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Found 22 results

  1. Apply the same buff to all Gnevny clones.
  2. I just checked every single premium I have (which isn't everything but it's exactly thirty ships(! yikes !) ) and the Anshan has one unique feature over all my other premiums. It has an upgrade available to it. Torpedo upgrade to be exact. Now I never noticed it being there as the arrow pointing down to it and the upgrade image itself being rather low in the display, I never saw it. Yet I kept seeing folks saying the Anshan had 8.0km torps. "Not mine!" I kept thinking. So I went looking and sure enough, there was the upgrade. No cost. Just click it. This of course made me wonder - are their any other premiums which have a selectable upgrade available to them? tiafyc
  3. I missed out on buying the Anshan and it kills me. KILLS me. I'd love a Gnevny with good torps. I've looked in older threads but didn't see if this is plotted for sale again. Has anyone heard any rumors one way or another about whether this is going on sale again?
  4. Howdy folks, I've started the process of training up a captain for the upcoming Pan-Asian DD line, for now using the Lo Yang. I also have Anshan to use for this purpose. Unfortunately, the captain skills required for each ship is completely different, as are the playstyles, so right now I have two different captains in the 10-12 point range. With this being said, which ship would be better to train up a captain with, whose skills would better mesh with the new line? Forgive me, as I'm not completely familiar with the new line traits and how to train up a captain for it. So which ship would be the better choice?
  5. I found myself playing my Anshan quite a bit during the past season of ranked, and it is a ship that I had only a few games in previously (I got it from a Christmas Box). During that time, I noticed that my shells always seemed to go lower than I was anticipating when aiming, especially when shooting dds at close to mid range. For example, a DD was angled coming toward me, so i aimed just below him, and my shots derped into the water. I then brought my aim up and aimed as though he was sailing broadside on to me, even though he was coming toward me, and my shells landed right on the mark. Has anyone else noticed this?
  6. Since the update, I've noticed that the camos that are purchased with Doubloons for the NC and the camo for Anshan have changed. NC's used to be the water camo style, while now it's the standard one you can get with credits. Anshan's also seems different. I think it changed from its sea green to a blue one. I didn't sea anything about this in the patch notes, or did some files change? Am I just crazy? I really liked the sea camo where everything was some shade of blue on the North Carolina.
  7. IFHE helpful on the Anshan?

    I have a ten-point captain with IFHE, but it doesn't feel like it's terribly helpful. I still can't pen battleship's belt and have no problem penning cruisers, even without IFHE. On the other hand, the -3% fire chance really makes a difference, I have to land around 30 shells on battleships before getting a fire. I have the Gnevny without IFHE, and it's much more comfortable. Should I abandon the 10-point captain on the Anshan and start over?
  8. Can the Anshan Invisifire?

    From what I’ve read online, the Anshan is quite similar to the Gremyashcy , and the Gremy is notorious for its invisifire capabilities. However, even though Anshan is a gunboat, it has relatively bad concealment values. I got the Anshan from a Supercontainer with a 10pt captain, and I have both BFT and AFT. Now, there’s a small window of about 1 km that I could shoot at the reds without them detecting me. I don’t have a lot of experience playing DDs, so I have no idea if that’s sufficient. In theory, I should be able to invisifire, but 1 km does seem a bit tight, I’ll probably have to constantly kite and adjust my position to keep the enemy at just the right distance, so it’s probably not a great idea. Does anyone actually play the Anshan like that, or is it better to go in a melee with other DDs?
  9. Chinese New Year Is Approuching

    Happily, I've been blessed with a kraken game in the Anshan, where an enemy ship was only too happy to intercept my torpedoes aimed at another ship, so that both receive the greetings from China.
  10. Need Help with Anshan

    I found this little ship in a Supercontainer a few weeks ago, unfortunately I have no experience whatsoever with DD's . Seems like a waste to not use this ship, but I have no idea where to start.
  11. Success at last!

    Wasn't sure I'd ever get a ship from a super, but now I have, and it's a DD! (My favorite!)
  12. Anshan or Arizona..?

    Hey, I only have enough money for one but I'm wondering. Which ship is more fun and more rewarding? Anshan or Arizona? Arizona hits hard and was fun to play on the PT when I got most of the prem. ships but Anshan has FXP camo.. I don't know what to do I want both of them.
  13. Anshan DD

    With the Shipsmas Bundles that are coming out, Does anyone know if the Anshan will make an appearance? I know the Lo Yang was available in the first one but haven't seen the Anshan for sale since the original sale and I wasn't able to buy one at the time.
  14. How do You Setup Your Anshan?

