Arkansas must be respected when there's just that much metal being thrown downrange. It's not that the Kongo-class doesn't have enough guns -- eight are perfectly serviceable in most situations. It's just that most of her competitors bring more. Given the low armour values of the Kongo-class, this means that trading fire with more heavily armed Battleships can be a bit of a toss-up. The use of the range and speed of the Kongo can allow you to dictate the range of the engagement and even kite enemies to some degree. However, as good as her dispersion is, at ranges greater than 14km, landing hits when it really counts becomes a game of chance. Against more lightly armed (and armoured) vessels, the Kongo's guns are excellent. Fully capable of overmatching the weak bow "armour" of many cruisers she might encounter, any cruiser on the receiving end of a well aimed salvo from the Kongo-class should count themselves lucky if they escape with anything less than catastrophic damage. The firing arcs on the Kongo class are very interesting. Unlike other Battleships, the two rear mounts have almost identical firing arcs regardless of the range of the target. This means that when you swing your ship to one side to open fire, unmasking the X turret brings the Y turret to bear as well. The turret rotation speed on the Kongo-class is slow -- around 3.3' per second. It's quite easy to out turn her traverse when your rudder is hard over and moving at speed. Like most IJN Battleships, the Kongo-class has a very heavy secondary gun battery. Unlike with other nations, this fires a mix of High Explosive and Armour Piercing shells, with the AP rounds coming off the larger 152mm casemate mounted rifles. With a reach of 4.0km, these are a little too short ranged to provide much in the way of deterrent unless heavily upgraded with the Captain Skills Basic Fire Training, Advanced Fire Training and the module, Secondary Armament Modification 2. This will never have the stopping power of the secondaries off the Nagato or Yamato, however, but they can provide some nice supplementary damage, particularly if they light ships on fire. The Lert Box Main armament: Kongō boasts 8x 14" rifles in four double-barrel turrets, compared to New York's 10, in five doubles. At first glance New York walks away with this category, but there are a few snakes in the grass where the American fighting lady's armament is concerned. Her turrets rotate slightly slower, reload slightly slower, have less range and less favorable traverse angles. So while she puts more shells in the air per minute, it's a lot trickier to get them all to behave than it is on Kongō. The range especially - 15.6km vs 21.2km on the Japanese ship, is at first glance a huge disadvantage for New York. To mitigate that though the New York gets access to an equipment module that extends base range by 16% to a more respectable 18.1km. Is this really necessary though? From experience, Kongō's additional range is nice, but with the dispersion it's very difficult to get good hits at maximum range, despite Kongō's functionally better accuracy of less than 12m-per-km, compared to New York's 13.3m-per-km. New York has the higher muzzle velocity, making her easier to aim with. The American ship's two additional barrels to a broadside also counters her worse accuracy. Another category that's very difficult to call. Kongō's guns are easier to use and have longer range, but slower shells and less barrels. New York's guns are trickier to get on target, but once you do they have a far higher damage potential. This is again less a case of which is 'better' vs 'worse', but a difference in playstyle. In the end though, battleships are all about dishing out damage, which puts New York slightly ahead of Kongō in my opinion. The Japanese ship's range advantage isn't as big as it seems on paper, due to the difficulty of actually hitting things at max range, and 12 ~ 15km being ideal engagement ranges for both ships anyways. Kongō: 1 pt New York: 2 pts Secondary armament: Kongō can bring 4x 127mm and 7x 152mm barrels to bare per broadside. These guns have 4km range, with the 127's firing 2100 damage, 8% fire chance HE and the 152's firing 2900 damage AP. The 127's have a five second reload, the 152's take 10 seconds between shells. The New York has 3x 127mm on a broadside, firing a 1800 damage, 6% fire chance shell out to 4km every 7 seconds. This category is no contest, Kongō for the win. Kongō: 2 pts New York: 1 pt Fast Battleship Kirishimaopens fire with HE shells at a Soviet Izyaslav penned in the narrows between these two islands. While the individual guns of the Kongo-class are excellent, you may find yourself wishing you had more of them. Aircraft Air