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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! I bought (somewhat on a whim) something that I need help authenticating. I got it for a good price ($40-ish dollars), but I'm wondering if the item is genuine. The seller described it as a brass urn that bears the markings of the USS San Jacinto. The item in question and its markings can be found at this link because they're too big for the forum: https://imgur.com/a/8ZcDR0U Below is the ship in real life. While the Independence-class light carriers aren't that famous, the USS Jacinto is known for having President Herbert Bush on-board. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his work on the vessel as a TBF Grumman Avenger pilot. So...these are my questions: -Is it authentic from the war-era? -What is it exactly? Was it a commemorative item of some sort? After all, 1943 is when the ship was commissioned and 1945 is when the war ended. -Not really related to the item in general, but I was thinking about cleaning the object up since it is dirty. Should I clean it and (if so) what should I use? Thanks!