    Just wondering? Going to make a dedicated Cpt for her and was wanting to see how some other Players set up the Ship and Captain. BTW we need a Sub Forum for RoC/Commonwealth/Poland/etc.etc. Destroyers....
  15. Did they chang something and I missed it? I didn't know Anshan is capable of making half a million in a single game!
  16. Howdy folks, and welcome to my very first attempt at writing a guide for World of Warships! If things go as planned, this should be the start of a short series detailing the different ways to set up your Captain skills for various ship lines. So far, I only have plans for each of the Destroyer lines currently available, but may do more at a later date. Please note that these are simply personal recommendations. You are, of course, free to build your captain anyway you please. All recommendations are made with the expectation that most players will never get that elusive 19th skill point, and be forever stuck at 18 points. A quick note on formatting: Skills highlighted in green are primary choices (the ones I recommend and use myself), Skills highlighted in yellow are secondary choices (acceptable alternatives to the primaries, or ones you may wish to come back for later) Skills highlighted in red are tertiary choices (mostly ones I've heard others recommend but I don't agree with). So, without further ado, let's jump right in, shall we? Russian Destroyers (VMF) The Russian Destroyer line is, in my opinion, paradoxically both the hardest and easiest of the Destroyer lines to play. It is easy in the fact that you have a very well defined role in the game, but at the same time hard because if you stray from that role, whether intentionally, or because the enemy surprised you, things can go downhill very, very rapidly. To clarify:VMF Destroyers, with their high muzzle velocity, flat arcs and good dispersion are tailor made to be a long range sniper. The role of a VMF Destroyer is to hang back from the action, usually at the extreme range of its guns, and support the team with accurate, long range fire. This, of course, means that if you want to be an effective VMF Destroyer skipper, you need good gunnery skills to hit your target. So, with that in mind, let's look at Captain skills, shall we? Skills Level 1. BFT: Since the removal of Situational Awareness from the skill tree, this, in my opinion, is the only 1 point skill that makes any sense for Destroyers, and is doubly useful for gunboat Destroyers. Higher ROF = more DPS = enemy dies quicker = you take less damage. In the words of the great Leonard Nimoy (R.I.P): It is simple logic, Captain. Level 2. Some people will disagree with this, probably violently, but here we go. IFA: Incoming Fire Alert is possibly the most underrated skill in the game (I'm not counting Fire Prevention, that one is not underrated, it's genuinely bad). As a VMF Destroyer skipper, I find it to be very useful. Since you are always trying to stay as far from the enemy as possible, most ships that shoot at you will have shell flight times long enough to trigger this warning, giving you time to perform a sharp maneuver to throw them off. EM: While turret traverse really shouldn't be much of a problem if you are staying at max range, Expert Marksman will make it easier to keep/get your guns on target when forced into wild evasive maneuvers to avoid incoming shells. There is also the fact that some ships in the line (I'm looking at you, Gnevny!) have such a slow turret speed, that even at max range it can be painful trying to switch targets, even when they are both on the same side of your ship. LS: I've heard many people claim that Last Stand is a must for all Destroyers. In the case of the VMF line, I disagree. If you are playing the ship right (see above) your steering and engine should rarely get taken out, and on the few occasions they do, that's what your DC consumable is for. With premium DC, you get a 40s cooldown, more than adequate if you stay at range and dodge the majority of incoming fire. Should you find yourself at close quarters with an enemy that knocks out your engine twice in a row, well, LS wouldn't help anyway, as the small amount of speed you retain would never be enough to escape. In those situations, there are only 2 outcomes: either he dies, or you do....and then get flesh wound with your torpedoes. Sucker. Level 3. SI: For a Destroyer, SuperIntendant is one of the most valuable skills you can pick. No matter which nation, that extra smoke screen can be the difference between life and death. HA: High Alert is another possibility for 3 points. Reducing the DC cooldown by 6s (4 if you are running premium DC) can be quite useful, but not as much as the extra smoke. I'd only recommend this if you have nothing else left to put points into. Level 4. AFT: Advanced Firing Training is virtually a necessity for VMF Destroyers, as they want to stay as far from the enemy as possible, and with the nice flat arcs on their shells, even at max range it is still remarkably easy to hit your target if you know what you are doing. DE: Demolition Expert is a solid second choice on VMF Destroyers. Fire damage can add up fast, especially if you spread your fire around over multiple ships. Hit an enemy till he's on fire. If he puts it out, keep hitting him till you get another one, then switch to a new target, rinse and repeat. Note that this tactic works best if you are close to larger friendlies that the enemy will view as a bigger threat than your tiny little Destroyer. SE: Survival Expert is a skill that I, personally, would not recommend on a VMF Destroyer, but some people may find it useful. If you want it, save it till last, as there are much better things to spend points on, and VMF Destroyers already have the highest health pool in the class. Level 5. CE: If you want, you could go for Concealment Expert, to improve your atrocious concealment, but honestly, It's not worth it for VMF Destroyers. You'll spend 90% of the game with your guns blazing away at the enemy. Stealth? Never heard of it! Instead, go back and