Group: Single spotter aircraft. The spotter aircraft will nudge up the Kongo's maximum range up to 25.35km. This is enough to span almost the entire playing field on small maps like Solomon Islands and Big Race -- which is downright ridiculous. Don't expect to be able to reliably hit anything at that range, mind you... Maneuverability Top Speed: 30.0 knots. Turning Radius: 770m Rudder Shift: 14.9s One of the biggest strengths of the Kongo-class is their excellent straight line speed. At a tier of Matchmaking where some of her competitors struggle to reach 20 knots (heck, some struggle to make 18 knots), her 30 knots puts them all to shame. This gives the Kongo-class an amazing degree of flexibility, allowing her to shift from one part of the battlefield to the next. She also doesn't need to worry too much about her cruiser escorts outstripping her and leaving her beyond the protective cover of their AA screens -- 30 knots is just enough to keep pace with her fleet footed smaller sisters. There are downsides to this high top speed. Being so fast (and seen from such a long distance) will usually mean that the Kongo is one of the first ships seen, making her the first target for the enemy team. This can be especially problematic when the Kongos get singled out for special attention from attacks using torpedoes. The ship, though fast, cannot turn very well. It takes a long time for her rudder to shift. And while her high speed can allow her to complete the circumference of a circle quickly, her turning radius is on the large side. With no ability to upgrade her rudder shift, the Kongo will always feel clumsy with her handling. The Lert Box Kongō manages 30 knots, has a 770 turn radius with a 14.9 second rudder shift. New York has a 21 knot top speed, 600 meter turn radius and 12.5 second rudder shift. Once more, these are ship that are suited to a very different playstyle. Kongō is built to get somewhere fast and not do much turning. New York on the other hand is like a ballerina, albeit a fat one. Again, this is very difficult to call. Does Kongō's massive top speed beat New York's far better agility and tighter turning? In my opinion ... Yes. Yes it does. While New York's agility is impressive and will help you dodge torpedoes all day long, the gap between the American's top speed and that of the Japanese ship is just too great to ignore. Kongō is a full 9 knots faster and can keep up with cruisers. Enemy cruisers believing they have an easy kill on your team's destroyer trying to ninja-cap a zone will have a very nasty surprise when a battleship boasting 8x 14" rifles just suddenly steams up right behind that destroyer. Kongō: 2 pts New York: 1 pt Fleet of Fog Battleships Kongo (purple), Haruna (yellow) and Kirishima (green). The Fleet of Fog cruiser, Myoko (pink) is in the background. The speed of the Kongos allows them to easily keep pace with a cruiser escort. Durability Hit Points: 54,100 Citadel Protection: 203mm belt armour Anti-Torpedo Bulge: 25% damage reduction. The Kongo-class is a bit odd. While she has the highest HP totals for her tier, she doesn't have the armour to back it up. She carries a classic Battleship armour scheme, with armour focused around her waterline. Eschewing the All or Nothing scheme used by the Americans, the reinforcement of her belt extends towards her prow and somewhat towards the rear of the ship. However, unlike on more heavily armoured vessels like the Warspite, this isn't sufficient to safely repulse 356mm shells fired from enemy Dreadnoughts, nevermind the 381mm and 410mm of higher tier Battleships. Overall, her armour values are very reminiscent of her Battlecruiser origins -- her armour is perfect for bullying cruisers slinging AP out of their 203mm rifles but she can't stand up to concerted punishment from similar displacement vessels. Giving up her broadside, even when slightly angled, is enough to receive monstrous amounts of damage from citadel penetrations. The Arpeggio of Blue Steel Kongo-sisters share the same weakness as their IJN origins in regards to the short up-time of their Damage Control Party consumable. Five seconds shorter than the standard Damage Control Party, this limits the ship's immunity window while keeping the same long, punitive reset timer of two minutes. This makes the Kongo-class very vulnerable to stacked fire criticals from repeat hits of HE shells. With her very large conning tower and pronounced superstructure and funnels, she makes a very tempting target for HE slinging destroyers and cruisers. Similarly, the threat of floods from torpedo strikes means shepherding her Damage Control Party even further. The Lert Box The Kongō sisters boast a massive 54100 hitpoints compared to New York's