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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the land of the Inertial Fuze High Explosive for Armor Piercing Ammunition. So, I saw that the Italian cruisers are getting semi-ap shells as a, yes, I will say it, A PREMIUM AMMO. Why didn't WG just introduce premium ammo, tax it, and reap profits? Well, its because they once again want ot make things harder foer an average player. Super unicums will be able to memorize the values and afford these shells and fully understand when and where to use and exploit this new and stupid mechanic. This will further increase the skill gap in this already dying game. They already started down this road with the introduction of Stalingrad and limiting such an overpowered ship to only the best players on the server. I've been a loyal customer but this is making me consider shutting the wallet. Is this just some sort of change now that they are nerf batting IFHE to swing the pendulum back the other way? Or is it so someone can citadel a DD? You tell me?!!!