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Found 1 result

  1. Times are a changing for this great game of ours it was not that long ago people were talking about fire breathing British battleships causing chaos and mayhem. How times have changed, so onwards and upwards to the future for WOWS, and the new age of Submarines, as a fan of all things Naval I look forward to the arrival of this new ship type though there will be many tests and trials before we get these stealth Monsters to fit into game play i foresee a golden age for the game. WG has announced the two power houses of submarine warfare as the first lines to come into this great game exciting times ahead i believe. So how will work will there be National Flavours for the various nations lines and what will they be i ask myself history tells us a great many things about the Steel Sharks of Oceans. Germany with its famous and some say infamous WOLF PACK TACTIC, will it work against combat vessels time will tell. The United States " Silent Service " as they were called chose for the most part the LONE WOLF tactic though i believe at some stages introduced a modified WOLF PACK system but i must admit my knowledge on the Silent Service is limited so i'm certain wiser heads with better knowledge USN submarines tactics will enlighten me with a wealth of information. But i digress I'm getting off track here there will be plenty of time to discuss the National Flavours of the two TITANS of undersea warfare this post is about what might be A WORTHY style for the sleeping giant that is the VMF, what could be the best tactic for there Submarine service in this great Game. I woke up this morning my head still abuzz from the news from a few days ago heart racing with anticipation that in the not to distant future I would be hunting down lone defenceless battleships with no remorse no pity, survival of the fittest and it pleased me. i new how i was going to play my U - boats when they came into being but what about Russian Subs how would they work what has WG got in store for them as National flavour i thought, then it struck me BRAWLING and after re watching WG very informative video on the heroic exploits on K - 21 against ARMED TRAWLERS. So i believe that any self respecting Russian Submarine player of the future will need to have SECONDARY BUILD ship to get the full potential of this flavour. I also believe to get the quintessential benefits from a National Flavour like this WG MUST introduce ARMED TRAWLERS in to the game, after all The Battle Of The Atlantic hung in the balance if were not for the TITANIC struggle between the Russian Submarine service and Germany's Formidable ARMED Surface Trawler Fleet. I urge all Community members to put pen to paper I mean fingers to keyboards and implore WG to introduce ARMED Trawlers and make Russian Submarines National Flavour GREAT.