more modest 49100. This is where the good news ends though and the mediocre news begins. New York has on paper the far superior armor scheme, with a 305mm belt, 229mm gun casemate, up to 89mm armored deck and 19mm extremities. Kongō on the other hand has to make do with a 203mm belt, 152mm gun casemate, up to 120mm armored deck and up to 76mm extremities. So, on paper New York has Kongō beat in the armor department. However, all is not as clean cut as the numbers suggest. New york may have a considerably thicker belt and overall more solid side profile, it's in the extremities that Kongō's strength lies. Her bow and aft, in front of and behind the armor belt, are thicker than New York's. The bow and aft also being at a much sharper angle than her fatter American cousin, means that in heavily angled positions, Kongō can tank more effectively than New York can. It's only when you start turning and showing more of your broadside that Kongō's amor profile shows its weakness and you become food. So how to rate this category? Kongō has more hitpoints and when used right, a stronger armor profile. New York is more forgiving of mistakes and less likely to get devastating-strike'd by some unexpected long range broadside salvo as Kongō is. Kongō has a high skill floor and ceiling, New York is more beginner-friendly. In the end though I feel that the higher potential of Kongō wins out here, even though a strong case could be made for New York as well. Kongō: 2 pts New York: 1 pt Haruna's Klein Field flares as she's struck by a corrosive warhead. Concealment & Camouflage 16.2km Surface Detection, 11.7km Air Detection As a large ship, the Kongo is easily spotted. With her long reach, the Kongo doesn't suffer as much with her large surface detection range as her prototype, the Ishizuchi, but it's rare that you will ever see an opponent before they spot you. It's safe to assume that you're always spotted in the Kongo. This may diminish the usefulness of the Situational Awareness Captain Skill as it can be impossible to identify where and by what you're being lit up. In short, never sail in a straight line in the Kongo-class. Always assume there's shells or torpedoes inbound on your location and zigzag to keep your hit points safe. The Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships are the only ones in the game that are unable to take any form of camouflage at the moment. This means that short of taking Concealment Expert on your Captain, you cannot reduce her surface detection range at all. In addition, you cannot disrupt the accuracy of incoming fire. Lastly, with no camouflage options, this also precludes these ships from taking any experience bonuses from premium versions of camouflage rented with doubloons. The Lert Box Kongō is visible by sea from 16.2km out and by air from 11.7km. New York can be seen by sea from 16km out and by air from 10.4. This isn't a huge difference though and neither ship can remain invisible after firing. Kongō: 1 pt New York: 2 pts Anti-Aircraft Defense AA Battery Calibers: 127mm / 25mm / 13.2mm AA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km / 3.1km / 1.2km The Kongo never had great anti-aircraft defense. The changes to the AA mechanics in 0.5.3 didn't do the Kongo-class any favours. While the range of her dual purpose 127mm mounts is good and is backed by reasonably ranged 25mm automatic cannon, the Kongo-class just doesn't have enough weaponry on board to truly put a dent into approaching aircraft waves. It could be argued that this is a necessary weakness for the class. She has good guns, excellent range, high speed and a ton of hit points. If she had decent AA power she would probably be considered overpowered instead of merely the frontrunner among tier 5 Battleships. That the Kongo is also shackled with poor turning just makes her an even more tempting target for planes. Before upgrades, the Kongo puts out a maximum of 94 DPS -- this really just isn't enough to do more than shoot down a single plane from same-tier aircraft squadrons. It becomes imperative that the Kongo seek out other ships to assist it in seeing off enemy aircraft. USN Cruisers like the Cleveland are a godsend. Similarly, hugging close to a USS Texas is another good method for dissuading enterprising carriers from taking the Kongo apart. The Lert Box Kongō has a 40 dps bubble at 5km, 70 dps at 3.1km and 94 dps total at 1.2km. New York brings to bare a 73 dps at 3.5km and 102 dps total at 2km. While New York's DPS is higher, Kongō's teeth start biting at 5 instead of 3.5km. Neither AA suite is particularly impressive and neither will shoot down many incoming planes before they drop their payload. I'm going to have to give this one to New York