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Found 1 result

  1. So, during the Halloween event, Wargaming let you buy the camo/skins for the ships used for the Halloween event. The execution was flawed; you had to buy or win a container and *maybe* get a Halloween camo out of it, and the only camo I won was for Tirpitz which I don't have, but still cool. After playing the spacebotes in the April Fools' Event on test server, can I ask that Wargaming please let us buy the space camouflage for the 4 ships used in the event (Des Moines, Gearing, Grosser Kurfurst, Hakuryu)? Preferably just let us buy the camo for money or doubloons instead of using the 'loot box' system of buying a container and hoping you get camo for one of the ships that you own...I refused to buy the containers for Halloween because I only play a couple of the ships used in that event and it wasn't worth spending money for a chance at getting a camo when there was an even smaller chance the camo would apply to a ship I own, much less play. And I won't buy containers for this event either, because I only own/play two of the four ships involved and I'd be pissed if I spent money and all I got was a Hakuryu camo (when I don't even play CV.) I know a lot of players are boring and don't like fancy camouflages or anything unrealistic because omg historical realism is so very important (sigh) but just like the ARP camouflages, etc, there can be a box to check in settings to not show those camouflages if you don't want to see them. But as a science fiction geek and someone who plays Des Moines and Grosser Kurfurst a lot, I'd happily pay a reasonable doubloon or cash price for the space camouflage for those two ships. Price it the same as the regular tier 10 permanent camouflages and I'd buy them happily. Please? Thanks. For reference, the space camouflages are below: Gearing (or Flyfire as she's called in the April Fools event) Des Moines (or Galaxy as she's known in the event) Grosser Kurfurst (or Alldestroyer in the event) Hakuryu (or Hellcarrier in the event) Thank you!