take some of the secondary picks that you skipped over earlier. I'd recommend going for DE first, then for the last 4 points, pick either SE for more health or go for the two Level 2 skills you didn't grab earlier. If DC cooldowns are a problem for you, you could opt for HA, but that leaves you with a point flapping in the wind unless you want to grab one of the other Level 1 skills. Related Premium Ships Anshan The tier 6 Pan-Asian Destroyer Anshan is, when all is said and done, simply an up-tiered, non-Russian version of the Gnevny, just with better torpedoes. As such, skill point recommendations are very similar to that of VMF Destroyers, but with a few minor tweaks: While the Anshan has slightly better turret traverse than the Gnevny, it is still painfully slow, much slower than any of the other VMF Destroyers, thus my increased preference for EM. As the Anshan has useable torpedoes, that can actually be fired from stealth (albeit with only a 1km stealth window), TAE (Torpedo Armament Expertise) is actually viable, but the ship is still primarily a gunboat, so I would leave it till later. After getting AFT at Level 4, Anshan gains a small (1.3km) stealth fire window. If this window is large enough for you, or if you simply don't care for stealth firing, the rest is much the same: grab the lower Level skills, starting with DE and working down. If, however, you like to stealth fire and want a larger window, you should grab CE to increase your window to 2.0km. After that, you can grab other skills, though you obviously won't be able to get DE unless you grind all the way to a 19 point Captain. Blyskawica Unlike Anshan, which started life as a Gnevny, the tier 7 Polish Destroyer Blyskawica (Lightning, or Lightning flash) has no relation at all to the VMF, being a British-built ship constructed to Polish specifications for the Polish Navy. Despite that, the in-game version of the ship plays in a remarkably similar fashion to the VMF line, with one large difference. Stealth firing: Straight from the yard, with no modules or Captain skills, Blyskawica already has a 0.9km stealth fire window. My personal preference for Blyskawica is to capitalize on this with a stealth fire build. With both AFT and CE, she gains an astounding 4km window on her guns, while CE also increases her stealth torpedo window from 0.5km to 1.2km. With this build, I'd recommend picking up TAE next, or IFA if you don't use your torpedoes much. If you aren't worried about the torpedo stealth window, AFT alone still provides a very nice 3.3km stealth fire window and allows you to pick up DE for extra fires. With this build, I would recommend IFA and LS for the last 4 points, or HA if you prefer faster DC cooldowns. Closing And that concludes my guide to Captain skills for VMF (and related) Destroyers. I hope it was useful to some of you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, and I'll do my best to respond. If this guide is received favorably, I'll be posting more in the future, starting with IJN Destroyers. Good luck, and fair seas Tovarish!
  17. What happens when the People's Republic of China buy a Gnevny-class Soviet destroyer? You get Anshan.
  18. ==> MESSAGE to Developpers (not for players) I have 8 premium ships and i think that you should modifiy the capabilities of the following ships : 1) Anshan : - Its range of detection is too high : i think 6.2 km would be more raisonable. - The delay for relaoding torps is too high : i think 60 sec would be more raisonable. 2) Mikhail Kutuzov: - The damage power in HE and AP is too small, compared to others ships of Tier VIII. - The delay for relaoding torps is too high : i think 85 sec would be more raisonable. I hope you will take in consideration theses remarks for a new version of WOWS. Thank you !
  19. Kenliero Ship Reviews - Anshan Review and Tier 6 Destroyer Comparison ---VIDEO REMOVED--- SEE BELOW, FOR FIXED VERSION
  20. I put together a ship review video for the new Anshan which contains my thoughts on the ship and some gameplay footage. I am curious to know how many people ended up buying the premium destroyer and if they enjoy it. Let me know what you all think! The Taste Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJaSofrJHMcK-yp5ldHT-w/featured Anshan Ship Review
  21. So I play mostly DDs, got to tier X IJN DD (jumped over Kagerou) and got used to really long range torps and good concealment. After a while I saw the Russ DD line and said to myself: "wth? 3km torps? 10km detection range on higher tiers? I want that challenge" and then jumped into Rus DD's and it went better than expected. (currently tier 7) Then "wild chinese rework of a Rus DD design appears" and I just check it out out of curiosity. Dayum... It plays like a rare breed between a Russ DD and a IJN DD. 1. 8km torps like Gremyashchy, just that they're faster. 2. 130mm guns like Gnevny and Gremyashchy, but they turn slightly faster (30s). They can get to 19.1s at the cost of ROF. 3. Slightly more hitpoints than Gremyashchy and more than Gnevny 4. Better armor than Gremyashchy and Gnevny 5. It has the same detection range as Gnevny (7km), just 0.2km above Gremyashchy 6. Reaches 42 knots on engine boost without speed flag. (EDIT: I HAD THE FLAG ON LOLZ sorry) 7. Rudder is faster than Gnevny, but slower than Gremyashchy. (4.4s but 3.5s with upgrades) But the best thing is that it has something unique: 100% FREE EXP camo, which I'm loving so far. TLR version: this ship is awesome, and you should definitely buy it. It is really fun to play and it will save you some doubloons in the future (regarding free exp) this thing is a keeper. Screenshot of my first battle (yes, I'm sorry to whoever was that teammate I bumped into)
  22. So, WG just released some images on their Facebook of the tier VI "Anshan", a Gnevny-class DD given to the Chinese. There's also one image for the "Lo Yang", a Benson-class DD. I know a Chinese tree (even if only premiums) coming is old news, and the Anshan and Lo Yang being one of them is old news, not sure if these images are old news or not.