though. Kongō's longer range AA doesn't put out enough dps to prevent incoming strike packages from dropping, and New York's higher close range dps has a better chance of dropping a few planes before they fly away again. But neither AA suite is particularly good. Kongō: 1 pt New York: 2 pts With the addition of Tier 5 ships like the Texas and the changes to flak mechanics in 0.5.3, the AA values of the Kongo-class are really found wanting. Overall Impressions The Lert Box Come mister tally man tally my bananas: Kongō amassed 9 points New York managed 9 points So according to this, neither is 'better' than the other? Yeah. That is, more or less, the conclusion I'm coming to. Most of the categories were very close though and personal opinion swayed the advantage rather than logical reasoning, but that's just it. Between these ships, neither one is particularly 'better' than the other. They're a very different play style. One favors dancing brawls, the other stand-off, angled slug fests. One favors driving inexorably forward and dealing massive knock-out punches, the other prefers fast relocation and precision strikes. New York is like a hamburger meal with fries and a large coke, while Kongō is like a sushi plate with a fine sake. Neither meal is strictly 'better' than the other, but one is simple, uncomplicated and filling, while the other serves to please a more refined palette. New York is a bit more forgiving of mistakes, and Kongō has a higher potential. A note: This review, at least my parts of it, is about the regular IJN Kongō vs the regular USN New York. The ARP recolors of the Kongō have two distinct disadvantages over the regular Japanese tier 5 battleship. The first being they can not mount camouflage. This means you cannot reduce the concealment other than by a tier 5 captain skill. This leads directly to the second disadvantage: they do not count as IJN ships for the purpose of captain fitting / retraining. This mean that you cannot put that 15 pt Japanese captain that you've been training in an ARP ship and have to make do with the 'Mental Model' captains that come with the ships. Mouse' Summary: Very fast with very long range makes her incredibly flexible and able to influence large sections of the map. Contradictory durability, with a huge hit point total but squishy armour values and exceedingly vulnerable to fire criticals. Bad AA and bad handling make her easy meat for carriers and a fun target for Destroyers. I could say a lot about the Kongo-class, but I think I'm going to opt to be brief regarding her merits. The Kongo-class is a great Battleship in World of Warships. She's fast, hard hitting and fun. Planes can wreck you and so can destroyer-launched torpedoes. She trades armour for speed and it works very well for her. Does that work? Great! Now let me talk about why these three sister-ships disappoint me. They are the EXACT. SAME. S H I P . Ugh, what a missed opportunity, Wargaming! Do you know how many of us would have thrown our wallets at you if you had modeled these three ships distinctly instead of cloning the Hiei three times with a palette swap? If Wargaming had opted to make a Historical version of the Kirishima, players would have bought it. Then said model could have been gussied up in the green and neon colours of Kirishima from Arpeggio of Blue Steel and players would have rejoiced at the distinction. I do not doubt for a second that the historical version of Haruna would also be a profitable venture. But this has been a common lamentation since the onset of the game's release. Why play New York when you want to play Texas? Why play Yamato when you want to play Musashi? So when we're playing these ships, we're playing the Hiei instead of their namesakes. Even in the show, the ships are properly modeled with distinctions between the individual ships within the class. That wasn't repeated here and it's very, very, very disappointing. Would I Recommend? The Lert Box For Random Battle Grinding: Only if you're experienced and skilled enough to understand your Kongō's limitations and are able to play accordingly. For Competitive Play: Yeah, why not. If tier 5 is the top tier you can bring then Kongō is not a bad choice. For Collectors: Yep. The Kongō class is steeped in history, with Kirishima beating up South Dakota before getting rend asunder by Washington. For Fun Factor: Yarp. Kongō's speed and the comfort of faster turning turrets make her more enjoyable to play than the plodding New York in my opinion. Just be careful of overextending. The Arpeggio of Blue Steel premiums are odd ducks. You cannot buy them. They're acquired by unlocking them via missions. As such, what a player sacrifices is time to acquire these vessels. In