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Found 2 results

  1. I made a few tests on the PT server showing the new Anti-Aircraft changes coming for anti aircraft in update 0.8.7. I think the ship's GUI needs more work in identifying when the sector control is working for the AA. You will need to time when to use the sector control and the DFAA now. I hope the video informs what is coming for World of Warships The AA in WoWS feels like it use to pre-CV rework. The AA feels more useful than a noise maker. What do you guys think of the changes?
  2. I put a video together in understanding the anti-aircraft after update 0.8.0. Granted it covers a lot for ship setup, however I wanted to make sure I covered the subject completely for discussion. I sorry for using the text to speech in the video, however I don't have a microphone for decent audio quality. I hope this helps players in understanding the changes. Update: I realize a hotfix has been released, however the tips and tactics are still a valued core in principle.