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Found 4 results

  1. Visual contrast help

    OK, I've looked at @GoldPile's excellent, excellent guide: ...and I've seen one or two threads where my question was asked directly, with less than helpful responses: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/17798-cannot-see-shells/ ...but I can't find, or discern, a clear answer. I'm having trouble seeing AP shells, my own or others', on certain maps (Nagato AP on Neighbors, this morning), because they blend into the brightness of the background. This makes shooting and correcting aim difficult. What should I be changing in graphics settings to fix this? I'll admit I don't understand all graphics terminology (when you say "gamma," I think "radiation," and no, I don't want more of that), and that I have a 2010 mid-range computer and potato monitor, such that changes that are going to tax my system a great deal more are probably not advisable. I know others have had this issue - thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. After playing/grinding the new UK BB line for a couples of weeks, I have to say that the ships at mid tier (Orion and Iron Duke) seem to be very good. So good that I'm somewhat concerned that they might get rebalanced... Not that they have no flaws or are all around OP, but their ability to spit out consistent damage against a wide range of enemies and in a variety of situations seem to be unparalleled. The high explosive shells the British BBs have are in many ways superior than both the HE and AP shells BBs of other nations fire. In terms of damage done per hit, the British HE seems to be far more potent than any other nation's HE, they consistently roll high. Doing well over 10k hp in a single salvo is quite common. In terms of fires started, my Orion and Iron Duke can usually start an averaging 1 or 2 fires per salvo. So it's easy to keep an enemy burning non stop in a duel, and if multiple British BBs focus fire and work together, they can easily render the entire enemy team on fire or quickly annihilate any single enemy unit with multiple fires... In terms of module damage, the 13.5 inch HE shells on my Orion and Iron Duke can easily and permanently knock out modules such as AA guns and torpedo launchers. The propulsion and rudder of enemy DDs and CAs are very vulnerable to damage by my HE shells also. Before the British BBs came around, it wasn't all that common to see an enemy sailing in a circle and out of control or stopped dead in the water, but now it happens often. Apparently these HE shells are so good that I've been able to citadel light cruisers (Omaha, Konigsberg, Kuma, Phoenix...) with them, a couples of magazine detonations also resulted from these HE shells, and there were a couples of incidents in which enemy DDs were sunk when hit with a single salvo of HE shells. Overall it's been amazing, particularly considering my captain for the ships aren't all that good and they lack both the demolition expert skill and the IFHE skill. Traditionally, BBs rely on the high damage potential of AP penetrations, especially citadel penetrations to accumulate damage. But I think in practice, typical AP rounds ironically lack the versatility and consistency that British HE shells have. Angling and bow tanking can frustrate the damage potential of AP rounds and AP rounds seem to only exhibit their full potential when hitting a broadside enemy. When one is forced to shoot a lightly armored enemy like a DD or some CVs, AP usually overpen and do minimal damage... Ironically this situation can be remedied with not just British HE rounds' versatility, but it seems that the AP rounds on British battleships also perform better and more consistently than typical AP rounds in many situations. Due to their shorter/quicker fuses (and maybe lower penetration value?) they seem to result in more normal penetrations that would've been overpens otherwise. I've heard that British AP rounds said to not be able to produce as many citadel penetrations as the AP shells of other nations. But in practice this hasn't been the case for me. If anything alternating between shooting HE and AP salvos can lead to devastating results. In the 4th replay of my video. I soloed an enemy Konig (German tier 5) in my Iron Duke. I lost a quarter of my health in the end and the enemy ended up sunk, despite using his heals. In the end I did 60k worth of damage. I feel sorry for him cause my angling neutralized the damage potential of his AP rounds, while his HE rounds seem anemic in terms of both alpha strike and fire potential. At the same time my HE rounds ruined him despite his angling. It seems that the relative weaknesses of the British BBs (Orion and Iron Duke) include: their relatively poor AA, relatively vulnerability to torpedo hits, secondary guns that don't seem to do whole a lot, and slow main turret rotation speed. (you're in trouble if something with torpedos get in too close.) So have I just been getting lucky in my British BBs or they're actually really as good as I think they're? I'm actually about to reach the Queen Elizabeth at tier 6, I hope the line is as good as I hope it is. Feel free to respond to the poll, watch the video, subscribe, and share your thoughts.
  3. Well, I think this has probably been covered a little while ago, but I'm going to cover it anyway. What has been done to citadels hits compared to overpens? The approximate ratio of disappointing, lame overpens to "RNGesus loves me, this I know, for he gives me awesome citadel insta-deletes" used to be like 15 or 20/1, but now it seems more like 40 or 50/1 or even worse. This begs the question: Why? I mean, recently I fired 6 perfectly citadel-aimed AP shells from my Arizona at a perfectly broadside Nurnberg at under 8 km, and all I got were 3 hits, all overpens. What on earth? I don't care what anyone says, this should not have happened. not like this, not in an Arizona with a perfect in every way shot at a Nurnberg's broadside. I could easily understand this if it was a Bayern or Gneisenau I was shooting at, but it was a Nurnberg. A tinfoil-for-armor Nurnberg. All Nurnbergs can be insta-deleted by other Cruisers, let alone Battleships. And yet, this, this happens? What did WG do to the overpen mechanic? This is not an isolated incident. Not long ago, I was in my Arizona, this being before the former case, and I took aim at a just a little less than half health Blys with AP loaded.. Guess what? 2 normal penetrations, and I killed the Blys. Why did these not overpen? One-shotting destroyers with BB HE is one thing, but getting any normal AP pens is just bizarre and not common, at least I didn't think it was. This stupid nerfing of AP shells through a possible buff to the overpen mechanics, German Tier VI+ BBs existing, Citadels being rearranged to be harder to hit, and a future normalization nerf, has lead me to one fact however: German BBs require being fired at from long range with any shells or HE shells at close range to be vulnerable to non-German BBs. The next post of this 3-part series, on citadel rework, will come in a week.
  4. I have been playing the Kongo for about 2 weeks now and in comparison this ship's AP shells are broken. I have played the US battleships in order to get a benchmark and they are incredible in comparison. Their AP shells are awesome . They always do damage and are reasonably accurate as well. The same cannot be said for the Kongo's shells and guns. Before anyone shows up here and begins with the classic "you suck get some skills stop whining because you suck" lines we all know too well as I have watched Multiple game play videos on YouTube on how to aim properly , I was wondering if it was indeed me. That all changed today when, at a range of 7 km I scored 5 , FIVE, hits on a Wyoming class BB and got ZERO, 0 damage in him. I mean they are only 14 in shells right? The issue at hand is that when you factor the inaccuracy, slow shell travel time time, Inability to penetrate, very slow turret traverse, and lack of damaging effect when you do hit you become a burden to your team. Cruisers put out exponentially more DPM that BBs if their guns cannot hit and damage then what is the point of the BB besides being an EXP pinata for the enemy teams? Here is what I strongly recommend. If the accuracy and low velocity isn't addressed then improve the secondary batteries ability to defend the ship by buffing its accuracy so that the Battleship captains aren't slaughtered the moment they get within 6 km of an island ( destroyer's torpedoes) Before you answer any condescending comments like I make it work which carry the implication that the ship does not have any issues and is fine when that is flatly not the case as I have taken my time and gathered info before writing this post. I want to enjoy my Kongo not winch every time I hit and get 1 k damage...