addition they're lacking a lot of the functionality normally associated with premium ships. For Random Battle Grinding, they're poor choices compared to other premium ships. They cannot be used to train Japanese Captains. Only other Arpeggio of Blue Steel characters may crew these ships. In addition, without any form of camouflage bonus, they do not gain extra experience. They're also lacking in any form of credit multiplier. In short, playing one of these ships is no different than grabbing a normal tier 5 ship and grinding with it. For Competitive Gaming in the form of Team Battles and Ranked Battles, these ships are a poor choice -- at least compared to a normal Kongo. They cannot make use of camouflage so right out the gates they're marginally worse than a standard Kongo from the IJN Tech Tree. Though the Kongo-class is a great ship, use a Kongo if you want a Kongo in a competitive environment. For Collectors, absolutely. The Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships are only available through a (relatively) short window. We haven't seen any other opportunity to acquire Myoko and Kongo since their missions back in January of 2016, so it's imperative for collectors to get stuck in now and try and unlock these while they're available. For Fun Factor, definitely. The Kongo-class is one of the most fun (and iconic) Battleships in World of Warships. There's something very satisfying about creating a division and each grabbing a different coloured Kongo-sister and kicking butt. All three Kongo-sisters conform to a three tone palette. Their hull and superstructure is painted a jet black. Kongo (seen above), couples this with violet and a slate grey. Haruna has gold banding just above her belt armour and her turrets and brilliant yellow markings. Kirishima swaps gold for green with yellow-green markings. Outfitting your Kongo-class Recommended Modules The choices for the Kongo-class's upgrades are fairly standard. For your first slot, Main Battery Modification 1 is the only one that makes sense. For your second slot, you have a few choices. Gun Fire Control System Modification 1 is probably the best upgrade. However, if you're looking for situational utility, you can try and pad your AA values by selecting AA Battery Modification 2 to give you extra range. Alternatively, you can try and boost your secondaries with Secondary Battery Modification 2. For your third slot, equip the Damage Control Modification 1; it's arguably the best choice (as poor a choice as it is). Recommended Consumables The Damage Control Party for the Kongo-class has a 120s reset timer and only a 10s immunity window. I very strongly recommend using a premium version of this consumable to reduce the reset timer down to 90s. I would keep to the standard versions of the Repair Party and Spotter Aircraft consumables to keep costs per match down. Recommended Captain Skills Unlike many other premiums, you will have a dedicated Captain for your Arpeggio of Blue Steel battleships. Keep in mind that you can freely swap your Captains between ships, so why not experiment a little with the skills for some variety? There's two very good skills at tier 1. Basic Fire Training will help with your AA power and Secondary Batteries. Basics of Survivability will help take some of the pressure off your Damage Control Party by reducing the time individual fires burn. This will allow you to tough out a single blaze and reduce the total damage a full burn from 9738 damage down to 8277. At tier 2, Expert Marksman is the best choice. It will boost your turret rotation to needing 45s to rotate 180'. At tier 3, you have three good choices. If you're worried about destroyer launched torpedoes, Vigilance is helpful. High Alert accelerates the reset timer of your Damage Control Party from 120s to 108s (or down to 81s with the premium version). Superintendent is situational and only really useful if you find yourself spending every single charge of your Repair Party regularly. At tier 4, Advanced Fire Training is the best choice to boost the range of your AA guns and your Secondary Batteries. There are no skills at tier 5 really worth taking for the Kongo. The points are better spent touching base with some of the skills from the lower tiers
  16. Arpeggio of Blue Steel manga

    It's been two months since chapter 72.5 and chapter 73. Well I still wait for new chapters still remembered what's going on so far.
  17. Ok.... this actually baffled me a lot.... why are the north american servers not getting any new ARP missions but the SEA and EU servers are? there is no word from WG NA about this matter and unlike the EU server, WOWS NA isn't as transparent of this month's events plans as the EU branch of WOWS....
