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Found 6 results

  1. One of the most peaceful battles I've ever had. How tranquil the Kremlin can be in the face of utter chaos. Link: https://youtu.be/p9RQFJEkaV4
  2. Raining down HE on enemy ships from behind island cover is either monotonous, fun, or both. But someone has to do it for the team. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_-UGZm5CJU
  3. Just like Randoms, my experience in the current Ranked Sprint has been a mix of happy battles, horrible matches, fun victories, frustrating teammates, devastating strikes, and dumb moves. Positioning, mutual support, focus fire, destroyers who maximize their concealment, cruisers who stagger their radars, BBs who deliver citadel hits from more than 20 kilometers away—all of that plus the most crucial aspect that victories depend on: capturing and holding the Key Area. On the flip side: destroyers who YOLO to the center to seize a buff, only to be deleted by a Minotaur (who still has not used his smoke consumable), or a Des Moines who went out in the open only to be sunk by a single enemy salvo, or a Republique who used Engine Boost to go East, only to be sunk by reds already in position. Worse of all was when a full health Kurfurst, a Des Moines, and a Smolensk all chased a single Yamato right to the edge of the map, leaving us the remaining few players trying to contest the Key Area totally unsupported. wth. I know it can be utterly frustrating to be paired with players who won't properly play, but at the end of the day, I still like Arms Race. 12 players per team, and with buffs that allow for interesting and exciting possibilities. For the next implementation, I hope they will make Arms Race available on other Tiers, like Tier VII.
  4. Soylent_Red_Is_Tomato

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Queue a [Random]: - Team may push in small groups to a cap or position of advantage, only to flee when the shooting starts. Slowest and/or least maneuverable ship(s) is (are) left holding the bag of Bravo Sierra. - Massive skill mismatch between team lineups, with at times up to half a dozen mid- to high-50% WR players on one side versus one or none on the other. - Whomever hangs back the longest yet is still able to cause enough damage while losing gets rewarded; playing to the match type usually does not. - Ships firing in open water may remain invisible due to random geometry, regardless of the presence of fog banks worth of smoke. - Possible to be low tier on poorly performing teams a significant number of back to back matches during multiple sessions. - Absurd number of 2x CV matches versus ships with little or no AA potential in low to mid tiers. Queue a [Coop]: - Bring a torpedo equipped ship, or high RoF spammer; otherwise get nothing for even the few minutes a match may last. Queue an [Arms Race] (yeah, right....) - May be a good match, but still subject to all of the vagaries of a normal [Random], only with tier IX & X ships to really thrust home the penalties of a defeat or early sink. Queue a [Scenario of the Week]: - Hope it's a relatively simple example not requiring a well coordinated team already knowing the exact timing and sequence of the scripted events. - Wrong ships brought in or too many DDs equal probable failure or few stars no matter the coordination. - No stars equates to no anything for the time spent playing. Got enough sovereigns to only pay about half the cost of a Warspite using premium RN crates in the store, but forget it WG - maybe if your game was still fun more than once, possibly twice, a week (if that!) I'd consider it. As is, [edited] for what your ''decisions'' and ''vision'' turned the game into.
  5. Just finished a round in Arms race and i think i set a new personal record for myself. Highest number of citadels in a single battle https://gyazo.com/e3538ed8d226c1674d2c6ffd76f33752 28 citadels. all against 2 other Minotaurs and 2 Neptunes. Gotta say, i'm loving this mode and the level of aggression i can get away with
  6. Currently, I've been mainly dabbling in co-op and only coming out into randoms when I get dragged in through divisioning due to a chaotic college schedule, so I haven't checked out arms race yet. I've heard both glowing and scathing reviews of it, but I'd like to get the general consensus of these forums. Personally, I don't plan on playing it until achievements are implemented, but it sounds fun. What do you all think?