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Found 2 results

  1. Before you start throwing holy water at me, hear me out since my free XP gained was 6,666. The battle started great, I was scouting, inflicting damage across the board, teaching people to respect CVs, avoiding Russian cruisers, but something happened that I could never dream of. Ok, the game was about to rap up, and the DD(s) were either mad at me or wanted to cap a point I was located by (I was hiding behind a rock, but my auto-drive got me stuck in an invisible wall so I couldn't retreat). I'm actually delighted when a DD tries to hunt me since it means a free kill, and my time to attack becomes a few seconds. Unfortunately, a hidden beast slowly crept near me, unknowingly I sent my planes to sink it, but my fully healed planes instantly turned into dust. I went from strategic board mastermind to, "Wait, let's talk about this." It was a Halland. I've always known that some DDs have good aa at tier X, but I never met something so powerful from something so small. How do you counter such a fierce and mighty brave beast? Summary: Not too long ago, in a recent match, I, DarkShadow86, the self-proclaimed CV main, unleashed an unspeakable amount of destruction! But a foolish DD warrior wielding magic torpedos stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, the match ended, and he was never heard from again; now with the knowledge gained from experience, I rushed to the forum to learn of a solution. Where experience is law! Now future DDs seek to return themselves to their former glory and undo the power that is CVs! (If you understand the reference, you deserve a present)
  2. Just curious as I haven't played for a while and Im trying to get back into the game. Does the new way planes work make AA ships useless or is seeing a mobile no fly zone on the map still make carrier player cautious? I'm mostly asking since I have a Texas and a Atlanta and those were also the "Fun ships" I played when it seemed like there were alot of carrier players on.