  18. Hey Wargaming I unfortunately missed out on the most recent arp kongo and myoko . Just wondering when Kirishima Haruna Hiel and Takao are coming out to earn. I see that Asia now has Kirishima available to earn and am wondering when is it our turn. And those asking how do I know that Takao is coming? Check the ship preview folder she is there ;) added her from the game files to prove it
  19. The ARP ships

    I finally got it. The ARP Myoko is now mine, and I am very pleased with myself. I'm not even going to try to get the ARP Kongo, I'm way too far away, but I am very happy that I at least got Myoko. Now, I have some questions that I would love answered. Will I be able to keep the ARP Myoko forever? Will there be more ARP ships? I'd like another go at a Kongo class ship. What are other players' opinions on this event in general? I now have three premium ships that I earned through missions: the ARP Myoko, the Emden, and the Tachibana. I can now relax a bit, have fun, and play my other ships that I love (except for the South Carolina). I'm very happy, and I'd like to congratulate anyone else who got these ships. Have fun in the game! -Capt. Akio Suzuki
  20. Link : Download Mod Install 1. Download AoB Mod Pack Modpack. 2. Extract Zip File. 3. Copy to World_of_Warships 4. Open game. Voice Install 1.Download Iona . haruna . Kirishima Voice.7z "Select your favorite" 2.Copy “audio folder” from res , and paste it into res_packages. 3. Use voice pack files overwrite. 4. Open game.5. Click options sound select "high" Voice The enlanguageshall prevail. ex : ru.server ru language → World_of_Warships\res_packages\audio\High\en rename to ru. UI = yun tian . hakabase . kamirknows 3D MOD = duo wan Arpeggio of blue steel work groupVoice and Login = bei fang jian yu . kamirknowsTech tree mod = hibikiLower case mod = J.M.K MBT Traditional Chinese to All : 各位美洲伺服器的玩家,或者瀏覽Mods and Addons的國外伺服器玩家,各位好,我是此Mod Pack的作者,亞洲伺服器的kamirknows,先前沒有註記Mod Pack, Mods和Addons的作者,算是我的疏忽,我的目的是希望能將蒼藍鋼鐵戰艦的遊戲體驗推向國際發展,在此感謝J.A.K MBT和多玩蒼藍工作組,努力製作與蒼藍鋼鐵戰艦相關的一系列模組。
  21. Going to enjoy a few episodes of Blue Steel tonight. Hope is is good with my new community. (((hugs)))
  22. Let me preface this by saying, I've been super pumped about Arpeggio ships being added to the game since they were announced. And when the missions were finally posted, I was overjoyed! But when I read the mission requirements, I was immediately frustrated. The missions are, pardon my french, total bull, Pitting everyone above tier V against each other turns the game into a, pardon my french one more time, clusterf*** of targeting Cruisers and killsniping them from other players, trying to earn the Kongo. Not to mention the required amount of kills for these ships is impossibly high. Which is then followed by two more infuriating missions. It would be better if we were able to get points for every mission at once, taking out some time of grinding, which brings me to my next point.... Why in gods name do wee need to score 1,000,000 damage to enemy ships, AFTER killing 30 of them! The way the missions are now, I'll be using all my free time from now until March 1st grinding damage and aircraft kills, IF I even manage to get my 30 Cruiser and Destroyer kills done. I think I speak for most players when I say nobody wants to do this. We're humans too! We have lives, we have jobs, some of us need to go to school. We don't have time to grind away all day. This event is tailored to people who are retired, unemployed, or on summer break from school. So I ask you. Developers of World of Warships. PLEASE revise the missions to something more fair for ALL players, both those who might have time to grind ridiculous amounts of hours and those that don't. I have a few specific suggestions: 1: Make it so we get progress to every stage of both missions, this will reduce grinding time dramatically 2: Lower the amount of kills for both missions to 15-20, this will likely reduce the amount of kill-sniping happening in matches 3: Drop the million damage to 800,000-850,000 this will reduce grind time immensely!* *Not needed if suggestion one is implemented Thank you for taking the time to read these, and hope you take what I said under consideration. I look forward to your response and/or changes. Sincerely, NobleCorn Captain TL;DR The Arpeggio events need to be revised, and these are my suggestions. EDIT: I see now, thanks to the people who replied, that this really is the fairest way Wargaming can do this event. HOWEVER, we also mostly agree that 300 fires is a bit much... I've learned a lot having this post up for... What an hour? Thank you all for your replies and being so civil about this. This truly is one of the better community forums I've been on. Thank you.
  23. Asia and EU are starting Arpeggio of Blue Steel activity now. Will that be put in out NA? Hope for it.
  24. This mod replaces the default introduction video with one of the theme songs used in the anime adaptation Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova. There are two choices available: SAVIOR OF SONG and Rock On, both performed by nano. SAVIOR OF SONG uses the ending animation from the first episode of Ars Nova while Rock On uses the trailer for Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova -DC- (the first movie). The original trailer can be found . Installation instructions: Extract the folder and paste the gui folder into the most recent game version inside the res_mods folder. This works for all mods posted here. Alternatively, if the former is posing issues, you can overwrite the original login files by pasting the gui folder into the res folder. Sample: Download link (SAVIOR OF SONG): [here] Download link (Rock On): [here] Special thanks to MajorRenegade and his her thread How to Create Your Own Video Login (Guide) for making this mod possible. All materials used in these mods are meant for non-profit usage. Yes, that is JDS Kirishima (DDG-174) in the picture.