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Found 1 result

  1. I am seeking opinions on a new captain/ship build archetype for cruisers that has emerged from the captain skill rework. For those of you who don't already know, there is a bit of a fad build going around for some cruisers that goes against traditional wisdom for how to run a ship in the game in the name of boosting reload rate and damage output. There are some people running this kind of build on almost every cruiser line, although much like the over-hype with Dead Eye and battleships, playing this new style can take a ship right out of its ability to affect wins and losses in the name of damage farming. For those of you who don't already know what I am talking about, this new archetype is known as "Anti-Concealment". The premise of Anti-Concealment is to always have the Top Grade Gunner skill engaged as long as any enemy ships are visible within the firing range of your main battery. To do this, you have to make your concealment bad. Really bad. Unfathomably bad. Holy crap, I can see that cruiser from orbit bad. This is done in three ways. 1) Take the skill "Heavy HE and SAP shells" as this not only provides a damage boost to the HE, it also provides a concealment penalty on any cruiser with guns above 149mm. 2) Do not take Concealment Expert. You want to be seen, and the four points will go elsewhere. 3) Do not take the concealment module in slot 5. There are 2-3 better options if you are running anti-concealment, including going double rudder shift, taking the module that provides extra consumable time for engine boost and main battery reload boost, or even the UU for Henri IV. Once these three things are in place, you are left with a cruiser that could not sneak up on Helen Keller, but can rain down large amounts of HE or SAP damage at very long range very quickly. I have already had some brain storming with some really good players about the pros and cons about this build, and concluded that with most cruiser lines in the big picture, it usually is not worth running this build. If you are a cruiser with radar, or any kind of smoke, your ability to affect cap presence is just too important to sacrifice in the name of damage farming, so American, Russian, British light, and Italian cruisers are a big no for this kind of build. Japanese cruisers are as stealthy as some destroyers, and with their low HP pool, it isn't worth sacrificing to this kind of build (Although Yoshino may be an exception). Germans and British heavies are almost interesting, except they have shorter gun range, and running this kind of build wastes their awesome hydro and ability to hunt destroyers with it, not to mention makes them even more vulnerable to Dead Eye in the current meta. This leaves only French cruisers, and they may be the champions of this unusual new build. They have long range, great speed, good turning, outstanding DPM, and really nave no cap presence to lose in the first place. They are the best cruisers at damage farming already, and this build may take them to another level. The question is: Is it worth going over the top for damage farming in French cruisers, or is it better to stay more traditional to maintain the ability to drop off concealment from time to time? What are your opinions? Do any of you like running anti-concealment?