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Found 4 results

  1. I can probably safely assume that the majority of us here as heard of the Hunger Games. Recently me and Satoshi played a simulator game which allowed us to simulate the Hunger Games with people of our choice. We decided to use political figures from all around the world, which gave quite a few amusing results. Surprisingly the Queen of England won the game taking out the forerunner Hirohito~ So I decided why not bring this here. Currently the game is set up for 36 players, a 48 player is available but I have been told that it not as stable. Players already preselected are: @LittleWhiteMouse @Rolkatsuki @Chobittsu @High_Admiral @pikohan @Lert @SireneRacker Super Niko Power @Pigeon_of_War @RivertheRoyal @Doomlock Myself (Lol, I'm that disgusting) As for those already chose, I will be using your fourm avatar. GIF's don't work so I will make do with what I can find~ Anyone else who wants to join in on this throw your name in! I might even do several different seasons of this and do a final "Winners" Game to determine the ultimate winner! I will be reposting the official game on a separate post.
  2. A little Teaser~

    Olympic Class Announcement/ WIP Page A quick teaser for you guys, before I start the first official sketches of the Olympic sisters. This has no relation to my Olympic project. This one was finished a few days before I announced that one. No idea what I'm talking about? A quick shout-out to @High_Admiral and @Fog_Repair_Ship_Akashi for helping me with their designs and personality. I shall list out what I have come up with based off their words. Oh the draft works will be uploaded here. Titanic Appearance "She would wear a standard White Star officer's black jacket(tailored for her obviously) over a knee length black dress with white or gold accents. She would be wearing at least mid-calf height white socks(or stockings, whatever they're called) and some sort of black dress shoes appropriate to the time. The reason I'm being conservative with Titanic is because she was touted as the "unsinkable ship", the "Queen of the Seas", and someone of that stature should have a air of elegance to them, also because of her enclose Promenade deck." - High Admiral Titanic is the most formal of the three sisters. Personality: Titanic is bratty, spoiled and some what arrogant. Titanic tends to be bold and proud, much like her older sister, Olympic. She is rather afraid of ice and refuses to go near it, she is known to burn any ice that get's close to her. Yet despite such a personality, she hates being left by herself, especially at night. She sleeps with several stuffed lifeboats. - Inspired by Repair_Ship_Akashi Olympic Appearance: Olympic comes in to forms, pre-war and wartime. Her pre-war attire is much like Titanic's but she shows noticeably more skin, a reference to her more open promenade decks. Her dress is has a large gash in it which is stitched up but is still noticeable. A reference to her collision with HMS Hawke. Her attire during the first world war is styled after a British Officer, she wears a dazzle camouflage style cape, her walking stick is still in hand but she wears a officer's sword as well. She also has several 5inch guns strapped around her waist. In both versions she wears glasses. Personality: While in some way similar to her sister, Olympic is more refined and sophisticated. She is still a proud sister yet caring and looks after Titanic often. She often boasts about her achievements in sinking a submarine, and her long successful career. Britannic Appearance: Britannic looks the most bland out of the three, with a light blue, red and white nurse uniform. She wears a headscarf around her head and has a red cross arm band. Her large yellow davits form angel like wings. She carries a two bags, shaped like life boats. Her dress is the longest reaching almost to the ground. She wears a small red name plate with the numbers: "G-618" Personality: Unlike her sisters. Britannic is never seen with out a sweet smile, and speaks in a soft innocent tone. She is not proud or arrogant like her sister's and wishes too look after anyone who comes under her care. She is very careful and can avoid bumping into people unlike her older sisters. Anyways that's the Semi-final proposal for the ships, drawing them now! If you have any ideas for their Personalty feel free to drop a comment. HMS Calliope Also have another ship for you guys, HMS Calliope, not the 1914 one~ She's part of my fish English AU write ups. Expect to read about The Atlantic Convoys, Narvik, and PQ-17 HMS Sandwich will be redrawn and uploaded after I finish the Olympics and Calliope. ________ Edit list: Added Titanic ????/??/?? Added Britannic 2017/11/17
  3. can you change the announcement of friendly fire when you bump into an ally ship. it should say "ship1 bumped into ship2 please to do ram". We think of friendly fire as actually shelling or torping another ally.
  4. So WG has announced on the EU, RU and SEA web pages that they have partnered up with a Japanese anime called Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova. I'm sure more than as few of you have heard of this show lol. From the article on the EU page it looks like players will unlock ships from the show, they name Kongo, Takao, and Yamato specifically, by completing special in game missions. The ships have unique captains and appearances but the normal armament. They haven't announced a release date nor what the missions will be yet. They also haven't announced this on the NA site yet but since its been announced on all the others over the past 12 hours or so I would say we are not being left out of this one. Its a pretty interesting idea and most likely will be popular since there seems to be a fair number of players using the prefix FOG with their username. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the partnerships between World of Warships and other groups because I would love to see them partner up with some museums and museum ships around the world to make unique content. What do you guys think? Link to the EU announcement in English is bellow http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/arpeggio-1stannouncement/