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Found 11 results

  1. So after rooting around in my pile of free anniversary containers, bonus codes, and coupons, for extra coal, lookie what I got! I dressed ship in the Meritorious Service camo because it's a cleaner, squared-away look.
  2. It's World of Tanks 10th Anniversary today. Based on what year you registered your WGing account, you can gain a boatload of bonds, credits, a camo and possibly a free tank! It's not tied to when you started playing World of Tanks itself so you could be in for some seriously good rewards. If you account was registered from 2012 or before, you'll get enough bonds for a "free" improved equipment and a tier 6 T-50-2 tank. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/well-deserved-reward-1118/
  3. Many thanks WG for the "anniversary" cammo. The bonuses are very nice! The great white fleet sails in WoWs! Edit: @Gneisenau013 posted the award here -
  4. Ahoy Fleet! We appreciate our loyal players, and in order to emphasize this, today we've launched a special congratulatory campaign “Anniversary of the First Battle”. From now on, every player will receive greetings every year on the day of his first Battle. If for some reason you do not play that day, you will receive a greeting after the next Battle, no matter when you play it. So that the players whose anniversaries passed before the launch of the campaign are not left without gifts, each player will receive congratulations on all past anniversaries. Due to some technical limitations, congratulations come one by one, so after the first battle after the start of the campaign, you will get congratulations on the 1st anniversary, after the next battle - on the 2nd (if you’re already with us for more than 2 years), and after one more battle - congratulations on the 3rd anniversary (if it has already happened). For example: if it's been 2.5 years since your first battle, after your next battle you should receive congratulations on the 1st, then 2nd anniversaries, and in six months, after the new anniversary - the 3rd congratulation. Please note that due to a large number of greetings being sent, it might take more than a couple of battles to get all the messages, but in any case, each player will receive all appropriate greetings. What do we give? For the first anniversary of the player receives 10 sets of the beautiful white camouflage and the patch for "For meritorious service". For the second - 15 sets of camouflage and stripe. For the third - 20 sets of camouflage and stripe. Badges match the anniversary and are not charged if the player already has them. Thank you for staying in formation with the Fleet and see you on the high seas! #anchorsaweigh
  5. christopher_col_18

    Anniversary Tokens

    Hello all, I remember reading in one of the update articles about the exchange rate for anniversary tokens to credits but I can not remember what what ratio is? Can someone help me please?
  6. Did some math to see how many ships (answer is 16 requiring 127 mil credit) I can buy from the tech tree tomorrow, and sold enough fully researched ships (21, mostly t7 or lower) today to cover the expense. It's a blood transfusion for my fleet thanks for the anniversary sale tomorrow (saving is 30 mil credit). So fellow commanders, if you need the credit, remember to sell what you can today!
  7. SerahKhan

    Anniversary Goodies

    I have 2, 900 matches I have 5 Tier 10's , am I supposed to get anything on loggin in, or just after I play a match with my Tier 10's I got nothing! Regards JM
  8. Honestly I personally feel the results for the Anniversary collection compared to what was originally promised on the WoWS webpage: (I.E. one Anniversary premium Container for each part of the collection you completed), The 10 World of Warships Anniversary expendable camouflages for first the sub-collection, 10 Basilisk signals for the second, 10 Scylla signals for the third, and 10 Leviathan signals for the last section all pail in comparison, especially when compared to last year's rewards being permanent "Congratulatory" camo's that offered great bonuses. WG had a great opportunity to release a second batch of these, not only good looking, but beneficial perm-camo's for four lines that hadn't received them, even the rewards you get from the collection itself without/removing the thought of the previously announced and cancelled rewards it's still extremely underwhelming and honestly not seemingly worth the time, even in the scheme of "Free stuff", It was honestly, and rather sadly a major let-down on WarGaming's end.
  9. Elder_Lee

    Anniversary Tokens

    Fellow Captains, Have you found any of the Anniversary Tokens? Per in game message/notes you earn these Anniversary Tokens by earning Containers or buying Containers from the Prim Shop. I have earned and opened three containers today and yet seen a single Anniversary Token. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. For those that are not able to play the PT server, here are a couple of videos showing examples of the 3'rd WoWS birthday event collections and rewards coming in September. I hope this helps in understanding for the event. I look forward to the celebration.
  11. It seems like Yesterday (ok, not really) when a friend of mine called and told me, hey, World of Warships is finally in open beta! Huzzah! It was July 1, 2015, a day which shall live in, well, in my mind as the start of something very fun. A look through my archive found this lovely screenshot (no, I didn't know about printscreen yet) of my first day with USS Erie. Good times. Yes, I had a different user name back then ... the PAX MARBLEHEAD contest persuaded me that having a username that stared with 'e' might not be a good idea. Anyway, three years and thousands of battles later, I'm still having a good time, and the game (and ships) are better than ever. (So are my screenshot skills, for that matter) So, cheers to 3 years of fun and games, and thanks, WG for being such gracious hosts. Here's hoping that the coming years bring plenty more battling and fun! :)