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Found 1 result

  1. Taylor3006

    Arms Race in Co-op Observation

    I hate Arms Race and think it was a terrible trade off for Epicenter, especially for co-op play. That said, been trying to figure out how the bots behave in the mode, like whether or not they go for the power ups or do they chase DDs, etc but hadn't really been able to figure it out. At first I thought they rushed the human spawn points but that really didn't prove correct over a bunch of games. Decided to take out Big Mo to farm some credits a little while ago and when I loaded into the match, realized I was the only human playing and it was an Arms Race map so figured this was the perfect time to see what happens since everyone else was a bot. I stayed on the flank headed to the power ups and firing my guns here and there but mainly watching what all the bots did. They ALL rushed into the center of the map and stopped dead, firing at each other at point blank range. I stayed out of the fray just firing into it all. The bots were so close to one another that when I fired my guns at the reds, I often hit my own team mates due to dispersion. On Missouri that isn't much btw, she is pretty accurate, especially at the ranges I was shooting at. Just wanted to let my fellow co-op players know this information in case it is helpful.